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You can get $40 off of the Gigablast internet plan until 9/26/2022. Otherwise, Cox offers low-income internet plans, free streaming service subscriptions, and access to government bill credits. You can’t save when bundling Cox services.
Cox approved modems and routers

Preferred 250

$59.99 first year, $83.99 the second year
$ 59
  • 250 Mbps download speeed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Enough for a family

Preferred and TV Preferred

$157.99 first year, $181.99 the second year
$ 157
  • 140+ channels
  • 250/10 Mbps speed
  • Good value

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Cox Landline

$20.00/mo for adding a landline
$ 20
  • Unlimited calling in NA
  • Customize your phone
  • HD calling for better quality

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$79.99 the first year, $119.99 the second year
$ 79
  • 1.0 Gbps download speed
  • 35 Mbps upload speed
  • $40 off right now

I love finding ways to get the most value out of anything I buy. Thus, I compiled everything you’d want to know on ways to reduce bills for your Cox services.

To help you save money on Cox products, I’ll cover this information:

Let’s get going. We have much to cover.

$40 off Gigablast Internet (Until 9/30/2022)

New and existing customers can get $40 off of Cox’s gigabit internet plan if you buy or upgrade by September 30th, 2022. The discounted rates will only last for a year.

Once your contract expires, you’ll need to pay 40% more for your plan. I’ll cover the details in a bit.

Free Peacock Premium Streaming Service

New and existing Cox Communications customers can get a free Peacock Premium streaming subscription until January 15th, 2023 [1].

This promotion saves you $4.99 monthly and gives you access to a vast content library. 

Peacock is the only streaming platform that’ll give you all things WWE. Live events, Smackdown and Raw episodes, and every NXT episode.

Like the Minions? I don’t. But you can rewatch Despicable Me 2 to your heart’s content with Peacock.

Then there are Peacock Originals like Saved by the Bell.

You can even watch anime like Hunter X Hunter (my favorite) or One Punch Man.

Peacock Premium DOES have ads. You can think of it like regular cable television programming.

Get the deal while you can. You’ll just need to create a Peacock account and connect your online Cox account through the “Link Provider” section.

Cox Connect Assist Program

The Cox Connect Assist program gives users 100 Mbps (download) and 3.0 Mbps (upload) speeds for varying prices. These plans require you to participate in a government assistance program to use it.

Connect2Compete requires you to have a K–12 student living in your home.

Here are some government programs you can take part of to use these low-income internet plans:

  • Veterans Pension
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • SNAP
  • WIC
  • Certain Tribal Programs
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Some public housing programs

Participating in the above programs provides access to these plans:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
ConnectAssist100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$30/mo.
Connect2Compete100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$9.95/mo.

Cox Connect Assist plans.

Here’s what you should know about both plans:

  • They have a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap
  • Unlimited data plan free for 12 months: no worrying about the data cap for a while
  • Free modem and router combination
  • No contract or security deposit
  • Access to over 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Free McAfee-powered security suite: antivirus and other software

You can get both plans free if you qualify for the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) internet accessibility program.

Read below for more details.

Affordable Connectivity Program Credit

The FCC offers the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) as a means to increase internet accessibility. The credit this system offers is $30 a month or $75 a month if you’re in federal lands.

Here are the prices you’ll see upon applying the $30 credit:

TierYear 1 Price (Before ACP)Year 1 Price (After ACP)Year 2 Price (Before ACP)Year 2 Price (After ACP)
Essential 100$49.99/mo.$19.99/mo.No contractNo contract
Preferred 250$59.99/mo.$29.99/mo.$83.99/mo.$53.99/mo.
Ultimate 500$79.99/mo.$49.99/mo.$99.99/mo.$69.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid$50/mo.$20/mo.NANA

Prices for Cox residential internet plans with the ACP credit.

Those living in Tribal Lands (that 47 C.F.R. Section 54.400(e) defines) you can get a $75 monthly credit. Lands include those recognized by the federal government [2].

This program demands the same requirements as their Connect Assist program. But you’ll need to verify your qualifications from (a third-party website).

Ensure you use their services if you get a free plan. While that sounds obvious, it’s important to keep in mind. Their website states that users inactive for 45 days will de-qualify themselves from the ACP [3].

Cox Bundles for TV and Internet

Cox offers bundles for their TV, internet, Wi-Fi, technical support, and Homelife services. Some packages include:

PackagePrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)SpeedChannels
Essential + Streaming Only$54.99/mo.NA100 Mbps0
Preferred + Streaming Only$64.99/mo.$88.99/mo.250 Mbps0
Ultimate + Streaming Only$84.99/mo.$104.99/mo.500 Mbps0
Gigablast + Streaming Only$84.99/mo.$124.99/mo.1.0 Gbps0
Essential and TV Preferred$147.99/mo.No change100 Mbps140+
Preferred and TV Preferred$157.99/mo.$181.99/mo.250 Mbps140+
Ultimate and TV Preferred$177.99/mo.$197.99/mo.500 Mbps140+
Gigablast and TV Preferred$177.99/mo.$217.99/mo.1.0 Gbps140+
Essential + TV Preferred + Homelife$162.99/mo.NA100 Mbps140+

Cox Communications bundle prices.

You don’t save any money when bundling Cox products.

I chucked a bit when reading the frequently asked question asking why customers should bundle products.

Their rebuttal?

“There are many benefits to having multiple Cox services, including consolidated billing and one source for customer service [4].”

You also have the power to change your services.


If simplifying your billing is your thing, you can “customize” your bundles. The only difference I’ve found regarding customization is that you can add Cox landline services into the mix.

What is Cox’s Homelife service?

It’s a self-monitoring home security service. If you want professional monitoring, you could upgrade from their cheaper $ 15-a-month tier to $40 monthly.

What’s their technical support bundle, and why do they require payment?

Here’s some of what they listed:

  • Malware removal
  • Technical support at any hour
  • $75 off of some professional technician home visits

I don’t know how I feel about this. It adds an extra $20 a month for technical support. If you have frequent issues, this service would add value.

The most value comes from their malware removal. Best Buy charges a single $149.99 fee to remove malware [5].

And if you’re the type of person to get a lot of computer viruses, you likely won’t want to keep paying for Best Buy techs to remove your issue.

Cox Discounts for Military

Cox doesn’t offer any discounts or special plans for military personnel, veterans, or Gold Star Families.

That said, there are some ways Military personnel or veterans can save money. You can learn more about this in our article on Cox military discounts.

Cox Discounts for Students

Cox only offers homes with K–12 students discounted internet. It’s $9.95 a month for 100/3.0 Mbps (download/upload) internet plan. College students won’t find any discounts or special plans with Cox.

To learn more, read our article on Cox student discounts.

Cox Discounts for Seniors

Cox doesn’t offer any discounts or internet plans for seniors. That said, there are still things you want to know as a senior before you get a Cox plan.

You can learn more in our article on Cox discounts for seniors.

Cox Discounts for Existing Customers

Existing customers won’t find any discounts for any of Cox’s services.

Cox Discounts for Teachers

Cox doesn’t have any discounts for teachers at the moment. They also don’t appear to offer discounts during Teachers Appreciation Week.

That said, for a more in-depth article, read our article on Cox discounts for teachers.

Cox Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

The following table covers everything you’ll want to know about Cox’s cable internet plans:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)
Essential 100100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$49.99/mo.No contract
Preferred 250250 Mbps10 Mbps$59.99/mo.$83.99/mo.
Ultimate 500500 Mbps10 Mbps$79.99/mo.$99.99/mo.
Gigablast1.0 Gbps35 Mbps$79.99/mo.$119.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$50/mo.NA

Cox residential internet plan prices.

Here’s what you’ll want to know about every plan:

  • Every plan requires a 1-year agreement, except Essential Internet
  • All plans have a 1.25 terabyte (TB) monthly data cap
  • Access to 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Free McAfee security suite: you can use it on up to 5 devices
  • * Hybrid cable/fiber connection
  • Available in 19 states

* Cox uses fiber optic cables to deliver internet services through the long haul (until the cables reach your home). Then use cable connections to deliver signals from your home’s utility box to your modem or gateway.

Essential Internet and StraightUp Internet best serve homes with a few people that want to game online or operate a few smart home devices.

Preferred Internet works best for homes with 7 users. Who engage in virtual learning, HD media streaming, gaming, and video chatting on apps like Zoom.

Homes with 9 users will benefit from Ultimate Internet. Uses for these speeds involve competitive online gaming, 4K streaming on sites like Netflix, and various remote work tasks.

Gigablast should handle 20 devices browsing the internet, gaming, streaming in various resolutions, and more.

These estimated numbers come from Cox.

The actual number of devices your system can handle will depend on variables. Such as whether you’re using an Ethernet cable, the speeds your online tasks demand, whether you have bandwidth available.

Cox TV Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here are the television plans Cox offers:

PlanChannelsPricePrice Per Channel
Contour TV Starter75+$53/mo.$0.71
Contour TV Preferred140+$98/mo.$0.70
Contour TV Preferred Plus170+$118/mo.$0.69
Contour TV Ultimate250+$138/mo.$0.55
Contour StreamingNA$5/mo.NA

Cox residential television plan prices.

Here’s what you’ll get with Cox cable television plans:

  • 1 free cable box rental
  • You can get it in 19 states
  • 1 Starter DVR service free for a year
  • Contour TV app
  • Add-ons you can buy: premium channels, more TV boxes, or DVR services

Most of these features don’t make Cox stand out among competitors. But the Contour TV app does add a bit of spice. It allows you to watch any of your channels on tablets, computers, and smartphones.

But not smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV. Or equipment like Roku. Because why would you support hardware most people use?

5 devices can stream content simultaneously. 3 if these devices are away from home.

Watching on Contour TV will contribute toward your data cap. And it requires internet bandwidth. You’ll need 25 Mbps download speeds for streaming in 4K. 5.0 Mbps when watching in HD (1080p).

Cox Landline, Pricing, Features, & Deals

Cox’s residential landline service costs $20 monthly and has no equipment rental fees. It works best as an emergency phone in case of power outages.

It’s not a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service, so it won’t go out during a blackout. Since it doesn’t rely on the internet.

With this plan, you’ll get the following perks:

  • Unlimited calling to Canada, the United States, and Mexico
  • Robocall blocking
  • Enhanced 911: automatically sends your location to emergency services
  • Use your existing landline or wireless phone
  • Call history: store all calls for up to 120 days
  • Address book: manage your contacts
  • Call forwarding
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Only found in 19 states

There’s no term agreement with Cox’s home phone plan, and may require you to pay a security deposit.

Any Cox Voice customer can call residents of the following countries for free until January 9th, 2023 [6]:

  • Ukraine: +380
  • Poland: +48
  • Romania: +40
  • Moldova: +373
  • Hungary: +36
  • Bulgaria: +359

You can talk for an unlimited amount of time and don’t need to register for this perk. It’s automatically applied to your account.

To make international calls through Cox Voice, dial ‘011 + Country Code + the person’s number.’

I wrote the country codes for each fee-free country in the previous list.

Calling other countries requires you to sign up for the Cox Voice Premiere plan. It’s $2.99 a month and charges you varying rates per minute (based on your ZIP code).

The free calling to Eastern European nations adds a nice touch to this plan. But they make it annoying to find rates by the minute when calling other countries.

FAQ: Cox Discounts

The following sections will cover any questions that’ll help clear up any confusion over Cox’s discounts.

Does Cox Give a Discount for Autopay?

Cox doesn’t give customers discounts for enabling automatic payments.


Cox doesn’t offer many discounts to their customers compared to other providers.

If you don’t want to switch from Cox to someone else, you could try negotiating or shrinking the number of services you use.

Otherwise, you’ll want to see what other providers offer. Check out our reviews of other internet, mobile, and television service providers.

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Cox Offer

$59.99 first year, then $83.99
$ 59
  • 250 Mbps download speeed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Enough for a family