Breezeline Internet Plans & TV Packages in 2024

Breezeline, formerly Atlantic Broadband, offers 4 cable internet plans that don’t have data caps. They also offer TV and home phone add-ons. They’re only available when bundling with an internet plan. Keep reading to learn more.
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$ 19
  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • No contracts or data caps


$ 39
  • 200 Mbps download speed
  • 20 Mbps upload speed
  • No contracts or data caps


$ 39
  • 500 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mbps upload speed
  • No contracts or data caps


$ 59
  • 1000 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mbps upload speed
  • No contracts or data caps

I’m searching for the best TV, internet, and home phone provider. I’ve compiled some information on Breezeline to help us determine whether it’s worth getting.

I’ll cover these points:

Breeze through this article to learn more.

Breezeline Pros & Cons


  • Contract- and data cap-free
  • Competitive pricing for the first year
  • Higher upload speeds than many competitors


  • Prices increase up to more than 100% after the first year
  • TV is only accessible when bundling with internet
  • Expensive installation fee

Breezeline Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Let’s compare Breezeline’s internet pieces:

TierStarting Price Range * ‡Max. Speeds (Download) †Max. Speeds (Upload) †Best For
Base$19.99/mo.100 Mbps10 MbpsHomes with <3 people
Fast$39.99/mo.200 Mbps20 Mbps4K video streaming
UltraFast$39.99/mo.500 Mbps50 MbpsSome remote work
GigaFast$59.99/mo.1,000 Mbps50 MbpsFrequent file downloads
Internet AssistFree100 Mbps10 MbpsHomes with <3 people
Breezeline home internet plans compared.

‡ Includes a $10 automatic payment discount. You must enable autopay to receive this discount.

Important details:

  • Unlimited data: no data caps
  • No contracts
  • Plans increase up to more than 100% after year 1
  • Cable internet

The Internet Assist plan is available to those who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). I’ll talk more about this plan later.

“Fiber is coming.”

They don’t have fiber optic internet available, yet. You must enter your information on a form and get a notification when they offer fiber [1].

Breezeline Data Cap

None of Breezeline’s internet plans have data caps. Use all the world’s data if you want.

Breezeline Wi-Fi Hotspots

Breezeline offers various Wi-Fi hotspots throughout cities they service under the Service Set IDentifier (SSID) “Breezeline WiFi.”

These hotspots are a great way to help you reduce your contribution to your mobile provider’s soft data cap. And to get Wi-Fi while away from home. I can’t find any sources that state these hotspots’ speeds.

It’ll likely vary by area and the number of people using the hotspot.

Find whether a hotspot’s available in your area by visiting and selecting your location from dropdown menus.

Seasonal Plan

Customers can pause their services while away by enrolling in the Seasonal Plan. Tell Breezeline when you’re leaving and returning, then you won’t have to deal with your services while you’re away.

Breezeline Internet Hidden Fees & Equipment

Additional fees you’ll encounter with Breezeline include:

Equipment/ServiceFee *
Network Gateway$14.99
Wi-Fi extender podFree
Additional Wi-Fi pods$4.99/mo. each
Installation Fee$99
Breezeline hidden fees.

Breezeline allows you to use your own modem and router. But you can’t use Breezeline’s phone service or receive support for your third-party modem. It’ll save you $14.99 a month, though.

You will need a compatible modem. We’ve listed and compared various Breezeline-compatible modems. Check them out.

Or look at their list (PDF link).

There’s no obvious way to remove the installation fee. You’re stuck paying the same price homes pay for fiber internet installation. But with cable.

Homes require Wi-Fi pods if you have Wi-Fi dead zones. For instance, if you have a shed, but there’s no Wi-Fi signal. Get a mesh Wi-Fi system if you require more than a single Wi-Fi pod. You won’t need to pay a monthly fee, and you’ll have routers to take to your next provider.


It doesn’t matter what third-party router you buy for Breezeline. Just what modem you get. 

Breezeline Standard Pricing

Breezeline’s internet prices increase to the following rates after 6 months:

Equipment/ServicePromotional Pricing *Standard Pricing *Percentage Increase
Breezeline regular customer rates.

You could try to get your Astound Broadband promotional pricing again by following these steps:

  1. Research competing ISPs in your area
  2. Call Breezeline’s retention department
  3. Tell them you’re considering switching to “X” provider because Breezeline is out of your budget
  4. If they don’t offer a discount, try calling back another day

Remain friendly throughout the entire call. It may help push them toward giving you a discount of some sort.

They may not budge and offer a discount. That’s fine, just switch to a different provider. Since you don’t have contracts weighing you down, you have the freedom to move around.

Breezeline TV Pricing & Features

Breezeline TV is an add-on that’s available when bundling it with their internet products. It’s $30 a month and doesn’t increase in price.


  • Only available if you bundle it with Breezeline internet
  • It uses a TiVo or streaming set-top box that also functions as a DVR

You’ll get the Locals+ channel package when bundling television with internet. It includes more than 50 channels. Examples of popular channels it includes are HGTV, USA, and ESPN.

They’re transitioning from offering cable TV to providing a live TV streaming service. What a surprise. That means you’ll need an internet connection to watch TV.

But Breezeline doesn’t specify the required speeds per device.

I suggest having 7.5–8.0 Mbps of downstream bandwidth available per device. That’s what DirecTV recommends for their live TV streaming platform [2]. These speeds will help ensure you don’t encounter buffering while watching TV.

Breezeline TV Channel Lineup

Here are most of the channel packages Breezeline offers:

Channel PackagePrice *
HBO Max$19.99/mo.
Starz & StarzEncore$8.99/mo.
Breezeline channel package prices compared.

I couldn’t find the pricing for their Sports and Entertainment channel package. You’ll have to ask their sales team for more information.

The following sections will cover all the channels included in each package.

Let’s get a move on.

1. Breezeline Locals+ Channel Lineup

Locals+ includes these channels [3]:

MeTVGrit TVION Mystery
Bounce TVCOZIMusic Choice Channels
Breezeline Locals+ channels.

2. Breezeline Variety+ Channel Lineup

Variety+ has these channels:

FS2Outdoor ChannelBBC World NewsCNN
HLNCNBCThe Weather ChannelFox News
MSNBCOWNUSA NetworkFreeform
Hallmark ChannelHallmark Movies & MysteriesTBSTV Land
Cartoon NetworkDisney ChannelDiscovery ChannelTravel Channel
Animal PlanetNational GeographicHistorytruTV
BravoLifetimeLMNDisney Junior
E!Food NetworkHGTVTLC
AMCTCMFX Movie ChannelFX
Paramount NetworkComedy CentralOxygenBET
MTVVH1CMTBBC AmericaInvestigation Discovery
Justice CentralJewelry TVNewsNationWE
FXXCBS Sports NetworkMSANPay-Per-View Events
Pay-Per-View Events 2
Breezeline Variety+ channels.

These channels also come in high definition (HD).

3. Breezeline Premium Channels

MoviePlex comes with 1 channel.

The same doesn’t go for their other channel packages. I’ll cover premium channel lineups throughout the following sections.

1. Breezeline HBO Channel Lineup

Breezeline’s HBO channel add-on includes these channels:

  1. HBO: SD & HD
  2. HBO 2
  3. HBO Signature
  4. HBO Family
  5. HBO Comedy
  6. HBO Zone
2. Breezeline Cinemax Channel Lineup

You’ll find these channels with Cinemax:

  1. Cinemax: SD & HD
  2. MoreMAX
  3. ActionMAX
  4. ThrillerMAX
3. Breezeline MGM+ Channel Lineup

MGM+ includes:

  1. MGM+: SD & HD
  2. MGM+ Hits: SD & HD
  3. MGM+ Marquee HD
  4. MGM+ Drive-In
4. Breezeline Showtime Channel Lineup

Showtime includes:

  1. Showtime: SD & HD
  2. Showtime 2
  3. SHOxBET
  4. Showtime Extreme
  5. Showtime Women
  6. Showtime Family Zone
  7. Showtime Next
  8. The Movie Channel
  9. The Movie Channel Xtra
  10. Flix
5. Breezeline STARZ & Encore Channel Lineup

Starz and Encore include these channels:

Starz (SD & HD)Starz EdgeStarz in BlackStarz Kids & Family
Starz CinemaStarz ComedyEncoreEncore Action
Encore BlackEncore ClassicEncore SuspenseEncore Westerns
Encore Family
STARZ and Encore channels.

4. Breezeline Sports & Entertainment Package Lineup

Breezeline’s Sports & Entertainment channel package includes the following channels:

  1. Discovery Life: SD & HD
  2. Magnolia Network: SD & HD
  3. Cooking Channel: SD & HD
  4. ESPNews: SD & HD
  5. NESN National: SD & HD
  6. Stadium College Sports
  7. NESN National: SD & HD

5. Breezeline Family+ Channel Lineup

Family+ includes these channels:

Discovery FamilyNicktoonsUniversal Kids
Nick Jr.Disney XDTeenNick
BoomerangTV OneNat Geo Wild
FYIScienceAmerican heroes Channel
Destination AmericaLifetime Real WomenLOGO
GSNFanDuel RacingNFL Network
Golf ChannelSEC NetworkMTV2
NickMusicMTV ClassicBET Soul
CMT MusicUPGreat American Family
The World NetworkVICESundance TV
IFCHallmark Drama
Breezeline Family+ channels.

All these channels also come in high definition (HD).

Breezeline TV Hidden Fees

Additional Breezeline TV fees are as follows:

Equipment/ServiceFee *
TV Stream Box$19.98/mo.
Cloud DVR$10/mo.
Cloud DVR Max$19.99/mo.
Additional TV Boxes$4.99/mo.
Breezeline television hidden fees.

There’s no way around the TV box fee. It’s expensive compared to other providers, which usually charge $5.00–$14 a month.

The Cloud DVR add-on gives you 150 hours of storage. The Cloud DVR Max gives you 300 hours of storage.

Breezeline’s Stream TV isn’t the best value. You pay for the internet plan, then almost double your bill when adding the TV box. All for 50 channels.

Live TV streaming services like YouTube Plus and DirecTV Stream will give you much more for less. The latter includes unlimited cloud DVR storage for free.

Breezeline Voice Pricing & Features

Breezeline voice is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that’s $19.99 and accessible when bundling it with your internet services.

It includes features like:

  • Breezeline voice manager
  • Voicemail
  • 3-way calling
  • Call waiting

International rates range from $0.06–$2.98 per minute. Charges will vary by country you call. Considering the number of features you receive, it isn’t ideal compared to competing voice plans.

They usually cost $10 a month and include a million features (not literally).

Breezeline Business Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Breezeline offers these business internet plans:

TierStarting Price *Max. Speed (DL & UL)  †Best For
Business Essential$49.99/mo.100/20 MbpsEmails & web browsing
Business Plus$74.99/mo.300/30 MbpseCommerce site management
Business Premium$99.99/mo.600/40 MbpsPoS systems, video conferencing, & file transfers
Business Gig$129.99/mo.1,000/50 MbpsLarge file transfers
Breezeline business internet plans compared.


  • Price guarantees for 3 years
  • Cable internet
  • Requires a 36-month contract

The asymmetric internet speeds (unequal download/upload) make the Gig plan impractical for frequently uploading large file sizes. Businesses would find upload speeds necessary to send large files to clients, coworkers, or backup files.

These plans work best for businesses that don’t frequently deal with more than 100 gigabytes (GB) file sizes. Restaurants, small offices, clinics, and retail businesses won’t need such high upload speeds.

I didn’t find any mentions of static IP addresses for small- and medium-sized businesses. Making it a tough sell for offices. As they’re ideal for businesses who need devices to find their networks easier.

But Breezeline does have 4G LTE backup. It’ll keep you connected to the internet for up to 8 hours during an internet outage. That way, your business doesn’t lose all functionality during an internet outage.

You must contact Breezeline’s sales department for the price, though.

I can’t say the same for their WiFi Your Way service. It’s $19.99 a month service that gives you functions like:

  • Separate guest Wi-Fi network
  • See where guests visit when on your network
  • Manage team member access on Wi-Fi networks
  • Monitor & block threats (like malware)
  • Captive guest portal

And there’s Business Stream TV. It’s about $40 a month and gives you access to more than 220 local broadcast networks. And sports channels.

Breezeline Availability

Breezeline is available in these states:

New HampshireMaineConnecticut
New YorkPennsylvaniaDelaware
MarylandOhioWest Virginia
VirginiaSouth CarolinaFlorida
States where Breezeline is available.

Here’s a coverage map:

Breezeline Coverage

Breezeline TV & Internet Bundles

Breezeline doesn’t offer discounted pricing, but you have access to these bundles:

BundlePromo Price *Standard Price *Internet Speed †
Base + TV$49.97/mo.$95.57/mo.100/10 Mbps
Fast + TV$69.97/mo.$117.17/mo.200/20 Mbps
UltraFast + TV$69.97/mo.$138.77/mo.500/50 Mbps
GigaFast + TV$89.97/mo.$160.37/mo.1,000/50 Mbps
Breezeline TV, internet, & phone bundles.

The promotional pricing lasts 6 months. After which, you’ll pay the standard price.

All the bundles mentioned include the Locals+ channel lineup. Refer to the channel lineup from earlier and see what you’ll get.

Breezeline Deals & Promotions

Breezeline offers more than 70% cheaper internet plans to customers for the first year. After which, your rates will increase by over 100%.

Can you get your old rates again?

I don’t like repeating myself. You’ll need to refer to the Standard Pricing section. I cover a method that may help.


Breezeline doesn’t offer additional deals or freebies for groups like:

  • New customers
  • Seniors
  • Existing customers
  • Veterans
  • Students
  • Teachers

Certain groups can receive a $ 30-a-month internet bill credit ($75 if living in Tribal Lands). But you must receive one of these government benefits:

  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
  • School Breakfast Program (SBP)
  • Head Start
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • VA Survivors or Veteran’s Pension
  • Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Tribal TANF
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

Visit and check whether you qualify for the ACP. If approved, visit and fill out the form. It’ll take them around 7 days to add the credit to your account.

There’s more.

Customers who qualify for the ACP program also have free access to the Internet Assist Plus plan. It’ll give your home 100/10 Mbps (download/upload). That’s enough speed to accommodate almost all online tasks for households with fewer than 3 people.

How to Contact Breezeline Customer Service

Here’s how to reach Breezeline’s customer support:

  • Customer service & sales: 888-536-9600
  • Live chat:
  • Twitter: @Breezeline
  • Facebook:

Breezeline Internet vs. The Competition

Breezeline will enter the arena against its competition in 3…2…1:

ProviderStarting Price Range *Speeds Offered (Download) †Internet TypeBest For
Breezeline$65.59–$130.39/mo.100–1,000 MbpsCable4K video streaming
Spectrum$49–$89/mo.300–1,000 MbpsCable4K video streaming
Xfinity$19–$299/mo.10–6,000 MbpsCable & fiberHighest speeds offered
AT&T Fiber$55–$180/mo.300–5,000 MbpsFiberHome server management
Verizon Fios$44.99–$89.99/mo.300–940 MbpsFiber & fixed wireless accessPrice guarantee

Breezeline compared to other home internet providers.

Many of our posts focus on network-related topics. Hence, why I want to just compare Breezeline’s internet plans to competing ISPs.

Keep reading. And you’ll learn whether they’re better than their competitors.

Breezeline vs. Spectrum

Choose Breezeline because:

  • Higher upload speeds

Choose Spectrum because:

  • It doesn’t have as extreme of a price increase after a year
  • Cheaper installation cost
  • More affordable modem rental

Spectrum’s standard rates cost less than Breezeline’s. Making it an ideal choice. Since you’ll still get unlimited data and no contracts. I wish I could recommend Breezeline, but they don’t offer exceptional features.

Breezeline and Spectrum are available in all the same states.

Breezeline vs. Xfinity

Breezeline is better because:

  • No data caps
  • Higher upload speeds

Choose Xfinity because:

  • Cheaper cable TV when bundling with internet
  • More fiber internet connectivity is available
  • Cheaper installation cost
  • Prepaid internet plans are available

Choose Xfinity over Breezeline if you’re in an area with lower prices than Breezeline. Otherwise, Breezeline’s unlimited data and lack of contracts make it superior to Xfinity. Since you won’t need to pay for an unlimited data add-on.

Breezeline and Xfinity share overlapping availability in all states.

Breezeline vs. AT&T Fiber

Breezeline could benefit your home more because:

  • Cheaper during the first year

Choose AT&T Fiber because:

  • Equal download & upload speeds
  • No increased price after a year
  • Much higher speeds are available

Only choose Breezeline over AT&T Fiber if you want cheaper internet for a year. Then switch to AT&T Fiber later. Breezeline’s standard rates cost more than AT&T Fiber’s regular rates. Despite the latter offering much faster speeds.

AT&T Fiber and Breezeline compete in some areas throughout these states:

  • Florida
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

Breezeline vs. Verizon Fios

Breezeline may work better because:

  • Cheaper during the first year

Choose Verizon Fios because:

  • Equal download & upload speeds
  • No price hikes after a year
  • Much higher speeds available

Always pick Verizon Fios over Breezeline. It’s cheaper when compared to the latter’s standard rates. And will give you much higher speeds.

Verizon Fios and Breezeline compete for your money in these areas:

  • New York
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Maryland


You’ll find FAQs of subjects I didn’t cover earlier. Keep reading to learn more.

How Do I Cancel Breezeline?

Cancel Breezeline by reaching their detention department by calling 866-731-6393.

Does Breezeline Internet Support IPV6?

Breezeline residential internet plans don’t support IPV6.

Does Breezeline Have Contracts?

Breezeline doesn’t have contracts on any of their services.

Are WOW! & Breezeline the Same?

Breezeline and WOW! aren’t the same. However, Breezeline bought WOW!’s TV and internet operations and Cleveland and Columbus somewhere in 2021.

How Do I Check for a Breezeline Internet Outage?

Visit and enter your ZIP code. Breezeline will then let you know whether there’s an outage.

Wrapping Up

Breezeline’s internet service makes it a nice alternative for folks who don’t want to waste money on unlimited data add-ons for providers that have data caps.


Their standard pricing makes it much less affordable than many fiber optic ISPs that offer coverage in areas Breezeline supports.

To learn more about these providers, or to find other internet and TV providers, check out our reviews.


* Pricing may vary by area. None of the presented rates account for taxes and other fees. They may also already include a discount for enabling automatic payments.

† Various factors such as Wi-Fi interference, ISP throttling, connection method (Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi), and more will affect your actual internet speeds.

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  • No contracts
  • No data cap

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