Cox Contour App (2024): The Definitive Guide

The Cox contour TV app allows you to watch most of your Cox TV channels on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. You can watch it on 5 devices simultaneously at home. Or 3 devices on the go.

When it comes to TV plans, accompanying streaming apps add value. Thus, this led me to Cox’s Contour TV app. I’ve gathered information from everywhere to help you learn everything about it.

Once you’re done reading this guide, you’ll understand the following:

Let’s get to work.

Cox Contour App Pros and Cons

Strengths and weaknesses with Cox’s TV app include:


  • Offline viewing
  • You can save money on Contour TV HD boxes
  • Good for homes with many smartphone, tablet, and computer users
  • Watch Cox channels away from home


  • Limited device support
  • Can’t download programs from all channels
  • Won’t allow you to view all channels while away from home
  • No casting from Google Chromecast

What Is the Cox Contour App?

The Cox contour TV app is a free app that enables you to watch all your Cox television plan’s channels on smartphones, tablets, and computers while at home.

And you can watch up to more than 130 channels while away from home.

You can think of Cox’s contour TV app as a streaming(ish) app. You use internet data to watch your Cox television subscription’s channels.

The availability of channels you can watch will depend on your Cox TV subscription. And the channel packages you purchased. For instance, if you don’t have any premium channels, you can’t watch a channel like STARZ Alternate.

Does the Cox Contour TV App Contribute to Cox’s Data Cap?

Cox doesn’t specify whether the Contour TV app contributes to their 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap. But since you’re using internet data, it’s safe to say, “yes.”

With their 1.25 TB data cap, you can watch over 1,000 hours of 720p SD content [1]. Or around 500 hours of 1080p HD content.

Cox Contour TV App Internet Speed Requirements

Though you’re streaming content, Cox doesn’t specify required internet speeds. Many streaming platforms require 5.0 Mbps download speeds for HD content. And 1.0 Mbps for standard definition (720p).

Since Cox wasn’t helpful with providing this information, I used Netflix as a benchmark [2]. So don’t quote me on these speeds.

Here’s what Cox specifies on their ‘internet connection’ requirements:

pRYLg9yAwAZvj7Cs RxATZfLJh1vEgySoJPYf3b7p8FZWvh3YHsOSpgik1DjOwq132jybSoaL1Z12dZojfahhG9WWwYKveQPRi7pmoagvfhpH XwcgfOBZRDZba6prqBVuAd4joLgS1UB56tVVZNpSSfNDTUkDTyN sYzvCXlDNPIhMDT3rFiEgqTQ

I wish this was fiction.

How To Use the Cox Contour TV App

To use the Cox Contour TV app on your computer, type into your browser.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to download it from the Apple App Store.

Otherwise, Android-based phone and tablet users will want to download the app from the Google Play Store.

Log into your Cox account and start watching TV.

Want to watch channels from the Cox contour app on your TV? You’ll need to read a bit further forward. I provided a “tip” on how to do so.

Cox Contour TV App Features

With the Cox Contour TV app, you’ll get these features:

  • Parental controls
  • Search filtering
  • Offline viewing
  • Viewing away-from and at-home

The following sections will dive more in-depth into these features.

Parental Controls

You can control the channels people in your household watch with the following parental control features:

  • Lock or unlock channels: block adult-themed channels like Playboy
  • Lock or unlock ratings: make it so people can’t watch series with specific ratings (e.g., TV-MA)
  • Safe browse: stop certain shows or channels from appearing in your channel search results
  • Lock or unlock movie ratings: make it so someone couldn’t watch a rated R movie

You’ll need to set a PIN to access or adjust these features. When setting a PIN, ensure it’s not something anyone could easily guess. Like ‘1111.’

Search Filtering

You can make sifting through channels a bit easier by using these search page filters:

  • Secondary audio (SAP)
  • Closed captioning (CC)
  • High definition 1080p (HD)
  • Available out of home: channels you can watch anywhere
  • Video description

If you already know the channels you want to watch, this feature doesn’t have much use. But it can save you a bit of time when finding new content to watch.

Offline Viewing

You can ONLY download recorded content from SHOWTIME and STARZ channels. Or you can download On Demand content purchased from your cable TV box.

Anyone without a premium channel package won’t find this feature helpful.

If you decide to fork over extra money for these additional purchases, downloading offline content could give you something to watch during a power outage. Or if you’re going into a rural area with a spotty internet connection.

Streaming at Home & Away From Home

You can stream any Cox local, cable, and channel package while at home. This includes On Demand content. This app also allows you to watch content while away from your home.

You’ll benefit from this feature if you don’t want to get Cox TV boxes for more rooms in your home. Instead, people can stream Cox channels from their devices.

This feature also works great for travelers or anyone who has downtime while away from home.

You can’t watch Cox Contour TV channels outside the United States. Cox doesn’t specify whether “outside the U.S.” refers to areas like Guam or Puerto Rico.

While streaming away from home, you can stream most On Demand titles. I couldn’t find any examples, so you’d have to experiment.

Local channels you can watch with the Contour TV app away from home include:

  • NBC
  • Fox
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Univision
  • Telemundo

And you can watch the following channels when away from home [3]:

ACC NetworkA&EA&E Crime and InvestigationBET
BET JamsBET SoulBET HerBoomerang
CNN en EspañolCNN InternationalCooking ChannelComedy Central
Crime InvestigationDiscoveryDisneyDisney Jr.
Disney XDDIY NetworkE!EPIX
ESPNUESPN DeportesESPN newsFood Network
Foro TVFox BusinessFox NewsFreeform
FYIGalavisionGolf ChannelGame Show Network
Hallmark ChannelHallmark Movies and MysteriesHGTVHistory
Investigation DiscoveryLifetimeLifetime MoviesLogo
Motor TrendMovieplexMSNBCMTV
MTV LiveMusic ChoiceNBC (some markets)NBC Universo
NickNicktoonsNick Jr.Nick 2
Nick MusicOlympia ChannelOWNOxygen
PAC 12ParamountPOPPursuit network
RetroplexScience ChannelSEC NetworkSEC Network Plus
ShowtimeShowtime AlternateShowtime Beyond EastShowtime Beyond West
Showtime HD EastShowtime HD WestShowtime Next EastShowtime Next West
Showtime Women EastShowtime Women WestSTARZSTARZ Alternate
STARZ CinemaSTARZ ComedySTARZ EdgeSTARZ Kids and Family
STARZ in BlackSTARZ EncoreSTARZ Encore AlternateSTARZ Encore Action
STARZ Encore BlackSTARZ Encore FamilySTARZ Encore SuspenseSTARZ Encore Westerns
STARZ Encore EspañolSyFyTBCTCM
Teen NickTelemundoTennis ChannelTLC
TNTTr3sTravel ChanneltruTV
TUDNTV LandVelocityVH1
UniMasUniversal KidsUnivisionUnivision Tlnovelas
Weather Channel

Channels you can watch away from home with the Cox Contour TV app.

The channels you have available depend on what channel packages you have. For instance, you can only watch STARZ channels with a STARZ subscription, the Preferred Plus TV package, or the Ultimate TV package.

With Preferred Plus TV, you’ll get access to every premium channel.

Ultimate TV gives you every channel package except for the Latino and International channels. That means you’ll also get every sports channel.

What Devices Can I Use With the Cox Contour App?

You can only use devices that run on the following operating systems [4]:

DevicesOperating System
Safari, Chrome (or Chrome-based), Microsoft Edge, or Firefox browsersWindows 8 or higher or macOS X 10.7 or higher
* iPad, iPhone, or iPod TouchiOS 12 or later
Phone or tabletsAndroid OS 7.0 or later

Devices and operating systems the Cox Contour TV app supports.

* You can’t use AirPlay with the Cox Contour TV app.

If you want to watch Cox Contour channels on a TV without a TV box, how would you do it?


Get an HDMI or USB-C cable to connect a laptop (or computer) to your TV. Then change the TV’s output until your computer’s screen appears.

From there, open the Cox app through your browser, choose your show, and set it to fullscreen.

If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI or USB-C port, you may want to consider a micro HDMI to HDMI converter. Or a USB-A to HDMI converter. These attachments usually cost under $20 and don’t require firmware downloads.

Cox Contour TV App vs. Competing Apps

Here’s how Cox Contour TV app does versus other television service provider streaming apps:

AppStreams (at home)Streams (Away from home)Channels Available
Cox Contour TV53150+
Dish Anywhere5 totalNA150+
Xfinity Stream53200+

TV service streaming apps compared.

Xfinity Stream offers the best streaming app in every category. They provide more channels, more supported devices (like Roku), and allow you to cast content to your TV through Google Chromecast.

Well, Dish Anywhere works on the same number of devices as Xfinity Stream, but doesn’t have as many channels or supported simultaneous streams.

I have no defense for Cox’s app in any of these areas.

Amazon Fire TV has over 40 million users [5]. Yet, Cox only supports smartphone, tablets, and laptop streaming?

They’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. And making life more inconvenient for folks with smart TVs or similar devices.

You can’t get any of these specific apps unless you go with the TV service provider. I wrote this comparison to help you determine Cox’s app’s value compared to its competitors.

FAQs: Contour TV App

Here are commonly asked questions about Cox’s Contour TV app. To help you fully understand this app’s capabilities.

How To Get the Cox Contour App on Fire TV Stick?

You cannot legally get the Cox contour TV app on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How Do I Use the Cox Contour App on My Computer?

Open any browser and type into your address bar. Upon opening the page, you’ll need to log into your online Cox account.

Can I Cast From the Cox Contour App to My TV?

You cannot cast content from the Cox Contour TV app to your TV.

Wrapping Up

The Cox Contour TV app allows you to watch over 130 channels on 5 devices at home. Or 3 on the go. However, you’re limited to using computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Cox’s app doesn’t offer as much value as a competitor like Xfinity, but it offers a means to make it so you don’t have to buy additional Contour HD boxes for rooms.

Before deciding whether Cox offers the best TV plan, you may want to consider its alternatives. We covered them here.

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