Comcast Xfinity Internet Price After 12 Months: Xfinity’s Regular Rates

After your initial contract with Xfinity ends, they’ll increase your internet bill. The amount depends on where you live and the package you subscribed to. Most plans increase their rate between 22% and 99%.
Comcast Xfinity modem and router

I used to use Comcast Xfinity as my internet provider. During this time, I learned a lot about how their service works. Thus, I want to share my experience with you so you’ll understand what to expect.

To help prepare you for an Xfinity subscription, I’ll cover how their rates differ after subscribing for a certain amount of time. You’ll also find ways to save money on your Xfinity plan.

Let’s get started.

How Much Is Xfinity Internet a Month? Regular Rate vs. New Customer Price

Here are several tables. Each covers different regions. They’ll cover the differences between the new customer prices and the differences after 12 months:

All plans I listed (except Internet Essentials) include the $10 discount for enabling automatic and paperless billing. When signing up for Comcast Xfinity, you don’t get the discount until after 30–45 days of activating these features.

Central Division

Here are the Central Division prices before and after the contract price:

TierDownload Speed (Mbps)Price* (New Customer)Price* (After promotion)Percentage Increase (rounded)
Connect More100$40$6953
Gigabit Extra1,200$70$10944
Gigabit Pro6,000$300$3000
This table shows the Xfinity upload speeds and new customer prices for Central Division internet plans.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 


And the Western Division prices:

TierDownload Speed (Mbps)Price* (New Customer)Price* (After promotion)Percentage Increase (rounded)
Connect More100$40$6040
Gigabit Pro6,000$300$3000
This table shows the Xfinity upload speeds and new customer prices for Western Division internet plans.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 


Finally, (the most expensive of them all) the Northeast Division.

TierDownload Speed (Mbps)Price* (New Customer)Price* (After promotion)Percentage Increase (rounded)
Performance Pro300$30$8999
Extreme Pro900$70$9934
Gigabit Pro6,000$300$3000
This table shows the Xfinity upload speeds and new customer prices for Northeastern Division internet plans.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

How Your Comcast Xfinity Bill Will Change After 12 Months

Once your 12-month contract expires, you’ll see a 25–99% increase in your bill.

Their lowest-tier plan has the lowest initial price and the highest percentage increase (I wonder why). So they’ll draw you in, plant their hooks in you, and charge you way more once your contract passes.

How Your Bill Will Change After 24 and 36 Months

Once 24 and 36 months pass, you’ll see identical price increases as after passing 12 months. These increases will depend on the plan you choose and where you live.

Not all Comcast Xfinity plans give you a contract discount. You’ll get a promotional offer for the first 24 or 36 months with some plans. I found that some western addresses give you promotional prices for 24 months in my research.

These come in term and no-term agreements.

Plans That Don’t Change After the Promotional Price

Internet Essentials and its Pro counterpart serve as programs offered through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Due to government restrictions, these prices cannot (allegedly) change after an initial period.

Comcast Xfinity Prepaid doesn’t require a contract. Since it’s, well, prepaid. Thus, you won’t see any increases after varying years of service.

The Gigabit Pro plan won’t change, either. But good luck getting this plan. It has little availability and costs around $300 per month.

Plus installation fees.

How To Find Comcast Xfinity’s Price Disclosure

Visit and type your address. If Xfinity supports your area, you’ll see a search results page with a filter sidebar appear. Refer to the image below:

Screenshot of Xfinity's internet plan.
I used a Western Division address to find these results. Your results will differ.

This plan includes Xfinity mobile, but it’s just an example. You’ll see ‘Pricing & Other Info’ on every result. Click that and this popup will appear:

Screenshot of Xfinity's internet pricing disclosure.

And like that, you can find all of Xfinity’s fine print for their internet plans. Ensure you read this before subscribing to any internet plan or bundle. Otherwise, you may see ‘add-ons’ you didn’t know about.

You’ll first see you won’t get your Auto Pay and paperless billing until AFTER 30–45 days of registering your account for the features [1]. You’re also subject to paying for installation and equipment fees, among other expenses.

Your Bill Raises More

Xfinity gives, and it takes. When you’re a new customer, they’ll smother you with discounts (if you go with a contract plan). Then you’ll have to pay a lot more.

I already covered the paperless billing and Auto Pay discounts that also pass over time. There’s another important fee they’ll tack onto your account.

They’ll Charge Your More for Renting a Gateway

When subscribing to Comcast Xfinity, they’ll give you a Wireless Gateway (a modem/router combination). It’s not yours to keep, though. Comcast charges $14 a month to use their equipment.

That’s $168 a year. With that money, you could buy a modem (and possibly a router). More on that in a second.

And that’s IF this fee doesn’t change. The last time Comcast raised the rates was in January 2020.

If you rent the mesh Wi-Fi xFI Pods, you’ll have to pay $25 a month. $300 a year.

In my experience, renting a gateway hasn’t been a pleasant experience. I’ve noticed higher internet speed and more reliability when buying my own router and modem. As separate devices.

It’s not hard to set them up, either.

You can use any router and mesh Wi-Fi pods. But you can’t use any modem with Xfinity. You’ll need one compatible with the internet service provider (ISP).

If you switch to a different ISP, you won’t have to waste time returning Xfinity’s equipment later.

Negotiate Your Bill Once the Contract Expires

Call Xfinity as your contract nears its expiration. And request to speak with the Retention Department. Once you reach a real person, mention that your plan is close to expiring and you want to renew, but the new price isn’t within your budget.

The Retention Department handles keeping people with Comcast. So they’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep you. They may even have additional discounts hidden for occasions like this.

I can’t guarantee any discounts, though. But it’s worth a try.

Want to know what’ll increase your chances of scoring a deal?

Play nice. Don’t take out your frustration on your customer service representative. No matter how impatient you become.

They’ll likely mirror your attitude and refuse to go the extra step to help you.

If negotiations fail, don’t cancel your plan yet. Tell them you’re going to shop around.

Call back another day and see if you can speak to someone different. Just in case another person knows where to find deals.


Don’t assume they have deals.

In my experience, I’ve instantly reached customer service staff when using Xfinity Assistant. I can’t guarantee whether you’ll reach the Retentions Department there.

It’s worth a try if you hate waiting on the phone.

Wrapping Up

Xfinity’s plan pricing significantly changes depending on what plan you’re on and your location. When considering pricing, you’ll also need to consider equipment rental fees and discounts they offer for activating features.

You can lower these fees by getting your own equipment. And once your plan reaches the 12, 24, or 36th month, you can try to negotiate with Xfinity for lower rates.

Are you using all of the internet speed you paid for? You’re wasting money if you subscribed to a 300 Mbps plan and aren’t having 300 Mbps speeds. We crafted a guide that covers ways to optimize your Xfinity internet speed.

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