Spectrum TV & Internet Deals for Veterans in 2024

Spectrum doesn’t offer deals on their internet and cable TV services for veterans, military personnel, and Gold Star Families. You’ll want to keep reading to find other deals the service provider offers.

I’m not a veteran, but I can help you save money on Spectrum’s services. I’ve compiled all potential ways to get more value from their services into this guide.

Throughout this piece, you’ll find the following:

Let’s begin.

Does Spectrum Offer Deals for Veterans?

Spectrum doesn’t offer discounts on their services for veterans, military personnel, and Gold Star Family members.

My research has also shown me that they don’t have any special times of the year when they offer military discounts.

But you can get a benefit as an active military personnel when canceling Spectrum Mobile or landline service.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Benefit

You can reserve a phone number after canceling Spectrum Mobile and landline services for up to 3 years if you meet these requirements [1]:

  • Deployment letter: must state you’ll deploy for at least 90 days
  • Be an active military service member
  • Relocation orders

Spectrum will also waive your activation and reconnection fees if you decide to use their services later. So long as you return to your location within 3 years of canceling your services.

To claim this benefit, you have 2 options. Fill out the form online. Or by mail.

You’ll need to follow this link and log into your Spectrum online account when dealing with this online. Fill out the form and submit your relocation orders or deployment letter as a JPEG or PDF file.

Follow this link to download the Spectrum Military Benefit application form (PDF link) to apply by mail.

Once you fill out this form, mail it, along with the location order or deployment letter, to this address:

Spectrum, Attention: Spectrum Military Leave Program – OCS

4145 S. Falkenburg Road

Riverview, FL 33578

Let’s talk about other ways you can save money with Spectrum.

Other Spectrum Promotions for Veterans

Let’s explore additional promotions, deals, discounts, and freebies Spectrum offers. Each point will cover your savings and how to obtain each “perk.”

Free Peacock Premium Plan

Spectrum TV customers can get a free Peacock Premium for 12 months. You’ll only get the freebie for 90 days if you’re an internet-only customer.

Either way, you save $4.99 monthly.

And you can watch a bunch of series like [2]:

  • Cheers
  • America’s Dumbest Criminals
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Brave Wilderness
  • College Bowl

There are over 80,000 hours of series, movies, and live TV. But you’ll need at least 8.0 Mbps download speeds of bandwidth available to enjoy content without buffering [3].

To claim your free Peacock Premium account, create a free account or sign in to your existing one here. From there, Peacock will apply your discount.

Then you can log into your Peacock account through any of the devices it supports.

Low-income internet & Affordable Connectivity Credit

Spectrum’s low-income internet plan (Internet Assist) gives you 30 Mbps downstream and 4.0 Mbps upstream for $17.99 monthly. If you meet the qualifications.

You’ll need to participate in at least one of these programs to qualify for this plan:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

This plan comes with a free modem rental, has no hard data cap, and doesn’t need a contract. But you’ll need to buy yourself a Wi-Fi router. Or lease one from Spectrum.

The latter option costs $5.99 monthly.

If you meet one of the above qualifications, gather your Benefits Verification letter, scan the documents, save them as PDF or JPG files, and upload it to this application.

Submit the application and wait for Spectrum’s response.

Once they get back to you, apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It’s a $30 monthly credit you can put toward your internet bill.

So you’d get Internet Assist for free with this credit.

Here’s a table to illustrate your savings with the ACP:

TierPromo PricePromo Price (w/ $30 ACP Credit)Post PromoPost Promo w/ Credit
Internet Assist$17.99/mo.FreeNANA
Internet Ultra$69.99/mo.$39.99/mo.$94.99/mo.$64.99/mo.
Internet Gig$89.99/mo.$69.99/mo.$114.99/mo.$84.99/mo.
Charter Spectrum internet prices with Affordable Connectivity Program credit applied.

Or you can use this image to help you understand your savings:

Spectrum Low Income Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offers this program and has these requirements to qualify [4]:

  • Have income that’s 200% under the Federal Poverty Guideline
  • Received the Federal Pell grant within a year
  • Participate in programs like:
    • Veterans Pension
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Medicaid
    • Other government benefits programs

You’ll only need to meet one of these qualifications.

Once you have documents ready to prove you’re receiving these benefits, visit affordableconnectivity.gov and fill out the application.

You’ll need to wait at least 5 business days for the government’s response to see whether you can take part in this program. If so, Spectrum will apply the credit to your bill.

How Do I Lower My Spectrum Bill as a Veteran?

The following sections will show additional tips on how to save money with your Spectrum internet, landline, mobile, and TV bills.

I’ll explain your savings, factors to consider, and how to follow these tips.

#1 Buy a Router

Buying a router up-front instead of leasing Spectrum’s Wi-Fi router can save you $60 a year.

Once you pay off the router you buy. You can get decent-budget routers for under $60. So you could pay the device off in under a year.

We’ve compiled and reviewed several budget routers. Check them out if you need help with your research.

Ensure the router can handle your Spectrum internet plan’s speeds, though. For instance, if you get Spectrum Gig, buy a router that can handle max speeds of at least 1,000 Mbps.

Ignoring this detail will result in slower internet and wasting money on speeds you’re not using.

Don’t get a router just because it has the newest technology. Living in a home with 2 people and not many devices simultaneously using the internet will require a 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) router.

Best Spectrum Internet Plans for Veterans

Each section will cover the pricing, speeds, use cases, and perks of each of Charter Spectrum’s cable internet plans.

#1 Internet Assist: Most Affordable

Internet Assist costs $17.99 monthly and offers 30/4.0 Mbps network speeds. It doesn’t have a data cap or a contract. And the price won’t increase after a year.

However, it requires you to meet qualifications. I covered these earlier.

30 Mbps download speeds will do well in allowing 1 person to stream 4K video. Or for 8 people to simultaneously watch 1080p FHD. Otherwise, these speeds could accommodate the needs of 1-or-2-person households.

4.0 Mbps upload speeds don’t allow much flexibility. You could have 2 people simultaneously using 1-on-1 Zoom sessions in 720p [5]. Or a single person participating in a Zoom group video session.

#2 Spectrum Internet: Best for Intense Internet Usage

Spectrum Internet gives you 300/10 Mbps download and upload speeds for $49.99 monthly. It doesn’t have a data cap or contract.

Once that year passes, you’ll need to pay $74.99 a month. A 40% price increase.

The plan works best for households with over 7 people who want to watch 4K content simultaneously. Or for those who want to download a 10 gigabyte (GB) file in around 4 minutes.

Spectrum’s asymmetric speeds (unequal download/upload) aren’t ideal for homes running security cameras. These require at least 4.0 Mbps upload speeds to feed continual video footage to their server.

You could run at max. 2 cameras.

You likely won’t need 300 Mbps download speeds. Since it’s Spectrum’s lowest-tier internet plan, you won’t have other options.

Unless you choose a different internet service provider.

Best Spectrum Bundles for Veterans

Spectrum doesn’t offer discounts on bundles for veterans. Or anyone else.

Except one. I’ll talk about that while providing bundles that can simplify your bundling a bit.

The following sections will cover the best Spectrum bundles for veterans. I’ll cover pricing, who the package best serves, and some use cases.

#1 Spectrum One: Best for Affordable Mobile & Internet Plan

Spectrum One gives you 1 Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line and the Wi-Fi rental free for a year. So you’d only need to pay for your internet bill.

This plan works best for anyone encountering temporary financial hardship or wants to save several hundred dollars. And this bundle is perfect for paying for a cellular line for yourself.

After a year, you’ll need to pay between $109.98 and $149.98 per month.

Get your own router, and you can reduce $5.00 from the above numbers. I’ll give more details on finding a decent-priced router in a bit.

Spectrum’s routers don’t include any noteworthy features. It has “AI security.” It helps protect your network against threats. But doesn’t explain how.

The only scenario I’d recommend using Spectrum’s router is if you don’t want to spend time finding a decent one. But we’ve done that for you. I’ll emphasize in a bit.

Broadband internet speeds will vary based on the internet plan you pair with this bundle. For instance, get Spectrum Ultra, and you’ll see maximum speeds of 500/20 Mbps (download/upload).

Despite unlimited data with this bundle’s cellular portion, you still have a soft data cap. So once you use 20 GB of data, your mobile data speeds will reduce to 1.0 Mbps down and 512 Kbps up.

That’s enough speed to stream 480p resolution content on Netflix. Or to browse Facebook.

TV Select + 300 Mbps Internet: Best for Basic Internet & TV

This bundle includes 125+ channels and 300/10 Mbps network speeds. It’ll cost $109.98 for the first year and doesn’t require a contract.

The plan’s price will increase to $154.98 after the first year.

Here are various use cases for this bundle:

  • Watch a select number of channels on 2 simultaneous devices while traveling
  • Stream on unlimited devices while at home
  • 300 Mbps download speeds can support 7 intense internet users simultaneously

Spectrum’s TV plans give you access to the Spectrum TV app. It uses the internet to stream all Spectrum’s channels. And it’s a fantastic way to save money.

So long as you have a media streaming box like a Roku, smartphone, or a laptop.

Unless you need DVR services. I’ll talk about this part later.


Most homes won’t need 300 Mbps internet. Streaming 4K resolution on a single device only requires 25 Mbps download speeds. 12 devices could watch this resolution at the same time.

Streaming 1080p full high definition (FHD) requires 5.0 Mbps and technically allows you to watch 60 devices at once.

How Spectrum Military Discounts Compare To Other Providers

Most internet service providers (including Spectrum) don’t offer military discounts on mobile, TV, or home internet services.

AT&T offers up to 25% off eligible Unlimited mobile plans for military, veterans, and their families. T-Mobile offers up to 50% off family lines for the military and their families [6].

These aren’t internet plans.

Verizon Fios is the only ISP I’ve found that offers military discounts on home internet services. New and existing customers can get up to $15 off their bills. And waive the $99 setup fee.

They also offer up to $25 off their mobile plans. And 25% off accessories.


Verizon Fios is only available in a handful of cities.

Spectrum doesn’t do well regarding military discounts compared to competitors. But if you’re still interested in trying them out, check out their internet plans.

Spectrum Home Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features for Veterans

Charter Spectrum’s cable internet plans for veterans are as follows:

TierPromo PricePost PromoSpeed (Down/Up)Best For
Internet$49.99/mo.$74.99/mo.300/10 MbpsHomes with over 7 people
Internet Ultra$69.99/mo.$94.99/mo.500/20 MbpsHomes with over 9 users
Internet Gig$89.99/mo.$114.99/mo.1,000/35 MbpsHomes with over 20 users
Charter Spectrum internet plans.

Here’s what you’ll get with Spectrum cable internet plans:

  • Free modem rental
  • No contract required
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free antivirus suite
  • Access to over 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots
  • No hard data cap

You’ll get a free modem, but you’re still welcome to use your own. Using a third-party modem MAY give you faster internet speeds, but you’ll need one compatible with Spectrum.

Spectrum won’t give you a free Wi-Fi router, though. You’ll need to pay $5.00 monthly to rent theirs. Or to buy your own.

Earlier, I covered the benefits of buying your own router. I won’t repeat my points.

The lack of a contract and the money-back guarantee gives you much more flexibility with their plans. You could test Spectrum services and determine whether they suit your household.

If you decide to cancel Spectrum, or replace their rented equipment with your own, don’t forget to return your leased equipment. Otherwise, you’ll incur unreturned equipment fees of up to $200.

Spectrum’s antivirus suite is like any other antivirus software. Just stick to using Windows Defender. And Mac users can’t download their software.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are a fantastic value if you want to use the internet away from home. Or if you’re going to use less data on your mobile plan. This perk helps you avoid soft data caps.

This type of data cap is when you experience slower data speed after using a certain amount of data.

So long as you’re in an area with the Wi-Fi network labeled ‘Spectrum,’ you can access these access points for free.

Those who aren’t Spectrum customers can give these access points a try (for 30 minutes) by accessing this Wi-Fi network name:

Spectrum Hotspots access

You won’t need to use them to avoid hard data caps. Because unlike other providers (cough, Xfinity), Spectrum doesn’t impose data caps that charge you overage fees when using a certain amount of broadband data.

Spectrum Cable TV Plans, Pricing, & Features for Veterans

Here are the available cable television plans Spectrum offers for veterans:

TierPromo PricePost PromoChannelsBest ForConsiderations
TV Select$59.99/mo.$79.99/mo.125+Basic cable TVNo free TV box
MI Plan Latino$39.99/mo.$54.99/mo.145+Access to Spanish channelsNA
Spectrum TV Select + Latino View$71.99/mo.NA200+More multi-lingual channel options70+ Spanish-lang. channels and TV Select
Charter Spectrum television plans.

Spectrum’s cable TV plans offer a couple of cool perks like:

  • Spectrum TV application
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

You’ll need to pay $9.99 per cable TV box. But you can waive fees for additional boxes by watching all your channels through the Spectrum TV app. Spectrum does require you to rent 1 box.

All you need to use this app is a smart TV device (think Apple TV), laptop, or smartphone. Or pay $30 for a Chromecast. Instead of paying $107 a year for a TV box.

However, you’ll need a Spectrum TV box for DVR services. Or you can use a third-party Spectrum-approved DVR.

But you’ll need to pay $2.95 monthly for a CableCARD. The device allows you to use Spectrum’s cable TV service.

Let’s talk about the Spectrum app again.

It makes it so you can watch any Spectrum channels at home on unlimited devices. Or a limited number of channels on 2 simultaneous devices while away from home.

The app’s perfect if you want to watch your Spectrum channel lineup while traveling. For instance, if you’re in an RV, you could cast the Spectrum TV app through a Chromecast device onto your motor home’s television.

But you’ll need an internet connection and available bandwidth. Since you’re streaming live channels online. As with most other internet providers, Spectrum doesn’t specify the required speeds for their TV app.

Spectrum suggests having 4.0–8.0 Mbps of downstream bandwidth available for online video streaming [7]. And they don’t specify the correlation between those speeds and what resolutions they can support.

Netflix usually requires 5.0 Mbps download speeds for streaming 1080p full high definition (FHD) video. I’d imagine 8.0 will give you buffer-free 1080p video on the Spectrum TV app.

And 4.0 for 720p HD video.

FAQs: Spectrum Deals for Veterans

Keep reading to explore commonly asked questions about Spectrum’s deals for veterans.

Does Spectrum Offer Discounts for Seniors?

There aren’t any Spectrum senior TV and internet plans or discounts for the elderly.

Does Spectrum Offer Discounts for Disabled Veterans?

Spectrum does not offer discounts for disabled veterans.

Does Spectrum Have a Military Discount?

Spectrum doesn’t have a discount for military personnel, Gold Star Families, or veterans.

Wrapping Up

Spectrum doesn’t have any military or veteran discounts with their services. But if you’re an active service member who uses their landline or mobile service, you can reserve your number for a few years.

That’s sort of nice.

While their discounts pale compared to competitors, it’s worth learning more about their services. Read through a guide I wrote to learn more.

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Spectrum Offer

300 Mbps plans for $39.99/mo
$ 69
  • Enough for a familly
  • High availability
  • No data cap