AT&T Home Phone Review 2022: Plans, Pricing & More

AT&T Home Phone is a landline service available in various states across the US. It’s a great option for those living in areas where there is less signal. It’s also good for anyone who’s not interested in a cell phone but still has calls to make.

I’ve been finding out all about the AT&T Home Phone service, including the specific plans. And with that information, I’m ready to help you get the best deal. 

In order to do that, we’ll be looking at the following factors of AT&T Home Phone today:

Keep reading to learn more. 

AT&T Home Phone Pros and Cons

Before we go deep into the AT&T Home Phone guide, here’s a quick look at the good and bad things about it.


  • More than one option of plan
  • Better availability than some of the competition
  • Reasonably priced international calls
  • Tailor your home phone package to suit you
  • 14 days money back guarantee 


  • Not available in every state
  • Packages are a bit more expensive than some of the competition
  • Quite a lot of hidden fees to find out

AT&T Home Phone Plans and Pricing

Here’s a look at each of the three options you have when signing up for an AT&T Home Phone plan [1]. The following plans do not have a minimum contract length. 

Plan NamePriceAvailable Key FeaturesWho It’s Best For
Traditional Home Phone$41 per monthResidential phone number, unlimited local calling, reliable connection, optional long distance callingThose who are on a budget or do not require anything other than the basics
Complete Choice Enhanced$55 per monthAll above plus 12 calling features such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Speed DialThose who want to make more calls and enjoy extra features
Long DistanceCall For Pricing (contact AT&T for the best deal)*Per-minute calling plan, unlimited calling plan, international planAnyone looking to make many calls abroad

There are also a couple of plans you get for AT&T Home Phone that require AT&T Internet. This is part of a slightly different service, but it offers basically the same coverage [2].

Plan NamePriceAvailable Key FeaturesWho It’s Best For
Phone Unlimited North America$24.99 per month12 month contract, unlimited nationwide calling, optional international feesAnyone looking to make local calls only 
Phone International Plus II$34.99 per month12 month contract, unlimited nationwide calling and calling to over 50 countries, low international rates to other countriesAnyone who thinks they might make regular international calls

By the way, none of these prices include taxes or any of the hidden fees that AT&T requires. Stay tuned for later on in this article when we’ll cover those fees.

*This package can be fine tuned depending on the volume of calls you’re looking to make, and where you’re looking to make those calls to. You’ll need to get a quote directly.

Find out more about how to get a quote on this in our article on AT&T customer service.

International Calling with AT&T Home Phone

The AT&T Home Phone Traditional Home Phone and Complete Choice Enhanced Plans allow for unlimited calls across the US. But if you want to call abroad, additional charges will incur.

The prices of these calls vary quite drastically from country to country [3]. For example, a call to Belgium will cost $0.09 per minute but a call to the Chad Republic will cost $2.46 per minute.

In general, the AT&T Home Phone international call prices are pretty good. But it’s worth taking a look at the prices for the countries you anticipate calling a lot before you sign up. 

AT&T Landline Features 

I mentioned a few features that some of the AT&T Home Phone plans have to offer just now. Here’s a little more info on what you might get:

  • Call Forwarding: You can set up AT&T Home Phone to direct calls to your cell phone if you’re away from home and unable to pick up there. This is a great option for business users in particular. 
  • Caller ID: The Complete Choice Enhanced Plan allows users to find out who’s calling before they pick up the phone. It’s good for blocking spam callers.
  • Speed Dial: Have a friend or family member that you call more than most? Get to them easily at the touch of a button with this feature.
  • Residential Phone Number: Naturally, you’ll get a phone number for your local area with Home Phone so that people can contact you. 
  • Per-minute Calling Plan: Here, you’ll simply only pay for the minutes you use. If you’re planning on making a reasonable amount of calls, this is going to work out more expensive. But if you don’t use the phone that much, this could be a good option. 

AT&T Home Phone Availability 

At the time of writing, AT&T’s Home Phone service is available in all of the following states. If you’re not based in any of these states, you will not be able to sign up for AT&T Wireless.

AlabamaKansasNorth Carolina
FloridaMichiganSouth Carolina

Here’s a look at those states on a map. 

AT&T Home Phone Availability

The availability for AT&T Home Phone could grow in the future but we wouldn’t bank on it. It’s far from AT&T’s most popular product these days, as most people are opting to make their calls in other ways. 

These include through cell phones or internet calls through the likes of Facebook Messenger and Zoom.

As such, AT&T probably won’t be looking to roll out more of their Home Phone coverage in the future. In fact, it might well get to a point where they close it down altogether in years to come. That won’t be happening any time soon though.

We go into more detail on AT&T’s availability in this guide. 

Any Additional AT&T Home Phone Fees

One of the bad things about AT&T Home Phone is that there are quite a few hidden fees to consider on top of the standard monthly payment. Here’s what you might expect to incur as an AT&T Home Phone customer:

  • Installation fee (varies depending on the infrastructure in your area)
  • Surcharges
  • Subscriber-line (up to $7.50)
  • Extended area usage
  • Service charges
  • Universal Service Fund fee
  • Cancellation fee

Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t very clear on what these fees are and how much they’re going to cost. They’re also not willing to disclose which apply to which people. The only way to find out what the cost is going to be is to reach out to AT&T directly. 

You can find out more about AT&T’s hidden fees in this article.

AT&T Home Phone Deals and Bundles

There are no specific deals for AT&T Home Phone right now outside of the bundles you can get with Internet plans. That being said, the bundles are worth a look at if you’re in the market for both internet and a home phone plan. You can also include TV.

Here’s a look at the two bundles available. 

Bundle NamePriceWhat it Includes
Phone + Internet$79.99 per monthUnlimited nationwide calling and as fast internet as possible in your area
Phone + Internet + DirecTV$154.98 per monthAs above with DirecTV Entertainment

Both of these plans are for a minimum contract term of 12 month. The price could be subject to change at the 12 month mark.

You could also upgrade some of the features of these bundles for an additional cost per month. For example, you could upgrade from DirecTV Entertainment to DirecTV Choice. Or, you could get faster internet access. Find out which TV package is best for you here.

If you want to know more about DirecTV and the Entertainment package you get with this bundle as standard, you can do so in our guide.

How to Sign Up for AT&T Home Phone

If you’ve come this far through the article and have found yourself interested in taking up one of the plans, let us show you how to do that. You can do so in a couple of different ways.

Over the phone

The easiest way to sign up for any of the AT&T Home Phone plans is to do so on the phone. To get started, head to the website and select the plan you’re interested in. 

Next, call the number ‘800-288-2020’, and one of the AT&T sales reps will help you get what you want.

In store

Some people prefer to be face to face with someone when signing up for a new service. If that’s you, you can absolutely head into your local store and order your new home phone contract.

Just make sure you bring your bank details and some ID with you. You’re going to need those for the contract.

AT&T Home Phone FAQ

Want to know more about AT&T Home Phone? Here are some of the most common talking points about it, discussed.

How much longer will AT&T’s Home Phone service last?

Right now, AT&T has no plans to discontinue its home phone service. But its days could be numbered. Home phones simply aren’t as popular as they used to be, so we could well see the end of the service one day in the future.

You probably won’t have to worry about that for a while though.

Does equipment come for free?

There are no additional fees for rental of equipment with any of the AT&T Home Phone contracts. You’ll get a handset sent out to you.

Can I have more than one phone in the house?

It’s possible to connect up an extra handset to your home phone network if you so wish. All you need to do is order an extra phone (at a cost) from the AT&T website or elsewhere.

Last Thoughts on AT&T Home Phone 

AT&T offers pretty good prices for its home phone customers. While there are no deals as such, the costs of the plans are quite reasonable and there are a number of packages to suit all kinds of customers. 

If you want to know more about AT&T as a whole to find out if they’re the right provider for you, you can learn everything you need to know about them in our comprehensive guide here.

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