Verizon Internet & Cell Phone Deals for Veterans in 2024

Verizon offers military personnel and veterans up to $25 off home internet and 5G cellular plans. Military families can get discounted Unlimited plans and only pay $30 per line (for four lines). Keep reading to learn how to get these discounts.

After countless hours researching Verizon deals and contacting customer service, I’ve learned how to find the best military deals. I compiled all of my findings into this easy-to-read post.

To take advantage of the military discounts Verizon offers, I’ll cover the following points:

We have much to cover. So let’s get started.

Does Verizon Offer a Discount for Veterans?

Verizon offers up to $20 off per line for veterans or military personnel who sign up for qualifying Verizon Wireless Unlimited plans. They’ll also give veterans $25 off of Fios home internet plans.

Gold Star Family members can also sign up for the military discount. Without having someone in the military as an account holder.

Then, when you get 5G mobile plans, you’ll get additional goodies. For instance, $150 worth of perks for the game’s World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Let me emphasize.

World of Warship perks include:

  • Premium account (4 months free): $40 value
  • Free in-game content: likely free ships
  • Free USS Albany and USS Arizona ships: $35 in combined value

World of Tanks freebies ($75 in total value) includes:

  • Free T78 tank
  • Premium account (90 days)
  • 2.5 million credits
  • A free style for the T78 tank: The Federalist
  • A garage slot

Prepaid or business customers can’t get these freebies. And to claim them, you’ll need to sign in to your Fios or Unlimited account.

Then you’ll get a redemption code that you’ll enter into the app.

Verizon Unlimited Military Discount Requirements

Here are the requirements to prove yourself as active military personnel:

  • The Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) status report
  • Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form) 4
  • Pay stub: not more than 60 days old

You’ll only need one of these items. The same goes for veterans.

Speaking of, here are the requirements for veterans to get this discount:

  • VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage
  • Military retiree accounts statement
  • Veteran ID card
  • DD Form 214

And finally, Gold Star Families will need DD Form 214. Black out everything except for your department, name, and Terms of Separation. Terms of Separation must read as “Deceased.”

You can use a camera to take a picture of these documents. But your file must take less than 5 megabytes (MB) of space.

It also doesn’t matter what military branch you served.

How To Get the Verizon Unlimited Military Discount

Visit and scroll down to ‘verify your eligibility.’ From there, click on the ‘Get Started’ button. Verizon will redirect you to

A service that verifies employment or eligibility for various services.

You’ll need to submit one of the documents I mentioned earlier to prove you’re a veteran or current military personnel. will direct you to Verizon’s discount page upon submitting your verification. You’ll need to sign up for a new account. If you have an account, you can just sign in. won’t work in the Internet Explorer browser. If that’s your only browser, I recommend downloading Mozilla Firefox to get to work.

Verizon Fios Military Discount

Veterans, military personnel, and Gold Star family members can get $25 off Verizon Wireless home internet plans. The requirements remain the same as qualifying for the 5G cellular plan discounts.

The following sections will cover current Fios home internet plans and low-income discounts for internet. Details will include pricing, what you’ll get with each plan, and how to qualify.

Verizon Fios Internet Plans

Here are the current Verizon Prepaid and postpaid Wi-Fi plans you can access:

Fios Plan* Speed (Download/upload)** Price (New Customer Price)
300/300300/300 Mbps$49.99/mo.
500/500500/500 Mbps$69.99/mo.
Fios Gigabit940/800 Mbps$89.99/mo.
Fios Prepaid 100 Mbps100/100 Mbps$39.99/mo.
Fios Prepaid 300 Mbps300/300 Mbps$59.99/mo.
Prepaid Gigabit Connection940/800 Mbps$79.99/mo.
This table lists Verizon Fios’ internet-only plans. It compares their speeds and prices.

* These speeds don’t reflect what you’ll actually see. They may lower because of circumstances like poor Wi-Fi signal.

** These prices don’t include taxes, equipment charges, and other fees. They do include Verizon’s Auto Pay discount.

All Verizon internet-only plans don’t have a data cap. This means you won’t have to worry about paying data overage fees once you reach a threshold.

For instance, Xfinity Comcast charges $10 per additional 50 gigabytes (GB) of data they add to your account. Once you pass their 1.2 terabytes (TB) bandwidth cap.

Unless you want to pay an extra $25–$30 monthly.

Verizon internet-only plans include these features:

  • Six months of free Disney+ and discovery+ (Add-Free): these apply to specific plans
  • 2–4-year price guarantee: price won’t change during this time
  • Other plan perks: security equipment, discounts on soundbars, and more
  • Verizon Fios gateway (modem/router combo): costs $18 a month to rent or $399 to buy

The router supports the latest Wi-Fi generation (Wi-Fi 6E) and will future-proof your home. But $399 costs a lot compared to outright buying a budget modem and router.

Verizon allows you to use your own devices with their Fios internet. But you’ll need to ensure you buy a router that’s compatible with Verizon Fios.

Unfortunately, you have to live in one of the following states to get Verizon Wireless Fios internet services:

  • Washington DC
  • Virginia
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey

You may have to pay a deposit to start or upgrade your service if you don’t have the greatest credit. This fee starts at $100.

Verizon Lifeline Home Internet Discount

Verizon offers up to $50 off Fios internet services for households that meet at least one of their qualifications. You can potentially get free 300 Mbps internet.

I’ll cover the qualifications in a second. First, I want to cover the Fios plans and what happens once you apply the Lifeline discount:

Fios Plan* Speed (Download/upload)** Price (w/o Lifeline Discount)Price (w/ Lifeline Discount)
300/300300/300 Mbps$49.99/mo.Free
500/500500/500 Mbps$69.99/mo.$24.99/mo.
Gigabit Connection940/800 Mbps$89.99/mo.$49.99/mo.
This table covers the price differences once you apply the Lifeline discount to Verizon Fios home internet plans.

* Internet speeds can change under various circumstances. For instance, peak usage times. So these speeds may not accurately reflect what you’ll get.

** These prices don’t include taxes and other fees. In this scenario, these prices already have the automatic payment discounts applied.

You can get the Verizon Lifeline discount if you participate in at least one of these programs:

  • Veterans Pension
  • Survivors Benefit
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Verizon has other criteria listed on its website.

If you don’t qualify for the military discount, follow the link in the previous paragraph and follow Verizon’s instructions to apply.

You’ll need to fill out a Lifeline verification form and wait (at max, a couple of weeks) to receive verification.

If approved, you’d contact Verizon, notify them of your qualification, and they’ll apply the discount to your account.

Verizon Unlimited Military Discount

Military personnel, Gold Star family members, and veterans can save $10 monthly with one 5G plan line. Or get $20 off your bill monthly for four lines. To maximize your savings, 2–3 lines will get you $25 off your monthly bill.

I covered the qualifications for this plan earlier. It’s the same as qualifying for the military Fios home internet deal.

Verizon offers a mobile plan for seniors, but you’re better off getting the military discount. The senior citizen 55+ Unlimited plan requires you to reside in Florida.

Verizon Unlimited Phone Plans

Here are the various Verizon Unlimited cellular plans you can choose:

Phone Plan* PriceWith Military Discount (1 Line)
5G Start$35/mo.$25/mo.
5G Do More$45/mo.$35/mo.
5G Play More$45/mo.$35/mo.
5G Get More$55/mo.$45/mo.
This table compares various Verizon 5G mobile plans and their prices with the military discount.

* These prices don’t account for taxes and other fees. But they include the automatic payment discount.

A 5G plan gives you an enormous discount on World of Warships and Tanks games. And gives you unlimited nationwide 5G data.

And with Verizon’s 5G speeds, you’ll get up to 1 Gbps internet speeds. Realistically, you’ll see 300 Mbps. That’s still enough to watch endless 4K content on Netflix anywhere.

Even during peak usage times (when everyone’s online simultaneously).

And they claim not to throttle speeds. So that’s one less factor to worry about.

Earlier I mentioned Verizon might charge those without perfect credit scores a deposit. You can bypass the deposit (and a credit check) with the following cellular plans.

Verizon Prepaid Plans

Here are Verizon Prepaid cellular plans to consider:

Phone Plan* Price
5 GB$25–$40/mo.
15 GB$35–$50/mo.
Unlimited Plus$60–75/mo.
This table compares various Verizon Prepaid plans.

* These discounts include the $5 Auto Pay discount. They don’t include taxes or other fees that might incur.

You don’t get unlimited data, but you’ll get cheaper internet. Plus, prepaying comes with various advantages.

If you run into financial hardship several months later, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to pay your cellular bill for a while.

And you won’t have to worry about paying deposits, credit checks, or contracts.

I haven’t mentioned contract cancellation fees yet. These cost $175. But they decline by $5 per month [1]. It still costs a lot if you were to have to cancel your contract early.


For the first few months, you won’t save any money. But you can prepay 4–9 months’ worth of your bill to save $5 per month. Or you can prepay over 10 months in advance to save $10 a month.

You may also want mobile data for other devices. These have separate costs.

Prepaid data plans for mobile hotspots, tablets, and routers include:

Phone Plan* Price
5 GB$40/mo.
25 GB$60/mo.
100 GB$80/mo.
150 GB$100/mo.
This table compares Verizon Prepaid mobile plans for devices like tablets and mobile routers.

* These prices don’t include taxes or other potential fees.

When adding an existing Prepaid Cellular Data plan, you’ll save $30 monthly on your other device data bill.

Get this type of data only if you often work away from home. Or if you travel and need a means to access the internet.

If you’re traveling, ensure you check Verizon’s coverage map. Otherwise, you’ll waste money on data you can’t use.

Now that you have cheaper home internet and data, let’s cover discounted accessories.

Verizon Military Discount for Accessories

Gold Star family members, veterans, and military personnel can get 25% off Verizon accessories when shopping online through your My Verizon account. Or 10% off in-store accessories.

Discounted Verizon Accessories You Can Get

Verizon doesn’t specify the accessories you’ll receive a discount with.

If shopping online, you’ll need to log into your My Verizon account and visit Verizon’s online store and browse their accessories. The 25% discount will automatically apply to whatever you add to your cart.

First, ensure you Verizon verified you as someone who served (or serves) in the military. I covered this in the “How to Qualify” section.

If shopping in a Verizon retail store, you’ll need to bring your military ID or VetRewards card.

Verizon Discount for Cell Phones

Verizon doesn’t offer cell phone discounts for military personnel or veterans. But they offer cell phone deals for new customers, those who are upgrading plans, or for trading in old devices.

You can get up to $800 as in-store credit for a new or used phone by trading in an old device. The amount of credit you get will vary by phone model and condition.

Speaking of:

Don’t give them phones with battery issues. For instance, batteries that burn your hand when you touch your phone. Verizon won’t accept them.

Verizon also has a deal where you’ll get a $500 prepaid gift card when bringing your own phone to their service.

Other Verizon Discounts for Existing Customers (And New)

Other discounts you’ll find for new and existing Verizon customers include:

  • Bundling home internet and cell phone plans
  • Paperless billing and automatic payments
  • Free streaming services

The following sections will give you details about each deal. They’ll also explain how to qualify and maximize your savings.

But first:

Verizon Wireless used to have a special where they’d give military personnel or veterans a $200 prepaid gift card. It was their Military Prepaid Mastercard Promotion.

The source I found listed this deal four years ago [2]. Plus, I haven’t found it mentioned anywhere on Verizon’s website.

In short, existing and new customers that are military families, veterans, and current personnel WON’T get a prepaid gift card.

The provider also doesn’t appear to have offered discounts for Veterans Day. However, if you’re patient and don’t need Verizon now, I recommend checking in on their website occasionally. See if they have Veterans Day sales.

Or, if you’re reading this post on Veterans Day, you can call their customer service and see whether they have available deals.

They also used to have a Mobile + Home deal. It’s when you’d get significant savings for bundling a qualifying 5G plan with Fios internet [3].

Verizon Wireless removed this deal and replaced it with an unnamed discount.

How It Compares To Other Military Discounts

Other internet providers don’t offer discounts for veterans and military personnel.

I could only find home internet deals for Verizon Fios. And not many can access Verizon Wi-Fi because of its limited availability.

Regarding their cell phone plan discounts:

Tier* Price (1 Line)
Verizon 5G$35/mo.+
T-Mobile Magenta$55/mo.+

* These prices can change anytime and don’t include sales tax or other fees.

AT&T gives you Spam Call blocking and unlimited texting from the United States to over 120 countries. The former doesn’t offer much value because you can download free apps.

T-Mobile Magenta gives you a one-year free AAA membership (over $59.99 annually). You’ll also get free Netflix Basic ($15.49 per month). But you must have two lines on Magenta.

And they have the one hour of in-flight streaming and unlimited texting. That’s nice for those of you who like to fly short distances frequently.

Otherwise, Verizon gives you the lowest price and the best discount for a single line. You’ll need to browse each provider’s perks and prices for additional lines to determine whether you’ll see more savings.

FAQ: Verizon Deals for Veterans

Explore these frequently asked questions about Verizon Wireless discounts for military staff and veterans.

Does Verizon Offer Discounts for Veterans?

Verizon offers veterans up to $25 off Unlimited 5G mobile plans, the same amount for Fios home internet plans.

Does Verizon Offer Discounts for Military Families?

Military families can get four lines on their Start Unlimited plan for $30 a month (per line). Verizon Wireless also offers a free $200 toward certain Samsung phones when your plan upgrades or adds a new line.


Verizon offers veterans a decent discount on their home internet and Unlimited plans. Regarding their 5G plan, you’ll get the most value having 2–3 lines.

You could try to qualify for low-income internet and potentially get 300 Mbps speeds free. However, if you don’t qualify, you can always explore other deals for existing customers.

While Verizon offers many discounts for military personnel and veterans, you may think that’s not enough savings.

You may want to check out what other internet and mobile service providers offer. Here’s a great place to start your search.

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300 Mbps plans for $24.99/mo
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