AT&T Business Internet Review 2022: Plans, Pricing, & More

Network providers AT&T offers a wide range of business services such as internet, a mobile network, and landline. And, they offer special deals to business users. Read on to learn more.
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AT&T Business Fiber

From 100 Mbps to 5 Gbps fiber internet
$ 65 Monthly
  • $65 to $395 per month
  • No minimum contract
  • 24/7 business support

AT&T Dedicated Internet

From 50 Mbps to 1 Tbps internet
$ 99 Monthly
  • Price on request
  • Get your own internet service
  • 24/7 business support

AT&T Business Broadband

From 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps internet
$ 75 Monthly
  • $50 to $225 per month
  • No minimum contract
  • 24/7 business support

AT&T Business Wireless

$30-$65 per line with 6+ lines
$ 31 Monthly
  • 5G ready
  • Mobile hotspot
  • 24/7 business support

I’ve been doing my homework on AT&T business services, so stick around to reveal the results of my findings. 

We’re going to be taking a look at those today. Join me as I explain the following subjects for businesses:

Let’s go!

AT&T Business Pros and Cons

The main positives and negatives around AT&T for business are:


  • Really wide range of services to suit all needs
  • Some of the fastest fiber in the world 
  • A- Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • Won Equinox Global Partner of the Year Award in 2021
  • Pretty good availability for 5G internet


  • Some services are quite expensive
  • Poor internet plans if there is no Fiber in your location

AT&T Business Plans & Products

We feel that AT&T has enough products (and fast enough Fiber speeds) to suit all sizes of business. If you are working with just one or two people or a team of hundreds, AT&T could be a good business to help you out.

Here’s a look at what’s available in terms of its business plans and products as well as how much they cost. Just note that these prices could be subject to change at any time, and there is no mention of hidden fees or taxes throughout this article.

To find out more about AT&T’s additional fees, check out this article.

AT&T Business Internet

As an AT&T business customer, you’ll be able to choose from one of three internet products depending on the location of your business (we’ll cover availability a bit later on in this article). They are as follows.

AT&T Dedicated Internet – Up to 1 Tbps

The most boutique internet plan for AT&T business customers is Dedicated Internet. Here, your business will get its very own internet service that’s only for you and your partners and colleagues.

This is the height of security and speed and will be supported 24/7 by the AT&T team. The Internet does not get any better than this.

Here’s a look at the speeds you can get with this service:

SpeedBest For
Up to 50 MbpsUp to 10 employees
Up to 100 MbpsUp to 20 employees
Up to 5 GbpsUp to 100 employees
Up to 1 TbpsOver 100 employees

1 Tbps speed is only going to be close to worth it if you have over 100 employees using it at the same time. And even then, they’d need to be doing rather a lot of heavy internet usage to justify this kind of speed. 

Right now 1 Tbps internet is only available in limited areas of the US and will cost a lot of money to set up and use. 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get the prices for AT&T Dedicated Internet online as they vary from state to state and business to business. You’ll need to reach out to an AT&T sales rep through the website if this is something you’re interested in. 

AT&T Business Fiber – Up to 5 Gbps

AT&T is one of only two companies in the US right now that offer 5 Gbps Fiber speeds. That’s immensely fast. But you don’t need to go for that if you want to sign up with Fiber. Here’s a look at the plans you can choose from:

SpeedPrice per monthBest For
100 Mbps$65Up to 4 employees
300 Mbps$95Up to 8 employees
1 Gbps$160Up to 14 employees
2 Gbps$225Up to 25 employees
5 Gbps$395Up to 40 employees

All of these plans have equal upload and download speeds which means you can share files and make outgoing video calls just as easily as you can download them and see other people. 

You’ll also get 24/7 business support from AT&T (including technical support), excellent security round the clock and professional installation.

Another big positive of AT&T Fiber is that there is no minimum contract for any of the plans. This means you can sign up for as little as one month to see if it works for you, then cancel if you decide it’s not right.

AT&T Business Broadband – Up to 100 Mbps

Speed is quite a bit more limited with regular broadband. You’ll only be able to get one of the following speeds with this product:

  • Up to 12 Mbps – $75 per month
  • Up to 25 Mbps – $100 per month
  • Up to 50 Mbps – $185 per month
  • Up to 100 Mbps – $225 per month
SpeedPrice per month
12 Mbps$75
25 Mbps$100
50 Mbps$185
100 Mbps$225

You can get 25% off any of these prices when you add a new line. The prices themselves do not include any lines. It should also be noted that these plans do not include any equipment, so this is an additional cost you will need to account for.

This speed might not be very good for large businesses. When we reviewed 100 Mbps as a speed, we found that it was best for up to 4 or 5 people. Of course, it depends on what each person is going to be doing online, however.

Unfortunately, you might not have much of a choice. Fiber is only available to around one third of AT&T customers at the time of writing, but if you live in a city you’ll likely be able to get it.

AT&T Business Wireless

Company cell phones are big business and AT&T is one of the front runners in the market. It offers some great business deals through its Business Wireless plans

Business users can get all the latest and greatest smartphones for top prices. Here’s a look at some of the best deals in that domain right now [1]:

  • iPhone 13 Pro from as low as $27.78 per month
  • Google Pixel 6 from as low as $20.56 per month
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G from as low as $22.23 per month

However, a lot of business customers prefer to go down the route of SIM only plans. And there are some good ones there. You can choose from the following:

NamePrice (when you buy six lines)FeaturesBest For
AT&T Business Mobile Preferred$35 (down from $65)HD video streaming, AT&T Business International Travel PackInternational users
AT&T Business Unlimited Starter$305 GB mobile hotspot, SD video streamingBusinesses who want to keep it basic
AT&T Business Unlimited Performance$3540 GB mobile hotspot, HD video streamingThose who need a little more data
AT&T Business Unlimited Elite$40100 GB mobile hotspot, Roam Latin America, 4K video streamingBusinesses with high data usage or Latin contacts 
AT&T DATACONNECT Plans for Business$60 per line (no need to buy six lines)25 GB data allowance, unlimited access to Wi-Fi Hot SpotBusinesses who use less data

You can get all of these plans with less than six lines, but it will cost more money. For example, the price of AT&T Business Unlimited Elite with just one line is $65. 

Each of these plans is 5G ready, comes with 24/7 support and AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security and supplies business tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Plus, they come with unlimited domestic data, talk and text.

AT&T 5G Solutions

At AT&T, 5G isn’t just for cell phone networks. They use the technology in a number of creative ways, some of which could really benefit your business. Because it’s immensely fast, it can bring technologies to life that would never have been imagined before. 

Here’s a look at just some of the ways in which 5G is benefit businesses across the US:

  • In venues: Augmented reality (AR) and edge computing powered by AT&T 5G are allowing the development of exciting new technologies in sports and other performance.
  • In retail: AT&T’s 5G helps build AR solutions that can show shoppers what clothes will look like without actually having to try them on.  
  • In finance: A number of banking solutions have been built with the help of AT&T 5G to produce better business situations.
  • In manufacturing: AT&T 5G has been involved in the creation of ‘smart factories’ hooked up with 
  • In healthcare: Those working in healthcare can now share large files, diagnostics and other important health information with one another much more quickly.

If any of this is inspiring you to use 5G in your business, we recommend reaching out to the AT&T Business team to see how they can help you implement it. 

There’s a whole world of benefits to 5G that could help businesses, but we could be here all day talking about them!

Internet of Things

The internet solutions provided by AT&T go a lot further than some other providers. You’ll need to reach out to AT&T directly to get quotes on the more niche side of their offerings. 

But here’s an overview of some of the things they have to offer to give you some inspiration:

  • Fleet management: If you have a number of vehicles in your business, AT&T can help you keep track of their locations, who has each pair of keys, their service information and more. 
  • Asset management: In a similar way, AT&T can help you keep a tab on your business assets and finances in a neat platform.
  • IoT Console: The AT&T IoT Console helps businesses manage multiple IoT endpoints in one single platform. It does so across cellular and satellite operators worldwide.

AT&T Voice

AT&T’s wired phone connection service is one of the best in the US. It was named #1 in customer satisfaction for Large Enterprise Wireline Service five years in a row, after all!

The regular AT&T Phone comes in bundles with internet starting from $99 per month with 100 Mbps of internet. 

You’ll get unlimited calling nationwide plus Canada and Mexico, voicemail and 20 more traditional calling features such as call forwarding. 

If you prefer, you can opt for AT&T Phone for Business – Advanced. This is an upgrade of the original technology that converts your traditional telephone line to work over the internet.

AT&T Business Add-Ons

There are a bunch of extra products that AT&T Business customers can make use of, such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. But, as we said, the article would almost be unlimited if we covered everything!

For now, here’s a look at a few extra things you can add onto the plans and products we’ve looked at so far.

  • AT&T Internet Backup: If your internet were to crash for any reason, this 5G network would kick in to keep connections alive, removing the risk of canceled downloads or calls.
  • Business devices: AT&T sells smartphones at business prices that you can use all under one plan to distribute to your employees.
  • Equipment installment plans: Not many AT&T Business plans come with free equipment hire. Instead, you can break down the cost of the equipment over 24, 30 or 36 months with 0% APR.

AT&T Business Bundles

On top of the Phone and Internet bundle, there are a couple of ways to save money by bundling AT&T Business products together:

  • AT&T Dedicated Internet with AT&T Office@Hand or AT&T Business Wi-Fi: Get 2 months free service when you combine these products.
  • Business Wireless and Internet: Get 25% off eligible Wireless plans when you add a new line if you are already a Business Internet customer.

Extra Deals for AT&T Business Customers

There are a few extra deals AT&T offers to their business customers above and beyond the prices listed above:

  • Installation fees waived on Dedicated Internet: for a limited time only, you won’t need to pay to get set up with a Dedicated Internet plan from AT&T.
  • AT&T Business Mobile Preferred plan reduced: previously, this plan was $65 when you buy six lines. But right now, you can get it for just $65.
  • Get $150 in reward cards when you order AT&T Phone for Business online: just place your order for a new Phone contract online rather than in store and get the reward card delivered to you.
  • Save $30 on your monthly bill with AT&T Business Mobile: Just activate six lines or more on the unlimited plan to get the money returned to you in bill credits.
  • Get up to $1500 in Smartphone Activation Credits: This deal is valid when you take out 10 or more lines.
  • $250 in bill credits when you switch: Bring your business phone over to AT&T and get the credits applied to your account.

You can find out more about each of these deals at the AT&T Business Offers site.

AT&T Business Customer Service

To find out some more of the other products available or to ask further questions about what we’ve discussed in this article so far, you’re going to want to reach out to AT&T customer support.

You can do this in a few ways: over the phone, through the live chat or using social media are the easiest. Here’s how to get started with each:

  • Phone: Use the phone number +1 877 219 3898 to call AT&T’s Business line for sales. 
  • Live chat: Head to the AT&T Business Support website and press the chat button in the bottom-right to start a conversation with a representative. 
  • Social media: You can tweet AT&T at the handle @ATT or send them a message through Facebook messenger over at their Facebook page. The latter is likely to get a quicker response.

For more info on getting in contact with AT&T customer services, check out this article.

AT&T Availability

Some AT&T products are available across the entire of the US, but some are much more location specific. Here’s a quick overview of the availability for the key products. You can find out more about AT&T availability here

AT&T Business Wireless

You can get Wireless 4G signal from AT&T across the vast majority of the US. In fact, up to 99% of American land is covered with an AT&T 4G signal. Impressive, right?

5G is a bit of a different story. The coverage is pretty good already, but it has a long way to go to get to the levels of 4G.

Right now, AT&T 5G covers 18,000 towns and cities across the US. That still includes every state in the US, but the map is a little patchier compared to that of the 4G coverage.

If you want to know whether you’ll be able to get a 5G signal in your area before you sign up for an AT&T Business Wireless plan, you can enter your address here.

AT&T Business Fiber

Interestingly, Business Fiber from AT&T is actually available in more states than domestic Fiber. For example, you can get it in Arizona and Utah [2], which you cannot get regular Fiber in (as we found out when we checked out AT&T’s availability).

You can enter your business address here to find out if you’re able to get AT&T Business Fiber or not. 

AT&T Business Internet and Phone

You’ll be able to get AT&T Business Phone services in every area where you can get AT&T Internet services. And right now, those things are available in each of the following states:

MichiganMississippiMissouriNevadaNorth Carolina
OhioOklahomaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexas

AT&T vs the Competitors

Should you go for an AT&T Business plan or is another competitor better suited to what you want? We’ll take a look at an overview of each of the main rivals (Verizon and Comcast) so you can begin to think about that.

AT&T Business vs Verizon Business

Verizon covers a different area of the US for its Internet plans, and mainly focuses on the East coast. However, AT&T actually has greater coverage overall in terms of land mass.

They both offer fast speed, although it’s not possible to get the 5 Gig plan on Verizon just yet. Plus, AT&T Fiber is more affordable.

There is one thing Verizon has over AT&T and that’s Fiber optic TV services. But in the business world, AT&T has a lot more to offer.

That being said, Verizon offers slightly better 4G coverage across the US and faster 5G speeds. So it might be the better option for those looking to take out business cell phone plans.

AT&T Business vs Comcast Business

Comcast is the biggest internet provider in the US and appeals to a lot of people in the business world. In terms of Fiber internet, it has the record amongst providers of an amazing 10 Gbps. It also has the best availability.

However, it can often be a lot more expensive than AT&T with certain products. And, it doesn’t offer as extensive technical services.

AT&T Business FAQ

Need to know more about business plans? Here’s some things we’ve been asked recently.

Why are business plans so much more expensive than residential ones?

There are a few key reasons for this. One is the extra level of support you get as a business customer, one is the amount of backup and more.

Can I use a residential plan in my business instead?

It can be very tempting to pick up a residential plan from AT&T to use at your business instead. And of course, this would be a lot cheaper. But there are a couple of key reasons you might want to take up business internet over residential internet.

Firstly, you won’t get the same level of support and security with a residential plan. Plus, there’s no way to get a backup if the internet goes down.

Is it possible to change your residential account to a business one?

If you’re already an AT&T customer and are thinking about upgrading, the best thing to do is reach out to AT&T support. We put their contact details in the ‘AT&T Business Customer Services’ section a little earlier in this article.

Wrapping Up on AT&T Business

When it comes to business solutions, AT&T’s offerings are very extensive. There aren’t many things you can do as a business in the world of tech that AT&T won’t be able to help with!

We’ve covered some of the more basic plans and pricing today and there, AT&T does pretty good. Its Fiber plans and Wireless plans are pretty great, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

AT&T will have a dedicated team looking to help support businesses so reach out to them to see what they can do for you.

And in the meantime, why not check out our guide to the best routers for small businesses? A little hardware upgrade at work could go a long way!

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1 Gig

Up to 14 employees
$ 160 Monthly
  • No minimum contract
  • 24/7 business support
  • 800 Mbps upload speed