Xfinity Extra/Popular TV Package: Channel Lineup

The Xfinity Extra/Popular cable TV package gives you more than 125 channels ($0.39–$0.54 per channel). It starts at $49.99–$68. You’ll want this plan if Basic/Choice doesn’t include the channels you want, yet you don’t want to pay for the Premiere/Ultimate plan.

I learned a lot about Xfinity’s cable TV plans while with them. And I want to pass that knowledge to you. So I’ve compiled what I know and other important information to help.

To determine whether you should get Extra/Popular TV, I’ll cover the following:

We have much to cover. Let’s get started.

What Is Xfinity Extra/Popular TV?

Xfinity Extra/Popular is a cable television plan that gives you over 125 channels at $49.99–$68 per month ($0.39–$0.54 per channel). For the first 12 months. Afterward, you’ll pay $70 per month.

Extra and Popular TV only have two differences. Their name and areas you’ll find this plan. Only you who live in the Northeastern U.S. can use Extra.

Meanwhile, Western- and Central states will get Popular.

So throughout this guide, I’ll use Popular TV and Extra interchangeably.

Who Is Xfinity Extra/Popular TV Best For?

The Extra (Popular) cable TV plan is best for those who can’t find the channels you want on the Limited Basic Cable/Choice plan. But don’t want to pay the higher monthly fee for the 185 channels Preferred (Ultimate) provides.

Extra/Popular provides the most popular channels like Comedy Central, BBC, and Lifetime.

And also gives you a means to transform your household’s smart devices or computers into TV boxes. Doing so will save you money from having to rent additional X1 devices.

Xfinity Extra/Popular TV Channel Lineup

Here are what channels you’ll get with Comcast Xfinity Popular/Extra [1]:

American Heroes Channelitv
aspire TVLifetime
AT&T SportsnetLMN
BET HERNationalGeo
Bloomberg TelevisionNFL Red Zone
CNNOlympic Channel
Cartoon NetworkOutermax
CINEMAXParamount Network
Comedy CentralReelz
Discovery ChannelSmithsonian Channel
Discovery FamilySorpresa
E!Sportsman Channel
ESPNEWSStadium College Sports Atlantic (Bally Sports)
Food NetworkTennis Channel
Fox NewsThe Weather Channel
Fox BusinessTLC
FreeformTru TV
Game ShowTV One
Hallmark ChannelUSA
Hallmark Movies & MysteriesVH1
History ChannelXfinity

This table shows the channel lineup for Xfinity’s Extra/Popular TV plan.

This list of channels doesn’t include high definition (HD) variations of channels, Premium Channels, many music channels, or numerous sports channels. Channel availability will differ by region. Thus, ensure you check the channel lineup you’re eligible for before signing up.

And if you have a 4K TV, you’re out of luck.

Xfinity doesn’t offer any channels in 4K UHD. Other than certain live sports events. So if you want to watch 4K content, you’ll want to use the Xfinity Stream or Peacock Premium streaming apps.

Both come free with qualifying Xfinity TV (and internet) plans.

And to watch Premium Channels like CINEMAX, most Latino channels, and On Demand, you’ll need to pay separate fees. Or subscriptions.

Don’t worry. You can never have too many subscriptions.

Let’s move on to whether you can get this plan.

Where Is Xfinity Extra/Popular TV Available?

Popular TV is only available in the Northeastern United States. Meanwhile, you can get Extra in Xfinity’s Central or Western divisions.

Xfinity Comcast offers television services to over 40 states. However, the cities they support will vary. You’ll need to visit their website to determine whether you’re eligible for Extra (Popular).

And enter your home address. You’ll see a search results page appear. Toggle off the checkbox beside ‘Internet’ and toggle on the box adjacent to ‘TV.’

Look for the words’ TV CHANNELS’ on the left-hand sidebar and click ‘Show.’ You should see a checkbox beside ‘125+.’

Toggle it on, and you’ll find the pricing details of Popular (Extra).

How Much Does Xfinity Extra/Popular Cost?

Xfinity’s Extra (Popular) plan costs $49.99–$68 per month during your contract. Around $0.39–0.54 per channel. And once your promotional period passes, you’ll pay over $70 per month.

These prices will vary by location. And there are taxes. So you may pay more or less.

You may find more channels with your plan. Thus, lowering the actual cost per channel.

I almost forgot. Xfinity has plenty of hidden fees to consider:

Regional Sports FeeUp to $14.45/mo
Broadcast TV FeeUp to $19.45/mo
Reactivation Fee$6.00
DVR Cloud Storage150 hours for $10/mo
X1 TV Box$7.50–$8.50/mo
Premium Channels$5.99–14.99/mo (for each channel)
Latino Channel Package$9.99/mo: during the first year of service$18/mo: after the first year
On Demand$3.99–$12.99/mo (for each channel)

This table shows other fees you may pay when subscribing to Xfinity TV services.

You’ll need a closer ballpark number of how much you’ll pay for your monthly subscription. So keep in mind you’ll always have to pay the broadcast TV fee. However, its price varies by customer.

And Xfinity Comcast charges these fees because TV networks charge them. So they make you pay more.

You may also have to pay a regional sports fee. But whether you give them money depends on your location [2].

So how much will you really pay for Xfinity Extra/Popular TV? Assume the worst-case scenario. Add the broadcast TV fee to the existing subscription fee, and you’ll pay over $70–$88 per month. Before your promotional price ends.

After one, two, or three years (when your contract ends), predict paying over $90 per month.

I said “worst-case scenario,” though. Navigate to, enter your address, and filter your options. Then Xfinity will give you the real price for your TV plan.

Xfinity Extra/Popular Features

Features the Xfinity Extra/Popular cable TV plan you’ll find include:

  • Over 125 HD and SD channels
  • Popular channels like HGTV and TLC
  • Access to the Xfinity Stream app
  • 20 hours of DVR recording: only if you have an X1 TV box
  • X1 Voice Remote: only included if you pay for the X1 TV box

You’ll need to pay $7.50 per month for the first TV box you get with your plan. However, you can use your own TV box and eliminate this fee [3]. When using your own TV box, you can’t use the Voice Remote or rent On Demand media.

What’s Xfinity Stream? It’s an app that enables you to watch channels on five devices simultaneously (at home). And three while you’re away from home.

It’s free and great for traveling. Or for homes where everyone can’t decide on something to watch.

You can only watch the 125+ channels you have access to. So you can’t use it as a way to ‘game’ the system and get 185 channels.

Xfinity will give you some free content, though. Channels like these come free with Stream:

DustHSN2Shout Factory TV
Stingray Music Channels

This table shows free channels you can watch on the Xfinity Stream app.

There are a lot of free movies you’ll get too. But it depends on whether they’re movies you want to watch. You’ll need to explore the guide I wrote on Xfinity Stream to find other free stuff you’ll get.

Xfinity Extra/Popular TV Contract

Various Xfinity divisions allow you to choose between a 12-, 24-, and 36-month contract. You’ll pay less for your Extra (Popular) package fee during this time. I recommend against going with a contract-less plan.

Xfinity offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t want to commit, you can cancel within that time. But ensure you don’t cancel afterward. Otherwise, you’ll pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

You’ll have to pay a $120–$240 fee when canceling your fee after this time. Each month you remain subscribed to Comcast Xfinity, your ETF will lower by $10. Here’s an example.

You’re on a 12-month contract, and you cancel after three months. You’ll pay $90 to cancel your plan.

In some circumstances, Xfinity will reimburse the ETF as an account credit. These include:

  • The account holder dying
  • You have to cancel your plan because of a natural disaster
  • Or you have to cancel because the area you’re moving to doesn’t support Xfinity
  • You’re in the military and are active service who must relocate

They don’t give you much wiggle room. Only go for a contract if you’re confident about your finances.

Should You Bundle Xfinity Extra/Popular TV With Internet?

Bundling Popular TV (Extra) with Xfinity Internet, Home Security, and Voice could save you around 20% or more on your monthly expenses.

If you want to weave yourself with Xfinity Comcast’s ecosystem further. And to get ‘free’ stuff. For instance, bundling cable television with Xfinity Internet could get you additional benefits like:

** Flex box costs $5 per month.

Let’s cover hybrid cable and fiber internet real quick. You don’t get fiber internet with every plan. It means that Xfinity uses fiber optic cables to deliver internet signals over long distances. Then use cable connections for the ‘last mile.’

That means the last bit before the internet signal reaches your home.

I don’t like Xfinity’s internet because it’s asymmetrical. Asymmetrical internet is when you have uneven download and upload speeds. That doesn’t matter if you don’t rely heavily on upload speeds.

But their download speeds should meet all of your household’s needs. They even offer a 6 Gbps internet plan that’s symmetrical. But it’s $300 per month.


Bundling works great for saving money on other services you’d use with other providers. And it makes it easier to integrate your home with Xfinity products. That’s a pro and a con (depends on how you view it).

How Does Xfinity Extra/Popular Compare To Other Plans?

Here’s how Extra/Popular package compares to other Comcast TV plans:

TV PlanNumber of ChannelsCost Per Channel* Price (New Customers)Price (After Contract)
Extra/Popular TV125+$0.39–0.54$49.99–68/mo.$70/mo.

This table presents the number of channels, cost per channel, and prices for different TV plans Xfinity offers.

Let’s think of this as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Xfinity Comcast’s Basic Television (Choice) plan is too hot because it charges the most per channel. Whereas Ultimate (Preferred) and Premiere are too “cold” because it charges the least per channel but the most per month.

And the Extra (Popular) package is just right. It gives you many popular channels and doesn’t cost too much.

Xfinity Extra/Popular TV vs. Competitors

Here’s how Popular/Extra compares to similar television plans competitors offer:

TV PlanNumber of ChannelsCost Per Channel* Price (New Customers)Price (After Contract)
Cox TV Preferred140+$0.70$98/mo$98/mo
Verizon (Your Fios TV)$125+$0.56$70/moNA
Spectrum (TV Select)125+$0.39$49.99/moNA

This table compares the number of channels, prices, and cost per channel offered by various cable TV providers.

* These prices don’t include other fees (like broadcast surcharges) and taxes. Those will vary by location. They do include Automatic Payment and Paperless Billing discounts.

Comcast Xfinity’s Extra/Popular TV reigns supreme in this tier price- and value-wise. 

But does it offer the most features to give you the most bang for your buck?

Verizon’s Your Fios TV gives you the My Fios App. But you’ll find that it comes with a couple of downsides. Xfinity Stream offers five simultaneous streams at home. And three on the go.

But the My Fios App streaming function only offers a max of two simultaneous streams. However, you get a $50 Verizon gift card and a TV box (Usually $7.50 per month with Xfinity).

Cox TV Preferred offers a bit more channels but doesn’t give you the best price per channel. But it does include a TV box, 12 months of DVR service, and a free subscription to Peacock Premium.

50 of the channels they offer are Music Choice channels. So that removes a lot of channels you can actually watch. Cox also only provides service in 18 states. Not much coverage.

Spectrum TV Select:

Their Latino channel plans cost significantly more ($34.99). But they offer free Spectrum On Demand. And they have an app.

Those are cool. I guess.

I don’t have many bad things to say about Xfinity regarding this plan. Despite cornering the cable internet and TV market, they do an excellent job of providing value with cable TV.

Sort of.


The Xfinity Extra/Popular cable TV plan gives television channel lovers more value compared to competitors. And it gives you a decent number of channels for a somewhat affordable price. Compared to other Comcast plans.

I recommend this plan if the Limited Basic Cable/Choice plan doesn’t have the channels you want, but don’t want to pay for the Digital Preferred/Ultimate package’s over 185 channels.

Check whether Xfinity Comcast offers the Extra (Popular) package in your area.

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