Cox Internet & TV Discounts for Students in 2024

Cox only gives “student” discounts to homes with K–12 students. Homes with these students pay $9.95 per month for 100/3.0 Mbps internet. Cox doesn’t offer discounts to college students.

As a previous student, I was always hunting for deals. I gathered every possible way to save money with Cox into this guide.

To help students save money on Cox services, I’ll cover the following:

Let’s dive in.

Does Cox Offer Discounts for Students?

Cox doesn’t offer any college student discounts. But they provide the Connect2Compete internet plan for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This plan costs $9.95 monthly and offers 100 Mbps (download) and 3.0 Mbps (upload).

But fear not.

Cox Communications kind of has some other ways you can save money. And depending on your income, the government can help too. I’ll cover these throughout this guide.

You can also check the current Cox deals to make sure nothing has changed since I wrote this article.

Other Cox Deals for Existing and New Customers

Until September 26th, 2022, you can get $40 off Cox’s Gigablast internet plan (1.0 Gbps download speeds). New and existing customers can get this deal when signing up before that deadline.

Once the 1-year contract expires, you’ll need to pay $119.99 monthly.

Here are other ways you can take your savings further with Cox:

  • Get help from the government
  • Low-income internet plans
  • Free Peacock Premium account (temporary)

I’ll cover the details regarding each detail in the following sections [1].

Cox Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program gives qualifying customers living outside Tribal Lands $30 off their internet plans. $75 off of your plan if you live within Tribal Lands.

Requirements involve participating in at least 1 government assistance program. For instance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). You can also qualify if your income falls 200% under the Federal Poverty Line.

Here’s what happens when you apply the ACP bill credit to any Cox residential internet plan:

TierYear 1 Price (Before ACP)Year 1 Price (After ACP)Year 2 Price (Before ACP)Year 2 Price (After ACP)
Essential 100$49.99/mo.$19.99/mo.No contractNo contract
Preferred 250$59.99/mo.$29.99/mo.$83.99/mo.$53.99/mo.
Ultimate 500$79.99/mo.$49.99/mo.$99.99/mo.$69.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid$50/mo.$20/mo.NANA

Prices for Cox internet plans with the ACP applied.

While this sounds too good to be true, for the most part, it’s not. Reading through the ACP’s Terms and Conditions shows a couple of clauses to watch out for [2].

One. You’ll lose the ACP credit if you switch to another provider. But you can transfer the ACP. Once per calendar month.

Two. You must use their internet services. If you’re inactive for 45 days, you’ll lose access to the credit. They don’t specify “use.” But I’d imagine that entails doing online activities with their services.

Instead of just using the Cox Wi-Fi hotspots.

You’ll need to verify your eligibility through a third-party website called Then Cox will apply the credit to your bill.

Cox Low-income Internet Plans

Cox offers 2 internet plans for anyone on government assistant programs. Both packages will give you 100/3.0 Mbps internet speeds and come with a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap.

These speeds work great for households having 5 users simultaneously performing online tasks. The number of actual tasks you can perform will vary on bandwidth demand.

Here’s an example. 4K video streaming calls for 25 Mbps download speeds. Only 4 devices could watch 4K content at once.


You’ll need at least one person in your household to prove they take part in a government aid program like Medicaid. So they’d need supporting documents.

Before I break down the differences between the plans, here are your options:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
ConnectAssist100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$30/mo.
Connect2Compete100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$9.95/mo.

Cox Communications low-income internet plans, pricing, and speeds.

How can you get your hands on the Connect2Compete plan? Have someone in your home who’s a K–12 student.

This plan also gives you access to the Cox Digital Academy. It’s just a series of online videos you could likely find on YouTube. But it’s ‘okay’ for bringing awareness to specific subjects.

Like online privacy.

ConnectAssist allows you to bypass the data cap for 12 months by giving you access to their unlimited data plan. For free.

And if you qualify for ConnectAssist, you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Both plans come with a free network gateway, an antivirus suite, and access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.

These Cox Wi-Fi hotspots can come in handy in helping you access Wi-Fi if you’re studying away from home.

Free Peacock Streaming Service Plan

All Cox account holders get a free Peacock Premium subscription until January 15, 2023. That saves you $4.99.

Cheaper than Netflix, and you’ll have a library with over 60,000 hours of content. Some popular media you’ll find include:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Naruto (not Shippuden)
  • Next-day access to shows that play on NBC
  • Sports: like Sunday Night Football
  • Peacock exclusives: like They/Them

Claim this deal by creating a Peacock account and navigating to your account settings. You’re looking for the ‘Link Provider’ setting.

Click Cox and log into your account.

How Do I Reduce My Cox Bill as a Student?

Cox doesn’t offer many ways to save money. But you can try different tactics to help reduce your bill. These include:

  • Negotiating
  • Buying your own networking hardware

The following sections will detail each method. Then you can determine the best route to pursue.

1: Tell Them You Want to Switch Providers (But Actually Don’t)

Call 800-234-3993 and request to speak to their Retention department. They’re available Saturday, 9 am–6 pm or Monday–Friday, 8 am–9 pm.

Before calling, research competitors that support your areas. This may give you leverage.

Here’s how I’d do the call:

  • Dial the above number within the allotted time window
  • Request to speak to the Retention department
  • Tell them that Cox’s “X” service is out of my price range, and I’m considering switching to “X”
  • Follow-up by asking if there are any ways to save money on your services

They’ll likely refer you to the low-income plans or the Affordable Connectivity Credit. If you’re not eligible for those programs, say so.

The goal of your call is to probe Cox Communications for potential discounts. If negotiations fail, you’ll want to transition toward ending your call.

Call back another day if you want to stay with Cox.

See if you can speak with someone else who could offer a promotion.

2: Buy Your Own Network Hardware

Returning your Cox gateway and buying your own router and modem can save you at least $156 monthly.

You may have to spend a bit more upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run and future-proof your home. Depending on the device you get.

When looking for a modem (or gateway) for Cox, you’ll want to narrow your results with this criteria:

  • Whether the modem supports your internet plan: DOCSIS 3.0 versus DOCSIS 3.1
  • Warranty: the longer, the better
  • Future proof: ensure you won’t need a modem in the near future
  • Affordability: depending on your financial situation
  • Max Wi-Fi speed: the fastest speeds your hardware can handle

Ensure that it’s Cox-certified and new. You can’t use second-hand ones.

Cox has a list of approved routers and gateways on its website. But we also have one that goes more in-depth about whom each will best suit.

It doesn’t matter what router you choose.

Ensure you weigh affordability versus features, though. Choosing a crappy 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) router may not allow you to use your internet plan’s maximum speeds. Because of max Wi-Fi speed caps.

Thus, you’ll waste money on unused speeds.

New Cox customers can activate their devices by visiting and entering your device’s Media Access Control (MAC) or CMAC number.

You’ll find this 12-digit device identifier on the bottom of your modem.

Current customers need to contact Cox customer service and provide the MAC number.

Best Cox Internet Plans for Students

The best Cox home internet plans to get include:

  • 100 Mbps internet
  • 1.0 Gbps internet
  • Prepaid internet

I’ll cover each plan’s basics, use cases, and who should get it.

1: Essential Internet: Best Overall

Essential Internet provides 100/3.0 Mbps network speeds for $49.99 a month. This plan’s price won’t change once your contract passes.

According to Cox, it works best for smaller homes with around 3 people. The number of supported devices can increase depending on online activities.

For instance, 20 devices could watch HD content on their devices simultaneously in optimal conditions. That means no network interruptions, and you’re using an Ethernet cable.

Each instance of streaming in 1080p would demand 5.0 Mbps download speeds per device.

2: Gigablast: Best for Heavy Internet Users

This plan gives you 1.0 Gbps download and 35 Mbps upload speeds for $79.99 a month. It also comes with a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap.

Good luck if you use this plan to download massive files continually. Because you’ll burn through that data allowance fast.

And do you strictly stream 4K media?

That’s not going to happen.

That’ll devour your bandwidth cap in around 360 hours. While that sounds like a lot of hours, streaming on multiple platforms in a household will compound quickly.

If you want to download many files and watch 4K, you’ll want to buy the unlimited data upgrade. But that costs $159.99, requires a 2-year agreement, and forces you to get their Panoramic WiFi.


You won’t have any issues with competitive and cloud gaming, streaming HD content, and participating in Zoom classes. You’ll have more than enough download speeds to handle many high-bandwidth devices.

Here’s an example. 4K streaming demands 25 Mbps. 1080p Zoom calls require 3.8 mbps (downstream and upstream). You could have 9 people in Zoom calls while over 40 devices stream 4K on Netflix.

The 35 Mbps upload speeds are awful for remote professionals or anyone who manages home media servers. Say you want to upload 1 terabyte (TB) of files. It’ll take you 2 days and 21 hours.

That’s if no one else is using upstream bandwidth.

3: StraightUp Prepaid: Best for Temporary Residence

Cox’s StraightUp is a prepaid internet plan that provides 100 Mbps downstream and 5.0 Mbps upstream for $50 a month. It works best to serve homes with at least 5–7 devices simultaneously using the internet.

It also works best for anyone who doesn’t have the most superb credit score. Because you don’t need a credit check with this plan.

The number of devices you can use depends on your task’s bandwidth demands. Here’s a scenario:

  • 1 casual gamer: 3.0 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload
  • 2 people watching Netflix in HD: 10 Mbps
  • 1 person livestreaming on YouTube: 4.0 Mbps downstream and 4.1 Mbps upstream
  • 1 person listening to music on Spotify: 2.0 Mbps download speeds and 0.5 Mbps upload

Only 19 Mbps download speeds in that scenario between 4 devices. However, it delivers 5.1 Mbps upload speeds. So people WOULD have a bit of buffering with streaming.

This plan also has a 3-year price guarantee. So you won’t see a sudden price change on your Cox Communications bill.

I mentioned that using your own router and modem with Cox would save you money. You don’t need your own devices with this plan. Because Cox gives you a free gateway rental.

Best Cox Bundles for Students

Cox won’t give you discounts when bundling their services. But you can make your billing easier.

Here are the best Cox bundles for students:

  • 100 Mbps internet and the streaming box
  • 1.0 Gbps internet and their streaming TV box

Usually I’d list 3 bundles.

But as a student, you likely don’t want to blow your money on channels, home security, or “premium” technical support.

Keep reading to find more details on each bundle and whether it’s worth getting.

1: Essential Internet + Streaming Only: Best Overall

This bundle gives you 100/5.0 Mbps internet speeds and a Contour TV streaming box for only $54.99 a month.

The Contour TV streaming box comes with various apps that provide free series and movies like:

XumoTubiPluto TVYouTube

Free apps included with the Cox TV streaming box.

You can also get paid subscriptions.

Amazon Prime offers some premium channels to students for $0.99 a month for up to a year. EPIX and SHOWTIME are a couple examples.

Then you could watch these on your Contour Box [3].

You could save $5 a month by buying a Roku Express for around $30. It gives you more apps (and apps for free TV). But you don’t have 4K access like with the Contour.

Or you could save $30 and just watch everything on a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

2: Gigablast + Streaming Only: Best for Intense Bandwidth Usage

You get 1.0 Gbps download speeds and 35 Mbps upload speeds for $84.99 a month. And the Contour TV 4K streaming box.

These internet speeds work best for anyone who wants to test various devices, continually downloading large files, or have a lot of roommates who are heavy internet users.

I’m referring to watching 4K content, cloud gaming, and torrenters as a heavy bandwidth user.

Again, you can save money by opting out of the “bundle” portion altogether. And just opting for the internet part of this plan.

Student Internet Plans, Features, & Pricing for Cox

Here’s what Cox offers with their internet plans:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)
Essential 100100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$49.99/mo.No contract
Preferred 250250 Mbps10 Mbps$59.99/mo.$83.99/mo.
Ultimate 500500 Mbps10 Mbps$79.99/mo.$99.99/mo.
Gigablast1.0 Gbps35 Mbps$79.99/mo.$119.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$50/mo.NA

Cox cable internet plans, pricing, and speeds.

Features you’ll find include:

  • 1.25 terabyte (TB) bandwidth cap
  • Security Suite powered by McAfee: comes with a firewall, SMS blocking, and other features
  • 19 states can access it
  • More than 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots

You can also rent a Panoramic Wi-Fi router modem for $13 a month. You’ll save money by buying a third-party Wi-Fi router and modem.

But these may take a year or 2 to pay off. And Cox offers free upgrades on their gateways every few years. So you’ll need to balance the pros and cons.

You can access Cox’s Wi-Fi hotspots throughout various shopping districts, lobbies, and other places. So it gives students a Wi-Fi connection to study virtually anywhere.

And with these hotspots, you won’t contribute to your data cap.

TV Plans & Pricing for Cox for Students

Cox cable television plans include:

PlanChannelsPricePrice Per Channel
Contour TV Starter75+$53/mo.$0.71
Contour TV Preferred140+$98/mo.$0.70
Contour TV Preferred Plus170+$118/mo.$0.69
Contour TV Ultimate250+$138/mo.$0.55
Contour StreamingNA$5/mo.NA

Cox TV plan speeds and pricing.

Here’s what you’ll get with Cox’s TV plans:

  • You can get it in 19 states
  • 1 free Contour TV box
  • A 1-year free Starter DVR service
  • Contour TV app
  • Buyable add-ons: additional TV boxes, premium channels, and DVR service
  • Available in 19 states

The Contour app makes it so you can watch Cox channels on 5 devices simultaneously. 3 if you’re away from home.

Unlike other provider’s streaming apps, you can’t watch these channels on smart TV devices. Only laptops and smartphones.

But that’s great for students who want to watch something between classes.

I’ve seen several television providers and have to say that Cox doesn’t offer the best price per channel. You’ll get the most value from going with 1 (or multiple) streaming services.

Or just use free TV services like Tubi or Pluto TV.

FAQ: Cox Discounts for Students

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Cox’s student internet discounts.

Does Cox Offer Discounts for Teachers?

Cox doesn’t offer discounts to teachers for any of their services.


You won’t save any money with Cox bundles or discounts. Because they don’t offer discounts.

But you can test your negotiating skills by contacting their customer service. To give you leverage, you’ll want to find their competitors who also serve your area.

Check out other providers and see whether they support your area.

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Cox Offer

250 Mbps plans for $59 99/mo
$ 59
  • Enough for a familly
  • High availability
  • $83.99 after 12 mo.