Netgear CM2050V Review

Netgear CM2050V

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The Netgear Nighthawk Multi-Gig CM2050V is a voice cable modem that only works with Xfinity and their Voce service.

The CM2050V is one of the fastest modems on the market and supports Internet plans up to 2,500 Mbps. It is a good option for households with Xfinity Gigabit cable Internet and those wanting to future-proof their home network.

That is, as long as you have Xfinity's Voice service.













At Networks Hardware, we routinely test all sorts of modems. Our recent tests prove the CM2050V is a top-tier modem. 

It supports the fastest Internet speeds available, is easy to set up, and works with Xfinity’s voice-over-Internet service.  

This modem is a great fit if you have a Gigabit Internet plan from Xfinity. 

Netgear CM2050V Overview

Netgear CM2050V Overview

The Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V modem is DOCSIS 3.1, which means: 

  • It supports faster speeds than DOCSIS 3.0.
  • You will also need a router to connect more than one device to your Internet. 
  • It’s only compatible with a select few ISPs

The CM2050V is designed to work with Xfinity’s Triple Play Service, which includes Internet and two phone lines.  So, you should really only look at this modem if you have these services from Xfinity. 

Still, some users report it working with their Spectrum Internet plans. However, you should get a different modem if you don’t have Xfinity Internet and their phone plan. You would be able to use the phone option with other ISPs, so the CM2050V would be overkill. 

With that said, the CM2050V is an excellent option for Xfinity Voice and Gigabit Internet plans. Even if you don’t have an ultra-fast plan from Xfinity yet, choosing the CM2050V will future-proof your home network for many years to come. 


TypeCable Modem with two phone lines
Wi-FiNo Router
BrandNetgear Nighthawk
StandardsDOCSIS 3.1
Top WAN speed2500 Mbps
Ports1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port, 1 Coax Port, 2 telephone ports
Top internet plan supported.2500 Mbps
Supported ISP’sXfinity 
Not supported ISPsAll others
Weight1.09 pounds
Dimensions6.8 x 3.7 x 8.2 inches

If you want to learn more about the CM2050V, check out its datasheet.

Performance 4.9

In terms of performance, the Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V is the best you can get in 2022. It is a DOCSIS 3.1 unit and supports up to 2.5 Gbps (2,500 Mbps) Internet plans. 

If you have an Xfinity plan that is slower than 2.5 Gbps, this modem will still work with that plan. 

Let’s say Xfinity is planning to add Gigabit Internet in your area next year, and you only have a 300 Mbps plan now. In that case, you might want to get this modem now if you’re planning to upgrade to the faster plan later.

But, if you plan to stick with Internet speeds of 400 Mbps or less, the CM2050V would be overkill. 

Design 4.5

Like most Netgear Nighthawk products, the CM2050V is a well-designed unit. It is black, slim, and has appealing curves and contours. 

Netgear CM2050V Overview

However, it is relatively large– 6.8 x 3.7 x 8.2 inches – so you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of space on your shelf or desk. And find room for your router too. 

Netgear CM2050V Side

The front of the CM2050V includes the familiar status indications LEDs, indicating power, upload, download, Internet, and LAN. 

On its backside, it sports a 2.5G Ethernet port, two telephone ports, a cable/coaxial port, a power connection, and a reset button. 

Netgear CM2050V Ports

Compatibility 4.0

The Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V is made for Xfinity plans paired with their phone plan. For the most part, this means it won’t work with any other ISP, including major ones like Verizon Fios, AT&T, Optimum, and all others. 

However, even though Netgear doesn’t claim compatibility with ISPs other than Xfinity, some users report it works with Spectrum. But, we recommend not risking it since this modem is expensive. 

Plus, since this modem is designed to work with Xfinity’s Internet and phone service, it wouldn’t make sense to use this with another ISP since the phone portion won’t work. 

Approved for

  • Xfinity 

Not working with

  • All other ISPs

Setup 4.9

The Nighthawk CM2050V was incredibly easy to set up. It shouldn’t take you longer than 5-10 minutes to complete, assuming you’re using it with an Xfinity Internet plan

What the Netgear CM2050V comes with

To set it up, you have to take it out of the packaging, plug in the coaxial cable, connect it to your router with Ethernet, attach your phone lines, and connect the power cable. 

Then, you may need to set up your router (if it is new too). After that, connect a device (laptop, phone, etc.) to your network and open any web browser. It should automatically load an activation portal. 

Netgear CM2050V Setup

If it doesn’t, you may have to contact Comcast to register your modem or activate your coaxial connection. 

Value 4.4

We won’t hide the fact that the Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V is one of the most expensive cable modems on the market. 

But, we do think it is worth its cost. If you have Xfinity with their phone package, this modem provides the convenience of adding two phone lines to your home along with your Internet. 

And since it is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and supports up to 2.5 Gps, the CM2050V is one of the best ways to future-proof your home’s network. 

Netgear CM2050V Reviews

There is no shortage of reviews for the Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V. With over 7,000 positive reviews on consumer websites, you can be confident that it’s a great modem. 

The majority of reviewers mention its easy setup, fast speeds, and good tech support from Comcast. 

A few people had issues with compatibility– but they were attempting to use this modem with ISPs other than Xfinity (remember, it’s only compatible with Xfinity). 

Some reviewers also noted that their CM2050V stopped working after some time, which could be a quality issue or other damage. However, this was only one or two mentions in over 7,000 reviews. 

Since Netgear offers good coverage with its 1-year warranty, you have no need to worry about failures and other issues.


Here are some other options if the CM2050V doesn’t sound like a suitable modem for you. 

Motorola MB8611

Motorola MB8611

The Motorola MB8611 is another DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem that supports up to 2.5 Gbps. 

But unlike the CM2050V, it is compatible with more than one ISP, including Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Cox, Grande, Suddenlink, and WOW. 

However, it does not include phone line support. 

But, the MB8611 is more affordable than the CM2050V and includes a longer 2-year warranty. 

So, if you don’t have Xfinity with their voice-over-Internet service, the MB8611 is a good choice if you want to save some money but get a future-proof modem. 

Motorola MT7711

Motorola MT7711

The Motorola MT7711 is an alternative voice modem/router available at a much lower cost than the CM2050V. 

Like the CM2050V, the MT7711 comes with two phone ports, but it is also a router. This means you won’t also have to buy a router too (like you would with the CM2050V), which will save you more money. 

However, it supports a lower speed – 800 Mbps on cable and 1900 Mbps wireless. And it is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, so it won’t future-proof your home network as well. 

However, if you don’t plan to upgrade your Internet speed in the near future, this is a good alternative. 

Motorola MT8733

Motorola MT8733

Perhaps you want the best of the best voice modem combined with a router. Since the Netgear CM2050V is just a modem, the MT8733 modem/router combo is a fantastic option if you want just one device. 

The MT8733 is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with two phone ports and a built-in router. Yes, it is more expensive than the CM2050V. But if you consider the price of a separate router, it is more affordable overall. 

Like the CM2050V, the MT8733 only works with Xfinity Voice and Gigabit Internet plans. You can easily set it up with the MotoSync app and optimize your home network from your smartphone or tablet. 

Bottom Line

The Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V is a great DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem for Xfinity Internet and phone customers. If you have a plan from any other ISP, don’t choose this modem (instead, find a compatible one here). 

Otherwise, the CM2050V provides Xfinity subscribers with fast speeds (up to 2.5 Gbps), easy setup, and two phone lines.

Even if you have a slower Xfinity plan, choosing the CM2050V (if it fits your budget) is an excellent way to future-proof your network. 

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