AT&T Internet & Fiber Deals for Veterans & Military Personell

AT&T offers exclusive deals for military personnel, veterans, and their families! 

The deals are for Wireless, AT&T’s cell phone brand, so there is no internet discount for vets right now. But that’s not the end of the world, because AT&T has some great internet deals for everyone right now that are well worth a look at if you can get them.

To make sure you get the best value for money as a veteran at AT&T, we’ve been doing our homework to pool together all the best deals. So stay tuned to this article. It will save you a lot of time searching, believe us!

Here we go…

Can Veterans Get AT&T Internet Discounts?

To cut a long story short, there are no specific internet deals for military veterans right now. In fact, there aren’t really any internet deals for anyone other than the chance to get paid when you make the switch to AT&T Fiber!

Part of the reason for that is that a lot of the plans they have going on at the moment are pretty awesome. AT&T has been rolling out its Fiber network recently with very low prices. We’ll go into that in more detail throughout this article.

The only deals specific to veterans, other military personnel and their families right now is for their cell phone network, Wireless. And the deals are pretty awesome as you will soon find out!

By the way, AT&T does offer flash deals for veterans from time to time so by the time you read this article, there may be something available. You can check out all the latest internet deals and plans from them here.

Our Top AT&T Internet Deals for Veterans

Just because there aren’t internet deals specific to veterans right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal at all. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to get it in your location, that great deal will come in the form of AT&T Fiber.

Payout for switching from your current provider

This is the only real deal AT&T has on its internet plans right now. 

If you’re currently with another internet provider and want to change over to AT&T, you can get some cash for doing so. AT&T will pay any cancellation fees and give you a $150 gift card on top of that!

This deal is very strong and is, in fact, the only AT&T internet deal right now. So get it while you can.

This service is not available for AT&T Internet customers though, unfortunately. You won’t be able to receive any money for making the switch if you’re not able to get fiber. Harsh, we know.

Affordable Connectivity Program

AT&T takes part in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps those across the US on a low income get connected online. 

So, if your income is under a certain amount or you meet selected other criteria, you’ll be able to get free AT&T internet. So, if your household income is under 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or if anyone in the house participates in one of a list of federal progams, you could qualify.

This will entitle you to save up to $30 per month on your plan or even get a free plan depending on your circumstances. It varies from person to person at the end of the day, so the best thing to do if you think you might qualify is to get in touch with AT&T directly.

To find out if you qualify and how much you can get, you can check out more info on this page.

AT&T Fiber

Recently, AT&T has begun to roll out its fiber internet network, appropriately named AT&T Fiber. It’s lightning fast and comes with some great prices. 

But that’s not the only cool thing about it. Here’s our AT&T Fiber highlights reel [1]:

  • Affordable: AT&T offers some of the most competitive fiber prices in the land. And interestingly, it’s better value even though it’s lightning fast.
  • Speed: You can get up to 5 Gbps from AT&T Fiber! Most veterans won’t be needing those kinds of levels but it’s pretty impressive nonetheless.
  • No minimum contract: You don’t have to commit to 12 or even 24 months like you have to with a lot of internet plans. It’s possible to sign up with AT&T Fiber for as little as one month.
  • No equipment hire fees: What you pay per month is what you pay per month (bar taxes and other state fees). Of course, you could be fined if you don’t return the router etc. at the end of the contract but it’s free to send back, so no drama! 
  • No joining fees: On the subject of no fees, you won’t have to pay for signing up either. That really makes that ‘no minimum contract’ point look even better.
  • Free Hot Spot: The connection doesn’t stop when you leave the home. AT&T’s Hot Spot helps you stay connected on the go and it’s available in a lot of locations across the US. It’s yours for free now as an AT&T customer.
  • Free security: The cherry on the AT&T Fiber cake is the free network security you get with your plan. It’s always being updated to be able to combat the latest outside threats, keeping your network and your confidential information safe and sound.

You can check out all the plans and perks here, but make sure you stay with us to find out what we think is the right plan for you.

SkillBridge Fellowship Program

Okay, so this isn’t actually a ‘deal’ for veterans but it’s a pretty cool program for them that we liked the look of and thought you might be interested in.

It’s effectively a charity program that helps military personnel find new opportunities after their life in the military. As we all know, this can often be a massive problem but AT&T is looking to do their bit to help out with it. You can find more info on their website.

Where is AT&T Fiber Available vs AT&T Internet

Right now, AT&T Fiber is limited to a handful of locations across the US. They include some parts of Florida, California, and Texas, as well as some more North-Eastern states. It doesn’t stretch as far out as New York, though [2].

If you can’t get AT&T Fiber in your location, you’re not going to get as good a deal. That’s because the areas that AT&T cover that don’t have fiber need to have AT&T Internet instead. 

Confused? We don’t blame you. But let us explain. AT&T Internet is an older brand that was originally built for plain old DSL internet. But in recent times, AT&T has launched its Fiber network – a new, much faster technology.

AT&T Internet is available in a lot more land across the US, but it’s a lot slower. The long term goal is for AT&T Fiber to take over all of that land so that everyone in the AT&T areas can have superfast and affordable internet.

We think in the future the two brands will combine and everyone will get the good stuff but that might still be a few years from now.

To find out if you’re able to get AT&T Fiber, just head over to the AT&T website and input your address. This will show you all the plans available to you.

How Much Speed Does a Veteran Need?

AT&T Fiber comes in the form of five speeds: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gig, 2 Gig and 5 Gig. AT&T Internet, on the other hand, can be anywhere from less than 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

But how much do you need yourself? Well, if you’re in a Fiber location, the 300 Mbps plan is the one to go for. It’s more than enough for 8-10 people sharing the same network, so will happily support you and your family.

This plan actually costs the same amount as the AT&T Internet plans, and the Internet plans go up after 12 months (as well as locking you into a longer contract). That’s why we feel AT&T Fiber offers much better value overall.

If you can’t get fiber in your location, you won’t get much choice unfortunately. AT&T will simply put you on the fastest Internet plan they can, as they’re all the same price. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get something quick as life at around 20 Mbps or less ain’t much fun for most.

Are There Any Extra AT&T Discounts? 

To save a bit of extra money on your AT&T monthly payments, there are a few things you can try out.

Paperless billing and Autopay

The prices you see on the AT&T website already come with $5 taken off of them for paperless billing and Autopay.

Instead of your bills being delivered to you by letter in the post, you’ll be able to view them online. We support the green option, especially if it saves us some money!

Autopay is effectively direct debit. And honestly, this works out a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about actually making a payment each month in order to keep online as the money will just come straight out of your account on a particular day of the month.

Set up your network yourself

If you want an AT&T engineer to come out to your home and set up your new network for you, it could cost you up to $99. But there’s no need to actually pay that.

To get around this, just order the package online and make sure you don’t request the setup. This way, they’ll simply send the router out to you and plug it in yourself. It’s super easy!

AT&T Wireless Veteran Deals

The only actual AT&T deal that’s specifically for veterans comes from AT&T Wireless, the cell phone brand. And it’s a good one.

All veterans, current military personnel and their families will be able to get 25% off select Wireless plans when they sign up for 4 or more lines. That’s pretty good.

The plans are part of the ‘Unlimited’ series which means you’ll get unlimited calls, texts and data as well as a few other perks, and all for a decent price with that 25%.

That could save you $40 a month or more! 

AT&T DIRECTV Veteran Deals

DirecTV, formerly known as U-verse, is AT&T’s TV subscription service. You can get it as either a streaming service or a cable service. The former costs slightly more per month but is a lot easier and cheaper to set up.

You can opt for one of four bundles: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate and Premier [3]. These all come with different types of channels and programs, so you can tailor your package to suit you.

Are there any deals for vets? No. But it’s still worth a look at if you’re in the market for a new TV package! Plus, you can save $10 per month for your first 12 months if you sign up online. 

Just be aware that you’ll be committing to a 24 month contract. That could put some people off, especially when there’s an inevitable price jump at the one year mark

You can get smart with money saving if you opt for the streaming package, by the way. AT&T will try to charge you $120 for their streaming hardware but you can opt for a Google Chrome or something else instead. That will cost you around $30 by comparison. Smart.

AT&T Internet and Wireless Bundles

Some users like to save a little money by saving with the same company for their cell phone and their internet packages. While there’s no actual way to save money on your monthly payments with AT&T by doing this, you can get a payout for taking them both together.

For example, if you’re currently a Wireless customer and want to opt for AT&T internet as well, you’ll be able to get a payout of $300 in the form of a reward card [4]. However, that deal is only for Fiber. If you can’t get fiber in your location, you can’t get the deal.

If you’re already an internet customer of either the Internet or the Fiber plans, it’s possible to get 25% off selected Wireless plans. However, this is pretty much the same deal as the veteran discount, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

AT&T Internet and TV Bundles

If you go onto the AT&T website, you’ll see that they offer ‘bundles’ on their DirecTV and Internet plans. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the price of these bundles is the same as the price of the subscriptions added together.

So this ‘bundle’ won’t actually save you any money. A bit of a let down in our eyes!

AT&T Internet Veteran Deals FAQ

Still got things you want to know about AT&T’s deals for veterans? We get it. Here are some of the most common questions we hear asked about them.

Do I need to wait until I leave the military to get the AT&T Wireless veteran deal?

Fortunately not. The deal is available for all active US military personnel as well. AT&T wants to extend its gratitude to the serving US military as well as those who have been a part of it in times past. Good for them!

Can my family use my veteran discount?

AT&T has been kind enough to extend the veteran discount to the immediate family of the veterans as well. So if anyone in your family is looking for a new cell phone plan, you could do them a big favor!

Do I need any extra hardware to get online?

The router you get from AT&T is called ‘Gateway’, and it comes with a built in modem as well. So you won’t need to buy any extra kit to get online. Plus, you’ll get all the cables you could need in the box. Just plug in and go! 

Which AT&T plans are available for me?

The internet plans you can get from AT&T vary from area to area. It all depends on the level of infrastructure in your city and in your neighborhood. There’s only one way to find out once and for all what you’re able to get, and that’s to go onto the AT&T website and enter your address.

In terms of Wireless plans, you’ll be able to get whatever you like the look of. You can check out the veterans Wireless deals on the AT&T website and find the plan that’s right for you.

Last Thoughts on AT&T Veteran Deals

AT&T’s Wireless veteran deal is super strong. 25% off Wireless plans is a hefty margin, and we love the fact that it’s also available for families of veterans and currently serving military personnel. 

It’s kind of a shame that AT&T doesn’t have any internet deals for veterans. But then again, their Fiber plans are such good value that we don’t even feel like we need any extra discount! Plus, they’re super flexible. A big green light in our eyes. 

You’ll only really be drawing a short straw from AT&T if you wind up having to get one of their regular Internet plans. These don’t represent very good value for money at all. Fingers crossed that AT&T Fiber is available in your area soon!

If you do end up with an AT&T Fiber plan and have a large home, you might want to think about upgrading your network range. The best way to do this is with Mesh. Check out our guide to Mesh for more info on that. 

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AT&T Offer

300 Mbps plans for $55/mo
$ 55 Monthly
  • Enough for a familly
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • $150 reward card