How to Contact Cox Customer Service (2024)

You can reach Cox’s technical support, retention, and account departments by calling 800-234-3993. You can also text them at 54512, use their live chat, or send them a direct message on Twitter.

When searching for an ideal service provider, I want to know how to access their customer service for troubleshooting. I’ve compiled information about every way to contact Cox’s different customer service departments.

Throughout this guide, you’ll find the following:

Let’s get down to it.

Cox Customer Service Number

You can call Cox’s account, retention, and technical support at 800-234-3993. Or you can text 54512 for “fast answers.”

You could try texting before trying to call them. If Cox’s customer service has you on a long wait, you can check to see whether they replied to your text message first.

That router may save you time.

Not all departments have the same availability.

You can only reach their Retention department Monday–Friday, 8 am–9 pm, and Saturday, 9 am–6 pm. 

Want to reach their billing and account services? You’re not going to reach them on Saturday or Sunday. But you can speak to someone Monday–Friday, 8 am–6 pm.

These times are all in the Eastern Time Zone. So if you’re not in that time zone, you’ll need to convert times.

You can also call 405-600-7676 for questions about your bill. Cox doesn’t specify when customer service members behind these lines are available [1]. I recommend using the previous number for billing questions.

Before you call Cox, you’ll want to have this information ready:

  • Account-affiliated phone number and email address
  • A payment method: in case you need to make purchases
  • Home address: to verify your identity

You’ll need this information to help Cox’s team members identify you.

How Do I Reach a Live Person at Cox?

You can reach a live person at Cox by repeatedly saying, “speak to someone” while talking to the automated voice system.

When using their live chat service, type, “speak to an agent.”

Once you type the above phrase, they’ll ask whether you’re a Cox customer. If you’re not a customer, they’ll follow up by asking whether you want to sign up for Cox.

How to Contact Cox Technical Support

You can reach Cox’s technical support by calling 800-234-3993. They’re available 24/7.

You can also call their automated technical support at 703-378-8422. Cox’s website doesn’t specify a use-case for this number.

I’d imagine that it’s for troubleshooting common Cox issues.

Other Ways to Contact Cox

Other ways you can contact Cox Communications about various issues include:

  • An online chatroom
  • CCPA support team
  • Visiting a brick-and-mortar store
  • Social media
  • Send them a letter
  • Community forums

The following sections will cover contact information for each scenario and when you would want to use each method.

Cox Live Chat

You can use Cox’s Oliver chatbot to reach a customer representative at any time. Oliver (the AI) or a team member can help you with sales, account information, and billing inquiries.

Residential customers and business customers can use this means of communication.

When using the chatbot, you’ll need to tell Oliver whether you’re an existing customer.

If yes, you’ll need to verify your Cox account information.

Saying “Not yet” will give you various options like:

  • Order new services
  • Check where Cox is available
  • Reactivate old services
  • Other inquiries

Other questions will require you to choose the last option. I recommend typing “talk to an agent.”

The AI will connect you with a live person. Getting connected will usually take a couple of minutes (at max.).

I’ve spoken to at least 4 different customer service representatives and have had a pleasant experience. They didn’t try to up-sell me, answered my questions, and didn’t try to argue.

Well, 1 service representative tried to debate something. I screenshotted their Terms and Services page and proved my point.

That brings me to another point.

Use screenshots to your advantage. Screenshot information that supports your case. Upload these screenshots to the chat.

Here’s an example of when you’d want to use screenshots in a Cox customer service chatroom.

I asked them whether customers get discounted rates using third-party devices with Cox prepaid internet. The customer service team member told me that prepaid internet doesn’t allow third-party devices.

I screenshotted the terms of service paragraph that states otherwise. From there, the customer service person proceeded to give me the answer to my question.

Cox Data Removal Support

Californians can email [email protected] to exercise their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) [2]. Or get answers to questions.

If you’re a privacy-conscious person and can verify your account’s information, you can use the above email to do the following with your data:

  • Inquire
  • Delete your data
  • Tell them not to sell your personal information

Residents of California should exercise this right. However, there’s something strange (and vague) I found when reading their CCPA policy page:

image 1

“They may charge an ‘unspecified’ fee.”

I’m not a California resident, so I can’t determine this fee. I recommend using this right to prevent Cox from selling your personal information to a third party.

Third parties that may sell your data include advertisers and “others.”

For questions regarding their privacy policy (in any state), you can email [email protected].

If you prefer writing a handwritten letter with a quill and candlelight, you can send snail mail to:

6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

(Attention: Privacy Operations)

Visit a Cox Retail Store

Use Cox’s store finder tool to find the nearest store.

When clicking on a store near you, you’ll find the store’s hours, phone number, and the store’s location.

I only recommend using this option as a second-to-last resort. Or if you happen to drive by a Cox store during your commute.

I haven’t found any benefits of visiting Cox stores over calling or messaging them.

Cox Social Media Customer Support

Cox has a customer service Twitter account you can contact for help (@CoxHelp).

If you send them personal information, only send direct messages (DMs). Don’t expose your data to millions of Twitter trolls.

Cox Mailing Addresses

The following refers to mailing addresses you can send written mail or payments to. This contact method will take the longest to receive a response.

That’s if your mail makes it to the address. A clumsy postal service driver could lose your letter. Or someone could steal it.

You’ll only want to use this contact method if you have no internet access. And if you’re reading this post yet don’t have an active phone subscription, you could still contact Cox’s customer service through their online chat.


To make physical payments, you will want to mail payments to:

Cox Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 78071
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8071

Anyone contacting Cox regarding privacy questions can send letters to:

6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

(Attention: Privacy Operations)

Cox Community Forums

I recommend using Cox’s community forms to find your issues before contacting them. You can use their forms at

Type an issue into the search bar and see whether someone experienced a similar problem and received a response.

Most of the time, other community members will respond. Or you MAY have a response from a Cox customer support person.

These responses will likely take at least a day.

Frequent Redditors can visit r/CoxCommunications to potentially find answers to Cox-related questions. Since it’s an unofficial page, you won’t find Cox customer support agents that peruse these posts.

Cox Business Customer Service

You can call Cox’s business support by calling 866-272-5777. Or you can text them at 36009. And if those methods aren’t desirable, you can use their live chat.

Their business call support is only available Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm Eastern Time (ET).

You can also reach their sales department by calling 800-261-4021. But they’re only available Monday–Friday 8 am–9 pm, or Saturday 11 am– 3 pm (ET).

You’ll need Sales to follow up with pending orders or to upgrade your services.

If you’re a business (or residential customer) who wants to opt out of revisions to Cox’s policies (e.g., General Terms), you can send a message to [email protected]. Or you can mail a letter to:

6205B Peachtree Dunwoody Road

Atlanta, GA 30328

Attn: Litigation Counsel

When writing this letter, you’ll need to include [3 PDF link]:

  • Address
  • Account number
  • Name
  • A statement claiming you’re opting out of revisions

You must submit this request 30 days after Cox sends the revision notice.

Cox also offers a means to opt out any disputes you have with the company. You can email [email protected] or send a handwritten letter to the mailing address I mentioned a couple paragraphs ago.

Businesses could mail checks to Cox’s business services address at:

PO Box 53249

Phoenix, AZ 85072-3249

Cox Login Support

You can reach Cox’s login support by calling 800-234-3993 and asking for the Account department.

From there, you can tell them about your account’s issues.

Cox Accessibility Customer Service

Customers with disabilities can reach Cox’s accessibility customer service by calling 888-266-1304.

They don’t specify customer service availability. So you’ll have to hope you reach someone.

Anyone who knows American Sign Language can contact Cox through ASL Now. You won’t need an interpreter.

But you can only reach them from 12 pm to 1 am Central Time. I guess they’re available every day. Since they don’t specify otherwise.

Those who require braille billing statements can request them through their Cox online account. Under the Manage Billing tab.

How To Pay Your Cox Bill

You can pay your Cox bills by using the following methods:

  • Online account: navigate to ‘Make a Payment’ under your account’s billing section to make a one-time payment
  • EasyPay: set up automatic monthly payments under the ‘Manage Billing’ page on your online account
  • Cox Mobile app: tap ‘Billing’ then ‘Make a Payment’
  • Oliver virtual agent (chat room): type ‘pay bill’
  • In a Cox store
  • Money-order cash payments at various stores
  • By mail: I mentioned the addresses earlier
  • By phone: call 800-234-3993

Cox makes it easy for you to give them money. And it appears their payment methods exhaust almost all avenues except cryptocurrency.

Let’s move on to fixing Cox service issues yourself.

Cox Service Troubleshooting

You can fix the following issues yourself in most cases:

  • Resetting your Cox online account password
  • Improving your Cox internet speed

The following sections will show you how to prevent the need for Cox customer service intervention.

Reset Your Cox Account Password

Follow this link to Cox’s password recovery page. Enter your user ID, answer the Secret Question, and select a new password.

Ensure your password is at least 12 characters long and a mix of characters (numbers, symbols, and uppercase/lowercase letters) [4]. Also, ensure your passwords aren’t easy to guess.

Don’t use your birthday as a password.

If you’re having trouble remembering passwords, use a free, open-source password manager like Bitwarden. They’ll automatically generate passwords or passphrases for you.

Speed Up Slow Cox Internet

Check your internet speed using 1 of a million internet speed testing tools. Check whether it matches the rates of the Cox internet tier you’re paying for.

If it’s around 1.0 Mbps slower than your plan’s advertised speeds, there’s not much cause for concern.

Anything slower will call for trying these potential solutions:

  • Use an Ethernet cable: a direct connection to your devices will bypass the weaknesses that come with using Wi-Fi
  • Manually reboot your router: unplug your router for 10 seconds to clear your device’s short-term memory
  • Disconnect devices that aren’t actively online: they may waste bandwidth
  • Turn off your VPN: virtual private networks can slow your internet by up to 20%

I have many other internet speed troubleshooting tips you can try in a different guide I wrote. Check it out. You may speed up your internet.

Cox doesn’t throttle internet speeds (according to them). But many users have noted slower Cox speeds during peak hours. Like after work.

So if it’s the time when everyone gets off of work where you live, consider that factor before troubleshooting your home internet.

FAQs: Cox Customer Service

Here are frequently asked questions about Cox’s customer service.

How Do I Check for Cox Outages?

Type into your browser’s address bar, log in, and check your dashboard. Cox will let you know whether your area has outages.

Wrapping Up

Cox doesn’t have the most significant social media presence, but they offer plenty of ways to contact various departments.

My experience with their customer service wasn’t the worst (compared to other providers). However, everyone’s experiences will differ.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cox’s internet, home security, TV, and landline services, check out this guide. It covers everything you’ll want to know.

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