Xfinity Business Internet Offers & Promotions: Pricing, Features, & More

Comcast Business has 6 plans with varying speeds available. None have data caps, but they charge extra for static IP addresses and backup LTE data. Any of Xfinity’s business plans work best for small businesses that use 20 or fewer devices.

I’m familiar with businesses’ needs and want to find the best small business internet plan. I decided to review Xfinity’s business product to help you determine whether it’s worth getting.

I’ll cover the following throughout this guide:

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Comcast Business Internet Pros & Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of using Comcast Xfinity Business are:


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Various packages available


  • Must pay for each static IP address you add
  • Sluggish upload speeds
  • Regional pricing

Xfinity Business Internet Plans Compared

Comcast Xfinity offers the following business internet packages [1]:

TierMax. Speeds (DL/UL)* Promo. PricingStandard PricingBest for
Essential50 Mbps (DL) & 15 Mbps (UL)$49.99+ per mo.NA<4 Employees
Standard100 Mbps (DL) & 15 Mbps (UL)$69.99+ per mo.$84.99+ per mo.<5 Employees
Performance250 Mbps (DL) & 20 Mbps$74.99+ per mo.$94.99+ per mo.<9 Employees
Advanced500 Mbps (DL) & 30 Mbps (UL)$164.99+ per mo.$179.99+ per mo. (year 2)
$194.99+ per mo. (year 3)
<12 Employees
Premium750 Mbps (DL) & 35 Mbps (UL)$234.99+ per mo.$249.99+ per mo. (yr. 2)$264.99+ per mo. (yr. 3)15+ Employees
Gigabit Extra1,250 Mbps (DL) & 35 Mbps (UL)$334.99+ per mo.$349.99+ per mo. (yr. 2)
$364.99+ per mo. (yr. 3
20+ Employees

Comcast Business internet plans compared.

* These rates include the discount for enabling automatic payments. They don’t account for taxes and other fees. And these rates will differ by region.

The download speeds present no issues when running team calls, voice over internet protocol calls (VoIP), or live TV streaming on televisions in waiting rooms.

All plans have laughable upload speeds. 1 point of sales terminal demands 1.0 Mbps upstream bandwidth [2]. Cloud-based security cameras require 2.0 Mbps each. You could run 7 cameras on the Business Essential plan.

While that sounds like a lot, you’ll likely need to upload files. Whether it’s sending them through an email or backing them up to a cloud storage server.

Every plan will require you to rent a modem/router combination device. Prices for this rental vary by plan. But expect to pay more than $20 a month.

The above rates are in their Western Division. Central Division customers may pay less. While Northeast customers will pay more.

Pricing after 12 months.

Their Advanced, Premium, and Gigabit Extra plans slowly increase their price the longer you stay on a contract. Meanwhile, the Advanced and Performance plans’ prices will increase by more than 25% from month 14 and on.

All Comcast Business internet plans use dynamic IP addresses. Meaning your IP address will change over time. If you want static IP addresses, I’ll cover what it takes to get one in a couple of sections.

Let’s see the features they offer.

Comcast Business Internet Features

Here’s what you’ll get with Xfinity Business Internet plans:

  • No data caps: no limit on the data you use
  • Access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots: good for accessing Wi-Fi access points outside work
  • Free SecurityEdge: antivirus software
  • 2-hour appointment windows: great for having wider installation windows
  • Free wireless network gateway: modem/router combo

The lack of data caps makes this plan more welcoming. You’d need to pay an extra $25–$30 monthly to eliminate these caps on their home internet plans.

The free network equipment saves you a little money. You’ll find the Wi-Fi hotspots beneficial if you or your team members aren’t in the building and need Wi-Fi. Yet don’t want to waste cellular data and contribute to soft data caps.

Say someone needs to check Slack while grabbing a coffee, yet has to jump into a group video call. Jumping onto a hotspot would prevent them from wasting data.

SecurityEdge is cloud-based antivirus software that scans for malware, ransomware, phishing, and other online attacks. This software works best for smaller businesses without an existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

But once you get an in-house team or something more robust, SecurityEdge may cause issues [3]. Because it supposedly interferes with other systems.

Xfinity Business Internet Hidden Costs

Hidden costs for Xfinity Business include [4]:

Fee (or Add-on)Price
Static IP address$24.95/mo. per IP
4G LTE backup$39.95/mo.
Equipment rental fee$19.95–$29.95/mo.
WiFi Pro$19.95/mo.

Comcast Business hidden fees and add-ons.

I had to go through a promotions page to find these rates. They may differ by address.

But here’s what I found:

Xfinity Business Internet features

Most businesses won’t need a static IP address. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and clinics, shouldn’t worry about this add-on.

If you run cloud-based video cameras, virtual private networks (VPNs), or run servers, you’ll need a static IP. That way, your devices know how to find your network.

The 4G LTE backup system (dubbed Connection Pro) provides up to 8 hours of backup data during an internet outage. It’ll automatically turn on, so there’s not much configuration required on your end.

This system also includes an external antenna to enhance your coverage and a cellular router.

WiFi Pro creates a separate Wi-Fi network from your guest Wi-Fi. It’s an ideal add-on for any business that offers free guest Wi-Fi. Because you don’t want guests to sneak into your business’ network and hijack information.

To illustrate my point, here’s the typical pricing for their Business Internet Essential (Western Division pricing):

Xfinity Business Internet Price

Comcast Business Internet Installation Fee

Comcast charges a $99.95–$199 installation fee for business internet products. Getting TV and phone?

You’ll pay $69 for the former. And $29 for the latter.

Comcast Business Internet Coverage Map

Xfinity Business cable internet is available in the following states:

MississippiMissouriNew HampshireNew Jersey
NevadaNew MexicoNew YorkNorth Carolina
OhioOregonPennsylvaniaSouth Carolina
VirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsin

States where Comcast Business internet is available.

Here’s a coverage map:


Curious about how to reach their sales department? Keep reading.

How To Reach Xfinity Business Customer Service

New Comcast Business internet customers must call 866-519-2313 to reach their sales department. Enterprise customers with a similar status will call (866) 429-0152.

Existing Enterprise and small business customers should call (800) 391-3000 to reach their customer service and technical support.

Otherwise, owners of businesses in these industries will want to call the following numbers [5]:

IndustrySales NumberCustomer support Number
Ethernet(866) 429-0152(800) 741-4141
TeleworkerNA(866) 511-6489
Hospitality(855) 869-7188(800) 741-4141
Business VoiceEdge (VoIP service)(866) 429-2321(800) 741-4141
PRI Trunks(866) 524-7482800-741-4141
Cloud solutions(855) 867-5010(866) 950-3789

Phone numbers to reach different Xfinity Business support departments.

If you’ve decided to go with Xfinity Business, consider bundling your services.

Comcast Business Phone & Internet Bundles

Comcast doesn’t offer extra discounts or specials when bundling their business products. Doing so can help condense expenses and integrate your business with Xfinity, though.

Here are the available Double Play and Triple Play bundles:

* Bundle** New Customer PriceMax. Internet SpeedChannelsBest for
Essentials + Phone$79.99+ per mo.50/15 MbpsNASmall offices with no guest Wi-Fi 
Standard + Phone$99.99+ per mo.100/15 MbpsNABusinesses W/ Waiting Rooms
Performance + Phone$109.99+ per mo.250/20 MbpsNARestaurants, cafés, & bars
Advanced + Phone$199.99+ per mo.500/30 MbpsNAManaging Remote Workers
Premium + Phone$259.99+ per mo.750/35 MbpsNALarge File Downloads
Gigabit Extra + Phone$369.99+ per mo.1,250/35 MbpsNALarge File Downloads
Essential Internet + 1 Phone line + Basic TV$137.95+ per mo.50/15 Mbps10+Small clinics with waiting rooms
Internet Performance + 1 Phone line + Basic TV$177.95+ per mo.250/20 Mbps10+Business with break room
Internet Advanced + 1 Phone line + Basic TV$207.95+ per mo.500/30 Mbps10+Business with break room
Internet Gigabit Extra + 1 Phone line + Basic TV$267.95+ per mo.1,250/35 Mbps10+Office with lobby

Xfinity Business Double Play and Triple Play internet bundles compared.

* Every bundle includes a single phone line.

** These prices don’t include AutoPay discounts, taxes, or extra fees. They also don’t consider pricing once your contract expires.

Enable automatic payments and paperless billing to get a $10 monthly discount on all the above bundles.

Pricing for every bundle will vary by region and the duration of the contract you choose. Here’s an example. Pick a 3-year contract with Gigabit Extra + Phone and pay $354.99 monthly for the first year.

It doesn’t appear that Xfinity offers all these bundles in all their divisions. Everything varies by ZIP code. Use the above as benchmarks and examples only.

Xfinity Business Discounts & Promotions

Businesses who get the higher-tier internet packages will receive the following Visa prepaid cards:

  • Business Internet Advanced: $300
  • Business Internet Premium: $650
  • Business Internet Gigabit Extra: $750

Depending on the higher-tier business internet package, you’ll get their Connection Pro (LTE backup system) or WiFi Pro Expanded add-ons free.

Here’s an example:

Xfinity Business Deals and Promotions

FAQs: Xfinity Business

Explore these commonly asked questions about Xfinity Business.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Comcast Business Contract?

The Early Termination Fee for Comcast Business is $35–$45 per remaining month you have on your contract.

What Is the Upload Speed for Comcast Business?

Upload speeds for Comcast Business are low as 15 Mbps. And high as 35 Mbps

Does Comcast Business Provide Email Addresses?

Comcast Business customers will get a Comcast-specific email address.

Does Comcast Business Offer VoIP?

Comcast Business offers VoiceEdge. It’s a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) product.

Wrapping Up

Xfinity Business offers decent pricing for their lower-tier pricing. Except their high equipment rental fees. I recommend these business internet plans to clinics, cafés, or small offices that don’t intend on offering free guest Wi-Fi.

Or who don’t frequently upload files.

Guests on your Wi-Fi network will devour your bandwidth quickly. And the upload speeds don’t give you much flexibility.

You may want to consider an alternative at this point. We’ve compared some in separate guides.

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Xfinity Offer

400 Mbps plans for $39.99/mo
$ 39
  • Enough for a familly
  • High availability
  • Free Peacook Premium