Verizon Phone Plans, Pricing & Deals in 2022

This is our review of Verizon residential mobile plans.

I've spent days sifting through Verizon's FAQs, pricing pages, and other information. I compiled all my results into this guide.

I'll cover everything you could want to know about Verizon mobile plans. That way, you can determine whether they're the best mobile provider for your family.

Let's dive in. We have much to cover.
Verizon modems and routers

Welcome Unlimited

$65/mo. for a single line, $25/mo. for 5+ lines
$ 65 Monthly
  • Unlimited 5G
  • Keep your phone and get $240
  • Access to normal hotspot data

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5G Start

$70/mo. for a single line, $30/mo. for 5+ lines
$ 70 Monthly
  • Unlimited 5G
  • Up to $400 for a new phone
  • 5 GB premium hotspot data

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5G Do More

$80/mo. for a single line, $40/mo. for 5+ lines
$ 80 Monthly
  • Unlimited 5G Ultra
  • Up to $800 for a new phone
  • 25 GB premium hotspot data

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5G Get More

$90/mo. for a single line, $50/mo. for 5+ lines
$ 90 Monthly
  • Unlimited 5G Ultra
  • Up to $800 for a new phone
  • 50 GB premium hotspot data

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Verizon Mobile Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Verizon mobile over competing cellular providers:


  • Many freebies
  • Phone trade-in program
  • Massive coverage
  • Fantastic prepaid plan options
  • Decent international calling, data, and texting features


  • A little expensive plans
  • “Premium Network” limits on Unlimited plans
  • Not the best international cellular option

Is Verizon Mobile Good?

Verizon postpaid mobile plans are great if you have more than 5 people on your plan. Because the most lines you add, the more you’ll save. So it makes an excellent family plan.

Their prepaid plans add an excellent alternative if you want to avoid their credit checks. Or don’t want to get on a contract.

Verizon Unlimited Wireless Plans & Pricing

Verizon Unlimited 5G plans and their pricing include:

Tier* Pricing (5+ Lines)Pricing (4 Lines)Pricing (3 Lines)Pricing (2 Lines)Pricing (1 Line)
Welcome Unlimited$125+/mo. ($25 per line)$120/mo. ($30 per line)$120/mo. ($40 per line)$110/mo. ($55 per line)$65/mo. per line
5G Start$150+/mo. ($30 per line)$140/mo. ($35 per line)$135/mo. ($45 per line)$120/mo. ($60 per line)$70/mo. per line
5G Do More$200+/mo. ($40 per line)$180/mo. ($45 per line)$165/mo. ($55 per line)$140/mo. ($70 per line)$80/mo. per line
5G Play More$200+/mo. ($40 per line)$180/mo. ($45 per line)$165/mo. ($55 per line)$140/mo. ($70 per line)$80/mo. per line
5G Get More$250+/mo. ($50 per line)$220/mo. ($55 per line)$95/mo. ($65 per line)$160/mo. ($80 per line)$90/mo. per line
Verizon Unlimited Wireless plans.

* These prices include the Auto Pay discount. They don’t include taxes and other fees. These costs will depend on your location.

Verizon charges less per line you add to your plan (up to 5 lines). And you can save up to 80% on your bill.

You’ll pay $10 less per line you add. Except when you add 3 lines. Then you’ll pay $15 less.

Welcome Unlimited is Verizon’s most “reasonably” priced plan. It provides all essential features without flashy perks. You’ll get unlimited 5G with it.

All these plans (except Welcome Unlimited) offer 6 months of free access to the following services:

  • Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
  • Disney+
  • Apple Music
  • discovery+ (ad-free)

Those perks alone save you about $120. If you have used these services.

Then you’ll get 5–50 gigabytes (GB) of access to premium mobile hotspot data. 50 GB or unlimited premium network access. And “unlimited” 5G data.

Unlimited 5G data doesn’t mean you’ll always get fast speeds. That’s where premium network access versus regular network access comes in. Think of premium network access as an express lane.

You’ll surpass traffic for a limited time unless you have a special pass (5G Get More in this case). Then you can avoid network congestion (traffic) forever.

Then you have 5G Nationwide versus 5G Ultra Wideband. The latter gives you 10x faster speeds than the former [1]. And every plan uses the 5G Ultra Wideband except 5G Start.

Most plans will also give you up to 50% off Verizon home internet plans. So you’ll save a lot of money if you bundle your mobile and internet bills with Verizon. Otherwise, you’ll get freebies like:

  • Free 6 months of ESPN+ and Hulu
  • 1 TravelPass Day ($10 value)
  • 600 GB of Verizon Cloud storage

Veterans and military personnel (among other groups) can get discounted Verizon mobile plans. And the military can get $150 free in goodies from a couple of games.

World of Warships and World of Tanks.

Verizon Prepaid Plans & Pricing

Here’s a list of Verizon mobile prepaid plans and the amount you’ll pay based on the months you prepay:

Tier* 1–3 Months Prepaid4–9 Months Prepaid10+ Months Prepaid
5 GB$40/mo. per line$30/mo. per line$25/mo. per line
15 GB$50/mo. per line$40/mo. per line$25/mo. per line
Unlimited$65/mo. per line$55/mo. per line$50/mo. per line
Unlimited Plus$75/mo. per line$65/mo. per line$60/mo. per line
Verizon cellular prepaid plans.

* All prices already factor in Verizon’s Auto Pay discount. They don’t consider taxes and other fees, though.

This plan works best for anyone who doesn’t have the best credit history. Because you won’t have to pay a security deposit. It also gives you the means to have a Verizon mobile plan without a contract.

Verizon runs credit checks on their Unlimited plans. And if they see something they don’t like, they may charge you a security deposit from $100–400.

Verizon Prepaid mobile plans give you these features:

  • Avoid credit checks
  • No contracts
  • Up to 50% off plans the more months you prepay
  • Disney+ free for 6 months
  • Mobile hotspots (on some plans)
  • Text, talk, and data to and from Canada and Mexico

You can only get the Disney+ freebie on the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited prepaid plans. But getting this freebie saves you up to $48. Plus, you’ll have a good number of months to binge the hundreds of Marvel movies and series on the platform.

Pair cellular prepaid plans with data plans for devices like tablets, and you can save up to $30 monthly.

Here are what the Verizon prepaid data plans for hotspots and such looks like:

Plan* Price (w/o Mobile Prepaid)Price (w/ Mobile Prepaid)
5 GB$40/mo.$10/mo.
25 GB$60/mo.$30/mo.
100 GB$80/mo.$50/mo.
150 GB$100/mo.$70/mo.
Verizon router, tablet, and hotspot data plans.

* These prices don’t include taxes or other mobile fees. They do include the Auto Pay and paperless billing discount.

You won’t pay less for these data plans the more months you pay. But you’ll pay significantly less if you add this plan to a Prepaid Mobile plan.

Verizon doesn’t charge for their SIM cards [2].

Verizon Mobile International Plans & Pricing

Plans you can get while you’re traveling or calling/texting outside the United States include:

TierPricingNumber of MinutesNumber of TextsData
TravelPass$10/day per line or$5/day per line in Mexico and CanadaUnlimitedUnlimitedNA
International Monthly Pass$100/mo.250 minutes1000 sent SMS5 GB
Cruise Ship and Airline Pricing$20/mo. per line$2.99/minute$0.50/message sent and received50 MB
Global Calling (Mexico & Canada)$5/mo. per line$0.05/min calling other countriesUnlimitedNANA
Global Choice$10/mo. per lineUp to 300NANA
Verizon international calling, texting, and data plans.

Verizon TravelPass

TravelPass gives you unlimited texting and calling in over 210 countries [3]. If you visit a nation that Verizon doesn’t support, they’ll charge you pay-as-you-go rates.

These rates include:

130+ Countries$1.79/minute
80+ Countries$2.99/minute
Canada, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands and Guam$0.99/minute
Verizon pay as you go rates.

No matter the country you visit, you’ll pay $0.50 per text—or $0.25 per multimedia message—you send or receive. Regarding data, you’ll pay $2.05 per megabyte (MB) used.

Verizon’s name department wasn’t on their “A” game when naming these plans. So you’ll want to visit their website and click on the plan to see the countries they’ll charge you for.

For instance, in their pricing table, click ‘130+ Countries’ then a modal window will appear that shows the countries included in that rate.

Pay-as-you-go rate countries for Verizon

Other International Plans

You can use International Monthly in over 210 countries to give you:

  • Unlimited received SMS
  • 5 gigabytes (GB) of data
  • 250 minutes
  • 1,000 sent SMS

If you visit one of their unsupported countries, they’ll charge you pay-as-you-go rates.

You may find yourself better off getting a local SIM card in the country you’re visiting. Or Google Fi.

Cruise ship and airplane plans are great for select airplanes and cruises. You’ll want to use Verizon’s Trip Planner tool to determine whether you can use this plan.

Global Calling offers fantastic value if you want to call folks in Mexico or Canada. You’ll like Global Calling Plus if you frequently call landline and mobile numbers from 30 to 60 countries.

Global Choice. Who should get it?

Someone who doesn’t talk on the phone too long and wants to contact 93 countries. The number of minutes you’ll get differs by country. For instance, you’ll have a 180-minute allowance when calling numbers in Japan.

Whereas, you’ll have 300 minutes to spend on calling numbers in India.

Verizon Mobile Hotspot Plans & Pricing

Verizon’s costs for their mobile hotspot plans include:

PlanFirst Line PriceSubsequent LinesHotspot Data
EssentialNANA15 GB
Pro$90$60100 GB
Premium$110$80150 GB
Verizon Mobile Hotspot pricing.

Verizon offers too many pricing plans for mobile data. So I covered their mobile hotspot plan. They’ll charge you per “X” data you use. For instance, Premium charges $80 per 150 GB you use.

When I say “First Line Price,” I mean if a mobile hotspot is the only line on your Verizon account. If you have two Pro mobile hotspot lines on your account, you’ll pay $80 monthly per line.

And you can only use Verizon’s mobile hotspot data on two devices: the Jetpack Mi-Fi and Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot.

The 5G Get More and 5G Do More Unlimited plans can get you 50% off your mobile data plans.

Verizon Mobile Protect Plans & Pricing

Verizon Mobile Protect charges $14–$17/mo. per line (or $50 for multiple devices) for the following features:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited cracked screen repair
  • Protection for 3–10 lines
  • Same-day replacement and delivery for device and smartphone replacements

I said unlimited cracked screen repairs. But I didn’t say “free.”

It’s $29 per screen repair.

As for the first “perk,” you’re basically paying for technical support. Conversely, the same-day replacements and deliveries add a lovely touch to this not-so-great add-on.

It’s nice if you’re busy and constantly need replacement devices.

Verizon has some cool stuff. But this isn’t one of my favorites.

Verizon Mobile Hidden Fees

Here are some fine print fees Verizon has:

Fee TypeAmount
Activation Fee$35 per line
Early Termination Fee$175–$350
Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge$3.30 per voice line$0.06 per data-only line
Regulatory Charge$0.16 per voice line$0.02 per data-only line
Federal Universal Service Charge33% of international and interstate telecom charges
Detailed Billing$1.99/mo. per line
Use Voice Service on Data-only Plan$0.25/minute
Access Recovery Charge (ARC)Varies
Agent Assistance Fee$10
Verizon mobile fees.

You can’t avoid most of these fees. However, you can dodge a couple of them. Kind of.

You’ll need to wait out your contract to get around the early termination fee. Or you’ll need to switch to a cellular provider who will buy you out of your Verizon plan.

If you want to avoid the fee regarding using voice services on data-only plans, just don’t make calls. Use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) apps or messenger services (like WhatsApp) to call people online.

And the Agent Assistance fee. It’s a surcharge Verizon pushes on customers if you want to pay your bill with a customer service representative. So don’t call them or use the live chat feature to pay your bill.

They have plenty of other ways to pay your bill. Like by logging into your account. Or enable the Auto Pay feature.

To learn more about these fees, check out the long-winded post I crafted.

Best Verizon Mobile Plans

The best Verizon phone plans include:

  • 5G Get More: best overall
  • 5G Start: the best mobile plan for families
  • Prepaid 15 GB: best prepaid plan

The following section will provide details about each plan, why they’re the winner in their category, and whether you should get it.

5G Get More (With 5+ Lines) Best Overall Plan

5G Get More gives everyone on your account unlimited access to premium network access data and every Verizon perk imaginable.

The premium network access data ensures your family doesn’t suffer from network congestion when passing a threshold.

You’ll find the most value when having more lines on this plan. Otherwise, you may pay a bit too much.

And your account also gets these services free (so long as you remain on the plan):

  • Apple Music subscription: $9.99 monthly value
  • Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade: $4.99 monthly value
  • Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ subscription: you can share the streaming service accounts with everyone on your plan ($13.99 monthly value)
  • 1 TravelPass day: great if one person in your home travels abroad for a day
  • Verizon Cloud 600 GB: cloud storage to back up your contacts, files, and call logs

You’ll save up to $65 a month with these perks. A lot of value if you and your family were to use these services, anyway.

But if your family wants to pay less, check out the next plan.

5G Start (With 5+ Lines): Best Verizon Family Plan

5G Start provides the lowest pricing per line while still giving you access to Verizon’s perks. That means you can get streaming services like Disney+ free for 6 months.

That’s enough time to keep your younglings preoccupied with Star Wars and Marvel movies.

But you’ll lose a bit of value once the 6 months pass. Unless you want to remain subscribed to the services Verizon gave you free.

If not, you can always go with Welcome Unlimited. You’ll sacrifice your perks for $5/mo. per line cheaper mobile service.

Verizon Mobile 15 GB Prepaid: Best Prepaid Plan

The Verizon 15 GB prepaid plan gives you plenty of data to play with while not costing much. If you prepay 10 months.

15 GB of prepaid data can give you up to 20 hours of streaming standard definition content.

You won’t get the perks that Unlimited prepaid and 5G plans offer, but you’ll save a lot of money on your cell phone bill.

Verizon doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi hotspots like other providers (a pity). But if you’re a student or visit Starbucks frequently, you can use their Wi-Fi and reduce the amount of data you use.

If you’re in a city, you’ll have many more opportunities to find free Wi-Fi. Just play it safe when you use public Wi-Fi. Use a virtual private network (VPN) if you have one. To prevent hackers from intercepting your signal.

Don’t log into websites that would have sensitive information (like banking sites). And use two-factor authentication on all applicable accounts.

How To Get Verizon Mobile

To get started with Verizon mobile, visit this page (to register online), call them at 800-538-2686, or visit your nearest Verizon store.

You CAN transfer your landline or mobile phone number. But you’ll need to check whether it’s eligible for transfer using Verizon’s tool. A landline number will take 2-10 business days to transfer.

And 4–24 hours for a mobile number to transfer.

If you start your Verizon plan online and order a phone (and SIM card), use their Smart Setup tool. It activates your phone, backs up information, and can transfer your content. 

Verizon Mobile Availability

Verizon 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide is available in all states. Meanwhile, only 33 states can access Verizon Ultra Wideband. Verizon doesn’t offer cellular support in unincorporated U.S. territories like American Samoa or Guam.

You can access their TravelPass in over 230 countries. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay pay-as-you-go rates when visiting countries they don’t support.

Verizon Mobile Contract

You can choose a minimum contract term or to pay your Postpay Services month-to-month. If you buy a phone from Verizon and don’t pay it upfront, you’ll need to pay monthly installments for 3 years [4].

The contract for buying phones in installments also encompasses other devices. Like smartwatches, laptops, mobile hotspots, tablets, and Humx. They allow you to pay off your devices early, though.

If you cancel the device purchase agreement early, you must pay a $350 cancellation fee.

Regarding the Postpaid plans (e.g., Unlimited Wireless plans). If you or Verizon cancels your contract term early, they’ll subject you to an early termination fee of up to $175.

Verizon currently doesn’t have any specials that give you discounts for having a postpaid service contract. So you shouldn’t worry about contracts unless you lease a device.

Cancellation fees will lower monthly the longer you remain in the contract. The amount it reduces depends on the remaining duration of your contract and the type of contract you choose. They explain further in-depth on their customer agreement page

Verizon Mobile Deals

Verizon offers up to $25 off of mobile plans for these groups:

  • Nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • First responders
  • Military (veterans, active service, and Gold Star Family members)
  • Teachers
  • Students

Verizon offers specific cellular plans for seniors. $60/mo. for a single line. And $40/mo. per line for two lines.

These plans LOOK like they cost less than the Unlimited plans I mentioned. And they have unlimited talk, text, and data. But there are some caveats.

It’s 4G LTE data. You can only get it in Florida. And you must sign up as a new Verizon customer.

The first point doesn’t matter much, though. Because 5G is still an emerging technology (kind of) and has a long way to go before it becomes viable.

I invite you to check out another page I wrote that compiles all of Verizon’s deals.

Verizon Phone Deals

Trading in a qualifying phone and signing up for the following plans will result in you getting a free phone with Verizon:

  • 5G Do More
  • 5G Get More
  • 5G Play More

The phones you get free will change all the time. And the value of the device you trade in will depend on varying factors. For instance, its model and condition.

You can also trade in devices to get up to $800 in Verizon online store credit.

Check out our Verizon phone deals page to find more discounts.

Verizon Accessory Deals

Sometimes Verizon will offer up to 40% off select accessories. However, these deals change frequently. Visit to find current accessory deals.

Gold Star Families, veterans, and active military personnel will always get 25% off select online accessories. And 10% off in-store accessories.

When shopping in-store, present your military ID or other supporting documentation to receive the discount. And to get the military accessory deals online, shop when you’re logged into your My Verizon online account.

Verizon Mobile Bundles

You can bundle the following plans with Verizon home internet plans to save up to 50% on your internet bill:

  • 5G Do More
  • 5G Play More
  • 5G Get More

That means you can’t bundle prepaid plans or 5G Start and save. But you can save a bunch of money by bundling prepaid mobile data with prepaid device plans.

By “devices” I mean tablets, mobile hotspots, and routers.


You’ll save $30 per month on your device data plans when bundling them with prepaid cellular data.

Verizon Mobile Phones

Some of the best phones you can get with Verizon mobile plans include:

  • iPhone 13: Apple’s newest device that supports 5G and has an exceptional 12 megapixel (MP) camera
  • Google Pixel 6: pairs well with Google software and has one of the best cameras around (12 MP)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+: a 5G capable Android flagship phone 
  • Kyocera DuraXV Extreme: a flip phone designed with a rubberized housing and has a IP68 dust and waterproof rating
  • Nokia 2720 V Flip: a basic flip phone that supports 4G LTE
  • Motorola edge 5G UW: has a 144 Hz refresh rate and decent performance

Verizon offers several phones with varying price ranges. You could also get on a device payment plan if you can’t afford a new phone.

Or you could trade in an old device and get store credit toward a new phone. Read another guide I wrote to learn more.

They have most of the latest flagship phones. And they have older phone models. For instance, the iPhone 11.

Verizon Mobile Customer Service

Here are the numbers you’ll want to contact to reach Verizon’s mobile customer service:

New Customers800-538-2686
Prepaid Mobile Support888-294-6804
Chance Voicemail Password*611
Accessibility Customer Service888-262-1999
Activate a Prepaid Plan*228
Verizon mobile customer service phone numbers.

When dealing with their automated assistants, continually say “speak to an agent,” and they’ll eventually direct you to a human.

Don’t want to wait forever for someone to answer?

Chat with them over Facebook Messenger or their Live Chat. But don’t pay your bills with them. Because they don’t dedicate support team members to deal with customer billing.

Because they’ll charge you a $10 Agent Assistance fee.

I didn’t have the best experience dealing with their customer service because they ignored my question. BUT you may have a better experience.

Verizon Mobile vs. Competitors

These sections will compare Verizon mobile against the following cellular providers:

  • Xfinity Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Google Fi
  • Spectrum Mobile

Let’s get started.

Verizon Mobile vs. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile offers more competitive pricing than Verizon per line added to your plan. On their Unlimited data plans. But Verizon offers more high-end phones and better perks.

Xfinity Mobile relies on Verizon’s 4G LTE networks to provide services. But they also have millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.

So you could, in theory, get a By the Gig plan, spend most of your time on hotspots, and save money.

You can see discounts on home internet services when bundling them with their mobile counterparts. When comparing Comcast Xfinity Internet to Verizon Internet, who’s the champion?

It depends.

Verizon Fios crushes any Xfinity internet plan (except Gigabit Pro). But it has limited availability.

And Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE Home Internet plans don’t offer the best speeds. Maybe for one or two people.

So Xfinity wins when not facing Fios.

Xfinity plans have a disheartening 1.2 terabyte (TB) data cap and a contract, but none of Verizon’s home internet plans have either.

So if you’re in an area that offers Verizon Fios internet, definitely choose Verizon mobile over Xfinity.

Or you can mix and match. Get Verizon Fios internet and Xfinity Mobile.

But if you’re using 4 lines and over, Verizon’s discount for bundling their services will surpass Xfinity’s.

Verizon Wireless vs. AT&T

AT&T offers slightly cheaper unlimited data plans. But Verizon provides better speeds. So you’ll want the latter service if you want faster internet and more perks.

Verizon has better 4G LTE coverage. Meanwhile, AT&T offers more 5G coverage. But it doesn’t have the best speeds.

Verizon dominates in download and upload speed after switching to the 5G mid-band spectrum. Here’s a quick chart to illustrate the differences [5]:

ProviderAvg. Download SpeedAvg. Upload Speed
AT&T160 Mbps18.5 Mbps
Verizon211 Mbps20.7 Mbps
Verizon and AT&T mid-band speeds compared.

I don’t want to take forever on this section, so let’s cover perks. Verizon offers significantly more value with theirs.

AT&T offers basic cell phone plan functions and “ActiveArmor.”

The Armor feature requires you to download an app to protect your device on public Wi-Fi networks with Wi-Fi network checkers and has fraud call detection.

But many phones have scam caller detection built-in nowadays. I don’t think the Wi-Fi checker is worth it.

Verizon Wireless vs. Google Fi

Google Fi beats Verizon in coverage and as a mobile provider for international travel. However, Verizon surpasses Google with perks, pricing, and integrations with other services.

Use Google Fi if you’re a frequent traveler. Otherwise, go with Verizon.

Google’s cellular network doesn’t rely on a single provider. It combines US Cellular, T-Mobile, and Sprint to offer massive coverage throughout the US. It also gives you more flexibility regarding a service outage.

Regarding international travel. Google Fi doesn’t charge international roaming fees. This pricing structure makes it an ideal means to access data, text, and call when you’re overseas.

Google’s cellular provider’s only perk includes access to Google One for free. This cloud subscription service gives you access to a subpar VPN and up to 2 terabytes (TB) of cloud storage.

Verizon’s plans include cloud storage, free access to streaming services, and more.

And if you need a VPN, there are a million better choices. Like Mullvad VPN. It’s somewhat affordable and doesn’t save any of your information.

Verizon Wireless vs. Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile offers competitive pricing for their Unlimited mobile plan (with 2 lines) at only $29.99. It also offers over 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, which can save you money on data.

Spectrum works best for anyone who wants unlimited data, massive coverage, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Verizon has better pricing when having at least over 4 lines on an account. And perks.

But their Wi-Fi hotspots primarily reside in the eastern states and the west coast (Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot map). And apparently, when using Spectrum Mobile WiFi, you can get up to 1 Gbps internet speeds [6].

Then you can access other Wi-Fi hotspots like XFINITY, Passpoint Secure, and AlticeWiFi. So that extends the availability of hotspots you can use.

That’s millions more Wi-Fi hotspots you can use.

Regarding mobile coverage, you won’t have to worry much about it. Spectrum uses Verizon’s network to provide 4G LTE and 5G. That’s because Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

That means it doesn’t own any wireless service infrastructure.

Verizon topples Spectrum by offering family plans and perks. Spectrum has no perks (aside from the hotspots).

Are Verizon Cellular Plans Worth It?

Verizon is a worthy cellular plan if you have 3 or more lines on your plan. Anything less, and you’ll pay some of the highest rates imaginable.

You’ll also need to enable the Auto Pay and paperless billing features on your account to find the best pricing. Otherwise, you’ll pay $10 more monthly.

Many competitors offer better pricing, but when considering the freebies and discounted internet, Verizon provides more value. You’ll have the upper hand with pricing compared to other cellular providers.

For instance, military discounts. And these discounts also apply to your home internet. That’s something other providers don’t offer.

FAQ: Verizon Mobile

The following sections include commonly asked and answered questions about Verizon’s cellular service.

Will Verizon Give Me a Free Phone?

New and existing Verizon customers can trade in qualifying old phones to get a free iPhone 13 (or other 5G-capable phones). You must also subscribe to certain Unlimited Wireless plans to qualify.

Does Verizon 55+ Plan Include 5G?

The Verizon 55+ plan for seniors does not include 5G. It uses 4G LTE data. Learn more here.

What Is the $35 Verizon Plan?

The $35 Verizon mobile plan is 5G Start (with 4 lines). It gives you unlimited 5G Nationwide data and 5 gigabytes (GB) of premium mobile hotspot data. The plan also gives you free access to services like Disney+, Apple Arcade, and more for up to 6 months.

Wrapping Up

Verizon charges a bit much for their plans if you don’t have many lines. However. If you were to subscribe to the perks they offer, otherwise, you will save money.

You’ll also find a lot of value when using Verizon mobile if you bundle it with their home internet services. So before choosing a mobile provider, you should check out whether Verizon internet is something you’ll like.

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5G Get More

$90/mo. for a single line, $50/mo. for 5+ 5+ lines
$ 90 Monthly
  • Best for a family
  • Unlimited 5G Ultra
  • Up to $800 for a new phone