Brightspeed Availability: Where Can You Get Brightspeed Services in 2024?

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I’ve been finding out exactly where each of Brightspeed’s services are available across the US. 

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Key Takeaways

Here are the key things you need to know about Brightspeed’s availability in the US:

  • Brightspeed currently covers 20 states, mainly in the east and central
  • The total coverage map was acquired in October 2022
  • Brightspeed’s Fiber plans are available in 30-35% of the total coverage map
  • Home Voice is available in the areas the internet plans are available

Availability of Brightspeed Simply Unlimited

‘Simply Unlimited’ refers to Brightspeed’s regular DSL internet. The majority of Brightspeed’s coverage map will be on one of these plans while Brightspeed rolls out its faster and more cost efficient fiber services across the US (more on that later).

A quick bit of history: Brightspeed was only formed as a company in 2021. In 2022, it picked up its coverage map by purchasing land from CenturyLink and Quantum Fiber. 

Now, at the time of writing, Brightspeed covers an impressive 20 states [1]. They are:

New JerseyNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaPennsylvania
South CarolinaTennesseeTexasVirginiaWisconsin

On a map, that looks like this:

Brightspeed Availability

As you can see, most of the coverage is in the central or eastern US.

It should be noted that not every corner of each of these states will be able to get Brightspeed Simply Unlimited. The most rural parts of the map above might not be able to get connected.

To find out once and for all if you’ll be able to get internet from Brightspeed, I recommend inputting your address at their website. Just hit the “Check Availability” button on the homepage.  

Also, the speed of the internet you’ll be able to get varies from area to area, as we’re about to find out…

Brightspeed Simply Unlimited Plans & Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of the Simply Unlimited internet plans from Brightspeed:

Download speedUpload speedPrice per month
20 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$50
40 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$50
60 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$50
80 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$50
100 MbpsUp to 10 Mbps$50

As you can see, the price stays the same no matter which speed you get. That’s because Brightspeed will simply put you on as fast a plan as possible for your area.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a choice. Those living in more rural areas will be likely to end up with the slower speeds in the table above.

A couple of key things to note are that there is no minimum contract for any Brightspeed plan and that there’s no data cap either. You can sign up for as little as one month and use the internet as much as you like.

However, you will need to pay for your router and setup if you don’t have a router already. The total cost for all this could be up to $299 in total.

You can find out more about how this all works in our guide to Brightspeed internet.

However, if you’re lucky, you might be able to transcend the table altogether and end up with Brightspeed Fiber.  Let’s find out about that.

Brightspeed Fiber Coverage

Around 30-35% of the overall coverage map shown above will be able to get Brightspeed Fiber. But that number is growing all the time.

Fiber is still a relatively new technology for home internet in the US. Internet providers are trying their best to roll it out to as much of the US as possible (Brightspeed included) but it is a lengthy process.

The end goal, it would seem, would be for Brightspeed to cover 100% of their coverage map with fiber. But it will be several years before we see that happen in full. 

The fastest Fiber plan, Fiber Gigabit, is only available in a handful of cities right now. So, if you’re looking for the next level of speed, you’ll need a bit of luck!

We’ll find out more about that plan and the others from Brightspeed in the next section.

Plans & Pricing for Brightspeed Fiber

The Brightspeed Fiber plans available at present are as follows.

Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice per month
Fiber 200Up to 200 MbpsUp to 200 Mbps$30
Fiber 500Up to 500 MbpsUp to 500 Mbps$50
Fiber GigabitUp to 940 MbpsUp to 940 Mbps$70

As you can see, Brightspeed Fiber offers much better value for money in terms of price per Mbps than the Simply Unlimited plans. Fiber internet is cheaper to run and maintain, and Brightspeed is able to pass on those savings to customers.

Another key benefit of Brightspeed Fiber is that the download and upload speeds are ‘bilateral’. This means your upload speed will be the same, or close to the same, as your download speed.

This is great for those who like to make video calls or share a lot of files.

Which plan is best for you? I generally recommend 200 Mbps for most people. This kind of speed would be more than enough for a large family. When I tested it, I found that it would be enough to stream 8 simultaneous 4K movies. 

500 Mbps and 1 Gbps are generally better suited for business usage.

And remember, Fiber Gigabit’s availability is very limited at the time of writing. It may well be coming to your city soon though.

Availability of Brightspeed Home Voice

You’ll find Brightspeed Home Voice in all the same states as Brightspeed’s internet services. As a reminder, they are:

New JerseyNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaPennsylvania
South CarolinaTennesseeTexasVirginiaWisconsin

And on a map, that looks like…

Brightspeed Availability

Of course, you won’t be able to get the Home Voice service in every square mile of each of these states. But I found that it should be available in the majority of each of them.

And remember, you can always find out by going over to the Brightspeed website and entering your address. This will reveal the kinds of plans that are available. 

The Brightspeed Home Voice Plans

So what can you actually get in the way of landline plans from Brightspeed? Right now, there are two available, Basic and Unlimited. Let’s take a look at them [2].

It should be noted that the prices for these plans vary from area to area. The quotes below are from a random address but could vary.

If you want to know more about Brightspeed’s landline services having reached the end of this section, you can discover everything you need to know in this article.

Brightspeed Home Voice Basic

This is the most affordable Brightspeed landline plan.

It costs around $40 per month plus taxes and fees, and comes with the following perks:

  • Unlimited local calls 
  • Reasonable prices for long distance calling

Brightspeed Home Voice Unlimited

You’ll need to pay a little extra for this plan but it comes with a lot of extra benefits on top of what’s available with Brightspeed Home Voice Basic. 

The cost here is around $50 per month plus taxes and fees. You’ll get the following on top of the perks listed above:

  • Unlimited calling, local and long distance
  • Tons of features including call forwarding, anonymous call rejection and busy redial (not all features will be available in all regions)

Brightspeed offers a selection of international plans too. I recommend speaking to them to find out what’s best for you if you’re planning on making a lot of international calls. 

Brightspeed Availability FAQ

If you’ve found yourself wanting to know more about Brightspeed’s availability, I hope you find the answers to your questions below.

Will Brightspeed take on more states in the future?

Brightspeed only acquired the 20 states that it currently covers in October of 2022. So there aren’t any plans to acquire any new ones yet.

That being said, with the speed at which Brightspeed is growing, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they aimed to conquer a bit more US land in years to come!

When will Brightspeed Fiber reach my location?

Brightspeed hasn’t actually set out an action plan for its fiber rollout. All we can tell you is that they’re working on getting fiber to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

However, if you live in a more rural area, I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s a time consuming and costly operation, so it could be quite a few more years before it reaches you.

Which other Brightspeed services are available?

The only residential services Brightspeed offers are internet and landline. That’s why I’ve only covered these two in this article.

If you’re looking for TV, however, there are a few ways in which Brightspeed can help you out. To find them out, check out our guide to Brightspeed TV.

Final Thoughts on Brightspeed Availability

I’m pretty impressed by Brightspeed’s availability overall, especially the speed in which it has acquired it. I’m also quite pleased with the amount of fiber internet available in comparison to many other providers.

If you don’t live in a Brightspeed Fiber area yet and feel like you’re missing out, all hope is not lost. There are a lot of other fiber internet providers in the US. Why not see if someone like AT&T Fiber is available to deliver what you’re looking for?

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