Comcast Xfinity TV & Internet Customer Service

You can reach Xfinity customer service by calling them, using Xfinity Assistant, live chat, or through their social media outlets. In this guide, I’ll cover the best ways to contact them.

I browsed through various forums and spent hours reading through Xfinity’s pages to compile this guide on the best ways to answer your questions related to Xfinity Comcast.

To help you reach Xfinity customer service, I’ll cover:

  • Their customer service phone number
  • Other ways to contact Xfinity
  • How to get started with Xfinity
  • How to pay your bill
  • Checking for an Xfinity outage
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Other questions you may have

Read on. I’ll help you reach Xfinity customer service.

Customer Service Phone Number for Xfinity

To reach Xfinity by phone, you’ll want to call (800) 934-6489 Monday–Saturday (7 am to 9 pm). I couldn’t find any details on what timezone. Their accessibility page says Eastern Time for accessibility customer service [1].

So use that as a reference.

Based on others’ experience, you may want to try 8:30 pm. Many seem to have had luck around that time.

On average, expect to wait 29–47 minutes to reach someone.

This phone number can help you with any Xfinity inquiry; here are some of them: 

  • Tech support for troubleshooting
  • Help with billing and paying
  • Add/remove service or change plans
  • Check the status of your appointment
  • Any other questions you might have

Things To Know Before You Call Xfinity Customer Service?

When you call Xfinity customer service, you need to have these three things at hand:

  • Phone number connected to your Xfinity account
  • Your ZIP code
  • Your Xfinity account number (see here how to find it)

You’ll need to prove you’re a customer.

If you’re not a customer, you’ll want to call them.

Before calling, take a deep breath. No matter how impatient you get, remain calm. The way you act will shift the way your customer service representative asks.

The Quickest Way To Reach a Live Xfinity Representative

Some recommend saying “speak to an agent” a million times. Meanwhile, others recommend pressing “0” repeatedly.

If you’re not a customer already, you’re best off saying “speak to an agent” a lot.

I found one theory the most interesting. Contacting the Retention Department. This part works for existing customers.

Comcast wants to keep their customers, so they’ll do what they can to keep you.

In some regions, Retention agents will have broad training and can help with various issues. While others, they can’t do much. It depends on who you reach.

Their Retention Department can apparently help with package up- or downgrades or billing questions. If they can’t help you, they will transfer you to a department that can.

You can say one of two phrases: “cancel my service” or “Retention department.” If a phrase doesn’t work, hang up and call back to try another [2, 3].

Keep this in mind. The Retention Department ‘trick’ has aged a couple of years. Xfinity MAY have picked up on it by now. But it’s worth a try.

How To Reach Xfinity Technical Support

When calling, you can either reach the Retention Department first, then have them transfer you to technical support. Or you can say “technical support” repeatedly when dealing with the automated phone assistant.

Additional Xfinity Customer Service Numbers

Some scenarios don’t require you to use Xfinity’s toll-free number. Here are other numbers you can try:

  • 866-203-0432: sign up for Comcast
  • 266278: the number you can text questions to (Xfinity Assistant)
  • 611: Xfinity customer service from a landline phone or Comcast mobile
  • 844-963-0138: California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) requests
  • (866) 366-5756: Xfinity Wi-Fi pass
  • (855) 709-1197: Xfinity home security
  • (855) 270-0379: accessibility support; say “Accessibility” when calling

Don’t attempt to use these numbers to reach technical support. It won’t work.

Additional Ways to Contact Xfinity Support 

You may not have 40 minutes to spare. Or, you could have encountered a customer service representative who didn’t help.

You’ll have less of a chance of reaching an actual person.


You can try other methods of contacting Xfinity.

Xfinity Customer Service Online

Chatbots. I love and hate them simultaneously. Like any modern company, Comcast has one (Xfinity assist).

Screenshot showing an example of Xfinity Assistant.

It’s. Handy.

While not an actual person who can help with specific issues, you can use Xfinity Assist to help you with [4]:

Paying your billOutage reportsView your bill
View your Wi-Fi passwordXfinity store appointment managementsOrder a new remote: Flex and Xfinity X1 customers)
Refresh your gatewayAsk about billing changesActivate your services
This table displays what you can do with Xfinity Assistant.

You’ll find the Xfinity Assistant chat page here.

Mobile users should use the Xfinity My Account or Xfinity apps. Both will have a chat bubble resting around the upper right corner of your screen.

Hate downloading apps? Text questions to 266278.

TV subscribers have a couple of options:

  • Voice Remote: say “Xfinity Assistant”
  • Xfinity X1: navigate to tools and click the ‘Xfinity Assistant’ tile (not available on RNG150 boxes)

No luck finding an answer?

Tell the chatbot you want to speak to an agent. It SHOULD connect you with someone.

Visit Your Local Xfinity Store

Most Xfinity stores offer appointment scheduling.

Sign up for an appointment ahead of time. You’ll save a lot of time you’d otherwise waste waiting.

Visit and search for your nearest store. Once the results appear, click on a store and look for a button that says “Book Appointment.”

A screenshot of Xfinity's 'nearest store' feature

You’ll need to select whether you’re an Xfinity customer. From there, you’ll choose your time, the reason for visiting, and other information.

After setting up your appointment, you’ll receive SMS notifications regarding your appointment.

When the time comes, go to your Xfinity store, check in, and wait to see a customer service representative.

Social Media: Xfinity Social Media Accounts

You’ll have plenty of ways to reach someone from Xfinity for those of you savvier with social media. The time it takes for them to reply will vary.

With Reddit, it appears they’re responsive for blocks of time and then go dark. Messenger seems to give the quickest results.

Here are all of Xfinity’s social media profiles:

  • Reddit (r/Comcast_Xfinity): they have ‘Community Specialists’ who help subscribers troubleshoot issues and manage accounts
  • *Twitter (@XfinitySupport): they’re apparently available every hour of every day and only need you to DM (direct message) them
  • Facebook: their ‘Contact us’ button will take you to their website’s contact page, so this platform isn’t helpful in trying to reach someone
  • Facebook Messenger: you’ll need to log into a Facebook account to contact them through Messenger

*Don’t bother with trying to contact @Xfinity. They’ll likely just refer you to their Xfinity Support account.

They have a presence on LinkedIn. It’s just for job listings.

Otherwise, they push for people to browse the forums.

Schedule a Callback

Open your browser and type into the address bar. You’ll need to log into your Comcast account.

Give them your phone number and email. Tell them what day and time works best. From there, click ‘Submit.’

You may not see a callback time available. That means their agents don’t have time to talk to anyone.

Contact Accessibility Support

Xfinity Assistant users can enter or say phrases like:

  • Accessibility: receive instructions to contact the Accessibility Support Center
  • Large print bill or Braille: again, to receive instructions
  • American Sign Language (ASL): contact an Xfinity ASL representative over a video call

You can call 855-270-0379. Prefer texting? Send “Accessibility” to 266278.

Send a message to [email protected] to reach them through email.

You can only reach Xfinity’s support center between 8 am and 11 pm (Eastern Time). 

Ready to Order New Xfinity Services?

When signing up for an account, you’ll have a couple of options. Self-installation or to have a technician install your modem.

Both have their pros and cons. But I recommend doing it yourself (here is a guide on how to do it).

Having someone do it for you requires scheduling, which Xfinity will handle when you sign up for their services.

Keep in mind that they have to send a technician when signing up for Xfinity Fiber plans.

You can either order your Getting Started Kit online or pick it up from a nearby Xfinity store. If they have it in stock.

How To Pay Your Xfinity Bill

Comcast wants your money. So they offer more ways than imaginable to pay.

In-person. Stroll into your nearest Xfinity store and use an Xfinity Self-Service Kiosk. You can also wait for a cashier to help you with your bill.

Call 800-934-6489, tap “2”, and follow their prompts. You’ll need:

  • Payment information: bank routing number and account number or bank card (expiration date, CVV, and card number)
  • Billing account number
  • The phone number associated with your account

Find the nearest Western Union Quick Collection location and pay your bill there.

Mail your check and bill to the address listed on your statement.

When using the Xfinity app, tap ‘Billing’ then ‘Pay Now.’

You can also log into your Xfinity account on a browser and click ‘Make a Payment.’ They’ll ask for your payment amount and date. From there, choose your payment method and review your purchase.

How To Check an Xfinity Outage

Haven’t received a text message from Xfinity?

You’ll want to use Xfinity Assist to find whether there’s an outage quickly. Type “Am I in an outage?”. As a Voice Remote user, you’ll speak the previous sentence I mentioned.

You can also do this through your browser or Xfinity app.

Texting “OUT” to 266278 (COMCST) also gives you a quick way to check your outage status.

Comcast also has an outage map. The map displays outages in the surrounding areas and your services. You can click on the various icons throughout the map to see the affected area’s details.

You can also log into your Xfinity account, click ‘Services,’ then click the link to the Status Center. The site will tell you whether you’re part of an outage.

They also have a ‘Run Diagnostics Check’ button. The tool checks your equipment for potential issues. It’ll then provide recommendations or apply fixes.

Xfinity Troubleshooting and Quick Help Guides

In many cases, you won’t need customer service to help. Here are ways to manage certain features regarding your Xfinity account yourself.

Resetting Your Xfinity Password

Visit to reset your password. Once you’re on this page, you’ll need your account’s username. The phone number or email you used to make your account also works.

Forgot your username? You’ll need to reset it. You may not remember the email or number you used to make your account.

Xfinity also lets you enter the last several digits of the social security number you used for your account to reset your username.

You’ll need to pass a security check once you make it past the first screen on the password reset tool. And afterward, you’ll have four ways to reset your password:

  1. Answer a secret question
  2. By call
  3. SMS
  4. Through an email

Pick your method, and Xfinity will send you a reset code.

When using the email method, check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ inboxes.

Troubleshooting Your Xfinity Internet Connection

When encountering slow Xfinity internet, you can try various solutions to increase your speed. Some include updating your router’s firmware and placing your router in the center of your home.

You can also use your Xfinity app to troubleshoot. It’ll provide solutions to troubleshoot potential network bottlenecks.

Don’t have any internet?

Check your modem’s lights. Do you see a solid green or blue LED light by ‘Internet?’ If there’s no light, your modem may have accidentally stored an error.

Modems and routers store short-term information to help your network function. They’ll sometimes store errors that can cause issues on your network. Manually rebooting your device will erase any errors.

Unplug your modem for 30 seconds. Meanwhile, if you’re using cable internet, check the wall outlet. Ensure your cable’s snug against the outlet nub.

If you have a coaxial cable tester, you can test your coaxial outlet for an internet signal.

Plug your modem in again. Wait around 10 minutes for the lights to return. If they don’t, you’ll want to contact Xfinity technical support.

Manage Your Xfinity Data Usage

If you’re not using Xfinity’s Unlimited Data option, you’ll pay overages when using over 1.2 terabytes (TB) of data per month [5]. You can track how much data you’re using.

Xfinity app users can tap ‘Internet’ on the top left bar. Or you can tap ‘Overview.’

You’ll see what plan you’re on, your devices, and your connection status. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The app will show you your current period and your total data usage.

Xfinity doesn’t display your real-time data usage. They usually delay these numbers by up to 24 hours [6].

Tapping the box will give you a glimpse of data you’ve used in other months.

Important: you have to sign in as a manager or the primary account owner. Otherwise, you won’t see the meter.

Where Can I Find a List of Xfinity-approved Third-party Devices?

If you’re planning on staying with Xfinity for a while, you don’t want to rent a modem, router, or gateway. Getting your own device will save you money in the long run. That’s because you’ll avoid the rental fees.

You can use any router with Xfinity. But with modems, you’ll need Comcast-approved devices. Otherwise, they can’t deliver your internet service.

We’ve compiled a complete list of compatible modems with Xfinity to save you time. You have plenty of options.

If you’d rather get your hands dirty, you can visit You can search for various gateways and modems Xfinity supports.

You’ll have to log into your account or enter your address and download speed. As someone without an account, you can type in some random address until the text “Use zip code instead” appears.

Type in a zip code.

From there, type in a specific device you want. When the results appear, you’ll want to click ‘View details.’

lb4V0OFKJuieKlhhXbFc5Tu0psXiRESYAPFvjKN8y MUlSRz8l7fKY4cr zzopLYFK yjjAzXBE lUmPB1d2yYfQfn34GCahGMZCOZPN3pBJZoG3FaL6ZXGmFgtf5X4tPRt4lG3B5uiyVeEE7Q
Screenshot of Xfinity’s page that shows compatible modems.

You’ll find almost everything you’ll need to know about each device, including:

I’ll cover how to install a non-Xfinity modem in the next point.

How Do I Upgrade My Xfinity Internet Modem?

Renting a modem with Comcast? If they’ve said you’re eligible for a device upgrade, check

You’ll need to log into your account and follow their prompts.

Upgrading to an xFi Fiber Gateway (Arris X5001) requires professional installation.

Upgrading with your own modem or gateway?

Find your device’s 12-digit media access control address (MAC address) or CMAC address. Choose the latter if it’s available. MAC addresses identify your device

Either call Xfinity or use their app (I recommend the latter).

For you without the Xfinity app, you can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play. Sign into your account once you’ve downloaded the app and tap “Activate Your New Equipment.”

You’ll need to follow a series of instructions. One requires you to enter your CMAC or MAC address.


If you enjoy waiting on the phone for a long time, call (800) 934-6489. Continually say ‘technical support’ until the automated system transfers you. You’ll eventually reach someone.

Tell them you need help activating your third-party modem. They’ll ask for your MAC address. Provide it.

Don’t forget this next part. Ask the technician to modem rental fee code in your Comcast billing profile. Sometimes they may forget to do this.

Xfinity Customer Service FAQs

You likely have a million questions. Instead of hunting for vague answers, I’ve listed each answer in-depth.

Can I Email Xfinity Customer Service?

You can’t email Xfinity customer service. That’s because they have no email address dedicated to customer service.

You can only reach out to Xfinity via email regarding privacy violations through [email protected] [7].

Otherwise, they make you contact them through social media, calling, chatbots, or live chat.

Is Xfinity Customer Service Available 24 Hours a Day?

When using their live chat, chatbot, and social media, you can reach Xfinity customer service agents 24 hours a day.

Xfinity won’t offer 24/hour support via calling. They’re only available Monday–Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm. 


You have plenty of ways to reach Xfinity. Whether through phone, social media, or their chat bot. When speaking to them, you’ll want to remain calm. Despite your stressful situation.

That way you ensure you get the best service possible.

When dealing with issues like slow internet, first troubleshoot. If none of the solutions you’ve tried worked, consider upgrading your router. We’ve created a list of the best Xfinity routers for you to try.

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