Mediacom Review (2024): Internet, TV, Phone, & More

Mediacom offers competitively priced internet, TV, and home phone products for the first year. After which, their rates skyrocket. Keep reading to determine whether they’re a provider worth considering.
Mediacom Approved modems and routers

Internet 100

$ 24
  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • 12-month contract

Internet 300

$ 39
  • 300 Mbps download speed
  • 20 Mbps upload speed
  • 12-month contract

Internet 600

$ 49
  • 600 Mbps download speed
  • 30 Mbps upload speed
  • 12-month contract

1 Gig

$ 59
  • 1000 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mbps upload speed
  • 12-month contract

I want to find the best provider out there. That led me to gather all available information regarding Mediacom’s products. To help us figure out if they’re worth getting.

I’ll cover the following points throughout this piece:

Just keep reading.

Mediacom Pros & Cons


  • Great international rates on phone plans
  • Competitive pricing for the 1st year
  • Data caps offer more wiggle room than competitors’


  • TV & phone plans are only accessible when bundling with internet
  • Internet plans have a data cap
  • Requires a 1-year contract
  • Prices skyrocket after a year

Mediacom Internet Plans, Features, & Pricing

MediacomCable offers the following home internet plans:

TierStarting Price Range *Max. Download Speed †Max. Upload Speed †Best For
Internet 100$24.99/mo.100 Mbps10 MbpsHomes with <3 people
Internet 300$39.99/mo.300 Mbps20 MbpsGaming, emails, & 480p video streaming
Internet 600$49.99/mo.500 Mbps30 Mbps1080p video streaming
1 Gig$59.99/mo.1,000 Mbps50 Mbps4K video streaming
Connect2Compete Plus$30/mo.100 Mbps5.0 MbpsHomes with <3 people
Mediacom’s home internet plans compared.

Details [1]:

  • Prices increase up to 77% after the 1st year
  • $0–$45 installation fee
  • Requires a 12-month contract
  • 300–6,000 GB hard data caps (varies by plan)
  • Average latency:
    • Off-peak: 24.55 ms
    • Peak hours (7–11 PM): 25.75 ms
    • Saturday–Sunday: 24.42 ms

The average latency I listed will vary by customer. Don’t expect to see these numbers.

The Connect2Compete Plus plan is available to customers who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. I’ll emphasize that under the “Deals” section.

I’ll cover Mediacom’s standard rates in a bit. The following section will cover their bandwidth cap.

Mediacom Data Cap

Mediacom’s data caps are as follows [2]:

PlanData CapHours of Streamable 4K Video
Internet 100300 GB51
Internet 3001,500 GB256
Internet 6003,000 GB500+
1 Gig6,000 GB1,000+
MediacomCable’s data caps compared.

Upon passing these data caps, you’ll need to pay a data overage charge of $10 for every additional 50 GB used. For example, you must pay an extra $40 on the Internet 100 plan if you use 400 GB during your billing period.

You won’t have any issues with Mediacom’s data caps for the following online tasks:

  • Online gaming
  • Social media
  • Checking emails
  • Streaming 480p SD resolution video
  • Listening to music
  • Browsing the internet

Streaming 720p HD or higher quality video, along with file downloads/uploads will make the biggest dents in your data cap. If you go with Mediacom, have everyone conserve the number of downloads and uploads they perform.

And pay attention to what resolution video you’re watching.

Despite thinking data caps are an abomination, Mediacom has decent data cap rates on their Internet 300 and 600 plan. Better than Xfinity’s 1.2 terabytes (TB)cap.

The 1 Gig data cap has me on the fence. 6.0 TB of data is a lot. But if you frequently back up a home media server and download massive files, that data could drop quickly.

Mediacom Internet Hidden Fees

MediacomCable charges these additional fees for their internet products:

Equipment/ServiceFee *
Xtream WiFi360pro with eero Secure$10/mo.
Data Overage Surcharge$10 per 50 GB used
Xstream Assurance$10/mo.
Internet 360$30/mo.
Modem Rental$13/mo.
Additional WiFi360pro devices$6.00 each
Unreturned WiFi360pro fee$75–$199
Installation Fee$109.99
Service Fee$49
Activation Fee$10
Late payment fee$10
Insufficient funds fee$29
Unreturned modem fee$49
Phone number change$15
Mediacom home internet extra fees.

Mediacom Standard Rates for Internet Plans

Here’s the pricing for Mediacom after a year:

TierPromotional Pricing *Standard Pricing *Percentage Difference
Internet 100$24.99/mo.$34.99/mo.33%
Internet 300$39.99/mo.$89.99/mo.77%
Internet 600$49.99/mo.$109.99/mo.75%
Internet 1 Gig$59.99/mo.$129.99/mo.73%
MediacomCable standard pricing compared to new customer rates.

They offer competitive pricing for the first year. Then bam. They throw up to a 77% higher bill in your face. You could call their retention department and negotiate a cheaper bill.

You’d need to research competing ISPs in your area. And they may offer much better pricing without data caps. If you proceed with your call, let them know you’re considering switching to “X” provider. Because your bill is out of your family’s budget.

Ensure you’re friendly throughout the call, though. I’m sure a retention department specialist wouldn’t feel willing to help a jerk.

If the call doesn’t go well, call back another day. See if you reach someone different.

Otherwise, you may find yourself better off switching.

Mediacom TV Packages, Channels, & Features

Let’s compare Mediacom’s home TV packages:

TV PlanPrice (Year 1) *Price (Year 2) *Number of Channels
Local TV$10/mo.$40/mo.50+
Essential TV$40/mo.$80/mo.125+
Variety TV$61/mo.$105/mo.170+
Mediacom cable TV packages compared.


  • Only accessible when bundling with an internet plan
  • Cable TV

There’s not much to cover in this section about their TV plans. They offer various channel bundles and add-ons, which I’ll cover in the following sections.

Mediacom Channel Lineup

Here are the channels you’ll get with MediacomCable’s television packages:

ChannelLocal TVEssential TVVariety TV
Animal Planet
Bally Sports North
BBC America
Big Ten network
BTN Overflow 1
BTN Overflow 2
BTN Overflow 3
Cartoon Network
CBS Sports network
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
Food Network
FOX Business Network
FOX News
Great American Family
Great American Living
Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Heroes & Icons
Investigation Discovery
ION Television
Justice Central
Lifetime Movies
Local Access
Magnolia Network
Mediacom On Demand
Motor Trend
National Geographic Channel
Nick Jr.
Outdoor Channel
Oxygen True Crime
Paramount Network
Sundance TV
Tennis Channel
The Weather Channel
Travel Channel
TV Land
Universal Kids
USA Network
WE tv
MediacomCable channel lineup.

Local channels and channel numbers will vary by ZIP code. These packages also include many music channels, but I didn’t include them.

Mediacom TV Hidden Fees

Here are the additional fees you will likely encounter with Mediacom TV [3]:

EquipmentFee *
Regional Sports Surcharge$9.16/mo.
Broadcast Surcharge$22.65/mo.
TiVo DVR Service$14.95/mo.
TiVo Multi-Room DVR Service$19.95/mo.
Nonstandard DVR Fee$5.00/mo.
TV Box$10.50/mo.
Installation Fee$109.99
Unreturned TV box$139
Unreturned TiVo$100–$150
Mediacom TV additional fees.

Mediacom TV Channel Packages

If you haven’t spent enough money on channels, check out these packages:

TV PackagePrice *
HBO & HBO Max$18.95/mo.
HBO Max ‡$14.99/mo.
International Channels$9.99/mo. each
Lifetime Movie Club §$4.99/mo.
Here TV §$7.99/mo.
Too Much for TV §$14.95/mo.
Music Choice Relax §$5.99/mo.
Music Choice Karaoke §$6.99/mo.
Dog TV §$4.99/mo.
Adult Premium Packages §$9.95 or $24.95 each
PPV movies §$4.99/movie
HD PPV Movies §$5.99/movie
HD/SD VOD Movies §$5.99/movie
Kids & Variety Digital Pak$9.95/mo.
Sports & Information Digital Pak$9.95/mo.
NFL RedZone$9.95/mo.
HD Pak$6.95/mo.
Movies & Music Digital Pak$9.95/mo.
Mediacom channel packages compared.

‡ HBO Max requires a Mediacom Internet plan.

§ Requires TiVo STB or TiVo DVR/TiVo mini

Mediacom also has various On Demand subscription packages like Music Choice Karaoke, Music Choice Relax, and more.

XtreamTV App

The XtreamTV mobile app allows users to do the following:

  • Learn about a show’s cast
  • Use your phone as a remote
  • Set recordings
  • Watch live TV

They don’t specify the number of devices households can use with this app simultaneously. However, the 1-star reviews on the Google Play and Apple App Store pages suggest this app isn’t practical.

For streaming channels, I’d suggest the following “perk.”

TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere allows multiple users to watch their channel lineups on various devices. This reduces the need for additional cable boxes.

Each device requires 768 Kbps per device to stream content [4]. Mediacom doesn’t specify whether this will lead to buffer-free streaming. I don’t think it does.

YouTube, for example, requires 1.1 Mbps to stream 480p SD without buffering [5]. I recommend having those speeds available. Which almost all internet and mobile data plans should accommodate.

Not all networks offer their content online, which means you may not have the ability to watch all your channels. They also don’t specify what channels are available.

Your household can watch content on unlimited devices. What devices does it work with, though?

It’ll work with the following:

  • Roku TV boxes & sticks
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox
  • Apple TV
  • iPhones & iPads
  • Android phones
  • PCs

To access your lineup, you must visit TV Everywhere’s login page and sign in through your Mediacom online account.

Mediacom Business Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here are Mediacom’s business internet products:

TierStarting Price Range *Speeds Offered (DL/UL) †Best For
60 Mbps$129.95/mo.60/5.0 MbpsChecking emails with 1–5 devices
100 Mbps$169.95/mo.100/10 MbpsPOS systems
300 Mbps$229.95/mo.300/20 MbpsManaging eCommerce sites
1 Gig$329.95/mo.1,000/30 MbpsConstantly downloading files
Mediacom business internet plans compared.


  • Contract-free
  • Free installation
  • 6 months of free advanced security
  • Unlimited data
  • Transitioning to IPV6
  • Includes a modem

I thought the speeds were a joke when first seeing them. But nope.

And it gets worse.

The contract-free perk I listed is only a special. Usually, Mediacom requires a 3-year contract with their business plan. And after each year, your plan’s price increases by $20. You’d pay $149.95 on year 2 for the 60 Mbps plan. Then $169.95 on year 3.

image 1


IPV6 internet is slightly faster than IPV4 plans. The latter is what most internet providers use. But it’s not worth charging more than $100 for 60 Mbps plans.

By the way.

The upload speeds further strengthen my point that these plans aren’t worth getting. A 1-on-1 720p Zoom call requires 2.6 Mbps upload speeds per device. You could maybe run 1 device on Zoom with the 60 Mbps plan.

I recommend any other business internet plan than Mediacom. Despite their transparency.

They weren’t transparent with their fiber business internet plans, though. I believed it could redeem Mediacom, but nope.

Mediacom Phone Plans

Mediacom’s home phone plans cost around $10 a month and are only accessible as add-ons to internet plans. According to the rate card, phone plan pricing increases to $45 monthly after the first year.

You should confirm with Mediacom’s sales department whether that’s accurate and up-to-date.

It’s useful for homes who want coverage when their mobile phones have none. Or as a means to provide a 911 operator with an accurate address.

And maybe these features will make you want it more:

3-way callingCall waitingCaller ID
Caller ID for call waitingAnonymous call rejectionCaller ID per call blocking
voicemailDo not disturbCall transfer
Priority callSpeed dialingCall forwarding
Customer originated traceSelective callSelective call rejection
forwardingSelective call acceptance.
Mediacom home phone features.

What about international calling? They have the following packages:

  • WorldTalk 30: free
    • 30 minutes call time
    • 67 countries
  • WorldTalk 200: $9.99/mo.
    • 200 minutes call time
    • 67 countries
    • 200 additional minutes will cost $9.99
  • WorldTalk 250: $19.99/mo.
    • 250 minutes call time
    • 87 countries
    • 250 additional minutes will cost $14.99

You’ll need to visit to find a list of supported countries for each plan. I don’t have the time to write them. And you probably don’t want to sift through them in this guide.


Mediacom’s home phone service doesn’t cost much and it offers fantastic international rates. Most providers will charge up to $3.00 per minute, depending on the country.

Mediacom Availability

Mediacom offers services in the following 22 states:

CaliforniaKentuckyArizonaNorth Carolina
DelawareWisconsinSouth DakotaKansas
States where Mediacom is available.

Here’s a coverage map of states where Mediacom offers their services:

Mediacom Coverage

Visit, click the “Shop Now” button, and enter your address for the most accurate results. As Mediacom doesn’t specify all the ZIP codes they serve.

Mediacom Bundles: TV, Internet, & Phone

Here are the bundles Mediacom offers for their phone, internet, and TV services:

TierStarting Price *Max. Speed (DL & UL) † Channels
Internet 100 + Local TV$34.99/mo.100/10 MbpsUp to 50
Internet 100 + Essential TV$74.99/mo.100/10 Mbps125+
Internet 100 + Local TV + Phone$44.99/mo.100/10 MbpsUp to 50
Internet 100 + Variety TV + Phone$104.99/mo.100/10 Mbps170+
Internet 100 + Phone$34.99/mo.100/10 Mbps0
Internet 1 Gig + Phone$69.99/mo.1,000/50 Mbps0
Internet 1 Gig + Local TV$69.99/mo.1,000/50 MbpsUp to 50
Internet 1 Gig + Variety TV + Phone$139.99/mo.1,000/50 Mbps170+
Internet 1 Gig + Local TV + Phone$79.99/mo.1,000/50 MbpsUp to 50
Mediacom bundles compared.

Customers only have access to the phone and television plans when bundling with an internet plan. You won’t receive discounts when bundling.

These prices will increase upon staying with Mediacom for 2 years.

And they offer a few bundles:

  • Internet: best for most households
    • Home phone is optional
    • $45 installation fee
  • 360 Internet: best for homes with Wi-Fi dead zones
    • It costs $10 more than Internet
    • $25 installation fee
    • Free WiFi360pro whole home with up to 2 eero devices
    • Includes home phone
  • Smart Internet: Works best if you want home security
    • Consists of all 360 Internet perks
    • Free installation
    • $150 credit
    • Extra $10 monthly
    • Home Automation Service

You’ll save the most money by choosing the Internet bundle. You won’t HAVE to get the home phone service and pay for perks you may not use. If you want mesh Wi-Fi systems—what the eero routers are—buy those.

It’ll cost you around $75 for a device. Or $125 for 1 device plus an extender (second router). That would take you a little more than a year to pay off. Plus, you could use them with any other ISP.

Mediacom Deals & Promotions

New internet customers get up to 77% cheaper plans for the first year. After which, they’re stuck with standard rates. I covered these earlier in the guide.

They also offer perks based on the bundle chosen:

  • Smart Internet
    • $150 account credit
    • Free installation ($109.99 value)
    • 2 eero devices
  • 360 Internet
    • 2 eero devices free
    • $25 installation fee
    • $100 account credit
  • Internet
    • $45 installation fee
    • $50 account credit

All these bundles also include a $10 discount for enabling paperless billing and automatic payments.

The government offers a subsidy called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It’s a $ 30-a-month subsidy. Or $75 a month if you live on qualifying tribal lands.

Someone in your household will need to participate in at least one of these programs to qualify for the ACP:

  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
  • School Breakfast Program (SBP)
  • Head Start
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • VA Survivors or Veteran’s Pension
  • Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Tribal TANF
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

Check whether you’re eligible for the ACP program by visiting and filling out the national verifier. If they approve you into the program, you’ll need to call 855-330-6918 to reach someone from Mediacom.


Customers who qualify for the ACP can use the Connect2Compete Plus plan for free. It also includes free Wi-Fi, unlimited data, and self-installation. 100 Mbps download speeds are ideal for most households with under 3 people.

So long as they don’t frequently transfer files.

How to Contact Mediacom Internet Customer Service

Here’s how to reach Mediacom’s support:

  • Sales: 844-385-5773
  • Customer support: 855-633-4226
  • Twitter: @MediacomSupport
  • Privacy support: 833-998-1824


Keep reading to find frequently asked questions about Mediacom. I may have forgotten to cover something earlier.

Does Mediacom Have Contracts?

All Mediacom plans require a 12-month contract. Upon finishing the contract, your internet plan’s prices will increase.

How Do I Cancel Mediacom?

You’ll need to call 855-633-4226 to cancel your Mediacom service.

Wrapping Up

Mediacom offers much more affordable pricing and generous data caps compared to most other cable providers. Once the standard pricing sets in, their plans look much less appealing.

Whether they’re worth getting depends on your household’s needs, though.

Compare them to other service providers before making a decision. We’ve covered most popular ISPs and TV providers in separate guides. Check them out.


* The pricing you see doesn’t include any taxes or additional fees. These will vary based on where you are. Prices already include a $10 discount you’d get for enabling paperless billing and automatic payments.

† And the internet speed you get may change based on how you’re connected (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and a few other factors.

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Internet 300

$ 39
  • Enough for a family
  • 12-month contract
  • 1,500 GB data cap

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