Best Mediacom Approved & Compatible Modems in 2021

Note, no device can get you faster internet speeds than your internet plan provides.

Also, get the device you need. A modem and a router are not the same things. Some types of internet require both others only one. If you’re uncertain, click here

Here you will find a list of all Mediacom [Xtream] approved modems and the three best modems from said list. 

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Mediacom Approved Modems

As a Network Engineer, I have researched and talked to Mediacom to figure out what modem is best for Mediacom.

And I have concluded that the Motorola MB8600 is the best cable modem for Mediacom.

Motorola MB8600

Motorola MB8600 – Editors Choice’s

Best Overall

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Recommended for: 1000 Mbps plan or below
  • Channel: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Chosen as: Best Overall

But not all Mediacom customers have the equivalent internet wants and needs. So what modem is best for you depends. 

Thus, I have picked the three best modems from the list for different circumstances. So you can choose the one that fits you. 

Keep reading to learn them. 

Top 3 Mediacom Approved Modems

Here are the three best Mediacom-approved modems. 

  1. Motorola MB8600 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Netgear Nighthawk CAX30 (Premium Option)
  3. Motorola MB7420 (Budget-Friendly) – Read the review before buying

3 Best Mediacom Compatible Modems 

Here are short overviews of the three best Mediacom compatible modems. 

#1 Motorola MB8600 (Editor’s Choice)

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Works up to: 1000 Mbps
  • Channels: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Chosen as: Best Overall

Since Mediacom wants all its customers to get a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, I recommend the Motorola MB8600.

The modem has a real-world speed of around 1000 Mbps, which is enough for any plan. 

The MB8600 also has something called ethernet aggregation. This is when you combine ethernet ports to make one that is twice as fast. [1]

This makes the modem’s potential real-world speed 2000 Mbps, which is good since it will work with future speed increases. 

The drawback with this modem is that the performance sometimes gets worse after 6-12 months. But as the warranty lasts 2 years, this shouldn’t be a big problem. 

Read the full Motorola MB8600 review

#2 Netgear Nighthawk CAX30 (Premium Option)

  • Type: Modem/Router Combo
  • Works up to: 2700 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Channels: 32×8
  • DOCSIS: 3.1
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Chosen as: Premium Option

If you want a gateway, I recommend the CAX30.

With a real-world speed of up to 2700 Mbps and Wi-Fi 6, the device comes equipped with the newest and best technologies.

This makes the modem perfect for someone with a fast internet plan and/or who has a large home.

This gateway is one of the two gateways that are compatible with Mediacom. With the other one being the even faster CAX80.

The CAX80 is, however, a bit expensive, and as for now, the CAX30 will do for every Mediacom plan.

#3 Motorola MB7420 (Budget-Friendly)

  • Type: Cable Modem
  • Works up to: 300 Mbps
  • Channels: 16×4
  • DOCSIS: 3.0
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Chosen as: Budget-Friendly

This modem is not on the approved modem list and will not work for everyone.

I wanted to include a cheaper option since all the DOCSIS 3.1 modems are costlier. Therefore, I have picked the previously approved MB7420 as the budget-friendly option.

But as Mediacom is switching to DOCSIS 3.1, this modem might not work in your area. 

Thus, before you buy this modem, you need to contact the support and ask if your area still supports DOCSIS 3.0 and for how long.

The support will try to get you to buy a DOCSIS 3.1 modem instead, but if you hold your ground, they will tell you if it will work for you or not. 

Just note that this modem only works up to the 300 Mbps plan and is being phased out.

List of All Mediacom Approved Modems

Here is a list of all Mediacom-approved modems. [2]

BrandModel #With RouterDOCSIS VersionVoIP SupportPuma Chipset
ArrisSB8200 No3.1NoNo

Puma chipset is a problematic chip, and avoid modems using it. Yes means it uses it, while no means it doesn’t.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Not a single modem for now on the list works with Mediacom’s Voice Service. You can learn more about it below. 

With router means that the modem is a modem/router combo. A modem with Wi-Fi capability. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Mediacom Compatible Modem

Here is some help on what specifically to consider when buying a compatible modem for Mediacom. For a more general guide, check out the modem buying guide. 

DOCSIS & Channels – Modem Speed

Mediacom is now transitioning from DOCSIS 3.0 to 3.1. Therefore, the only modems on their certified modems list are DOCSIS 3.1. [3]

And for those of you that don’t know, DOCSIS 3.1 is the newer cable internet technology that allows for faster internet and lower latency. 

Because of this change, I strongly recommend buying a DOCSIS 3.1 modem for Mediacom.

This, however, doesn’t make it impossible to buy a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Because in many areas they will still work for now. 

You just need to contact the support and ask them if your area supports DOCSIS 3.0 and how long it will. 

You might want to consider this if you have a slower plan because then a DOCSIS 3.1 modem won’t increase your internet speed. 

If you are uncertain, you can check DOCSIS 3.0 Vs. 3.1.

Compatible with Mediacom

When buying a modem for Mediacom, you must make sure it is at least a cable modem and, preferably, a Mediacom certified DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

Buying a cable modem that’s not on the list of approved modems will most likely work if it’s either DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 but can also not work. 

If you want to, you should contact Mediacom and ask if that particular cable modem will work for your plan and area. 

Modems from the list, however, are Mediacom tested and guaranteed to work on their network.

Therefore, I recommend sticking to modems from the list. 

Modem/Router Combo Vs. Separate

When you buy a modem, you need to decide if you want a modem/router combo (gateway) or a separate modem. 

A gateway being a modem and a router as one device, while separate has them as two devices. 

Both options have merits, but as a Network Engineer, I recommend separate for Mediacom. 

The reason I recommend this is twofold. The first is that separate allows you to change one device if it breaks or gets outdated. And also allows for better performance and more control. 

And the second reason is that they only have two gateways on their compatible modem list. Both of which are good, but also expensive.

Thus, getting separate will give you much more devices to choose from.

If you want to learn about the pros and cons of each option, check out Modem/Router Combo Vs. Separate Modem And Router.

Mediacom Voice Service

For Mediacom Voice Service, you need a Mediacom modem. Because no third-party modem is Mediacom VoIP approved.

You can either pay $200 to buy such a modem or rent it for $12 a month.

If you are unhappy with such a modem’s performance, you can buy a third-party modem. And use it for your internet connection and the Voice modem for the VoIP Service. 

You just need to buy a splitter and notify Mediacom of the change, as they need to reconfigure some things.  

You can also talk to them for some support with this if you feel uncertain. 

Wi-Fi Standard

If you want a gateway, you only have one option when it comes to Wi-Fi standards. This is because Mediacom only has two certified gateways that both use the same Wi-Fi standard. 

That is the 802.11ax, the newest Wi-Fi standard, also named Wi-Fi 6. [4]

The technology has a max speed of 9600 Mbps, even though its real-world rate will be lower.

This Wi-Fi standard is perfect for a larger home with many devices connected to it.

If you feel that this Wi-Fi standard is overkill for your home, you need to buy a router instead. I would recommend either of these two for Mediacom.

Best Router For Mediacom
Netgear R6900P

Netgear R6900P

  • Type: Wi-Fi 5 Router
  • Max Speed: 1900 Mbps
  • Coverage: 1800 sq.ft
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11ac
  • Warranty: 1 year
Best Router For Mediacom 1 Gig
Tp-Link AX6000

TP-Link AX6000

  • Type: Wi-Fi 6 Router
  • Max Speed: 5952 Mbps
  • Coverage: 1800 sq.ft
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11ax
  • Warranty: 1 year

Buying Vs. Renting a Mediacom Approved Modem

You can rent a modem from Mediacom for $12 per month, a router for $10 per month, and for every extra access point, you pay 2$ per month.

Thus, you can pay upwards of $26 each month or $312 per year. 

Therefore, I’m a strong proponent of buying network equipment for Mediacom.

But there are two options. Either buy it directly from Mediacom for $199 or from a third-party source. 

I recommend buying it from a third-party source as it is cheaper and often better. Even though the modems you get from Mediacom are not bad.

I will, however, note that I do make a small commission if you buy a third-party modem. So I’m somewhat biased. 

If you want more information, check out Renting Vs. Buying Your Modem & Router.

Mediacom Internet Plans

Here are Mediacom’s internet plans and what cable modem and gateway I recommend for each one. I will change this as they add modems to their list of authorized modems. 

Mediacom Internet PlanRecommended ModemRecommended Gateway
Access Internet 60 MbpsMotorola MB8600Netgear Nighthawk CAX30
Internet 100 MbpsMotorola MB8600Netgear Nighthawk CAX30
Internet 300 MbpsMotorola MB8600Netgear Nighthawk CAX30
Internet 1 GIGMotorola MB8600Netgear Nighthawk CAX80

My Verdict

When buying a modem for Mediacom, they want you to buy a DOCSIS 3.1. Because DOCSIS 3.0 modems will likely not be compatible for long. 

Therefore, I recommend the Motorola MB8600, which one of the best cable modems out there.  

Because it’s a fast, reliable, and future-proof modem for a fair price. 

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