Frontier Business Internet Review 2024: Plans, Pricing, & More

Frontier offers 3 fiber business internet plans that are great for POS transactions, multi-device file uploads, website hosting, and other functions. Read further to find more details on each plan’s features and uses.

As someone who has owned a small business, I understand what makes a great internet business plan. As a part of searching for the best internet product, I’ve gathered information about Frontier’s business plans.

Once you finish this review, you’ll know the following:

Let’s go.

Frontier Business Internet Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of using Frontier’s business internet plans include:


  • Includes free Wi-Fi 6E router
  • Waived installation fee
  • No contract
  • Equal download and upload speeds
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not available in many areas
  • Must purchase battery backup unit replacements from third-party vendors

Frontier Business Internet Plans & Features

Frontier Communications offers the following business internet products:

PlanMax. Speed (DL & UL)* Starting PriceBest for
Business Fiber 500500 Mbps$49.99/mo.5 or fewer employees
Business Fiber 1 Gig1,000 Mbps$84.99/mo.5–15 employees
Business Fiber 2 Gig2,000 Mbps$149.99/mo.16–30 employees
Frontier Business internet speed compared among plans.

* Includes discount for enabling Auto Pay. Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

Frontier’s business internet plans don’t need an annual commitment and do not enforce a data cap. Meaning your team won’t have to monitor their internet usage.

Speaking of usage. What kind of businesses are these speeds ideal for?

Business Fiber 500 works as an ideal solution for businesses like:

  • Restaurants & cafés
  • Clinics that offer free Wi-Fi
  • Law offices
  • Bars

500 Mbps download, and upload speeds are more than enough to satisfy requirements from online browsing, POS sales equipment, live TV streaming, cloud security cameras, and sending/receiving 1.0 GB files often.

Business Fiber 1 Gig and 2 Gig work better for businesses with many employees who frequently upload or download large files. Or virtual call centers. eCommerce companies will also benefit more from 1.0 or 2.0 Gbps internet.

Since you’ll likely need to back up cloud servers frequently.

Do you require higher speeds for your business? You’ll need an upgrade.

Frontier Enterprise

They also offer enterprise plans for businesses having more than 30 employees. You don’t HAVE to meet this requirement. It’s a benchmark, though.

Their Enterprise products offer the following features:

  • Router managed by technicians: no need to have your team members deal with Wi-Fi issues
  • Dedicated internet access: internet not accessible to customers
  • Maximum speeds of 10 Gbps: best for companies with a heavy cloud infrastructure
  • Managed firewall: proactive cyber threat monitoring

Frontier’s dedicated internet access will help separate your company’s internet from what you offer customers. It’s an ideal solution to protect your business’ online information.

Frontier Business Internet Add-ons

I also couldn’t find information on battery backup units (BBU) for businesses. Frontier redirects residential internet customers who want replacement batteries for Optical Network Terminals (ONT) to third-party sites [1, 2].

The following sections will cover publicly available information regarding their other value-added services.

#1 RingCentral

RingCentral costs $24.99 monthly and includes features like:

  • All-in-one voice, message, & video to help your staff communicate
  • Send internet faxes
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook & Google Workspace
  • Dashboard to access analytics for call quality
  • Calling features like:
    • Virtual receptionist
    • Business SMS
    • VoIP country blocking
    • 1 year of Yealink 53W Phone free

They have more than a hundred features on a separate page [3]. You’ll need to find the button that displays “SEE ALL FEATURES” and download a PDF.

Businesses will like this add-on if they need a solution for staff communication and file transit. $24.99 a month isn’t too bad. Considering all the features it includes. For instance, internet faxes are useful for companies who relay information by fax.

Otherwise, software like Slack may offer a better solution if you require a way for your team to communicate.

#2 SecurePro

SecurePro is anti-malware software that monitors and scans up to 35 devices. Businesses can use this software on iOS, MAC, PC, and Android operating systems. It’s $12 a month [4].

Pricing for this add-on isn’t transparent. I don’t know whether the above price is accurate. Some resources I’ve found suggest it’s $9.99 monthly.

It also allows you to set rules for what team members can use the internet and when. It’s an excellent solution to help micromanage your team’s internet usage.

#3 Frontier Business Static IP Addresses

Pay $19.99 a month for static IP addresses through Frontier. Only companies that run virtual private networks (VPNs), servers, or cloud-based security cameras will need this add-on.

As these tasks require your network to have a static address. That way, they can find your device easier. Businesses like law offices and restaurants likely won’t need static IP addresses. They’ll do fine with a dynamic IP address.

The default IP address for most internet products.

#4 SmartVoice

SmartVoice allows you to use your office’s phone number on a mobile app for $19.99 monthly. Frontier uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to deliver these services for nationwide unlimited calling.

It’s a great way to access calls when you’re constantly on the move.

Equipment for SmartVoice will cost $5.00 monthly.

Additional Fees for Frontier Business Internet

Additional fees and add-ons Frontier offers or forces for their internet products include:

Equipment Fee$0
Cancellation Fee$9.99
Unreturned equipment fee$150
Activation fee (business internet)$95
SmartVoice Equipment Fee$5.00/mo.
Security Pro Bundle$12
Static IP$19.99/mo.

List of additional fees for Frontier Business internet plans.

Frontier’s not transparent with their business fees. I had to dig deep for these. Order their business products, and they offer a waived activation fee. Otherwise, their fees are straightforward.

I covered add-ons and their pricing in the previous sections.

Frontier Business Internet Equipment Fee

Frontier doesn’t charge an equipment rental fee. They actually provide a free Wi-Fi 6E router rental.

But. If you don’t return the router upon canceling your plan, then you’ll need to pay unreturned equipment fees of up to $150 per device. Ensure you return all rented equipment when canceling your Frontier plan.

Or $100 for failing to return Frontier SmartVoice equipment.

Speaking of cancellation.

Frontier Business Internet Cancellation Fee

You’ll need to pay a $9.99 disconnect fee when canceling your Frontier Business service.

There’s nothing more on this topic. Let’s move on to service availability.

Frontier Business Internet Availability

Frontier Business internet is available in the following 25 states:

NebraskaNevadaNew MexicoNew York
North CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaSouth Carolina
TennesseeTexasUtahWest Virginia

States where small businesses can access Frontier Business internet.

You’ll need to enter your business address at to determine whether Frontier offers business products in your area. As they don’t support every ZIP code.

Or contact their sales department.

How to Reach Frontier Business Internet Support

Reach Frontier’s business internet sales department by calling 833-970-2478. Existing customers should call 888-981-8176 for customer service. Or call 800-921-8102.

You may also chat with their customer support by visiting this page.

Customers who want to access Frontier’s Enterprise plans must call 844-475-8244.

Before you contact their sales department, check out the bundles they offer.

Frontier Business Bundles Compared

Bundles Frontier offers for their business products includes:

Bundle* Starting PriceMax. Internet SpeedBest For
Business Fiber 500 + RingCentral$74.98/mo.500 MbpsClinics, restaurants, cafés, & small offices
Business Fiber 1 Gig + RingCentral$109.98/mo.1,000 MbpsBusinesses with 5–15 employees
Business Fiber 2 Gig + RingCentral$174.98/mo.2,000 MbpsVirtual call centers
Business Fiber 500 + RingCentral + SmartVoice$94.97/mo.500 MbpsClinics, restaurants, cafés, & small offices
Business Fiber 1 Gig + RingCentral + SmartVoice$129.97/mo.1,000 MbpsBusinesses with 5–15 employees
Business Fiber 2 Gig + RingCentral + SmartVoice$194.97/mo.2,000 MbpsVirtual call centers
Frontier Business bundles compared.

* Includes discount for enabling Auto Pay. Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

For some reason, Frontier doesn’t list ANY useful information about the Frontier + DISH TV bundle. All it says is, “Bundle what you need.”

It says the plan (neither in specific) includes the following channels:

  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • Headline News
  • History
  • Food Network
  • Sports 1
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN

And it says that you’re required to commit to the service for 24 months. Honestly, I don’t know whether the pricing is accurate.

Look at this image:

DISH offer

The deal ended in July 2022. I wrote this piece in December 2022. And this isn’t a screenshot from the internet archives.

I can’t recommend this bundle due to a lack of resources. But it’s something to consider investigating. If you want television for your bar, restaurant, or waiting room, choose a different provider.

Pick one that doesn’t act as a middleman for a different provider.

Alternatives to Frontier Business Internet Compared

Let’s compare Frontier’s business internet plans to their competitors:

Provider* Starting PriceMax. SpeedsInternet TypeStates Available In
Frontier Business Internet$49.99–$149.99/mo.500–2,000 MbpsFiber25
Comcast Business Internet$49.99–$334.99/mo.50–1,250 Mbps (DL) & 15–35 Mbps (UL)Cable/Fiber40
Spectrum Business Internet$64.99–$164.99/mo.300–1,000 Mbps (DL) & 10–35 Mbps (UL)Cable/Fiber41
Verizon Fios Business Internet$69–$249/mo.100–940 Mbps (DL) & 100–800 Mbps (UL)Fiber11
AT&T Business Fiber$65–$395/mo.50–5,000 MbpsFiber40+
Business internet providers compared.

* Includes discount for enabling Auto Pay. Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

Frontier and AT&T Fiber are the only 2 providers who offer symmetric (equal) internet speeds. The latter provider offers double the speeds and is more reliable than Frontier.

By that, I mean AT&T didn’t emerge from bankruptcy a couple of years back.

But neither service offers TV bundles. Verizon Fios, Spectrum, and Xfinity Comcast all bundle television with their products. But Xfinity and Spectrum have unequal download and upload speeds.

Both cable/fiber hybrid plans are fine for basic online tasks like browsing and streaming videos. But horrid for uploading files, backing up cloud security servers, and managing cloud-based security cameras.

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t have much availability. But it’s the best business provider for businesses under 15 employees. Or small shops, restaurants, and bars.

AT&T Fiber does a better job of providing companies that rely on cloud infrastructure with higher speeds.

FAQs: Frontier Business Internet

Keep reading to find answers to commonly asked questions about Frontier’s business internet service.

How Do I Check for a Frontier Business Internet Outage?

Check for an internet outage by visiting this page. Upon landing on the page, enter your billing phone number and press the “Check” button.

Does Frontier Business Internet Have an Uptime Guarantee?

Frontier Business products do not have an uptime guarantee. Their Enterprise products have a 99.99% uptime guarantee [5].

Wrapping Up

Frontier’s fiber internet products offer more value than competitors like Spectrum and Xfinity. They have symmetric speeds and run entirely off fiber optic internet. But lack features like in-house battery backup units.

Explore Frontier’s competitors before picking a provider for your business. Ensure you get the most value and features to accommodate your company’s needs.

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Frontier Offer

Fiber 500 Internet
$ 49
  • Enough for a familly
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data caps