About Networks Hardware

Networks Hardware is here to help you choose the right networking equipment for your home.

And we don’t just review them. We put them through rigorous, hands-on tests to make sure they actually deliver in the real world.

This includes testing the speeds, the coverage, the interface, and much more. All to make sure you get the BEST on the market.

Thanks to this extensive testing, we have been cited by websites like Forbes, Lifewire, and Venturebeat.

Me with some of the routers I have tested
Me (Andreas) with some of the many routers we have tested

Welcome to Networks Hardware!

My name is Andreas Grant, and I’m the guy running this site, working as a Network Engineer by day and a Network Blogger by night – talk about taking your job home.

The idea for this site came after years of helping friends and family with their home networks. I thought to myself, why not make a website about it?

Kinda weird, I know. But nevertheless, that is what I did.

And with the help of the team here at Networks Hardware (which you will learn more about soon) we have created this resource for anyone looking to upgrade their home network. 

This is to help you make the best and easiest choices possible!

I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Andreas Grant 

Cisco Certified Network Engineer

Founder of Networks Hardware  

CCNA Cisco certification
Cisco Certification CCNA

Our Team

Like I said earlier, this would be impossible without the team here at Networks Hardware! 

And here they are: 

Diego Coutinho

Diego Coutinho

My name is Diego Coutinho, I’m a computer engineer with over 10 years of professional experience in the technology world, and even some more as a writer.

I’ve helped sell, install, deploy, and support over $5M worth of tech infrastructure for companies like IBM and AB InBev. All the way from servers to storage, switches to firewalls, and all kinds of software applications.

James Hall​

James Hall

Hey, I’m James! 

As a technology writer and music producer, I love to keep on top of emerging trends in technology. 

So that I can bring you all the latest news and information regarding home networking!

Jonathon Jachura​

Jonathon Jachura

Hello there! I’m Jonathon Jachura. I’m a mechanical engineer and network enthusiast. 

I have a passion for creating engaging, easy-to-read, and informative content to help you with your home network.

Theodore Covey
Theodore Covey

Theodore Covey

Hello there, I’m Theodore. I’m a home networking and cybersecurity enthusiast. I want to help spread the word on new and existing technologies.

I study emerging trends and ways to improve my writing during my time off. That way, I can provide useful yet engaging pieces.

Contact Us

Are you a networking brand looking to work with us? Maybe a reader with a question, comment, or concern?

Either way, feel free to contact us using [email protected] or the form below.

What To Do Next?

If I were to guess, you are on this website looking for a good modem, router or extender.

Suppose I’m right, then I recommend you check out either of these three pages. There you can learn about the best routers, modems, and extenders we have tested.

If you instead were looking for an internet provider, then check out our provider’s page

I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions and can’t find an answer on the site, feel free to reach out and ask.

Either from our contact page or at [email protected].

Sincerely – Andreas Grant