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This is our article on all Xfinity deals right now.

After hours of research and talking to Xfinity, I will now bring you the best Xfinity deals!

This includes the best discounts, deals, offers, and promotions. For you looking for internet only, or bundles.

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Comcast Xfinity modem and router

200 Mbps Internet

Only available in certain parts of the country
$ 25 Monthly
  • 200 Mbps download speed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • High availability​

Premier Double Play

185+ channels & 1200 Mbps
$ 129
  • 1200 Mbps download speed
  • 185+ channels
  • HBO and Showtime included

Add Xfinity Mobile

Save up to $35/mo. from the price
$ 15 Monthly
  • Starting from $15 per line
  • $45 for one Unlimited line
  • Get $200 for your own phone

Xfinity Internet Essentials

Xfinity internet for low-income families
$ 9
  • 50-100 Mbps
  • Need to qualify
  • N/A

Best Comcast Xfinity Deals Right Now [2023]

Xfinity’s deals of often subject to change. So we do the best we can to keep them up to date. Here are the best current deals: 

  • Up to $60 off your bill if you bundle more than one Xfinity service. 
  • Up to $35 off your bill if you get Xfinity Mobile

Check out the Xfinity link below to view the most up-to-date page available. Or continue reading to learn about the deals in more detail.

Xfinity TV & Internet Bundles Deals

PackageChannelsSpeedPromo price*
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 800 Mbps125800 Mbps$69.99/mo.
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 Mbps125400 Mbps$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 400 Mbps185400 Mbps$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 800 Mbps185800 Mbps$109.99/mo.
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 1200 Mbps1251200 Mbps$124.99/mo.
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity TV, Internet & Voice Bundles Deals

PackageChannelsSpeedVoicePromo price*
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 + Voice125400 MbpsUnlimited$69.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 400 + Voice185400 MbpsUnlimited$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 800 + Voice185800 MbpsUnlimited$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 1200 + Voice1851200 MbpsUnlimited$109.99/mo.
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity TV, Internet, Voice & Home Security Bundles Deals

PackageChannelsSpeedVoiceSecurityPromo price*
X1 Saver Pro+ Quad Play125+800 MbpsUnlimited$129.99/mo.
X1 Starter Pro+ Quad Play125+1,200 MbpsUnlimited$129.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 600 + Voice185+1,200 MbpsUnlimited$159.99/mo.
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

How to Get the Best Deal With Xfinity Internet

You can do a couple of things to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Here they are:

  • Get your own internet equipment – Xfinity offers you to rent an xFi Gateway from them for $14-$25/month. [1] So if you want to save money, get your own modem and router. Either as one device or two (I recommend two, learn why here). If you feel uncertain about what device to get, check out our articles on the best modems for Xfinity.
  • Take as long a contract as possible – The longer contract you take, the better price you generally will get. So, if you are sure you won’t move soon, take the two-year contract.
  • Avoid getting things you don’t need – Xfinity is very good at upselling its customers. But all the small add-ons add up. My experience is that it is better to choose a few extra things as possible and add them as you feel that you need them. Because the other way around often doesn’t work, as you don’t really think about the things you don’t use. 
  • Renegotiate when your contract ends – Always call Xfinity and ask for a better deal when your contract ends. Because this is the best way to make sure you pay as little as possible. And if Xfinity doesn’t want to give you a better deal, check for other providers in your area that do. And then call Xfinity again and say what offer you have from the other providers. This will allow the sales representative to give you the best price possible. 

Xfinity Internet Discounts

Here are some of the Xfinity internet discounts available right now: 

  • $10 off your bill with automatic and paperless billing [2] – I’m not sure this is actually a discount as Xfinity presents it as. Because in every offer you find on their website, they include this automatically. Thus it’s more of a penalty for you that want conventional billing. That said, there is really no reason not to have this. 
  • Bundling discount – The more services you get with Xfinity, the better price you will pay for each individual service. So if you need Internet, TV, and voice service, it’s most often best to get them all from the same provider. 
  • Xfinity Rewards – With Xfinity Reward, you get levels the longer you stay as a customer with Xfinity. To enter it, download the Xfinity app and go to Xfinity Rewards to join it. The program comes in four levels; silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. The higher level you are, the better rewards you get. These rewards include $1 movie nights, digital discount codes to sites like the NBC Store or, tickets to local sporting events, etc. [3]

Xfinity Promotions & Offers Right Now

Here are some of Comcast Xfinity’s current offers for potential and existing customers. 

Xfinity Offer #1: Xfinity with HBO, SHOWTIME, or Netflix

If you get some of the higher levels Xfinity bundles, you sometimes get HBO, Showtime, or Netflix for free. 

For example, if you get Premier Double Play, which gives you 1200 Mbps internet and 185+ channels, you will also access HBO Max and Showtime for free (worth $26/month). 

Another example is the Super+ package, which gives you 900 Mbps, 245+ channels, HBO Max, Showtime, and Netflix for $149.99/month for the first 12 months. 

These three streaming services would otherwise cost you $36/month. 

PackageSpeedChannelsIncludesPromo Cost*
Premier Double Play1200 Mbps185+HBO Max and Showtime$129.99/mo
Super+1000 Mbps245+HBO Max, Showtime, and Netflix$149.99/mo
Signature+1000 Mbps 185+Netflix$129.99/mo
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity Offer #2: Xfinity Flex with Peacock Premium

Until 2023/03/03 you could get the Xfinity Flex device completely free. This is a 4k streaming device that you can use to watch movies and series from platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu. Now it costs $5 per month.

It serves the same function as a Roku, Apple, or Amazon TV. Which all costs you between $25 and $150. 

With your Flex device, you can also get Peacock Premium. This streaming service will provide you with more than 60,000 hours of content at your fingertip. Just note that you will still have some ads with it. 

Xfinity gives you this not because of the kindness in their heart but rather to make you a more sticky customer. Making it less convenient for you to change providers. 

Xfinity Offer #3: Xfinity Mobile Discount

If you get or already have Xfinity Internet, you can also get Xfinity Mobile. This will save you between $25 to $35 per month, depending on what region of the country you live. 

Here is how much you can save per region:

  • Northeast region: $35/mo.
  • Central region: $25/mo.
  • West region: $30/mo.

You can also bring your own phone, which will cost you $0 (as of the publishing date). 

Other temporary Xfinity Mobile deals include a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G for free. This is only available until 8/25/22 and for new customers that transfer their number in less than 30 days.

Another current deal is to get the $450 off a Samsung Galaxy phone when getting Xfinity Mobile (ends 9/8/22).

Xfinity Offer #4: Xfinity Students Discount

If you are a student living off-campus, you can get $200 back when you sign up for at least 12 months of Xfinity internet. 

This deal is available until 10/09/22, and to get it, you need to verify that you are a student. 

You need to live off-campus because the campus has its own internet plans that you sublease. 

Just make sure that you will stay where you live for at least 12 months. Because if you move early, you will have to pay the early termination fee, which usually is $10 per month left of your contract. 

Not a fun cost at all!

Learn more about Student discounts.

Xfinity Offer #5: Xfinity Teachers Discount

Comcast Xfinity doesn’t currently have any internet plan deals for teachers. You can check on once in a while to see whether they have a special happening.

You’ll want to look under the section labeled ‘Value too good to pass up.’

I’ve seen past deals where they’d give teachers a $150 and over Prepaid Visa card upon signing up for Xfinity Internet plans.

However, it expired on December 31st, 2021 [1].

Learn more about Teacher’s discounts.

Xfinity Offer #6 Xfinity Military Members & Veterans Discount

Comcast Xfinity doesn’t have any discounts for veterans or military personnel at the moment. Ensure you check once in a while to see whether they have active deals.

The link doesn’t work at the moment. I imagine they have it ready for future discounts.

In 2020, they had a deal where they’d give you a $25 Xfinity electronic coupon and a $100 Prepaid Visa Card upon registering with a Xfinity service [1]. 

Learn more about Military Members & Veterans discounts.

Xfinity Offer #7: Xfinity Internet Essentials – Affordable Internet

If you are a low-income family, Xfinity offers you 50 Mbps internet speed for $9.95 a month or 100 Mbps for $24.95/month (plus tax) with Internet Essentials from Comcast.

Users in tribal lands can qualify for a $75 discount with the ACP [5]. With $9.95 per month, that should technically mean free internet. Right?

When I asked customer service to confirm my theory, they replied with:

“Governments will give certain discounts based on certain regions.”

That was the best answer I could get. Vague at best. But if you qualify for tribal discounts, speak to your Xfinity representative to see if you can get a steeper Internet Essentials discount.

To be eligible for the ACP, you need need to meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • If your income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. See these numbers here
  • If you are a part of Government Assistance Programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or Other Programs
  • Suppose your child or dependent is a part of the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or the USDA Community Eligibility Provision school.
  • If You Already Receive a Lifeline Benefit

You can apply or learn more about ACP if you think you might qualify. You can visit their website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Money Back If Your Not Happy

If you get Xfinity Internet, TV, and voice service and are unhappy with it, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can choose to continue with Xfinity or switch to another provider. 

With Xfinity Mobile, you also have a similar guarantee, even if it’s only 14 days. These 14 days include both your service and any mobile devices you get. 

These 30 and 14 days guarantees are good. But honestly, most service provider has them, so there isn’t anything special. It’s still important to know that they exist, though. 

Xfinity Deals & Promotions FAQ

Here are some common questions regarding Xfinity and its deals and promotions. 

Does Xfinity offer deals to senior citizens?

Unfortunately, no. Xfinity has no direct deal for seniors. That said, as a senior, you might be eligible for Xfinity Internet Essentials. 

You can learn more about this here

Does Xfinity have deals for existing customers?

Not directly. But if your contract has ended, you can always call them and ask for a better deal. The best way to do this is to contact other providers first and see what they offer. 

Then you can say that you consider these deals to the Xfinity rep and when you do, they will have permission to give you the best deal possible. 

Learn more about Xfinity’s offers for existing customers.

How much does Xfinity cost?

It depends. Xfinity can cost as little as $19.99 up to $200 or more. This all depends on what service you get, how fast the internet you choose, how many channels you pick, and other add-ons. 

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Xfinity Offer

200 Mbps internet
$ 39
  • Enough for a family
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • High availability​