Comcast Xfinity Deals for Veterans & Military Personnel (2022)

Xfinity Comcast sometimes offers discounts for veterans. I’ll cover these, along with low-cost internet plans and tips on getting discounted packages.

I’m not a veteran, but I’ve learned enough about various Xfinity packages, fees, and more to help you get cheaper internet. I’ve compiled all the best information to help you do so.

To lower your internet prices as a veteran, I’ll cover these details:

Keep reading. We have much to cover.

Xfinity Veteran/Military Discount

Comcast Xfinity doesn’t have any discounts for veterans or military personnel at the moment. Ensure you check once in a while to see whether they have active deals.

The link doesn’t work at the moment. I imagine they have it ready for future discounts.

In 2020, they had a deal where they’d give you a $25 Xfinity electronic coupon and a $100 Prepaid Visa Card upon registering with a Xfinity service [1].

Alternatively, you can contact Xfinity’s customer service and ask whether they have veteran or military discounts. When first reaching their automated assistant, request to speak to the ‘Retention Department.’

They’re responsible for keeping Xfinity Comcast customers. That means they have immense knowledge of existing sales and discounts.

Once you reach someone, confirm whether they’re with the Retention Department. Tell them you want to use Xfinity Internet, but it’s a bit out of your budget.

Ask whether they have existing discounts for veterans.

But remember to remain calm. The time you’ll wait on the phone may drive you mad.

Keep eligibility requirements in mind. Some of these include:

  • No Comcast employees can claim this discount
  • You must verify your military status: Xfinity staff may ask for a form of ID
  • Documentation: official documentation that lists your date of birth, first and last name, retirement/discharge date, and your affiliation with the U.S. military

Check whether they have discounts before getting a plan. You may waste money otherwise.

Best Xfinity Packages & Price for Veterans & Military Personnel 

Consider these Xfinity internet plans if you’re a veteran:

PlanSpeeds (Mbps)Price (per month)
Internet Essentials50/10$9.95/mo
Internet Essentials Plus100/15$29.95/mo
Connect More (Performance)100/10$40/mo
Choice Double Play300/10$54.99/mo

This table compares different Xfinity internet plans and deals for veterans.

* These prices include the discounts from enabling Automatic Payments and Paperless Billing. They don’t include taxes and other fees. They also don’t account for pricing after the first 12, 24, or 36 months.

Best Xfinity Deals & Plans for Veterans & Military Personnel 

Throughout the following sections, I’ll cover details like:

  • Plan pricing
  • Qualifications
  • Internet speeds
  • What you can do with these speeds
  • Why it’s a good deal

Hope you’re ready for a new internet plan.

1: Internet Essentials (Or Internet Essentials Plus): Most Affordable

Xfinity’s internet plan for low-income households (Internet Essentials) offers 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds. And only for $9.95 per month.

Or 100/15 Mbps (download/upload) speeds for $29.95 per month. It has the same qualifications as Internet Essentials.

What are the qualifications for this low-cost internet?

First off. If you receive Veterans Pension, you qualify.

If you don’t have that, then you must participate in at least one of the following programs:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); otherwise known as Food Stamps
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Head Start
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Tribal TANF
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)

If you’re living in qualifying tribal lands, you can also qualify with these programs:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on reservations

To prove to Xfinity that you’re a part of these programs, you’ll need to provide documents like a statement of benefits or approval letters.

In addition to cheaper internet, you’ll also get a significant discount. Pay only $149.99 for a Dell laptop or Chromebook. And you still get access to Xfinity WiFi hotspots.

When qualifying for this plan, Xfinity Comcast will give you a free device that combines the functions of a modem and router (the xFi Gateway). This freebie saves you from having to pay a hardware rental fee.

And from having to buy your own device.

If you qualify for Internet Essentials, see if you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) credit. It gives individuals a $30 credit toward internet or mobile data bills. Those who live on qualifying Tribal Lands get a $75 discount [2].

Applying the ACP credit to this plan will get you free internet. And this is the only way you can get free internet with Xfinity.

2: Connect More (Performance): Best for Smaller Households

The Connect More/Performance internet-only plan gives you 100/10 Mbps (download/upload) speeds for $40 a month. During your contract with Xfinity. It is excellent for households with four or fewer people who don’t use too much internet.

After one, two, or three years (your contract’s duration), you’ll pay $40–$69 per month. Around 40–53% more. Your monthly cost will depend on your location.

See if you qualify for Internet Essentials Pro before going with this plan. Because it provides the same speeds (if not a bit more) and costs less.

If you can’t get their lower-cost internet, you still have a lot of internet speed. I’ll cover this more in-depth in a bit. Know that over four devices in your home can simultaneously watch high definition (HD) video over streaming services.

3: Fast Internet + Popular TV Double Play: Best for Slightly Larger Households Who Want Cable TV

The Fast Internet plus Popular TV Double Play bundle gives you 300/10 Mbps internet speeds and over 125 channels. And you’ll initially pay between $79.99–$130 per month.

During your contract.

Once the term agreement passes, you’ll pay $110–$130 per month. Around a 38% increase in your bill. Prices within Xfinity’s Central Division seem to remain unchanged with this bundle.

You’ll want this plan if you have under eight people simultaneously using the internet. And for multiple people who like to watch cable TV.

This plan combines two of Xfinity’s plans. Their Performance Pro (Fast) internet and Popular TV (Extra) cable TV plans. So you’ll get benefits from both plans like channels, the Flex TV streaming box, and Xfinity WiFi hotspots.

Some channels you’ll find on the TV portion include:

NickelodeonCartoon NetworkNational GeographicNFL Red Zone
Fox NewsCNNThe Weather Channel

This table shows some popular channels you’ll get with the Xfinity Popular TV and Fast Internet bundle.

I recommend exploring the full channel lineup before going with this plan. Channel availability will vary by region. And if you don’t think you’ll watch all (or a good number of) included channels, don’t waste your money.

Instead, you may want to try to lower the price you’ll pay by bundling the lowest TV tier (10+ channels).

Visit, enter your address, and play with the filter bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

Toggle on the following checkboxes:

  • TV
  • Internet
  • 10+ channels: if available
  • Internet speed: depends on your preference

If no results appear, you cannot bundle the Xfinity Basic Cable TV (Choice) plan with internet service. But I recommend trying anyway to see if you can get a discount.

How To Choose an Internet Plan as a Veteran

To choose an internet plan as a veteran, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Don’t get internet speeds you won’t use
  • Avoid paying for account add-ons
  • Skipping bundling Xfinity Voice

These sections will explain why to avoid certain features and plans. They’ll also help you determine the best routes to take when shopping for an internet plan.

1: Only Choose Internet Speeds You Will Use

Check the table below and find the recommended internet speeds for common online activities:

TaskDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)
Browsing the Internet2.01.0
Spotify Audio Streaming2.00.5
Zoom Video Call ConferencesGroup calling 1080p: 3.8
1:1 calling 1080p: 3.8
Group calling 1080p: 3.8
1:1 calling 1080p: 3.8
Watching Videos on Netflix or Disney+3.0: 720p
5.0: 1080p
25: 4K UHD

This table shows the recommended internet speeds for specific online tasks. For a single device.

Consider all the online activities your home engages in. Then compare the speed requirements to your current internet plan. Or the plan you’re interested in getting.

Here’s a scenario:

Four devices in your home simultaneously watch Netflix in 1080p. That’s a total of 20 Mbps download speeds used. Then one device watches Disney+ in 4K on the family TV. Another 25 Mbps.

Your home is only using 45 Mbps. You COULD get away with a 50 Mbps speed plan, but if your home continually uses that much bandwidth (or more), you may want 100 Mbps.

To account for whether people visit your home, people staying overnight, or smart home devices. Plus, there’s peak usage times.

That means you may have slower internet speeds during certain times. Usually, when everyone gets off work and hops online.

100 Mbps download speeds give you a buffer to account for those scenarios.

Don’t get 6,000 Mbps internet speeds because you have excess disposable income.

Only get it if you’d use it.

2: Don’t Opt For Unnecessary Add-ons

Here are examples of add-ons Xfinity offers for cable TV and Internet plans:

Xfinity Add-on* Price
Premium Channels$5.99–14.99/mo (for each channel)
On Demand$3.99–$12.99/mo (for each channel)
Latino Channel Package$9.99/mo: during the first year of service$18/mo: after the first year
xFi Gateways$14–$25/mo
Unlimited Data Option$30/mo
DVR Cloud Storage150 hours for $10 per month
X1 TV Box$7.50–$8.50
Xfinity Flex TV Box$5/mo per device

This table displays many add-ons Xfinity offers with their cable television and internet packages.

* These prices already include the Paperless Billing and Auto Pay discounts. They don’t account for taxes, other fees, and the cost of the plan once your contract ends.

xFi Gateways are rentable modem/router combos that Xfinity will try to push on you. I’ll cover more details on why to avoid this in the section ‘Buy Your Own Modem and Router.’

Channel packages (like Premium Channels) and DVR add A LOT to your bill. If you’re bundling the internet with TV.

Try to avoid all of these add-ons if possible. I have a couple of alternatives if you need more than one X1 or Flex TV box for your home.

Keep one Flex in your family room (it’s free for the first device). Then buy Roku streaming boxes for other rooms. It’s around a $30 one-time cost per device.

Instead of having multiple X1 boxes, download the Xfinity Stream app on your family’s smartphones, smart TVs, or streaming boxes. It can run five simultaneous streams of Xfinity Comcast network channels.

Again, you could buy up to four Roku devices ($120) and have the free Flex box you get with an internet plan. That saves you $37.50 per month you’d have otherwise spent on X1 boxes.

It would take you under four months to pay off those boxes.

Let’s move on to ways to save money by avoiding certain services altogether.

3: Don’t Get Xfinity Voice: Unless Absolutely Necessary

Skip paying for Xfinity Voice and save between $29.99 to $44.95 per month on your bill.

Xfinity Voice is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) landline service that allows you to make calls over broadband internet. Instead of phone lines. Having a reliable internet connection can result in clearer calls.

And you can use features like voice-to-text messaging and three-way calling.

Despite this service’s coolness, don’t get it. Because you could use a cellular provider and pay less for more features. Like mobility.

You may want Voice if you run a business from home. But again, you could use a cellular number for that.

5 Tips on Getting Xfinity Discounts as a Veteran

These tips include:

  1. Buying and not renting networking devices
  2. Taking advantage of existing Xfinity features
  3. Using contract plans when possible
  4. Bundling
  5. Negotiate with Xfinity

The following sections will dive into details about each tip. They’ll also include why you’ll save money and how to execute these tips.

Keep reading, and you’ll have discounted Comcast Xfinity internet in no time.

1: Buy Your Own Modem and Router

After an initial investment, and once your devices pay themselves off, buying your own modem and router can save you over $168 per year.

Here’s an example. If you were to buy a $70 modem and an $80 router, you’d pay $150. In less than a year, you’d pay off your investment. And from there, you never have to pay network hardware rental fees.

Any router will work with Xfinity. But you need to buy specific modems. Networking hardware the internet service provider will support it.

Otherwise, Xfinity can’t activate the device. And you’ll have wasted your money.

You can take two routes to find an Xfinity-approved modem:

  1. Enter into your browser: you’ll have to enter your address and research individual devices
  2. Explore our recommendations: we’ve compiled compatible modems and suggestions to optimize your internet

If you’re already using Xfinity and want to use your own modem and router, you’ll need to call 800-934-6489 and speak to a customer representative. Tell them you want to use a third-party modem.

During your call, they’ll ask you to return your current devices. From there, they can send you a complimentary UPS prepaid shipping label. Or you can visit your local Xfinity Store and return the device in person.

Ensure you return the equipment. Otherwise, you may see a fee of up to $300 for not returning equipment [3].

Whether you’re a current subscriber or a new customer, you’ll need to follow the process below to activate your third-party modem.

You can do so through your Xfinity smartphone app. Or by typing into your browser’s address bar.

You’ll need to enter your device’s Cable Modem MAC address (CM MAC) or MAC number at some point in the activation process. It’s a 12-digit number on your modem’s side or bottom.

Wait for all the lights to turn on, and you should have working internet.

2: Enroll in Paperless and Automatic Billing

Turning on the Automatic Payment and Paperless Billing features within your online Xfinity account will add a $10 monthly discount to your internet plan.

However, you must connect a bank account to Auto Pay to get $10 monthly. Otherwise, connecting a bank card will result in a $5 a month discount.

Paperless Billing gives you access to your bills from the last 24 hours. And you receive all of your invoices online. So you don’t have to worry about the postal staff losing your Xfinity bill.

And Auto Pay automatically transfers money from your card or bank account each month. To pay your Xfinity services bill.

You can enable Paperless Billing through your Xfinity online account by following these steps:

  1. Open a new tab on your browser and type
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. On the left-hand side and under the text ‘Bill Settings,’ you’ll see ‘Paperless Billing: click it
  4. Next to the text ‘EcoBill,’ turn the toggle box ON
  5. Stay logged in to your Xfinity account: I’ll tell you why in a moment

To enable this feature on your Xfinity My Account app, tap Manage billing preferences > Bill delivery options > Bill delivery options. Then tap EcoBill instead of Paper bill.

You must enable both features to get the discount. So now we’ll turn on the Automatic Payments feature.

Type into your browser and follow the prompts on the page.

Enable Auto Pay on your Xfinity My Account app by following these pages:

Manage billing preferences > Automatic payments

Once again, follow the prompts. This discount won’t appear on your account for between 30 and 44 days.

3: Go With Contract Plans When Applicable

Choosing a contract plan (or term agreement) when first signing up with Xfinity Comcast can save you between 22% and 99% on your internet bill. For the first one, two, or three years.

Some locations don’t give you the option to select a term agreement. In that scenario, you’ll want to contact a customer representative. Ask whether you can lock yourself in a contract to save money.

But only do this if you feel confident in your finances during your contract’s duration. Otherwise, you may end up paying an Early Termination Fee of over $240.

4: Bundle Your Services (When Necessary)

Bundling internet and cable television services with Xfinity can save you 20% per month. Additionally, depending on the packages you bundle, you may get free Premium Channels (a $27 a month value).

Let’s take the Fast Internet + Popular TV Double Play bundle as an example. It’s $110–$130 per month once your contract passes. Up to a $29 per month discount, depending on your location.

If you were to combine both plans’ prices without the bundle.

Sometimes bundling Xfinity cable TV and internet services can get you free Premium Channel subscriptions like HBO ($15 per month in savings).

But only bundle if you know you’ll watch the channels your plan offers. Otherwise, you’ll spend money on features you won’t use.

5: Contact Xfinity Customer Service Once Your Plan Ends

Contact Xfinity’s Retention Department a couple of weeks before your contract ends. Tell them you may want to consider a different provider because the upcoming price is too much. They may offer you discounts to keep you subscribed.

Before you call, check whether your apartment or home supports connections for other internet service providers (ISPs). You can find this information by contacting your landlord, property manager, or the previous homeowner.

If your home does support other connections, Xfinity will know. Thus, they may not think you’re bluffing when you call.

Anyway, call 800-934-6489 and ask to speak to the Retention Department. While waiting for someone, calm yourself down and remain ‘happy’ throughout the call.

Doing so may improve your chances of getting a discount.

Once you reach an actual person, confirm whether they’re from the Retention Department. If they’re not, ask them to transfer you. Upon reaching a Retention representative, tell them you’re considering switching internet providers because the price is out of your budget.

You can either ask whether they have any discounts. Or they may offer discounts, upgrades, or deals without you asking.

If they don’t, politely transition the call to an end by mentioning that you’ll shop around and explore other providers’ deals.

From there, call them back another day and retry the above steps.

Xfinity Deals for Military and Veterans FAQ

The following section could answer questions you’ve had regarding Xfinity specials for veterans.

Does Xfinity Offer Deals for Veterans?

Xfinity does not currently offer any deals for veterans. Every once in a while they may offer a Pre Paid Visa Card or a Xfinity digital coupon. I recommend calling 800-934-6489 (their customer service) and ask whether they have specials for military personele or veterans.


You can’t find any current Xfinity internet deals for veterans. But keep checking once in a while, they may offer them. Or you can contact their customer service and ask. Otherwise, you can take other routes to save money on your internet.

Whether that includes buying your own modem and router or finding a lower-priced internet tier.

If you didn’t like the Xfinity internet packages I mentioned earlier, check out other guides we wrote covering details on other plans and bundles.

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Xfinity Offer

400 Mbps plans for $39.99/mo
$ 39
  • Enough for a familly
  • High availability
  • Free Peacook Premium