Spectrum Phones Deals & Mobile Discounts (2024)

Spectrum offers up to $500 on top of your phone’s trade-in value when trading in old devices and buying a new one through Spectrum.

They also offer their mobile plan free for 12 months if you bundle it with broadband internet and Wi-Fi. Read this guide to learn more.

I’m always trying to find the best way to save the most money on services and devices. I spent hours of research finding every deal on Spectrum’s website. Then compiled it into this guide.

Throughout this guide, I’ll cover the following information about Spectrum’s phone deals:

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Spectrum Phone Trade in Deals

On top of your phone’s trade-in value, Spectrum will add an extra $100 bonus toward many of their phones.

You could sometimes get an extra $500 to put toward a phone. I’ll cover various phone models and trade-in bonuses you’ll get in a bit.

I want to provide a quick example of how this deal works. Say you trade in an iPhone 12, and Spectrum appraises it as $200. Now you want to buy an iPhone 13 for $699.99.

When applying the trade-in bonus credit and the iPhone 12’s value, you’ll pay $399.99 ($300 off).

What determines your phone’s trade-in value?

Many factors. Your phone’s make, model, and previous phone carrier are part of some primary factors. Then there’s the extent of damage your phone has. Spectrum will accept slightly cracked screens or minor cosmetic damage.

They’ll pay you less for damaged phones, though.

But they won’t accept devices with visible liquid under your screen, bloated batteries, and if it won’t power on.

You can trade in your current cellphone through one of the following channels [1]:

  • Visit a local Spectrum store
  • Online through Spectrummobile.com
  • By calling their customer service at 833-224-6603

If you’re doing it in-store, the customer service representative will examine your phone and appraise it.

From there, you’ll need to back up your data, remove security features (e.g., password), erase your data and settings, and remove your SIM card.

And if you can turn in your phone, do it in-store, or you’ll have to mail in your device through the Self Certify program.

Spectrum Discounts on Accessories

Spectrum doesn’t have any deals on accessories.

Bookmark this guide and check it frequently to see when deals are available.

You can get a 3-month free Spectrum Mobile line for an Apple Smartwatch. This plan usually costs $10 monthly.

While this smartwatch plan is “free,” there’s a small caveat. You get the free(ness) in the form of $10 account credits [2]. So you can’t use them anywhere else.

Here’s the fine print:

Spectrum Mobile fine print

But you can contribute these credits toward other Spectrum products or services.

Spectrum Phone Deals

Spectrum Mobile only has a sale for the Google Pixel 6a. It’s now $199.99. Before, it was $449.99.

That’s over $250 in savings. And you can still get the $100 trade-in credit to reduce this phone’s price to $99.99.

The following sections will cover Spectrum phone deals for different popular providers.

Spectrum Deals on Apple Phones

You can only get a trade-in deal toward Apple phones by trading in old devices. You will get your hardware’s trade-in value, plus an extra $100 to put toward one of the following iPhones:

iPhone ModelPrice (Upfront)Price (Monthly)APR
iPhone SEUp to $479.99Up to $19.99/mo.0%
iPhone 11$499.99$20.83/mo.0%
iPhone 12Up to $649.99Up to $27.08/mo.0%
iPhone 13$699.99$29.16/mo.0%
iPhone 13 mini$599.99$24.99/mo.0%
iPhone 13 Pro Max$999.99$41.66/mo.0%
iPhone 14Up to $1,099Up to $24.83/mo.0%
iPhone 14 PlusUp to $1,199.99Up to $49.99/mo.0%
iPhone 14 Pro Up to $1,499Up to $62.49/mo.0%
iPhone 14 Pro MaxUp to $1,399.99Up to $58.33/mo.0%
Spectrum iPhone prices compared.

These prices can change at a moment’s notice. Check Spectrum’s website before purchasing a phone. The model or unit with your desired storage size may also fall out of stock.

All the mentioned monthly payments are for if you do a monthly plan for 24 months.

Spectrum Deals on Samsung Phones

Trading in any old phone and putting it toward a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will give you the trade-in value. Plus an extra $500.

Instead of paying $1,919.99 for the 512 GB model, you’d pay $1,419.99. Then you’d subtract the trade-in value for your phone.

Or you can get the trade-in value plus an additional $300 to put toward one of these Samsung phones:

Samsung ModelPrice (Upfront)Price (Monthly)APR
Galaxy Z Flip4Up to $1,059.99Up to $44.16/mo.0%
Galaxy S22 128 GB$1,199.99$49.99/mo.0%
Galaxy S22+ 128 GB$999.99$41.66/mo.0%
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G$699.99$29.16/mo.0%
High-end Samsung phones you can get with Spectrum Mobile.

$200 of extra credit toward these models:

Samsung ModelPrice (Upfront)Price (Monthly)APR
Galaxy A53 5G$449.93$18.74/mo.0%
Spectrum Samsung phones you can get $200 of extra trade-in value toward.

And you’ll get an extra $100 to put toward these Samsung phones:

Samsung ModelPrice (Upfront)Price (Monthly)APR
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G$1,799.99$74.99/mo.0%
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5GUp to $1,049.99Up to $43.74/mo.0%
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G$245.99$10.24/mo.0%
Samsung Galaxy A03s$155.99$6.49/mo.0%
Cheap Samsung phones Spectrum Mobile offers.

Cheap Spectrum Mobile Phones

Here are the cheapest phones you’ll get with Spectrum Mobile WITHOUT the trade-in bonus and values:

PhonePrice (Upfront)Price (Monthly)
Samsung Galaxy A03s$155.99$6.49/mo.
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G$245.99$10.24/mo.
Orbic Journey V$95.99$3.99/mo.
Motorola moto g pure$155.99$6.49/mo.
Google Pixel 6a$199.99$8.33/mo.
Cheapest phones Spectrum Mobile offers.

Spectrum Mobile Deals

Bundle 1 Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line, Advanced WiFi router, and any internet plan and save over $34.99 a month for 12 months. The pricing will vary by internet plan you bundle.

The bundle works best for single folks who want to save over $400 within a year. It also works great if you’re saving for a decent Wi-Fi router. Or don’t have much disposable income at the moment.

Upon reaching month 13, you’ll need to pay between $109.98 and $149.98 monthly.

If you’ve saved enough for a router to meet your needs, you could shave $5.00 off the post-promo. prices. If you need a decent Wi-Fi router, look no further. We’ve compared many budget routers in a separate guide.

They support varying wireless standards and maximum Wi-Fi speeds.

Is the mobile plan after the promotional period too expensive?

Take a look at other mobile plans that Spectrum Mobile offers.

Spectrum Cell Phone Plans

The cellular plans you can get with Spectrum include:

TierPriceSoft Data CapSpeed After Exceeding Cap
Unlimited$29.99/mo. per line30 GB per line1.0 Mbps (down) 512 Kbps (up)
Unlimited Plus$39.99/mo. per line20 GB per line1.0 Mbps (down) 512 Kbps (up)
By The Gig$14 per GB5 GB per line256 Kbps (up & down)
Spectrum Mobile plans.

Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind with Spectrum’s cellular plans:

  • No contract
  • 2,000 minutes a month free when calling people in Mexico and Canada
  • Free international texting to over 200 countries from the US
  • Uses Verizon cellular towers
  • You must have a Spectrum internet-only plan

Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). That means it resells services larger cellular providers offer. In this case, it’s Verizon.

To use this cellular plan, you must have a Spectrum home internet plan. But it doesn’t require a contract. And you can text a good chunk of the world for free from inside the States.

But there’s a downside to this plan. The soft data cap. That means you’ll have slower data speeds once you surpass “X” GB of data usage.

I illustrated all information regarding the cellular data allowance in the table above.

Can you do anything with these data speeds?

256 Kbps could allow you to load sluggish web pages and send messages on apps like Facebook Messenger.

And 1.0 Mbps could let you stream 360p videos [3]. Since that resolution only requires 0.7 Mbps download speeds.

Spectrum Mobile Coverage Map

Charter Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s cellular towers and offers coverage in the following areas:

Spectrum Mobile coverage

Can’t forget about Hawaii and Alaska

Spectrum Mobile Hawaii coverage
Spectrum Mobile Alaska coverage

I’m not a developer. So I can’t embed Spectrum’s actual mobile coverage map. If you want to see a detailed view, check out this page.

You can also check out the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Verizon mobile coverage map. Keep in mind that Verizon submitted this map. So you’re going off of the cellular provider’s claims.

But it provides another perspective on Spectrum’s coverage.

To even get Spectrum Mobile, there’s a prerequisite I mentioned.

Charter Spectrum Cable Internet Packages

Since Spectrum Mobile requires having a Charter internet plan, you’ll need to know the available plans. Here’s what you can get:

TierPromo PricePost PromoSpeed (Down/Up)Best For
Internet$49.99/mo.$74.99/mo.300/10 MbpsHomes with less than 10 people
Internet Ultra$69.99/mo.$94.99/mo.500/20 MbpsHomes with over 10 people
Internet Gig$89.99/mo.$114.99/mo.1,000/35 MbpsHouseholds that frequently download files
Charter Spectrum broadband cable internet plans.

When using Spectrum’s internet plans, you’ll get these perks:

  • No hard data caps or data overage fees
  • Free modem rental
  • Over 530,000 Wi-Fi hotspots
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free antivirus software

What’s a hard data cap?

Let’s use Xfinity Comcast as an example.

They have a 1.2 terabyte (TB) hard data cap. Once you use this amount of data per month, they’ll automatically add 50 gigabytes (GB) blocks to your account. Then they’ll charge $10 per block as data overage fees.

Spectrum doesn’t have a hard data cap. So you don’t have to worry about how these will affect your online experience.

Don’t confuse a modem with a gateway (modem/router combo). That means you’ll need a router. Unless you don’t want Wi-Fi.

The internet service provider (ISP) charges $5.00 monthly for their Advanced WiFi router. That’s $60 a year. Or $120 every 2 years.

Buy your own router. You’ll save money over time. Since it’ll take at least a bit over a year to pay it off. If you don’t want to research a new router, we’ve done the work for you.

Check out our findings.

Wi-Fi hotspots can reduce your contribution toward Spectrum’s soft data cap. These are free public Wi-Fi access points that you can use when you’re not on the move.

Look for the network names of “Spectrum.” Speeds for these networks will vary by location and the number of people using it.

The money-back-guarantee makes it so you can test their service.

And don’t worry about the antivirus software. It’s free. But Mac users can’t use it. Those with Windows operating systems should just use Windows Defender (also free).

Because Spectrum doesn’t provide any points on why you should download 1 GB software and waste your hard drive’s space.

Spectrum doesn’t have any discounts on their services at the moment. We have a separate page dedicated to keeping track of that information. Check it out to see if it’s updated.

FAQs: Spectrum Phone Deals

The following sections will cover frequently asked questions about Spectrum’s phone deals.

Does Spectrum Mobile Support eSim?

Spectrum does support some eSim-enabled devices [4]. For instance, they allow you to use an iPhone 14 (U.S. version).

What Kind of Phones Does Spectrum Offer?

Spectrum offers Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola smartphones, and an Orbic flip phone.

Does Spectrum Mobile Offer Any Discounts?

Spectrum offers a free 3 months Mobile plan for smartwatches and no activation fee. You can also get Spectrum Mobile free for a year if you bundle it with Spectrum internet and a router.

What Phones Work With Spectrum Mobile?

You can bring your own Google, Apple, and Samsung phones to Spectrum Mobile. Or you can use an LG phone you bought from Spectrum Mobile.

Wrapping Up

Spectrum Mobile offers an excellent trade-in bonus when putting money toward a new phone and switching to one of their plans. But otherwise, they don’t have many promotions for their cellular or data plans.

You’ll likely want to learn more about Spectrum’s services. So you should check out my overview of Spectrum’s services.

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Spectrum Offer

300 Mbps plans for $39.99/mo
$ 69
  • Enough for a familly
  • High availability
  • No data cap