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Thanks for tuning into our guide on AT&T’s bundles between its Wireless, Internet, and DirecTV products.

There are a few great ways to save money by combining some of these products together. So, if you’re in the market for more than one AT&T product, then you’re in the right place right now.

We found this out by doing a lot of homework. And now, we’re ready to bring you our findings and show you the best ways to save money at AT&T with bundles.

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AT&T Fiber 300 + DirecTV Entertainment

$ 134
  • 300 Mbps download speed
  • 300 Mbps upload speed
  • 75+ channels

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AT&T Fiber 1 Gig + AT&T Wireless Unlimited Extra

$ 120 Monthly
  • 940 Mbps download speed
  • 800 Mbps upload speed
  • 4 phone lines

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AT&T Internet 50 + AT&T Wireless Unlimited Starter

$ 90 Monthly
  • 50 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • 4 phone lines

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Internet 10 + Home Phone + DirecTV Entertainment

$ 154
  • 10 Mbps download speed
  • 1 Mbps upload speed
  • 75+ channels

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How Good Are AT&T Bundles?

When it comes to bundling products together, AT&T isn’t the best internet company in the world. But there are a few cool offers, plus plenty of extra great ways to save money as an AT&T customer.

If you head to the AT&T website, you’ll see that the only ‘bundles’ on offer are for their Internet and Wireless packages and for their DirecTV and Internet packages [1]. 

The former is the best one here. You can get quite a lot of money or decent savings if you take up both Internet and Wireless together. But unfortunately, the DirecTV and Internet bundles don’t really add up. The price is the same as if you were to take up both of them separately [2]. 

AT&T Bundles Pros & Cons

Before we get into it, here’s a quick look at the best and worst bits of AT&T bundles.


  • Money to be saved on taking up Wireless and Internet together
  • Fiber plans offer really good value as they are
  • AT&T offers a few other great ways to save money


  • DirecTV bundles are the same as paying for both separately
  • Fiber isn’t available in much of the US just yet 

AT&T Bundle Packages and Pricing

It’s not always possible to save money with bundles from AT&T. However, you can at least simplify your billing and your setup if you take up two or more products at the same time.

Here are a few examples of the bundles you can expect from AT&T.

BundlePrice /mo.What You GetDownload Speed
AT&T Fiber 300 + DirecTV Choice$134.99 (for first 12 months)Superfast Wi-Fi, 185+ channels including lots of sports300 Mbps
AT&T Fiber 1 Gig + AT&T Wireless Unlimited Extra$120 with four linesHyperfast Wi-Fi, 50 GB premium cell data (5G+), 15 GB hotspot1 Gbps
AT&T Internet 50 + AT&T Wireless Unlimited Starter$90 (for first 12 months) with four lines50 Mbps of internet plus unlimited data including 5G access50 Mbps
AT&T Internet 10 + AT&T Home Phone + DirecTV Entertainment$154.9810 Mbps of internet plus home phone services and 165+ TV channels10 Mbps

Note that a few extra fees will apply to some of these bundles such as an activation fee and equipment hire fee for DirecTV plus taxes. 

AT&T Internet and Wireless Bundles 

As we mentioned, the combo of AT&T Internet and Wireless is the best way to save money on taking up multiple products with AT&T. And it goes even better if you end up with Fiber instead of regular internet. 

Here are the offers available [3]:

  • Get 25% off Unlimited Wireless plans (of four or more lines) if you are already an AT&T Internet customer
  • Get a $300 reward card when you sign up for Fiber as a Wireless customer 

We’ll explain a little more about the plans themselves later on in this article. 

Best AT&T Bundles

You might not save a lot of money with AT&T bundles, but some of them are pretty neat anyway. We’ve picked a few of our favorite AT&T bundles and combo deals that you might want to take a look at. 

#1 Fiber 300 and Wireless Starter: Most Affordable ($90 per month)

AT&T Fiber represents some fantastic value for money, as we will explain in more detail later on in this article. It costs the same price as any of the AT&T Internet plans, and it doesn’t go up at the 12 month mark like AT&T Internet does. 

And if you opt for the lowest-priced Wireless plan, Wireless Starter, you can save the most money. With this, you only get 5 GB of hotspot data and no ‘premium’ data, but it still comes with unlimited 5G, which is very quick indeed.

Plus 300 Mbps, the slowest plan, is going to be more than enough. This is an awesome value for money package.

Make sure you look at our AT&T availability article to find out if you can get 5G in your location first though. 

#2 DirecTV Choice and Fiber 300 Bundle: Perfect for TV Lovers ($134.99 for first 12 months, $144.99 for second 12)

Anyone in the market for a new TV package should take a look at DirecTV. Previously known as U-Verse, this awesome service brings all the best channels from across the US. We’ll explain the different tiers later on, but for now, let us recommend one bundle.

Choice and Fiber 300. With this, you’ll get all the best channels plus a ton of great sport. Plus, there’s fantastic internet speeds that will easily handle your streaming on multiple devices.

Sure, you can’t actually save any money this way. But they’re both great products, and taking them up together simplifies your billing quite substantially. 

#3 Home Phone, Internet, and DirecTV Bundle: The Ultimate Rural Package

Another bundle AT&T users can get involves their home phone service. Here, you can get AT&T’s home phone services, the fastest internet plan in your area, and DirecTV if you have the speed to handle it (or satellite).

And it comes at the reduced rate of $154.98 per month. Not bad! [4]

AT&T Fiber and DirecTV Bundles

AT&T claims to offer ‘bundles’ for its Fiber and DirecTV plans but upon closer inspection, this is actually not the case.

We worked out that if you add the price of the Fiber and DirecTV individual plans together, you’ll get the same price as if you buy them both separately. There’s no money to be saved by buying them both together. 

That isn’t to say DirecTV or Fiber aren’t worth your time though. They’re both great products and there are a few ways you can save money with both of them. Check out our guide to saving money with both of these products here

Also, stick with us as we show you the kinds of plans you get from each of these services a little later on. 

AT&T DirecTV and Wireless Bundles 

Unfortunately, there’s no such mention of a bundle for Wireless and DirecTV from AT&T. This kind of makes sense as there’s no real link between DirecTV and Wireless as there is with DirecTV and Internet or Wireless and Internet. Still, maybe one day!

AT&T Fiber vs AT&T Internet

Up until the last few years, the only way to get online at home with AT&T was through their AT&T Internet plans. Nowadays, about a third of AT&T territory is able to get Fiber instead, which offers much better value for money. 

But the rest of its customers are still stuck with AT&T Internet. This is an evolution of DSL internet that can be various speeds, but all for the same price. 

AT&T will simply put those customers on the fastest internet speed available. This can be up to 100 Mbps, but it can also be as low as less than 1 Mbps for some of the most rural areas in the US.

Fiber’s least expensive plan is the same price as AT&T Internet at $55. However, there’s no minimum contract with Fiber compared to the two years of Internet. And Internet plans go up by $15 per month at the one-year mark! Not good. 

So Fiber is the way forward. Here’s a look at all the AT&T Fiber plans [4]:

PlanSpeedPrice per month
AT&T Fiber 300300 Mbps$55
AT&T Fiber 500500 Mbps$65
AT&T Fiber 1 Gig1000 Mbps$80
AT&T Fiber 2 Gig2000 Mbps$110
AT&T Fiber 5 Gig5000 Mbps$180

And on top of those great prices, AT&T Fiber customers will be able to get all of the following additional perks:

  • Free internet security: All Fiber customers will get free ActiveArmor. It’s antivirus technology, serving to keep your home network free from outside threats. 
  • No equipment hire fee: You won’t have to pay to rent your router if you opt for AT&T Fiber. The only time you might incur some sort of charge is if you opt for a home installation or if you fail to return the equipment when you leave.
  • Free Hot Spot: All AT&T Fiber customers are entitled to use the AT&T public internet hotspots to their hearts’ content. It covers a lot of the US and it can come in pretty handy!
  • Get paid to make the switch: AT&T will dish out a $150 reward card for all new 300 and 500 plans or $200 for 1 Gig, 2 Gig and 5 Gig plus they’ll pay any cancellation fees from previous providers. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with the Wireless bundle we mentioned earlier. 

AT&T Wireless Plans

The 25% you can save on AT&T Wireless if you’re already an AT&T Internet customer is for their Unlimited plans. These make up three of the five AT&T Wireless plans on offer in total, and they offer the best value.

That’s even more the case if you get your 25% off! Here’s a look at the three plans. Note that the prices do not include the 25% discount yet, so take an extra quarter off if you’re already an AT&T Internet customer or are planning to become one. 

NamePrice (when you get 4 lines)HotspotPremium Data
Unlimited Premium$5050GBUnlimited
Unlimited Extra$4015GB50GB
Unlimited Starter$353GBNone

By the way, being an AT&T Internet customer isn’t the only way to save 25% on Wireless plans. You can get the same discount if you’re a teacher or a family member of someone in the military or a veteran. There are also Wireless deals for those over 55.

DirecTV Plans (Formerly U-verse)

Earlier on, we discussed how there are no specific ways to save money on DirecTV if you are already an AT&T customer (even though they frame it like there is!). It feels like a bit of a shame.

Nonetheless, here’s a look at the packages you can get from DirecTV if you like the sound of it. You can choose to go with satellite TV or streaming depending on your home setup and your personal preference [5].

NameAmount of ChannelsWhat You GetPrice for First YearPrice for Second Year
Entertainment165+The essentials$64.99$74.99
Choice200+Entertainment plus sports$69.99$79.99
Ultimate270+Choice plus movies$89.99$99.99
Premier340+All premium networks$139.99$149.99

There are one or two things you can do to save some money with DirecTV even without the existence of bundles.

For a start, if you decide to go for the streaming option, AT&T will try to sell you a streaming device that costs $120. However, you can get around this by buying a Google Chrome for around $30 instead!

Other AT&T Deals

There are actually quite a few different deals and other ways to save money with AT&T. Here are some of the highlights we’ve curated with our own research:

  • 25% off selected AT&T Wireless plans if you’re a teacher, military personnel or veteran (or family member of one of these)
  • Free iPhone 13 Mini with eligible trade-in as a teacher 
  • Save money on setup fees if you set up yourself

You can find out more about this side of things from AT&T at our guide to AT&T deals here

AT&T Bundles FAQ

There might not be a whole lot going on in the way of AT&T bundles but there are some useful things to learn here! Make sure you check out this Q & A session.

Will there be more AT&T bundles in the future?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell in advance whether AT&T is about to announce new bundles or not. AT&T doesn’t cue up its deals, it simply announces them. You’d have to have some inside knowledge to make that kind of prediction.

If you’re not in a rush to get your new AT&T services, you could wait to see what happens. But don’t hold your breath. These aren’t the kinds of deals that change very often, so it could be a while before any new bundles are announced, if they ever are!

How do I claim an AT&T bundle deal?

It’s really easy to cash in on the AT&T bundle deal. If you’re already a Wireless customer, just sign up for the Internet with your AT&T account and you’ll get your gift card automatically. Make sure it’s the same account, and if you’re unsure, reach out to AT&T customer services.

If you don’t have either product yet but you want both, it’s a good idea to work out which will financially benefit you the best. A little bit of math could save you a lot of cash here.

Who do I contact if I can’t get my bundle?

Think you’re entitled to a bundle but can’t seem to get it sorted? The best thing to do is reach out to AT&T customer services. You can speak to them via a live chat or over the phone depending on your personal preference.

To find the right number or to use the live chat, just head over to the support site. Press ‘get bill and account help’ and follow the instructions on screen.

Final Thoughts on AT&T Bundles

It’s a shame there aren’t that many AT&T bundles, but the ones that we do have are pretty cool. The Wireless and Internet savings are pretty good, but then again, they’re not that much better than some of the deals you can get with AT&T that aren’t part of a bundle.

Regardless, if you play your cards right, you can save a lot of cash from the prices listed on the AT&T website. And a bundle could be a big part of that! 

If you’re really in the market for bundles and feel a bit let down by what AT&T has to offer, you could always try and find one with another provider. Take a look at what Xfinity has to offer, for example. They might have something better suited to you!

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300 Mbps for $55/mo.
$ 55 Monthly
  • $150 reward card
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data cap