Comcast Xfinity Internet Deals & Discounts for Seniors

Xfinity has plenty of internet deals and discounts. None of these target seniors. However, I’ll cover many ways to save money on your internet bill.

Comcast Xfinity modem and router

I’m not a senior yet. But I know how to save money. I’ve compiled information I’ve found on the internet into this easy-to-read guide.

To help you find ways to save money on your Xfinity internet, you’ll need to know:

  • Best Xfinity Deals for Seniors
  • How To Qualify for Xfinity Internet Essentials Low-income Plan
  • Xfinity Internet Essentials Features
  • Deals for Veterans
  • How To Choose an Internet Plan
  • Tips on Getting Xfinity Discounts
  • How Seniors Can Avoid Online Scams

Time to find Xfinity internet deals for seniors.

Best Comcast Xfinity Plans & Price for Seniors

Here are some of the best Xfinity plans for seniors:

Internet Essentials50 Mbps (not specified)$9.95 per month
Internet Essentials Plus100 Mbps$29.95 per month
Performance Pro300 Mbps$39.99 per month
Blast!600 Mbps$59.99 per month
Xfinity Triple Play300 Mbps$89.99 per month
This table shows the best Xfinity internet plans for seniors.

Some of these plan prices may already include the $10 discount you get from enrolling in paperless billing and automatic payments. These prices may also only last for 12–24 months.

4 Best Comcast Xfinity Deals for Seniors

Don’t waste time searching through Xfinity’s website. I’ve already done that.

And I found all of the best low-cost internet plans for seniors.

#1 Best For Seniors on a Fixed or Low Income – Xfinity Internet Essentials 

Xfinity’s Internet Essentials plan gives those who didn’t have the opportunity to have the internet a new hope. I’ll cover how to qualify for this plan and what you’ll get when signed up.

How To Qualify for Xfinity Internet Essentials Low-income Plan

To qualify for Xfinity Comcast’s Internet Essentials plan, you MUST meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Received a Federal Pell Grant this year
  • You qualify for other programs like:
    • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Medicaid
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Survivor benefits or veterans pension
    • Lifeline
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • The National School Lunch Program

For those who live in qualifying tribal lands. In addition to the requirements above, you’re eligible for Internet Essentials if you’re a part of:

  • Tribal TANF
  • Tribal Head Start
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

You can keep using Internet Essentials as long as you meet the above requirements.

Xfinity Internet Essentials Features

With Comcast’s Internet Essentials plan, you’ll only pay $9.95 per month for internet. On their website, they don’t specify the internet speeds.


Their Internet Essentials Plus plan claims that it’s “double” that of Internet Essentials. This means Internet Essentials should give you 50 Mbps [1].

If you need faster internet, you can upgrade to Internet Essentials Plus. It’s $29.95 but gives you 100 Mbps per month.

Both plans also give you free equipment (an Xfinity xFi modem/router combo.).

Instead of going with Internet Essentials Plus, you can get Internet Essentials plus Xfinity Mobile. It’s $24.95 per month and gives you unlimited mobile data. It seems like the most affordable way to get a phone plan and internet.

Don’t read the next plan yet. I have a surprise for you.

You could get free internet. If you qualify for Internet Essentials, you will LIKELY qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The program gives you $30 ($75 if you live on Tribal Lands) toward your internet or data bill.

Combine that credit with Internet Essential’s low price, and you have free internet.

To qualify for the ACP, you’ll need to meet one of the requirements for Internet Essentials. Or if you have an income of 200% or below the Federal Poverty Guideline. You can learn more about the criteria here.

You’ll also need to submit a separate application. The link I just gave you will guide you in the right direction.

#2 Connect More/Performance Pro Internet plan

Don’t qualify for Internet Essentials? You’ll want to consider Performance Pro. It’s your second-best (and cheapest) option.

You likely won’t ever need the 300 Mbps internet speeds it offers, though. And you can’t reduce these speeds for a lower price.

It’s only $39.99 per month. That’s IF you enroll in the paperless billing and automatic payments features. I’ll cover how to activate both features in a bit.

These prices will also only last you a couple of years. Once that time passes, you’ll pay $98.95 per month. Once that time comes, you’ll want to contact Xfinity to see if you’re eligible for other discounts.

I’ll cover that in a bit too.

#3 Superfast/Blast! Internet Plan

Blast!. It’s another internet-only package. I recommend this plan only if you have a lot of people in your home.

You get A LOT of speed. 600 Mbps. And it’s $59.99 per month when you enroll in automatic and paperless billing.

Without that discount, you’ll pay $69.99 per month. And once the 2-year grace period for this plan passes, you’ll pay $103.95 per month.

If you get this plan, see if others living in your home will contribute toward the internet bill.

#4 Xfinity Triple Play

The Triple Play package combines phone, internet, and TV. One of their pages says $99.99 per month for internet speeds up to 900 Mbps and 185+ channels [2]. Meanwhile, another says $89.99 per month for 300 Mbps internet speeds and 125+ channels [3].

900 Mbps isn’t necessary. Unless you plan on playing competitive video games.

Go with the $89.99 per month plan. As with their other plans, the lower price INCLUDES the paperless and automatic billing discounts. It also lasts only a couple of years.

After two years, you’ll pay $130.99 per month.

Only get this plan if you need landline phone services. If you have a cell phone, don’t get this service.

Deals for (Senior) Veterans

Earlier this year, Xfinity had a deal for those in the military (and veterans). They’d give you a $25 coupon that you could put toward your internet bill or equipment rental fee. Also, if you signed up within a certain amount of time, they’d give you a $100 Visa prepaid card.

This deal ended, though.

It doesn’t mean they’ll never have sales like this again. Check their social media to see whether they have another sale for veterans. Or you can ask their customer service representative whether they have promotions for veterans.

How To Choose a Great Internet Package as a Senior

Do you want to know the best way to save money on internet packages?

Only buy what you need. Don’t request features you don’t need. Throughout this section, I’ll cover features you should avoid.

#1 Don’t Internet That’s Too Fast

Only get the internet speeds that you NEED.

Choosing blazing fast internet will only waste money. Also, what’s the point if you’re not utilizing those speeds?

When buying internet, you’ll need to consider the number of people in your home and your internet activities.

Here’s a chart based on recommended download speeds (for one device) [4, 5]:

ActivitySpeed Needed
Web browsing1–2 Mbps
Group video calling (3 people)2 Mbps
Email1 Mbps
High-quality music streaming320 kbit/s

For a single person using one device, you’d only need at max 50 Mbps

#2 Only Get the Channels You Need

What shows do you usually watch?

If they’re on channels you don’t usually watch, you don’t need those channels. Also be careful about channel packages. Xfinity may try to sell you packages you don’t need.

In my experience, it’s better to choose fewer channels in the beginning. And later, you can add more if you feel like you’re missing a certain channel.

But you can resist their charm.

When bundling TV and internet, always browse their current offers

#3 Don’t Buy Voice Services: Unless You Need It

Even when bundling your services, phone services add more money to your bill. You don’t need Xfinity’s phone service if you have a cell phone. Because you already have something that can call people.

5 Best Ways To Save On Xfinity as a Senior

Now that you’ve saved money by opting out of features, you can save even more.


By following these money-saving tips.

#1 Opt for Automatic Payments and Paperless Billing 

Depending on your plan, you can get a $5–10 discount on your Xfinity internet bill [6]. But you need to activate the Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments features on your account.

You’ll get a $5 discount if you connect automatic payments to a card. $10 to your bank account.

If you qualify for this discount, it’ll take Comcast 45 days to apply it to your account. They don’t specify the reasoning behind this.

How do you turn on paperless billing and automatic payments?

Log into your Xfinity account and find your Settings menu. Once you’re there, click ‘Paperless Billing.’ Search for EcoBill and select ‘Edit.’

From there, turn the toggle switch on.

Next, visit the Automatic Payments page, choose your payment method, and enable automatic payments.

Xfinity has a page that shows you how to turn on paperless billing in the Xfinity mobile application. While you’re in your mobile app, tap ‘Manage billing preferences.’ Then tap ‘Automatic Payments’ and turn on the feature.

#2 Enroll in an Xfinity Contract Plan

While not common, you can save a lot of money by going with a 2-year term agreement. I say not common, because you’ll mostly find this offer on TV plus internet plans.

Here’s an example, their 300 Mbps internet with 125+ channels. With a 2-year agreement, you’ll pay $79.99 a month. Whereas with no contract, you’ll pay $89.99 per month.

But you need to pay attention to the fine print. Beneath the prices, it says “for the first 12 months.” If you subscribe to the 2-year agreement, you’ll pay $89.99 per month after 12 months. Whereas with no agreement, you’ll pay $110.99 per month.

#3 Bundle All Services You Use

Do you use Voice, the internet, and TV?

You’ll save money by bundling those services into a single plan. Let’s refer to the example in the previous point. The $79.99 per month plan.

It’s only $89.99 per month to add unlimited calling nationwide. For a voice plan on its own, it’s $29.99 per month (for the first 12 months). That means you’re only paying $10 for phone services.

The bundle plan’s $89 price lasts for the first 24 months and a 2-year agreement. That means you’re also not paying as much after their ‘grace period’ ends.

#4 Call Xfinity Whenever Your Contract Ends

Is your Xfinity plan close to ending? You’ll have a chance to lower your costs.

Call (800) 934-6489 to reach customer support (855-270-0379 for accessibility support). Ensure you call them between 7 am and 9 pm (Eastern Time).

They’ll greet you with a robotic phone call when first reaching Comcast. Say “retention department.” The automated assistant should direct you.

If not, repeat the department’s name until they transfer you.

Don’t be mean about it, though. Whether the phone call goes your way, keep a good attitude. Being friendly toward the staff may help your chances of getting a discount.

Once you reach the Retention Department, tell them your plan is about to end, and you want to continue using Xfinity. But. Their services aren’t within your budget.

They SHOULD have promotions and offers available. Don’t expect them to give you a discount, though.

Worst case scenario, they don’t give you any discounts. You can then say you’ll shop around for new plans and politely transition the phone call toward coming to an end.

#5 Don’t Rent a Modem or Router: Buy Your Own

Renting a modem, router, or a gateway (modem/router combination) costs you at least $14 a month. Xfinity raises these prices once in a while.

If you buy your own modem and router (or gateway), you can get rid of this fee.

It requires a higher upfront cost. But you’ll save money in the long run. It’s also cheaper to replace each device than to replace Xfinity’s devices.

You also don’t have to drive to the Comcast store or wait for them to mail a replacement device.

Instead, you can save money on the internet now.

You can visit Xfinity’s website to see what modems they support. They won’t let you use any ole modem, though.

Installing these modems yourself isn’t hard, either. When receiving your device, you’ll find a 12-digit number on the bottom of your device. It’ll have the word ‘MAC Address’ above it.

Contact Xfinity customer service at (800) 934-6489.

On the phone, you’ll say, “activate my modem.” Then when a customer service representative picks up, tell them you want to activate a third-party modem.

They’ll ask for your MAC. Give them the MAC address. It doesn’t expose any personal information about you.


You can use any router with Xfinity. Check out some budget routers you should consider. They’ll help you get the most value out of your internet plan.

How To Avoid Online Scams As a Senior

Never give your personal information to anyone. Also, never let anyone rush you to make decisions faster.

Scammers want to pressure you into making mistakes.

Regarding Xfinity in specific, don’t open emails from them. First, read through this in-depth guide they wrote to identify fake emails. Scammers will use these emails to imitate companies to get your personal information.

Xfinity also has a guide on email phishing (the term for the scam).

Never enter personal details on websites that don’t have ‘https://’ in the address bar before the website name. For example, if you see instead of, DON’T enter any personal information.

Xfinity will NEVER ask you to pay a large sum of money upfront over specific payment methods.

If you encounter any strange emails or phone calls, call (800) 934-6489 to verify the legitimacy of the claims you heard or saw.

Comcast also lists current scams to avoid. This information mentions phone numbers and emails to ignore.

Wrapping up

Seniors can save money on Xfinity internet bills by choosing low-cost plans, removing unneeded features, and using other creative means.

Instead of wasting time searching for a new internet service provider, you can stick with the one you have. Without paying more.

Because you pay less shouldn’t mean you get slower internet. If you’re not reaching the maximum speeds of your internet plan, you’ll want to troubleshoot. We’ve written a guide on how to speed up slow Xfinity internet.

Comcast Xfinity Internet Deals Seniors FAQ


Before you finish reading, you’ll want to read through these commonly asked questions.

You may find an answer to a question you didn’t know you had.

What Is Comcast’s Debt Forgiveness?

If you qualify for the Internet Essentials plan and have an outstanding balance with Xfinity over a year old, you qualify for their Amnesty Program [7]. With this program, you’ll receive amnesty from your unpaid Comcast debt.

They specify other things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t receive amnesty from Xfinity mobile
  • You can’t upgrade your internet services with the Amnesty Program
  • You must be the owner of the Comcast debt
  • You can’t have subscribed to Xfinity within the past 90 days

Comcast’s debt forgiveness program gives you a way to forgive past debt with the internet giant.

Does Xfinity Offer Senior Discounts?

Xfinity doesn’t offer specific senior discounts. That doesn’t mean they never do. Check in with their social media pages to see whether they have sales targeting seniors happening.

Is Xfinity the Same Company as Comcast?

Comcast, or Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, acts as Xfinity’s parent company. Xfinity serves as the company’s trade name. In short, they’re the same company.

How Can Seniors Get Free Xfinity Internet?

Seniors can get free Xfinity internet if they qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and use it on a plan like Internet Essentials.

Qualifying households will get a $30 credit ($75 if you live in Tribal Lands) toward their internet or data bill from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Earlier in this piece, I covered some of the criteria.

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