AT&T Internet & Fiber Deals for Seniors in 2024

Internet and cell phone provider AT&T offers a wide range of deals that seniors can take advantage of. And while there are no internet deals specifically for senior citizens as such, there are some awesome deals that those of any age should definitely check out.

We love to see it! A little helping hand with the bills can go a long way at any age in life, let alone for those in retirement. 

But the thing is, some of these deals aren’t very well advertised. And, they’re only available to seniors in specific locations. So, we spent some time researching the options that seniors have at AT&T in the way of saving money. 

So, if you’re a senior citizen looking to save some money on your next internet or cell phone plan (or if you want to help out an elderley friend or relative), don’t go anywhere. We’ll be showing you every single way you can save money with AT&T.

Let’s get started.

How Do AT&T Senior Deals Work?

Once you reach the age of 55, AT&T recognizes you as a senior citizen. And at that point, you may be able to take up the AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan, part of its Wireless cell phone network.

However, that’s only available to those in the state of Florida [1]. We’re not 100% sure why that is the case, but there is no way around it. You’ll need to provide your state ID in order to take up the deal. 

In terms of home broadband deals, there’s nothing out there specifically for seniors. It is a bit of a shame, but it’s not the end of the world because AT&T has some great deals for everyone right now. And there are further deals for those on low incomes.

The best deals for the internet are for its Fiber plans. That means lightning fast internet, and it comes at a great price with some cool perks. We’ll go into more detail of that in the next section. 

You can find all the latest internet deals from AT&T here.

A Look at the AT&T Deals for Seniors

As mentioned, AT&T only has one deal specifically for citizens. But don’t let that rule you out from looking at further AT&T deals. There are a couple more discounts and savings that you can take advantage of no matter what age you are. 

Here’s an overview of what’s available to those over the age of 55.

AT&T Access

It’s possible to get free home internet with AT&T if your household income is below a certain figure. 

This deal comes as a result of the federal government Affordable Connectivity Program which aims to provide an internet connection to those who cannot afford one.

Speeds are limited to 100 Mbps. But as we found out when we researched that speed for ourselves, 100 Mbps is enough for two to four people living together. 

This deal is particularly useful for seniors because your income will be calculated as your private pension. So, depending on what that is, you might have a chance at claiming this internet.

To find out if you’re eligible, simply fill out the form on this page

AT&T Fiber

AT&T offers two different types of internet: its older Internet brand and its new one, Fiber. And the latter represents much better value. If you can’t get AT&T Access, your second-best bet is to sign up for a Fiber plan.

AT&T Fiber’s most affordable plan, AT&T Fiber 300, is actually the same price as even the slowest internet plans (as little as under 1 Mbps). And, the price of the internet plans goes up  by a further 15 Mbps after 12 months, which the Fiber plans do not.

What’s even better is that there is no minimum contract for AT&T Fiber [2]. You can stay for as little as one month.

AT&T Fiber plans offer other great perks such as no equipment fees, free Wi-Fi Hot Spot, and free advanced network security. PLus, you can be paid to make the switch (more on that coming up shortly).

Realistically, AT&T Fiber brings some of the best value amongst all fiber internet providers. So even though there’s no specific deal for seniors, it’s still absolutely worth a look at.

You’ll just need to ensure that you’re in an area where AT&T Fiber is available as it’s currently a little limited on its availability while it rolls through the US.

You can find out more about AT&T’s Fiber plans here.

AT&T Unlimited 55+

The only AT&T deal that’s exclusive to seniors is for its Wireless service. Wireless is AT&T’s cell phone service, and it’s one of the most popular in the US.

The AT&T Unlimited 55+ deal allows seniors to get 2 lines with unlimited talk, text and date for $40 per month, per line. That data includes 5G, allowing you some of the fastest speeds possible for a cell phone connection.

Compared to the regular deal for all users, that’s great value. Cell phone plans in the US are notoriously expensive so being able to save some cash like this can really go a long way.

You’ll also get AT&T’s ActiveArmor mobile security free of charge. That helps to keep your cell phone free of outside threats and blocking fraud calls.

How to Get Extra AT&T Discounts 

The main deals are one thing, but there are a few other ways to save some cash with AT&T that a lot of people don’t know about. 

Some of these are not for everyone, but you could certainly save some extra money with one or two of the following.

Save money on your internet setup

Usually, you’ll have to pay $99 to set up your net AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber connection. This covers the cost of sending a technician out to your home to install the router and get you online.

However, it is possible to waive this fee by carrying out the setup yourself [3]. And don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you might think. All you need to do is plug in the router and contact AT&T to have it activated.

You can find the instructions for the process online and if you do get stuck, AT&T has a helpline that you can reach out to.

Get paid to switch

Another fantastic thing about AT&T Fiber is that you’ll get paid for moving from your current internet provider [4]. 

For the 300, 500 and 1 Gig plans, you’ll receive a $150 gift card and for the 2 Gig and 5 Gig plans, you can get $200. That being said, the latter two are more for commercial business. We recommend the 300 speed for seniors and we’ll explain why later on in this article.

On top of that, AT&T will pay for any cancellation fees that you may receive as a result of terminating your previous internet subscription. That’s great news for anyone worrying about the length of the contract they’re already in.

Employer & Organization Wireless discounts

AT&T has partnered with particular companies in order to provide less expensive cell phone plans to employees of them. There’s currently a list of several companies who take part in the scheme, and you can check online to find out if your company is one of them.

Eligible employees can save $10 per month on their plan. However, this offer is unfortunately not extended to internet customers.

A similar deal is available to military personnel, first responders, healthcare professionals, and teachers.

Keep an eye out for sale events and promotions

If you’re not in a rush to change up your internet or cell phone plan, you could sit on the decision. Every now and then, AT&T offers sales and discounts on various plans.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know in advance what kinds of deals will be happening and when they will occur. But, it’s something to bear in mind if you’re not in a hurry and wants to save more cash.

You keep an eye on those deals as and when they come in at this link.

AT&T bundles

One of the best ways to save money as an AT&T customer is to bundle your internet and cell phone plans together. We’ll go into more details on those shortly.

How Much Speed Do I Need as a Senior?

We’ve established that AT&T Fiber is the best way to go for senior citizens even though there is no specific discount for those over 55. But there are 5 plans to choose from: 300, 500, 1 Gig, 2 Gig, and 5 Gig. So which of these should you go for?

These numbers refer to the speed of your connection in terms of the data transfer per second. And the bottom line is that for almost all seniors, we recommend the 300 speed.

300 Mbps is still a lightning fast connection. When we tested it, we found that it would be more than enough for a large family. After it, it can handle as many as 12 4K Netflix streams!

The only reason you might want to go faster than that is if you’re supplying the internet to a whole lot of people. That is if you live with 10 or more people or you’re setting up a local hotspot.

The AT&T Fiber 300 plan will cost you $55 per month. That’s not bad at all. And when you consider the fact that the regular Internet plans are the same price as previously mentioned, then a separate deal doesn’t matter so much. It’s already great value!

Where is AT&T Internet Available?

The internet package you receive as an AT&T customer really depends on your location within the US.

Earlier on, we mentioned that the best value for money and fastest speeds AT&T has to offer is through AT&T Fiber. But unfortunately, fiber internet is currently only available to select locations across the US.

They include a number of cities and towns in California, Florida, Texas and across the eastern states. However, AT&T’s coverage doesn’t stretch as far as New York. There, you’ll need to check in with Verizon Fios or another provider.

To find out once and for all whether you can get Fiber in your location, check out the AT&T coverage map then input your address. This will show you all the deals you can get where you live.

If you see an ‘AT&T Internet’ plan then you’ll need to stick to plain old non-fiber internet. But if the site offers you AT&T Fiber plans, then you’re in luck!

A word to the wise: if you can’t get fiber internet in your location right now, don’t rule it out altogether. Check to see if any other providers in your area offer it. In most cases, it offers much better value than any other form of internet, so it’s worth looking for. 

AT&T DirecTV Senior Deals

If you’re not familiar, DirecTV (formerly known as U-verse and AT&T TV) is AT&T’s television package that comes either over satellite or via streaming. There are four bundles: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate and Premier [5].

There aren’t any deals specific to seniors for DirecTV right now but there are a few things you can do to save some money with it. Right off the bat, you can currently save $10 per month on your first 12 months when you sign up online. Plus, you can get a $100 reward card when you sign up.

You will need to commit to a 24 month term though, so be prepared for a price jump in your second year. Also, these are limited time offers that could be subject to change soon. 

Bear in mind that there are a couple of extra fees that you might need to pay. If you choose to not sign up for Autopay (aka direct debit) and paperless bills, you’ll need to pay an extra $5 per month.

Furthermore, you’ll need to pay for a streaming device. AT&T sells their own branded one for $120 [6], but you can save some cash by getting a Chromecast or something similar for around $30.

AT&T Bundles

Unfortunately, the ‘bundle’ of DirecTV and the internet that AT&T has to offer isn’t really a bundle at all. Even if you take them up at the same time, you’ll still be paying the same full price for both of them individually. So there’s not much point in doing that unless you want them both at the same time!

There is one bundle that can save you some money, though: AT&T Internet and AT&T Wireless. If you’re an internet customer of AT&T, you can save up to 25% on your Wireless monthly payments [7].

So, if you want both, we recommend taking up the internet plan first then using the fact that you’re an internet customer to get your Wireless discount.

AT&T Internet Senior Deals FAQ

It can be really confusing navigating AT&T’s deals. They seem a little all over the place sometimes! Hopefully, we’ve managed to clear that up today, but here’s a little more info for those still wondering. 

How old do I have to be to get an AT&T senior discount?

There’s only one specific AT&T deal for seniors, and it’s for their Wireless plans. It’s called AT&T Unlimited 55+ and, well… the clue’s in the name.

Yep, AT&T Unlimited 55+ is available to people aged 55 and over. But you’ll also need to be residing in the state of Florida.

How do I prove my senior status?

To get that AT&T Wireless 55+ plan, you’ll need to prove your ID. A government-issued form of identification is required. And, it’ll need to show that your address is in Florida as well, as this is the only place to get the plan. 

Which AT&T plans are available for me?

AT&T Wireless is available across the US. But if you’re looking for home internet, it’s not quite as transparent.

Different internet speeds are available to different locations. The best way to find out the plans you can get is by visiting the AT&T website and entering your postcode. Keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be able to get one of the Fiber plans!

Final Thoughts on AT&T Senior Deals

Initially, it feels like a bit of a shame that there aren’t more deals for seniors at AT&T. Sure, the Wireless Unlimited 55+ plan is pretty great, but there’s nothing for those who want internet at home.

But, when you consider how good the AT&T Fiber internet plans are in terms of value for money, it begins to feel better. It’s deals for everyone!

Those who can’t get Fiber in their location might feel out of luck right now, but it may well be with you soon. In the meantime, shop around to find out what else is available. 

Remember, AT&T isn’t the only provider out there. Why not check out some of the Comcast Xfinity deals to see if there’s anything there you can get as a senior?

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AT&T Offer

300 Mbps plans for $55/mo
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