Verizon Cell Phones Deals in 2024

Verizon Wireless offers free phones or up to $800 in trade-in credit for new and existing Verizon customers. Explore this guide to find these deals and everything you’ll need to know to qualify.

I’ve spent many hours reading through Verizon sales pages, FAQs, and chatting with customer service to compile this guide.

To help you find the best Verizon Wireless phone deals and discounts, I’ll cover:

  • Free mobile phones
  • iPhones
  • Android smartphones
  • Device accessories
  • Tablets
  • Deals for device trade-ins
  • How to get phone deals
  • Other phone deals

Keep reading, and find phone deals.

Verizon Free Phone Deals

Signing up for qualifying Verizon 5G Unlimited plans will get you a free iPhone SE (64 GB) or Samsung Galaxy S22 (128 GB):

  • 5G Start
  • 5G Play More
  • 5G Get More
  • 5G Do More

I’ll cover more details about these specific phones in the following sections.

You can also get these phones free when adding a new line or switching to the above 5G plans:

  • Apple iPhone 12: retail price is $699.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW: retail price is $599.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s: retail price is $159.99
  • Motorola Moto G Pure: retail price is $149.99
  • iPhone 12 mini (pre-owned): retail price is $388.99
  • iPhone 11 (pre-owned): retail price is $284.99
  • iPhone XS (pre-owned): retail price is $211.99
  • iPhone X (pre-owned): retail price is $201.99

Check to find the latest free phones you can claim. These discounts and freebies can change at a moment’s notice. So will their availability.

You can only claim these free phones online.

Verizon iPhone Deals

Verizon Wireless will give anyone a free iPhone SE (64 GB storage) who signs up for qualifying 5G plans. You can get up to $800 off an iPhone 13 when trading in an eligible device and signing up for a specific Unlimited Wireless plan.

Plans that you’ll have to sign up for include:

  • 5G Start
  • 5G Play More
  • 5G Get More
  • 5G Do More

Check out Verizon’s Apple iPhone page to see current free iPhones, trade-in deals, and more.

Verizon Android Phone Deals

You can get a free Samsung Galaxy S22 (128 GB) with Verizon by adding a new line to a qualifying Unlimited Wireless plan. Or you can get a free Google Pixel 6.

Eligible plans for this deal include:

  • 5G Start
  • 5G Play More
  • 5G Get More
  • 5G Do More

Explore Verizon’s current deals with Android phones. These can change at any time.

Verizon Accessories Deals

You can get 40% off Google Pixel 6+ accessories when buying five or more eligible products. They also have a back-to-school sale. This sale gives you up to $60 off select accessories.

I’m going to cover the Verizon Google Pixel deal first. If you get under five accessories, the discounts will go as follows:

  • Three accessories: 30% off
  • Four accessories: 35% off

The accessories you get MUST have a retail value of $19.99 or higher. And items with ‘.97’ in the price tag aren’t eligible for the sale. For instance, you won’t get a discount on an item that’s $19.97.

You can also get a max of 10 items with the Pixel accessories deal.

The back-to-school sale. Here are some examples of discounts you’ll find:

  • Anker PowerWave Select+ wireless charging pad: 27% off
  • JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker: 38% off
  • Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam: 20% off

Add discounted items to your shopping basket, and you’ll see the discount appear.

Military personnel, Gold Star families, and veterans can also score discounts on select accessories. 25% off Verizon’s online shop and 10% off in-store purchases.

When shopping online, ensure you’re logged into your My Verizon account.

Verizon Smartwatch Deals

When you trade in a qualifying Android smartphone, Verizon will give you $300 off a Samsung Galaxy Watch (the model doesn’t matter).

Without considering sales tax, $300 will get you a free new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Or you could pay just $139 for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Why is the newer model cheaper than the old one? Who knows.

You can also get up to $180 off the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE when trading in eligible devices. A great opportunity if you’ve wanted to get your hands on the Apple Watch for some reason.

Let’s see whether they offer tablet deals.

Verizon Tablet Deals

Trade in an eligible device, and you can get up to $180 in store credit you can put toward the following tablets:

  • Apple iPad Air (2022): a powerful with a Retina display that’s affordable
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (2021): a stellar tablet for artists because of its detailed and sharp graphics
  • Apple iPad Mini (2021): a portable LTE tablet that has most iPad’s fantastic features
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021): powerful yet small LTE tablet with Apple’s M1 chip
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: a great iPad alternative with 120Hz response time

On top of the store credit, you can save $100 on these devices. However, these deals can change at a moment’s notice. So I recommend exploring Verizon’s tablets sales page.

Verizon Trade-in Deals

Verizon Wireless will give you who trade in old phones up to $800 in in-store credit that you can put toward a new phone.

Don’t get excited yet. You’ll have to appraise your device to see how much Verizon will give you. First off, here’s a list of device types you CAN trade in:

  • Netbooks
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Mobile hotspot devices
  • 4G phones: with the first month prepaid
  • 3G phones: that have been active for six months

If you’re trading in the above devices, visit their appraisal page, and they’ll estimate your device’s value.

You’ll then need to check several boxes. Some include your phone’s model, carrier, color, and condition. Pay attention to the ‘condition’ tab. Because in some circumstances, they may not accept your phone.

For instance, your phone shouldn’t have a bloated battery, or activation locks enabled. It’ll make it difficult for Verizon to resell a device with these flaws. Thus, it’s not worth their time to compensate you.

Here’s an example of a trade-in. Red AT&T iPhone 13 that’s free of cracks and battery damage. It’s worth $388.

When I said the phone had battery damage, the value shot down to $0.

Before sending in your device, ensure you do these things:

  • Turn off your phone’s power
  • Remove all personal data: Verizon will guide you with this
  • Take out your SIM card
  • Disconnect your current service provider with this phone

From there, ask yourself if you’re sure you want to sell Verizon your device. Because once you send it, there’s no way you’re getting it back. Once you’ve said your goodbyes, send in your phone to Verizon.

You can check your trade-in status here. Check every couple of days to ensure nothing went wrong during transit.

Upon receiving your device, they’ll email the gift card to you. Or apply Verizon credit to your account.

How Do I Get Verizon Phone Deals?

If you’re a new Verizon customer, you’ll need to visit to see the provider’s latest deals. And if you’re an existing customer, log into your My Verizon online account and shop normally.

Discounts will automatically apply to items in your online shopping cart.

Other Verizon Phone Deals

Other Verizon phone deals you’ll want to consider include:

  • BOGO deals
  • Bring your own phone
  • Verizon Phone deals and plans

Each section will provide details on each deal and how to qualify.


Verizon doesn’t have any buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals at the moment.

Sometimes they’ll give you a discount when you buy two devices at the same time. The requirements to qualify for BOGO purchases include:

  • You must use both of the devices you buy on the same (qualifying) mobile plan
  • You have to remain on the qualifying 5G plan for at least six months
  • The discounted device must have a lesser or equal value to the first device you get

Verizon’s BOGO isn’t like a typical buy-one-get-one sale you’ll see at a department store.

Here’s an example scenario they listed on their website [1]:

You buy two Samsung Galaxy S9 phones that cost $799.99 each. You’re on a payment plan for 36 months and pay $22 monthly for each phone. $44 a month when including sales tax.

You’ll have to pay $22 a month for each phone for the first two months. And once month three comes, you’ll get the BOGO credit on your account.

That’s two billing periods later. The typical time it takes for Verizon to apply discounts.

You’ll get three BOGO credits worth $66 total. The credits for the first couple of months. And the one for the third month ($22 per credit).

From thereon, a $22 credit will appear on your account monthly.

Bring Your Own Phone

Verizon Wireless will give you a $500 Verizon eGift card for bringing a qualified phone from another carrier to their services. Or they’ll give you a $100 gift card to switch over a tablet or smartwatch.

They’ll require you to provide your device’s ID (IMEI number) to test your compatibility with Verizon. And you’ll need to follow these steps for each operating system:

  • iPhones: Settings > General > About
  • Android phones: Settings > About Phone

You can also type “About” into your phone’s search bar and achieve the results.

Verizon will also let you keep your previous phone number. But you’ll need to transfer it. They’ll guide you on transferring your number when setting up your Verizon Wireless phone plan.

Verizon Phone Plan Deals

The following groups can get up to $25 off of Verizon cell phone plans:

  • Seniors
  • Military: Gold Star families, veterans, active military personnel
  • First responders: e.g., law enforcement like sheriffs
  • Nurses or respiratory therapists
  • Students

I won’t cover each discount above in this post (you’ll have to visit their designated pages). But I will cover general Verizon phone plans and who should get them.

You can also bundle 5G mobile plans with Fios home internet and score an excellent deal. I’ll cover this in a bit.

Verizon Unlimited Phone Plans

Here are Verizon Unlimited phone plans:

Phone Plan* PricePremium Network DataMobile Hotspot Data
5G Start$35/mo.5 GBNA
5G Do More$45/mo.50 GB25 GB
5G Play More$45/mo.50 GB25 GB
5G Get More$55/mo.Unlimited50 GB
This table compares Verizon Wireless Unlimited 5G plans.

* These prices don’t account for taxes or other Verizon fees. They include the $5–$10 per month Auto Pay discount.

Even if you don’t qualify for Those Who Serve deals, student discounts, or senior plans, you can still get a lot of freebies with 5G plans like:

  • Six months free of discovery+ (Add-Free), Disney+, ESPN+, and/or Hulu: over $125 in value
  • 1 TravelPass per month
  • 600 GB of data for VerizonCloud
  • Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
  • Apple Music: $9.99 monthly value

The freebies you get depend on the plan you choose. For instance, you don’t get VerizonCloud with 5G Start.

But there’s a catch.

You’ll likely need to go through a credit check when adding a new line to a 5G Wireless plan. And if you don’t have the best credit, you may have to pay a security deposit that’s $125 and over [2].

There’s a way to avoid this fee, but you’ll lose the Unlimited plan’s perks.

Verizon Prepaid Plans

Here are some of Verizon’s Prepaid cellular plans you can try:

Phone Plan* Price
5 GB$25–$40/mo.
15 GB$35–$50/mo.
Unlimited Plus$60–75/mo.
This table compares the prices among various Verizon Wireless Prepaid mobile plans.

* These discounts include the $5 Auto Pay discount. They don’t include taxes or other fees that might incur.

Getting a Prepaid plan will save you a lot of money regarding deposits. And you won’t have to deal with a credit check or contract.

And you can save a bit of money. But you won’t see savings until you prepay over three months of your bill. You’ll save $5 a month for months 4–9. And $10 monthly for months 10 and over.

However, if you get a Prepaid plan, you can’t qualify for any Verizon phone deals that require you to add a new line. They’ve reserved all of those deals for anyone who signs up for their 5G plans.

These plans also don’t come with freebies like a six-month subscription to Disney+. So you’ll need to pick what perks you need in this situation.

But you can save a lot of money if you decide you want a separate Prepaid data plan for mobile hotspots and tablets. But you’ll need an existing Prepaid Cellular Data plan.

First off, these plans include:

Phone Plan* Price
5 GB$40/mo.
25 GB$60/mo.
100 GB$80/mo.
150 GB$100/mo.
This table compares prices among the various Verizon Prepaid plans for tablets, cellular hotspots, and routers.

* These prices don’t include taxes or other potential fees.

Let’s say you have the 5 GB Prepaid cell phone data plan and pay for over 10 months ($25 monthly. Then you get a 25 GB data plan for other devices ($60 monthly). You’ll only pay $55 a month.

Because you get $30 off of Prepaid data when having Prepaid cellular data. Huge savings if you don’t need unlimited data.

It’s excellent for travelers, campers, and digital nomads.

Before traveling, ensure you check Verizon’s coverage map. There’s no use getting data you can’t use.

FAQ: Verizon Wireless Phone Deals

Keep reading to explore commonly asked and answered questions about Verizon phone deals and plans.

Should I Buy a Verizon Phone In-store or Online?

You’ll save money on activation and upgrade fees when buying a Verizon phone online [3]. If you don’t want to order a new phone to your home, you can request an in-store or curbside pickup.

Does Verizon Offer Deals on the Jetpack?

Verizon Wireless doesn’t currently have any deals for their Jetpack mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) devices.

Wrapping Up

Verizon Wireless offers free or significantly discounted phones for trading in old devices or signing up for qualifying Unlimited Wireless plans. Some groups (like veterans) can also get discounted mobile plans.

And Verizon frequently has sales up to 40% off of accessories. So you’ll need to check their sales pages to see their current discounts continually.

Decided to go with Verizon? We’ve written pieces covering their phone plans more in-depth. Check them out to learn more.

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