Cox Price After 12 Months: Cox’s Regular Rates

Almost all Cox internet plans’ prices will increase by 18–33% monthly after a year of using some of their services. Their TV and voice plans don’t increase in price once your term agreement expires.

As someone who wants the most value from my internet plans, I want to find every possible hidden fee. That includes different pricing structures after the end of a contract. So I compiled every tidbit available on Cox’s pricing scheme after 12 months.

Reading through this guide will teach you the following:

Let’s get things underway.

Cox Internet Price After 12 Months

Here are the Cox cable internet prices after using their services for 12 months:

TierPrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)Percentage Diff.
Essential Internet 100$49.99$49.990%
Preferred 250$59.99/mo.$83.99/mo.33%
Ultimate 500$79.99/mo.$99.99/mo.22%
Cox internet service plans pricing after 1 year compared.

If you get Gigablast before September 26th, 2022, you’d pay $79.99 for the first year, then $119.99 for months 13 and higher.

These price hikes result in a 40% increase.

When browsing any Cox plan, look for the following text:

8wgkXl0OyLejgA43JiX6ux5cM7qUjmFFxMYImOVi3R5f EfTiEaEj7M47T eQAXACcgVyan7PRgkP6FcRYWBCpeGVuDAmtOPkxfv8

This will give you a good indicator on whether you’ll see an increase in price after a year.

None of the above prices account for whether you get Cox’s modem rental, the Elite Gamer feature, or other hidden fees. I’ll cover these in a bit.

Cox TV Plans After 12 Months

Preferred TV Plus is the only Cox Contour television plan that’ll increase in price after a year. It will rise from $118 a month to $145 monthly.

It appears the $118 price point comes from discounted premium channels.


I noticed something strange when comparing it with the TV Ultimate plan, which comes with more channel packages:

FpglcBREDwGlBW5RGF4BKz8fdCz6GkHeds4vIVgRtgfdCY3Yozidfn8KjceWv2CkI3wqBIFdJyi2AG3gG1lnKa47gdaMQGXX 4BRv1ykAjClUu7vgfeCQ o5mayfda5k4EoCk6tPsDzJ0cRObv3fMYSNUiY6gtAUX6mnO7lps IWVE h0j3yusiu8w

Though you won’t notice a price increase from television plans alone, if you bundle Contour TV with Cox cable home internet plans, you’ll see up to a 20% increase in your bill.

Let’s see the price differences.

Cox TV & Internet Price After 12 Months

Here are price increases you’ll see when bundling Cox internet and Contour TV plans:

BundlePrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)Percentage Increase
Internet Preferred + Preferred TV$157.99/mo.$181.99/mo.14%
Ultimate Internet + Preferred TV$167.99/mo.$197.99/mo.16%
Gigablast + Preferred TV$177.99/mo.$217.99/mo.20%
Price increase after 12 months for Cox cable internet and TV bundles.

Preferred TV includes every Cox local and cable television channel (140+ channels). You can add channel packages to this plan as desired. However, that’ll lead to a higher price.

For instance, if you want to add the STARZ premium channel package, you’ll pay an additional $9.00 monthly. If you add this package to the Ultimate Internet + Preferred TV bundle, you’ll pay $176.99 for the first year.

Then $206.99 for the following years.

These prices also don’t account for other Cox fees, which I’ll talk about in a bit.

Cox Plans That Won’t Change After a Year

Prices won’t increase after 1 year for the following residential internet plans:

It also does not appear that Cox business internet prices will increase after an initial term agreement.

Their cable TV plans also won’t increase in price after a year unless there’s a promotion happening. In that scenario, they’ll honor the discounted rate for 1 year after getting their service.

How To Find Cox’s Price Disclosure

Here’s how to find Cox’s price disclosure on their home internet, TV, and voice services:

  1. Visit their service sale’s page
  2. Click the text ‘Plan Details >’
  3. Click the ‘Pricing Details’ tab

You should see a table like this:

z0WS 5tAHuwazZrZJ4sSy0Th9Hs3ReHgeVVH19 LEUJETzL8Wi m iE8MrAYgBfQ15w5dYFyMQ4e fK4yByle9K1U8KwLQSm0x6i2mhZtDjXUqgnPLB3jfaAsTBMCoKpDXFHBGfvOU3zYv7OZ9RYN3Q Ol8n9QH4ot03LlTD9ur7ajNkcAEZRlknYA

You should see 2 tables comparing your Cox pricing per month. This one’s for their 500 Mbps internet plan. It shows the new customer price for the first year. Then the current customer price for months 13–24.

Cox can update their website at any time. So my information could become outdated, and the page you see may differ.

Click on the ‘Plan Details’ tab to find information like details in their agreement, current discounts, the plan’s overview, and pricing policies.

It’s helpful to know everything you’re paying for.

Speaking of. Let’s cover any potential hidden fees you should consider.

Other Cox Fees You Should Consider

Here are avoidable Cox hidden fees you should look out for:

Fee TypeFee
Returned Payment Fee$25
Late payment fee$8.35
Reconnect fee$20 (per service)
Canceled appointment fee$100.00
Early Termination Fee (ETF)$120–$240
Late Payment Fee$8.35

Avoidable Cox hidden fees.

The ETF depends on whether you’re canceling a term agreement with Cox. And term agreements only come with many internet-only plans or service bundles.

Returned payment fee means you didn’t have enough funds on your payment method. Before paying a Cox bill, ensure you have enough money [1 PDF link].

Reconnect fee means Cox disconnected your service in the past, and you need it again. Here’s an example. You had the Ultimate Internet plan, and Cox disconnected it because you were late with your payment.

Then you want to go with Cox again for some reason. Cox will charge you the reconnect fee to enable your services again.

The only hidden internet fees you’ll need to worry about with Cox include their data overage and internet activation fees. For former refers to surpassing their 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap and incurring $10 per additional 50 GB you use.

The latter costs $25 if you activate a Cox-provided Wi-Fi router modem.

And here are Cox’s hidden Contour TV fees:

Fee TypePrice
Broadcast Surcharge$19/mo.
Regional Sports SurchargeUp to $5.00–$12.50/mo.
Contour HD TV Box Rental$8.50 per device

Hidden Contour TV fees.

Every Cox TV plan comes with 1 free Contour HD box. And you can stream Cox channels on up to 5 smartphones, tablets, and computers at home with the Contour TV app.

But you’d need an internet plan to use the app. And the data used in the app would contribute to your data cap.

The regional sports and broadcast fees will vary by ZIP code. As will sales tax. A “hidden” expense you should consider for every Cox service plan.

Negotiate Your Cox Plan After a Year

Once your new customer price with Cox ends, you could attempt to negotiate or pressure the company to lower your bill.

I recommend calling their retention department at 800-234-3993. They’re the department responsible for keeping customers with Cox.

First, find other internet providers that offer services in your area. You can use this as leverage in your negotiations.

You can only reach their retention department Monday–Friday, 8 am–9 pm, Saturday, 9 am–6 pm (Eastern Time). They’re not available on Sunday.

When dialing the number I mentioned, ask for the retention department. Upon reaching the department, tell them that Cox’s price isn’t within your budget anymore and that you’re considering switching providers.

They may try to entice you to stay by offering promotions. And if not, try calling back on a different day.

Don’t ask to speak to their manager. Because that won’t work. If all your negotiations fail, I have a backup method you could try to save money.

A random Reddit user didn’t have luck scoring a discount from Cox’s retention department, so they set up a date to disconnect their Cox service [2]. They recommend a week from now.

From there, they visited Or called 855-686-9584. This is from a Reddit user, so I wouldn’t put all your trust in their claims.

However, I put the webpage I mentioned in the Wayback machine and got some interesting results:

Exhibit A:

7pis1wh4ca1DRo9BV3nThKIvYx4IoPX8tZezSRWobxQcBr0kcDacr D WgCwZiei7MUBZbEJpwiWFe8UTcvq4aA9QifeFiI7P6IJaeSfm3F2Wu82jMRwFbuAo8eIMtNEsRAE0BFRtYjst4KnKNN3FwQrmNd PJ4ls1x6Ks66F

Exhibit B:

l7 j9OMEvfzKc2ISyvvzbn2wAphV7Zdo2ujnglIdnJJdwnseWUzWJY6XRaOv ti4u0sEhZ1S 2FLFWFs2rZJmvfIUtx0MkLRYn t7pnjFyMuUT0d9zQD8PObSo LNJsIjkH8VOfBvHljXhEIXnbL7ywlzkE3OQtxsTQBzn GneJNtfHMbJcvbE fmQ

“Offer applies to qualifying Cox services for which customers has recently submitted a disconnect request.”

Cox’s updated version of the page doesn’t have this information. But since the page exists, that must mean there’s some way to reduce your service’s costs for another 12 months.


You could cancel your Cox plan, and someone else in your home could sign up and get the new customer deal. For example, a significant other or a roommate.

But consider that they will perform a credit history check. They’re subject to a security deposit if they don’t have the best credit score.

FAQs: Cox Prices After 12 Months

Before leaving, check out commonly asked questions about Cox’s pricing.

How Many Days Does Cox Give You To Pay Your Bill?

Cox gives customers a 5-day grace period after the due date to pay your bill before considering it as late [3].

Wrapping Up

Cox’s 250, 500, and 1,000 Mbps internet plans increase in price up to 33% after a year. Meanwhile, bundling Cox cable internet and TV can lead to an increase in price by up to 20%.

You can try to negotiate your rates once the year passes. However, if that doesn’t work, you may want to consider a different provider. We’ve compared various providers throughout the country. Check out our findings.

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