Xfinity Mobile Review 2022 - Plans & Pricing

This is our review of the Xfinity Mobile Service.

After talking to family members who use Xfinity Mobile, and doing hours of research, I will now bring you my take on Xfinity Mobile.

This includes whatever or not it's worth it for you, what plans might be best, and what to avoid.

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Comcast Xfinity modem and router

1 GB By the Gig

1 GB By the Gig Data Option
$ 15
  • 1 GB Data
  • 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi hotspots
  • Split between up to 10 lines

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3 GB By the Gig

3 GB By the Gig Data Option
$ 30
  • 3 GB Data
  • 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi hotspots
  • Split between up to 10 lines

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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data (slows down after 20 GB)
$ 45
  • Unlimited Data
  • 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi hotspots
  • Data slows after 20 GB

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10 GB By the Gig Data

10 GB By the Gig Data Option
$ 60
  • 10 GB Data
  • 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi hotspots
  • Split between up to 10 lines

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Xfinity Mobile Cell Phone Plans

PlanInclusion Price
1GB By the Gig Data Option1 GB Data 
No Contract
3GB By the Gig Data Option3 GB Data
No Contract
Unlimited Data Option (One line)Unlimited Data 
No Contract
10GB By the Gig Data Option10 GB Data
No Contract
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary over time.

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Xfinity Mobile Pros & Cons


  • No-contract plans
  • Good price
  • Hotspots all over the country
  • Good coverage and speeds


  • Only for Xfinity internet customers
  • 4G data caps & throttling, and slowdowns

Comcast Xfinity Mobile Overview

Below you can learn more about our Xfinity mobile review. 

#1 Eligibility Requirement

Unlike other mobile providers, not everyone is eligible for Xfinity Mobile. To qualify, you must be an Xfinity internet customer.

(Check the latest Xfinity internet deals here if you want to get it)

If you get Xfinity Mobile and cancel your Xfinity internet (when moving or for other reasons) you will be able to keep your Xfinity Mobile service.

But Xfinity will add a $25/month per line fee. Something that makes your bill more than Xfinity’s competitors. 

If you don’t have Comcast Xfinity internet in your area, consider a service like Verizon or Visible instead.

#2 Plans & Price for Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity’s price plans have two categories – By the Gig and Unlimited. 

By the Gig is when you pay for a certain amount of data every month which you can share on up to 10 lines. [1]

And Unlimited is when you get Unlimited data (even if it slows down after 20 GB), and you pay for each extra line instead. 

My recommendation is to start with By the Gig and see if that is enough. If it’s not, just change to unlimited. You can change it anytime, and it’s completely free. 

By the Gig plan costs: 

  • 1GB for $15/mo
  • 3GB for $30/month
  • 10GB for $60/month 
  • $15 per GB if you exceed your chosen amount

Note; no rollover data

Unlimited plan costs:

  • $45/month for one line
  • $80/month for two lines
  • $100/month for three lines
  • $120/month for four lines 
Unlimited By the Gig
$45/month for one line1 GB for $15/mo
$80/month for two lines3 GB for $30/month,
$100/month for three lines10 GB for $60/month 
$120/month for four lines $15 per extra GB
*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary over time.

Other Pricing Notes

It’s also important to note that the Unlimted plan will reduce speeds to 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after you have used 20 GB of data. [2]

This speed will be enough for simple browsing, but if you want to stream in a higher quality (720p or better), you will need at least 5 Mbps in download speed. 

To solve this, you can add an HD Pass to your line. This will set you back another $20 per month and allow you to watch 720p on mobiles and 1080p on tablets. [3]

Moreover, taxes and fees are extra with each plan. These fees are different for every state but are generally only between $2 and $4 per line.

#3 Data Speeds 

Suppose you have a 5G compatible device (i.e. iPhone 12 or better and Samsung Galaxy S20 or better). In that case, you will have access to Xfinity (or really Verizon’s) 5G infrastructure. 

You can use Verizon’s coverage map to see what type of internet you have access to. And if you wonder why you should check Verizon’s map and not Comcast Xfinity’s. It’s because Xfinity mobile rents its infrastructure from Verizon. 

But how fast is 5G?

The speed will depend, but in big cities like New York and Miami, you should get upwards of 3000 Mbps.

To put that in perspective, you could download a 2-hour 4K movie in 57 SECONDS with 3000 Mbps. Yes, you read that right. 

If you don’t have access to 5G, don’t worry. On average, Xfinity’s Mobile 4G network will give you between 30-100 Mbps. 

This will be enough to browse and stream in higher qualities. 

#4 Comcast Xfinity Mobile Hotspot

Xfinity Mobile Hotposts are included in any Xfinity Mobile plan free of charge. These hotspots allow your phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network instead of LTE data. 

These hotspots are pretty good, even though they only offer 600 Kbps [4]. This will be enough for browsing, but you will have problems if you want to stream anything of higher quality. 

Honesty, it’s pretty disappointing that that’s all Xfinity offers. But it is for a legit reason. 

Because Xfinity’s hotspots are created by Xfinity’s xFi gateway in private homes using Xfinity internet (that also has accepted becoming a Hotspot). And if phones could use faster internet, they would likely impact the internet speeds of the homeowner. 

So even if other Xfinity Mobile reviews criticize them for it, I feel like this is their best option. 

#5 Video Streaming with Xfinity Mobile

As already mentioned before, when connected to the 4G network with an Unlimited plan (no data cap – except reduced speeds are 20 GB) and a 4G compatible device. Then you will only be able to stream 480p on LTE data. [5]

With a “By the Gig” plan, you will be able to stream 720p on mobiles and 1080p on tablets on the 4G network. 

Suppose you have a 5G compatible device (remember – iPhone 12 or better and Samsung Galaxy S20 or better) connected to the 4G network. In that case, you can stream in 720p. And with the same device connected to the 5G network, you can stream 4K. 

Just be wary of the data usage when doing so. 

Streaming with the Unlimted plan

NetworkNone 5G Mobile5G Compatible Mobile
4G 480p720p

Suppose you have an Unlimited line and want to stream in higher quality, then you can buy the HD pass. This will cost you another $20/month per line but allow you to stream 720p on mobile and 1080p on tablets, just like a By the Gig plan.  

Streaming with the By the Gig plan

NetworkNone 5G Mobile5G Compatible Mobile
4G 720p720p

#6 Xfinity Mobile Call and Text Performance

Since Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon infrastructure for its service, its coverage for calls and texting is great. 

Adding in all the Hotspots they also have gives even better performance. 

Xfinity also supports a feature called VoLTE. This is when calls are done over the 4G LTE network. [6]

It is superior because of the improved audio quality compared to regular phone calls. You can also have up to 6-way conference calls using VoLTE. 

Even though this is not something to hype yourself up too much about. Both Verizon and T-Mobile also support this. 

#7 Xfinity Cell Phones & Devices

When you get Xfinity Mobile, you can either bring your own mobile or tablet or buy one from them.

Buying a new phone might be a good idea if your current one isn’t 5G compatible, but otherwise, there is no need. 

That said, Xfinity’s offers are pretty good, offering up to $400 in savings for a new mobile. You can check out their offers here

Here is a list of all the 5G compatible mobiles they offer right now. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Moto G Pure
  • Moto G Play
  • Moto G Power
  • Google Pixel 6

You can also spread out the payment if you don’t want to pay in full. This divides the total cost by 24 and adds no extra fees. Hence advertised as 0% APR.

#8 Xfinity Mobile Customer Service

Believe it or not, Xfinity Mobile’s customer support is one of the best in the Mobile industry.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) study, they scored the best of all in 2019-2020. [7]

This is not to say that it’s perfect. Depending on who picks up the phone on the other side, your support quality will vary. 

From my experience, however, they were easy to get a hold of and answered all the questions I had when writing this article. 

I can’t, however, say anything regarding troubleshooting help as I didn’t have any way of testing it with them. 

#9  Xfinity Mobile Coverage

Since Xfinity uses Verizon cell towers, it has one of the best coverages in the US. [8] With its signals covering the majority of the US. 

If you want to make sure your area is covered, check Verizon’s coverage map. Avoid Xfinity’s map, as this is not as up-to-date as the Verizon one. 

It’s also worth checking if you have access to 5G. Because if you do it might be worth getting a 5G compatible device. 

But if it doesn’t, you might want to save some money and get a 4G compatible device instead. 

Xfinity Mobile vs. the Competition

Xfinity Mobile holds out pretty well towards the competition. Here are some specific examples. 

Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible

Visible, just like Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s infrastructure to service their phones. So the coverage and performance will be the same. 

When it comes to the offers, Visible only offers a single service, a $40/month unlimited plan. 

This deal is very competitive with Xfinity Mobiles’ unlimited plan, which costs $45/month for one line. Therefore, Visible is a better option if you only need a single line and want unlimited data. 

That said, if you use less data, or need more than 3 unlimited plans, then Xfinity Mobile has better options that will cost you less than Visible.

Xfinity Mobile vs. Spectrum Mobile

First of all, to qualify for Spectrum Mobile, you must have Spectrum internet service. 

And just like Xfinity and Visible, Spectrum Mobile also uses Verizon’s infrastructure to service their phones. So the performance will be the same. 

Spectrum’s by the gig offers are slightly cheaper than Xfinity Mobile, but they do not allow data sharing. While for Xfinity Mobile, you can split your Gigabit into up to 10 lines. 

Both service also offers millions of hotspots all over the US. And price-wise, they are very similar. I recommend checking for any current deals with both and seeing which gets the cheapest. 

Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T

AT&T, in contrast with the other two providers we compare Xfinity Mobile with, uses its own infrastructure to provide its phone service. 

And if we compare the two, we find that AT&T has slightly worse coverage than Xfinity Mobile. 

From a price point, AT&T is also often more expensive than Xfinity Mobile, even if this changes as deals come and go. For the most up-to-date overview, go here

Bottom Line – Should you Get Xfinity Mobile?

If you already have Xfinity internet and are looking to save some money, Xfinity mobile is a great option. 

Especially if you are a family which isn’t using that much data. Because then their data sharing option is great. 

Moreover, you will likely get another deal if you call the customer retention department when your deal runs out. Improving the price even more. 

That said, always check other mobile services such as Visible, US Mobile, and AT&T before to see which has the best deal right now. 

FAQs about Xfinity Mobile

Here are some common questions regarding Xfinity Mobile. 

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to Xfinity Mobile?

Yes, you can. Xfinity will accept any number from any carrier, young and old. [9]

What carrier does Xfinity Mobile use?

Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon network to service your phone. This gives them some of the best coverage in the US.

How do you qualify as an Xfinity Mobile subscriber?

To qualify as an Xfinity Mobile subscriber, you need to have Xfinity internet. And that’s all. You don’t need Xfinity TV or voice service to qualify. 

Does Xfinity Mobile let you bring your own phone?

Yes, it does. You can either bring your own phone or buy one from them. Either paying directly or splitting the cost in 24 months with no extra fees. 

Does Comcast Xfinity Mobile have an app?

Yes, it has. And according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), they have one of the best apps of all phone providers. 

It allows you to see your bill, internet usage, check your services, change services, and contact support. 

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3 GB

3 GB By the Gig Data Option
$ 30
  • 3 GB Data
  • No Contract
  • Split between up to 10 lines