Spectrum Price After 12 Months: Spectrum’s Regular Rates

Spectrum Internet and TV prices will increase by up to 40% after staying with Spectrum for 12 months. The Spectrum One bundle’s price will increase by up to 75%. Keep reading to learn more.

I want to find a service provider who offers the best value. Part of that value comes from regular rates. I spent hours researching this information to help you decide whether Spectrum’s worth the cost.

As you read forward, you’ll find the following:

Let’s uncover some prices.

Spectrum Internet Standard Prices: Price After 12 Months

Here are the standard rates for Spectrum cable internet [1, 2]:

TierPromo. PricePost Promo.Percentage IncreaseMax. Speed (DL/UL)
Internet$49.99/mo.$74.99/mo.40%300/10 Mbps
Internet Ultra$69.99/mo.$94.99/mo.30%500/20 Mbps
Internet Gig$89.99/mo.$114.99/mo.24%1,000/35 Mbps
Internet Assist$19.99/mo.NA0%30/4.0 Mbps
Charter Spectrum cable internet standard prices.

Out of all the internet service providers I’ve researched, Spectrum makes the biggest fuss about providing information. You’d usually find standard rates in the fine print at the bottom of a product page.

Or hidden with a that’s accessible by clicking the internet plan. But no. I had to visit spectrum.com/policies/rate-card or the broadband disclosure page. This source has provided information for all the standard pricing I’ve linked throughout this guide.

In case you’re too lazy to follow my source, I’ll bring the page to you:

Spectrum internet speed

The superscript “2” and “3” leads to fine print that talks about varying upload speed. It’s not essential information.

These prices don’t include sales tax or the price for Wi-Fi rentals.

Spectrum Cable TV Prices After 12 Months

Here are the standard rates for Spectrum cable TV packages:

TierPromo. PricePost PromoPercentage increase
TV Select$59.99/mo.$79.99/mo.25%
MI Plan Latino$39.99/mo.$54.99/mo.27%
Spectrum TV Select + Latino View$71.99/mo.NA0%
TV Basic$9.99/mo.NA0%
TV Choice$44.99/mo.NA0%
TV Essentials$24.99/mo.NA0%
Spectrum TV standard rates.

None of the above standard pricing factors in the broadcast TV fee, taxes, and cable box. Most of these fees will vary by your ZIP code.

I don’t know whether the TV Basic and Choice packages still exist. I could only find mentions of them on Spectrum’s channel lineup and rate card pages.

If you’re a new customer and want those plans, you’ll need to contact Spectrum to see whether they offer these packages in your area. You can’t order them from Spectrum’s website, otherwise.

TV Essentials is an add-on livestreaming TV service. Customers only can buy it as an upsell when getting a Spectrum cable internet package.

I don’t want to emphasize this further because this guide focuses on standard rates.

Spectrum TV Select + Latino view is the TV Select plan with the Latino View international channel package. There’s no reason the price would increase.

Here’s proof [3]:

Spectrum Offer details

Let’s talk about why Spectrum’s plans increase after 12 months.

Is It Possible To Get the New Customer Rate Again?

Follow these steps to attempt to regain your new customer pricing:

  1. Research competing TV or internet providers in your area
  2. Call Spectrum at 888-369-2408
  3. Request to speak to the retention department
  4. Confirm you’re talking to a retention team member
  5. Follow and reword the script I’ll mention after this list
  6. See if they offer any promotions or discounts
  7. If not, transition the call to an end
  8. If you performed step 7, call back another day

If Spectrum retention staff doesn’t offer a discount the first time you call, contact them a different day. See if you reach a different retention team member.

DON’T request to speak to the billing department or managers. They won’t have access to discounts. Retention’s job is to keep customers with Spectrum by almost any means.

Let’s talk about what to say.

Here’s what I’d say, “The standard internet price for my Spectrum Internet exceeds my family’s budget. Is there any way to get my new customer pricing again? If not, we’re considering switching to Frontier.”

I’m not the best in social situations. Use a similar script to what I wrote, but less aggressive. You may not even have to mention that you’re considering switching to “X” provider.

That’s just for leverage. To tell them you’re serious about switching providers.

This tip won’t always work. If it doesn’t, transition the call to an end.

For now, let’s do more doomscrolling by seeing more standard prices.

Spectrum Bundle Prices After 12 Months

Spectrum bundle standard prices are as follows:

BundlePromo. PricePost Promo. PricePercentage Increase
Spectrum Internet + TV$109.98/mo.$154.98/mo.29%
TV Select + Internet + Voice$129.97/mo.$174.97/mo.25%
MI Plan Latino + Internet$89.98/mo.$129.98/mo.30%
Ultra + TV$129.98/mo.$174.98/mo.25%
Mi Plan Latino + Ultra$109.98/mo.$149.98/mo.26%
Charter Spectrum bundle standard prices.

These standard prices don’t factor in the cable box lease, taxes, broadband TV fee, or wireless router rental costs.

Spectrum doesn’t offer discounts on any of their TV, internet, and landline bundles. They combine the prices for the services you bundle.

Thus, there’s no special circumstances that come into pricing differences with bundles.

Let’s cover mobile bundles

Spectrum One Price After 12 Months

Spectrum One standard pricing is as follows:

TierPromo. PricePost Promo.Percentage Increase
Internet 300 Mbps$49.99/mo.$109.98/mo.75%
Internet 500 Mbps$69.99/mo.$129.98/mo.60%
Internet Gig$89.99/mo.$149.98/mo.49%
Spectrum One pricing after 12 months.

These prices don’t factor in sales tax and other hidden Spectrum Mobile fees.

What is Spectrum One?

It’s when you get one Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line and a Wi-Fi router rental free for a year. It’s more like a promotion than a bundle.

Once the first year passes, you’ll pay the standard rates for your internet-only plan, the $5.00 wireless router rental fee, and $29.99 for the Unlimited cell phone plan.

Should you try the above negotiation tactics I mentioned for this “bundle”?

Sure, why not.

Don’t threaten to cancel your plan over it, but it’s worth trying to get lower pricing if you use Spectrum Mobile and internet. Shave the $5.00 Wi-Fi router rental fee from your plan by buying a third-party router.

I cover what to look for with a Wi-Fi router in a separate piece. I don’t want to repeat myself here.

Spectrum Packages That Won’t Increase After 12 Months

The following Spectrum plans WON’T increase after 12 months of service:

  • Internet Assist: low-income internet
  • TV Essentials: live TV streaming service that’s an add-on
  • TV Choice & Basic: I don’t know whether these plans still exist
  • Spectrum By The Gig: pay by-the-gig mobile plan
  • Unlimited Mobile: unlimited data mobile plan
  • Unlimited Mobile Plus: mobile plan with higher soft data cap

Their mobile plans don’t increase in price. Neither do their add-ons.

Before moving on, I want to show you how to find standard pricing. To prove I’m not blowing smoke.

How To Find Spectrum’s Price Disclosure

To find Spectrum’s standard pricing for residential internet and television services, visit spectrum.com/policies/rate-card and enter your address.

You’ll see pricing that looks like the following:

Spectrum TV Plans

You’ll find additional hidden fees, pricing for add-ons, and more.

Speaking of ridiculous hidden fees. Let’s check out what you’ll pay.

Other Spectrum Hidden Fees

Potentially hidden fees you may find on all your Spectrum plans include:

Self installation fee$19.99
WiFi Service (Router Rental)$5.00/mo.
Spectrum WiFi Pods$3.00/mo. per pod
Unreturned equipment fee$20–$130
Cloud DVR Plus$9.99/mo.
Broadband TV fee$21/mo.
TV Channel packages$6.00–$30/mo.
Premium channel packages$5.00–$15/mo.
International Channel packages$4.99–$29.99/mo.
Secure Connection$1.00
DVR Service Package (2 to 4 DVR receivers)$19.99/mo.
DVR Service (1 DVR receiver)$12.99/mo.
Spectrum TV Box & Remote (per device)$9.99/mo.
Additional Bill Copies$1.99
Insufficient Funds Fee$25
Late Fee (45 Days Past Due)$8.95
Phone Payment Processing (Charter Assisted)$5.00
Reconnection Fee$4.99
Professional Installation$49.99
Spectrum hidden pricing for most of their services.

Don’t let this massive list intimidate you.

Let the self-installation fee do that. You have to pay $19.99 to install and activate your own services. Or pay $49.99 for a technician to do the job for you.

If you’re a cable TV customer, you MUST pay $9.99 monthly for an Apple TV 4K or a HD TV box. Avoid this fee by getting an internet-only plan and getting TV Essentials. Then use any smart device to stream TV through the Spectrum TV app.

Use the same tip to avoid the broadcast TV fee. Otherwise, you’re paying an extra 20% more on cable TV plans.

Avoid the $5.00 wireless router rental fee by getting a third-party router.

Return leased Spectrum equipment 15 days after you cancel your service or device rental. Ensure you request a return receipt when doing so. Otherwise, you’ll incur the unreturned device fee.

FAQs: Spectrum Price After 12 Months

Read on to find commonly asked questions about Spectrum’s standard pricing.

What Is Spectrum’s Late Fee Grace Period?

Spectrum has a 30-day late fee grace period. After this time, Spectrum will charge you $8.95 per late payment.

How Much Does Spectrum Mobile Cost After 12 Months?

Spectrum Mobile prices remain the same after 12 months. Spectrum’s cellular plans don’t have promotional pricing. Unless you use Spectrum One.

Why Does Spectrum’s Price Increase After 12 Months?

Spectrum’s prices increase after 12 months because they want a means to attract you to their plan. And once you’re “hooked,” they’ll start charging more money.

Wrapping Up

Spectrum home TV and internet plans increase up to 40% in price after 12 months. Their bundles increase up to 75%.

Try getting your new customer rates once more by calling Spectrum’s retention department and negotiating. Otherwise, there’s not much else to this guide.

Learn more about all Spectrum’s services by reading our overview of their services.

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