Best Cox Approved & Compatible Modems [Full List]

Note, no device can get you faster internet speeds than your internet plan provides.

Also, get the device you need. A modem and a router are not the same things. Some types of internet require both others only one. If you are uncertain, click here

This is a list of Cox-approved modems with short reviews of the top 6 modems from that list. 

Cox Approved Modems

As a Network Engineer, I have researched and talked to Cox to figure out which modems are compatible with their internet. 

And from that list, I have concluded, is the Motorola MB8600 is the best modem for most Cox customers.

Motorola MB8600

Motorola MB8600 – Editors Choice’s

Best Overall

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Recommended for: 1000 Mbps plan or below
  • Channel: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Chosen as: Best Overall

But not everyone has equal internet demands, and therefore, I have also reviewed the 6 best options for different internet needs. 

Keep reading to learn them. 

Cox Approved Modems List

Here is the list of Cox-approved modems that I put together when looking for the best options. [1]

BrandModel #RouterChannelsDOCSISPuma ChipsetVoIPBest for plan
ARRISDG2460Yes24x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
ARRISSB6141No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSB6180No8×43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSB6182No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSB6183No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSB6190No32x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
ARRISSBG10Yes16x43.0YesNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6400Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6580Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6700Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6782Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6900Yes16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG6950Yes16x43.0YesNoPreferred 150
ARRISSBG7400AC2Yes24×83.0YesNoUltimate 500
ARRISSBG7580Yes32x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
ARRISSBG7600AC2Yes32x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
ARRISTG1682Yes24×83.0YesYesUltimate 500
ARRISTG2472Yes24×83.0YesYesUltimate 500
MotorolaMB7220No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMB7420No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMB7621No24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
MotorolaMG7310Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMG7315Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMG7540Yes16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMG7550Yes16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
MotorolaMG7700Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearC3000Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC3000v2Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC3700Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC3700v2Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6220Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6230Yes16×43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6250Yes16×43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6300Yes16×43.0YesNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6300BDYes8x43.0YesNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6300v2Yes16×43.0YesNoPreferred 150
NetgearC6900Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearC7000Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearC7000v2Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearC7500Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearCBR40Yes32×83.0YesNoUltimate 500
NetgearCG3000DYes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearCG3000Dv2Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearCG4500BDYes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearCM400No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearCM500No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
NetgearCM600No24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
NetgearCM700No32x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
AsusCM16No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
AsusCM32Yes32x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
CiscoDPC3008No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
CiscoDPC3010No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
CiscoDPC3825Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
CiscoDPQ3212No8x43.0NoYesPreferred 150
CiscoDPQ3925Yes8x43.0NoYesPreferred 150
D-LinkDCM301No8×43.0NoNoPreferred 150
ZyxelCDA-30360No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
LinksysCG7500Yes24x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
LinksysCM3008No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
LinksysCM3016No16x43.0YesNoPreferred 150
LinksysCM3024No24x83.0YesNoUltimate 500
SMCD3CM1604No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKTC-7610No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKTC-7620No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKTC-7650No24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
TP-LINKTC-W7960Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKCR500Yes16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKCR700Yes16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
TP-LINKCR1900Yes24x83.0NoNoUltimate 500
UbeeDDW365Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
UbeeDDW366Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
UbeeDVW326Yes8x43.0NoYesPreferred 150
Zoom5341JNo8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5345No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5350Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5352Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5354Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5360No8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5363Yes8x43.0NoNoPreferred 150
Zoom5370No16x43.0NoNoPreferred 150

Top 6 Cox Compatible Modems

Here are the 6 best Cox-approved modems. With three cable modems and three modem/router combo. 

Best Cable Modems for Cox 

Best Premium-Option
Netgear CM2000

Netgear CM2000

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Work with: 2500 Mbps
  • Channels: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Chosen as: Premium-Option
Best Overall
Motorola MB8600

Motorola MB8600

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Work with: 1000 Mbps
  • Channels: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Chosen as: Best Overall
Best Budget-Friendly
Netgear CM500

Netgear CM500

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Work with: 300 Mbps
  • Channels: 16×4
  • DOCSIS: 3.0
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Chosen as: Budget-Friendly

Best Modem/Router Combo’s For Cox

Best Premium-Option
Netgear CAX80

Netgear CAX80

  • Type: Gateway
  • Work with: 6000 Mbps
  • Channels: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Chosen as: Premium-Option
Best Value
Motorola MG7700

Motorola MG7700

  • Type: Gateway
  • Work with: 600 Mbps
  • Channels: 24×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.0
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Chosen as: Best Value
Best Budget-Friendly

Netgear C6250

  • Type: Gateway
  • Work with: 300 Mbps
  • Channels: 16×4
  • DOCSIS: 3.0
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Chosen as: Budget-Friendly

What to Consider Before Buying A Cox Certified Modem

There are a couple of things you should consider before buying a Cox-approved modem. Here are the most important ones. 

DOCSIS & Channels – Modem Speed

Two factors go into a modem’s speed. These are the DOCSIS protocol and how many channels it has. 

When buying a modem, you should get one that at least supports the speed of your internet plan, preferable a bit more. 

Cox themselves recommends their customers to use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem for all their plans. But my opinion is that it is unnecessary if you don’t want to. 

Because no matter how fast your modem is, it won’t support faster speed than what you pay for. 

These are the requirements that Cox has for what DOCSIS and channels a modem should have for each plan.

Cox Internet PlanDOCSIS CompatibilityChannel Compatibility
Starter 253.0 or 3.18×4, 16×4, 24×8, or 32×8
Essential 503.0 or 3.18×4, 16×4, 24×8, or 32×8
Preferred 1503.0 or 3.18×4, 16×4, 24×8, or 32×8
Ultimate 5003.0 or 3.124×8, or 32×8
Gigablast 9403.132×8

Gateway Or Separate Devices

Another thing you must consider when getting an approved modem is whatever you want a modem/router combo (gateway) or a cable modem.

The difference is that a gateway is both a modem and a router in one device. While a cable modem requires a separate router to provide Wi-Fi. 

Both options have pros and cons, but as a Network Engineer, I recommend getting separate devices. Because this gives you more freedom and enables better performance. 

It also makes it possible to only change one device if it breaks or needs an upgrade. 

This is not to say that gateways are bad. They are generally easier to set up and take up less space. As well as providing more streamlined troubleshooting.

And since Cox has a lot of approved modems, there are many to choose from. 

In the end, it up to you what you want. And If you feel uncertain, check out my article on modem vs. gateway for a better overview of the subject. 

Compatible with Cox

The third thing you need to make sure of before buying a modem is that it is compatible with Cox internet. 

If you choose any of the modems in this article, then this is nothing you need to worry about. 

But if you are looking at some other modem or gateway. Then you need to make sure it’s a cable modem that supports at least DOCSIS 3.0 and 8×4 channels. [2]

Furthermore, if you have Cox Voice, then you need a modem with VoIP compatibility. You can find a few in the list of approved modems above.

These modems, however, can often only be bought second-hand. So if you have Cox Voice, you might want to consider renting a modem from Cox.

Cox Internet Plans

Here are all the Cox communications internet plans and what cable modem and gateway I recommend for each one. 

Cox Internet PlanCable ModemGateway
Starter 25Netgear CM500Motorola MG7540
Essential 50Netgear CM500Motorola MG7540
Preferred 150Netgear CM500Motorola MG7540
Ultimate 500Motorola MB8600Motorola MG7700
Gigablast 940Netgear CM2000Netgear CAX80

Buy Vs. Rent a Modem From Cox

Cox charges $6.99 a month for their modem and $9.99 a month for their gateway. This translates to $72 and $120 per year. Enough to buy a new modem or gateway every year. [3]

Therefore, I strongly recommend most people to buy their own modem. Reasons for not doing it are either if you are changing ISP or need the tech support you get from renting a modem. 

Otherwise, there isn’t any reason not to buy your own modem. Even though I should note that I’m somewhat biased since I do make a commission if you purchase a modem. 

If you want a more in-depth overview of the topic, then check out Buy Vs. Renting your Modem


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Cox equipment. 

How do I set up a Cox modem?

  1. Pick a location with good airflow.
  2. Connect the coax cable and the power cord. Also, the router if you don’t have a gateway. 
  3. The rest of the process is depending on your device. But just follow the set-up guide that comes with it. For activation of the modem, go here.

How do I reset my Cox modem?

For a hard reset, press the little hidden button on the back of the device for 5 seconds. Use a toothpick or a needle to press the button. 

For other types of resets and when to do them, check out how to reset a modem

My Verdict

From the list, I have concluded that the Motorola MB8600 is the best cable modems for most Cox customers. 

This is because it’s a future-proof modem that will provide your home with fast internet for a reasonable price.