How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity (2024): The Definitive Guide

You can cancel Xfinity by calling their customer service, writing them a letter, scheduling an appointment at a retail store or by using their online cancellation form. Throughout this guide, I’ll cover the details of each method. So keep reading.

When canceling Xfinity in the past, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now. To prevent you from making the same mistakes, I’ve compiled all of the information you could need on canceling your service.

To help you break your Xfinity shackles, I’ll cover these areas:

Keep reading and free yourself from Comcast.

How To Cancel Xfinity Early

You’ll have several options to cancel your Xfinity service that include:

  • Filling out an Comcast Xfinity cancelation form online: quickest method (overall)
  • Calling customer service: quickest way to reach someone
  • Visiting an Xfinity retail store
  • Sending Comcast a letter: slowest to receive a response

Review each method and see what one best fits your schedule.

Prepare Everything You Will Need

You’ll only need your Xfinity account number to cancel your service. You can find this number by logging into your Comcast account and checking your account information. You can also see the number on the top of your Xfinity Comcast service bill.

Or you can use the Xfinity My Account app. Navigate to the ‘Account information section, click the tile, and you’ll see your account number.

Option 1: Fill Out the Xfinity Cancellation Form (Easiest Method)

Log into your Comcast Xfinity online account and fill out the cancellation form. Once you fill it out, wait around 48 hours to receive a phone call from an Xfinity customer service representative.

Don’t want to wait that long? Try the next option.

Option 2: Call Xfinity

Start by calling 800-934-6489. They’re available Monday–Saturday 7 am to 9 pm (Eastern Time Zone). Once you reach their automated system, say “cancel service,” or “retention department.”

You may have to repeat yourself. The robot may have a hard time understanding.

Once you reach a real person, ask whether they’re the Retention department. If they’re not, tell the team member you want them to transfer you to the Retention department.

And if you’re speaking to someone from Retentions, tell them you want to cancel.

Before covering what you should say, get the Xfinity service representative’s ID and name. It’s useful information to save for later in case anything goes wrong regarding service cancellation.

What To Say During Your Call

Whether you receive a callback or call Xfinity, you’ll need to understand how to prepare yourself for the phone call. When first reaching a real person, they’ll ask you to verify your identity

Prepare the phone number, account number, account holder name, and address associated with your Xfinity account.

They’ll then confirm whether you want to cancel your service.

This is where the fun begins.

To get through phone calls quicker, you’ll need to come up with a good excuse to quit. You shouldn’t have to, but Xfinity will do what they can to keep you. Some good excuses you can use include:

  • Moving to an area where Comcast Xfinity isn’t available
  • Channels I was paying for blocked
  • Comcast failed to provide promised services
  • Unexpected fee increases
  • Doesn’t fit my budget

No matter what you say, the representative’s going to offer you a lot of offers. If you’re on this post because you want to score a deal (instead of canceling) then hear them out.

Once you make it through the gauntlet of offers, they’ll ask when you want your service to end and transition to ending the call.

Ensure you ask them what equipment you need to return. And ask if they can provide a prepaid shipping label. If they can’t do it over the phone, I’ll go over how to quickly get one online.

Option 3: Schedule an Appointment (In-person)

Find your nearest Xfinity retail store and schedule an appointment to visit. You can also use this tool to help schedule a store visit online.

You can just walk in, but in my experience, scheduling an appointment has wasted the least time.

If you don’t have to drive far, this route will serve as your quickest option. Beats having to wait on the phone for 40+ minutes. Or having to wait 48 hours for a call back.

Don’t forget:

Bring your Xfinity equipment with you to your appointment. This saves you from having to deal with equipment returns later on.

How To Cancel Xfinity Appointment

Cancel your Xfinity store appointment by first signing into your Comcast Xfinity account. Visit the ‘Accounts’ section and click the ‘Cancel Appointment’ button.

You can also manage your appointment in the Xfinity My Account app. You’ll see your current appointment when opening the app. Tap ‘Manage Appointment.’ From there, you can cancel or reschedule.

Option 4: Write Them a Letter

By far the least effective means of canceling your service (but it’s an option I should mention). Write a letter to Xfinity that includes:

  • Phone number affiliated with the account
  • Xfinity Comcast account number
  • Service address
  • Account holder’s full name

Mention that you want to cancel your service and your reasoning.

Once you’ve written your letter, mail it to Comcast Xfinity’s address:

Comcast Cable

ATTN: Service Change Requests

1701 JFK Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

You’ll receive a call from a Xfinity customer service representative within two business days (of receiving your letter).

Depending on where you’re sending the letter from, you may have to wait for days before they receive your letter. If the postal staff doesn’t lose it.

How Do I Return My Xfinity Equipment?

When speaking to the customer service representative, ask them all the equipment you have to send back. Once they tell you, repeat the equipment back and confirm that’s what you have to return.

If you fail to return Comcast Xfinity equipment, then you’ll have to pay a fee. My research has shown that people have to pay at least $100–350 per piece of equipment they failed to return [1].

Once they tell you what equipment you’ll need to return, ask the customer service person for a prepaid box or shipping label. If you’re not too far away from a Comcast retail store, I recommend returning it in-person.

Doing so helps reduce the chances of anything going wrong during shipping.

You can also start the equipment return process on one of Xfinity’s pages.

Before shipping (or returning) your equipment. Grab your phone or a camera and take a picture of ALL of your equipment. Ensure you snap pictures of the serial numbers as well.

I recommend this because you’ll need evidence if your equipment goes missing for some reason.

When returning your equipment to a Xfinity store, get a return receipt from the staff. And once a couple of weeks pass, call their customer service and ensure they received your equipment.

You can also try using the Xfinity Assistant chatbot. You’ll reach someone quicker

Before You Cancel Your Service

I get you’re likely frustrated with Xfinity Comcast’s service. But ensure you consider every factor before canceling.

Compare prices, speed, and the value offered of every internet service provider option before moving. If you just want lower prices on your Comcast Xfinity bill, you could use other services as leverage to get discounts from Comcast’s Retention Department.

If you’re moving and just want to transfer your Xfinity services, you don’t need to cancel. Otherwise, if you cancel then resubscribe, then you’ll need to pay a fee to activate your new line and the early cancellation fee.

Xfinity Cancellation Fee

If you cancel your Xfinity Comcast contract one year before your contract ends, you’ll need to pay a $110 fee. $230 for a two-year contract. These fees will lower ($10 per month) for each month you remain subscribed to Comcast.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a one-year contract and want to cancel after 3 months, you’ll pay $90 instead of $110.

How To Avoid Xfinity Cancellation Fee

You can get your Early Termination Fee (ETF) credited to your Comcast Xfinity account if you fall under one of these situations:

  • You’re moving because you’re active duty military
  • The account holder passed away
  • You move to an area where Xfinity doesn’t offer services
  • You’re transferring to a new address

The only way you can avoid Comcast’s Early Termination Fee is to cancel your service within 30 days. I’ll cover more details in the next point.

Comcast Cancellation Policy: 30 Days

Within 30 days of first subscribing to Xfinity services, you can cancel your service without paying early termination fees. This policy applies to the following services [2]:

Comcast also has a 14-day money-back guarantee for their mobile devices and service.

FAQ: How To Cancel Xfinity

Keep reading and I’ll cover questions and answers to canceling Xfinity that I didn’t mention earlier.

How To Cancel Xfinity Unlimited Data?

To remote the Unlimited Data add-on from your Xfinity account, you’ll need to contact them by calling 800-934-6489. Or you can use the Xfinity Assistant live chat to reach someone.

Comcast will remove the Unlimited Data Option from your account on the first day of the month following your removal request.

How To Cancel Xfinity Mobile?

To cancel Xfinity Mobile, you’ll need to speak to Comcast’s Retentions Department. You can reach them by using the Xfinity Assistant online chat tool. Or you can call 800-934-6489 Monday–Saturday (7 am through 9 pm) EST.

Wrapping Up

The quickest way to cancel your Xfinity service is to use their online cancellation form. However, if you don’t want to wait for a callback, you can visit an Xfinity store or call their customer service.

Ensure you want to cancel your service before doing so. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay another activation fee later. If you want a cheaper plan, use the fact that you want to cancel as potential leverage for a discount.

And don’t forget to return your Xfinity equipment.

Are you searching for a new internet service provider? Explore other options. See who’s best for your household’s needs.

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