Cox Review - Internet, TV, & Voice in 2024

This is a review of Cox’s home internet, TV, landline, home security, and mobile services.
Cox approved modems and routers

Cox Internet

From $49.99 to $119.99 per mo.
$ 49
  • No contracts
  • Millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Somewhat affordable pricing

Cox TV

From $53 to $138 per mo.
$ 53 Monthly
  • 75-250+ channels
  • Price Per Channel = $0.55-$0.85
  • Contour TV app

Cox Landline

$20.00/mo for adding a landline
$ 20 Monthly
  • Unlimited calling in NA
  • Customize your phone
  • HD calling for better quality

Cox Bundle

$54.99 to $217.99 per mo.
$ 54
  • Up to 250+ channels
  • Up to 1000 Mbps
  • Can include Landline

My quest to find the best service provider has led me to Cox Communications. To determine its worthiness, I compiled all available information.

To help you determine whether this provider offers value, I’ll cover the following:

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Cox Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of all Cox’s services:


  • Somewhat affordable plans
  • Fast download speeds for internet plans
  • Flexible channel package selection for Contour TV plans
  • Wi-Fi hotspots included in mobile and internet plans
  • Affordable mobile plan


  • Lack of availability
  • Requires contracts for most plans
  • Many plans increase in price after the term agreement
  • * Hybrid cable/fiber internet, TV, and voice
  • Subscription fee required for good technical support
  • No flexibility with deals

* Cable and fiber optic connections act as a double-edged sword. It’s more affordable. But you have less speed and reliability.

Cox Home Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here are the internet plans you can get with Cox:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice (Year 1)
Essential 100100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$49.99/mo.
Preferred 250250 Mbps10 Mbps$59.99/mo.
Ultimate 500500 Mbps10 Mbps$79.99/mo.
Gigablast1.0 Gbps35 Mbps$79.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$50/mo.
ConnectAssist50 Mbps3.0 Mbps$30/mo.
Connect2Compete50 Mbps3.0 Mbps$9.95/mo.

Cox internet plans and speeds compared.

* These prices don’t account for taxes or other fees.

** Actual speeds will significantly vary based on factors like Wi-Fi interruption and whether you use an Ethernet cable.

Cox internet plans don’t have many perks. But here’s what you CAN get:

  • Cox Security Suite: anti-virus, remote device locator, and more
  • Access to more than 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots provided by a coalition of ISPs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Optional Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway

Let’s breeze over the features.

McAfee powers the security suite that gives you anti-virus software. It’s a means to check whether internet links are viruses and a way to remove data from your computer.

You can get all these features free anyway. I don’t believe the security suite offers much value.

But their Wi-Fi hotspots offer immense value. It’s a coalition of Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox Wi-Fi hotspots. Gateways these providers offer customers host these hotspots.

You’ll commonly find them in apartments, business districts, and popular areas. But they’re an excellent means to reduce your home’s data usage.

Useful if you want to reduce your contribution to Cox’s hard data cap with internet-only plans. Or soft data caps with their mobile plans.

I’ll talk about the data caps in a bit.

I usually hate gateways internet service providers offer. But Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi router-modem comes with a couple of noteworthy perks.

The included Elite Gamer feature reduces latency (or ping) by rerouting your internet connection through various servers. This makes your computer appear closer to a game’s servers.

And Cox will upgrade your gateway for free every 3 years. So you’ll always have hardware that matches Cox’s latest speeds.

You can use a third-party router and modem if you want. But you’ll need to perform a bit of research to get modems. I’ll cover this later under the ‘equipment’ section.

Cox Internet Pros and Cons


  • Free gateway rental upgrades every 3 years
  • Next-day hardware delivery
  • Elite Gamer offers fantastic value for gamers
  • 100 Mbps internet plan requires no contract


  • 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap
  • Asymmetric (unequal) download and upload speeds
  • Ridiculous price for the unlimited data plan

Cox Home Internet Upload Speed

Here are all the upload speeds for Cox’s home internet plans:

PlanSpeed (Mbps)Speed (MBps)
Essential 1005.0 Mbps0.59 MBps
Preferred 25010 Mbps1.0 MBps
Ultimate 50010 Mbps1.0 MBps
Gigablast35 Mbps4.0 MBps
StraightUp Prepaid5.0 Mbps0.59 MBps
ConnectAssist3.0 Mbps0.35 MBps
Connect2Compete3.0 Mbps0.35 MBps

Upload speeds for Cox internet plans.

* Actual speeds will greatly vary based on factors like Wi-Fi interruption and whether you use an Ethernet cable.

Cox Data Allowance

All Cox internet-only plans have a 1.25 terabyte (TB) bandwidth cap. Once you pass this cap, you’ll need to pay $10 per 50 GB you use.

This data cap won’t limit your online usage in most circumstances. Except if you stream 4K video. Then your entire household can watch less than 200 hours per month.

The data blocks you buy won’t transfer to the following month.

You can only get rid of the data cap by paying an additional $50 monthly for the unlimited data plan.

Cox Service Price After Term Agreement

Here’s what the pricing will look like for Cox’s TV and internet services once you survive your term agreement:

TierPrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)
Preferred 250$59.99/mo.$83.99/mo.
Ultimate 500$79.99/mo.$99.99/mo.
Contour TV Starter$53/mo.$53/mo.
Contour TV Preferred$98/mo.$98/mo.
Contour TV Preferred Plus$118.00/mo.$145.00/mo.
Contour TV Ultimate$138.00/mo.$138.00/mo.

Price for Cox internet and TV plans after 12 months.

You’ll see up to 33% more expensive internet-only plans after your initial term agreement. I wrote a separate guide on tips you could use in an attempt to keep the promotional rates.

It’s too much to explain in this post.

Let’s cover hidden fees.

Hidden Fees for Cox Internet

The hidden fees for Cox’s cable internet include:

Fee TypeAmount
Data Overage Charge$10 per 50 GB
Panoramic WiFi Gateway$13/mo.
Cox Contour Stream Player$5.00/mo.
Elite Gamer Base Connection$6.99/mo.
No Annual Contract Fee$10/mo.
Panoramic WiFi Gateway + advanced tech support$20/mo. for 24 mos.
Returned Payment Fee$25
Late Payment Fee$8.35
Reconnect Fee$20 (per service)
Canceled Appointment Fee$100
Cox home internet hidden fees.

You’ll only want the Elite Gamer base connection if you’re using a third-party router and modem and want a means to reduce your latency.

The advanced technical support gives you “premium” technical support and malware removal. That add-on’s only helpful if you frequently get viruses on your computer. And don’t want to waste money at Best Buy for virus removal.

I’ll talk about the Contour TV Stream Player in the following section.

Cox Contour TV Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here’s what to expect from Cox’s Contour cable television plans:

PlanChannelsPricePrice Per Channel
TV Starter75+$53/mo.$0.71
TV Preferred140+$98/mo.$0.70
TV Preferred Plus170+$118/mo.$0.69
TV Ultimate250+$138/mo.$0.55
Contour StreamingNA$5.00/mo.NA

Cox cable TV packages compared.

* These prices don’t account for taxes or other fees.

Every plan gives you the following:

  • 1 free Contour HD TV box
  • A free year of the Standard DVR service
  • Free remote
  • Contour TV app

The Contour Streaming plan gives you a Contour TV 4K Streaming Player and requires an internet-only plan. It just comes with a bunch of preloaded apps (like Netflix).

You could have the same results with a Roku and not have to pay $5.00 monthly. Want 4K? Spend $40 on a 4K-capable Roku.

Or just get a smart TV.

The TV Starter plan only includes local channels. Preferred TV has all the local and cable TV channels.

The Contour TV app lets you stream all your Cox channels through cell phones, laptops, or tablets. On up to 5 simultaneous devices at home. Or 3 on the go.

Cox Contour TV Pros and Cons


  • Has most channels you’d need
  • Free TV box rental
  • A 1-year trial of their Standard DVR service
  • Next-day hardware delivery
  • You can watch channels on the Contour TV while waiting for your self-installation kit
  • Contract-free


  • Contour TV app has severe device availability limitations
  • No streaming live TV service available

Cox Contour TV Channel Lineup

Here are almost all the channels each of Cox’s television plans will include [1]:

ChannelTV StarterTV PreferredTV Ultimate
On Demand
Disney Channel
Discovery Channel
USA Network
Azteca America
Public Access (30)
Public Access (31)
Public Access (39)
Estrella TV
Fox News
The Weather Channel
Paramount Network
Travel Channel
Food Network
Comedy Central
Bally Sports
Spectrum Sportsnet HD
TV Land
Cartoon Network
Animal Planet
Fox Sports 1
Hallmark Channel
Hallmark movies & mysteries
Fox Business
Golf Channel
Bally Sports
PAC 12 Network
Investigation Discovery
Bounce TV
Public Access (96)
Jewelry TV
Spectrum News 1
Discovery Family Channel
Science Channel
Destination America
American Heroes Channel
Nick Jr.
Discovery Life
National Geographic
Leased Access
MLB Network
Lifetime Real Women
Crime & Investigation
Military History
Justice Central
Recipe TV
Jewish Life TV
Olympic Channel
MTV Live
Impact Network
Africa Channel
World Fishing Network
Sportsman Channel
MLB Network
MLB Network Strike Zone
NFL Red Zone
ACC Network
SEC Network
CBS Sports Network
Pursuit Network
Fox Sports 2
CNN International
Outdoor Channel
NHL Network
FanDuel TV
Tennis Channel
Disney XD
Universal Kids
BBC America
Cleo TV
Great American Family
Disney Junior
Cooking Channel
Nick Jr.
MTV Classic
Logo TV
Baby First
WE tv

Most channels Cox Contour TV includes.

Cox Starter TV only includes local channels. Preferred TV has every local and cable channel.

Preferred Plus and Ultimate TV include various TV channel packages. The former includes every premium channel.

The latter includes every other channel package except the Latino and International bundles. I’ll emphasize on this plan in a bit.

I also didn’t include many HD channels. Availability for these channels will vary by region.

And does Cox have 4K channels?

Yeah. 4001 and 4002. But you can only access these channels for special events [2].

Cox doesn’t specify these events. So if you want a TV provider with a wide selection of 4K channels, you may want to consider Verizon TV.

Cox Channel Packages

Cox includes a number of channel packages like:

Add-on or PackagePrice
Latino Pack$10.00/mo.
International Channels$8.50/mo.
Sports & Info Pack$10/mo.
Sports Pack 2$10/mo.
Movie Pack$12/mo.
Variety Pack$12/mo.
Premium Channels$9.00–$15/mo.

Cox channel package add-ons.

You can add these channels to any Contour TV package.

What if you just want sports channels?

Get Starter TV and get the 2 sports packages ($20/mo. total). Then add additional sports passes when necessary. I’ll cover those in a bit.

Along with the sports channel lineups.

Cox Contour TV Latino Pack Channel Lineup

Their Latino Pack is Cox’s Spanish channel pack that includes:

Hogar de HGTVHola TVGalavision Cine Latino
History En EspañolBaby FirstDiscovery en EspañolCentroamericaTV
Baby TVTelefe National Geographic MundoCine Estelar
Azteca -KPDFSony Cinede Películade Pelicula Clasico
CartoonDisney XDDiscovery FamiliaNicktoons 
BoomerangFOROtvTR3S: MTV, Música y MásBandamax 
Universo Fuse ESPN DeportesFox Deportes
TUDNUnivision NovelasCNN en EspañolEWTN en Español
Pasiones VeneVisionWAPA 

Cox Spanish channels list.

Cox Contour TV Movie Pack Channel Lineup

Cox’s Movie Pack includes:

FlixEPIX HitsEpixEPIX2

Cox Movie Pack channel lineup.

Cox Contour TV Sports & Info Pack Channel Lineup

The Sports & Info channel package comes with these channels:

Olympic ChannelNBA TVNHL NetworkCBS Sports
Tennis ChannelOutdoor ChannelPursuit NetworkESPN Bases Loaded/ Goal Line
Big Ten NetworkStadium College Sports AtlanticStadium College Sports CentralStadium College Sports Pacific
SEC NetworkESPNU ESPNews ESPN Deportes
Fox DeportesSEC Network 2NFL Network

Cox Sports & Info pack channel lineup.

You can also get seasonal sports passes like:

Sports Pack 2$20/mo.
NFL RedZone$44.99 (one-time)
MLB Extra Innings$26.99 (one-time)
MLS Direct Kick$89 (one-time)
NHL Center Ice$69.99 (one-time)
NBA League PassSeason ended

Seasonal sports packages for Cox cable TV.

The NBA League Pass SHOULD become available come October 18th [3].

Cox Variety Pack Channel Lineup

You’ll get these channels with the Cox variety pack:

Africa ChannelNBC UniversoCMTCLEO TV
BET SoulBoomerang CMT MusicNational Geographic Wild
Baby FirstDisney XDSTARZ ENCORE FamilyBET Jams
MTV ClassicsMilitary HistoryTR3S: MTV, Música y MásNickMusic 
Cooking ChannelDisney Jr.CHARGE! KAZT DT4Lifetime Real Women
MTV2 Viceland FYI BBC America
Nicktoons Crime & InvestigationTV OneTeenNick 

Channel lineup for Cox’s Variety channel package.

Cox International Channel Lineup

Here are the channels you’ll get with Cox’s International channel package:

GMA PinoyCCTV 4TV TV Japan
TV5Monde SBTN TV AsiaCTI-Zhong Tian
Phoenix InfoNewsARTPhoenix North AmericaRai Italia
DW (Deutsche+)Colors TVSET AsiaRTN (formerly TV Russia)

Channel lineup for the Cox International channel package.

Cox Premium Channel Lineup

Here are the channels you’ll get with Cox’s Premium Channels:

HBOHBO 2HBO SignatureHBO Family
HBO ComedyHBO ZoneHBO Signature (East)HBO (East)
HBO 2 (East)HBO LatinoCinemaxMore MAX
Action MAX (East)Thriller MAXAction MAXCinemax (East)
More MAX (East)Movie MAXCinemáx Outer MAX
Star MAXPlayboyPlayboy en EspañolSHOWTIME
SHOWTIME WomenSHOWTIME NextThe Movie ChannelStarz
SHOWTIME Family ZoneTMC ExtraThe Movie Channel (East)Starz (West)
Starz Edge EastStarz in Black (East)Starz (East)Starz Kids & Family
Starz CinemaStarz ComedyStarz EdgeStarz in Black
EPIX Drive-in

Cox premium channel lineup.

Cox Contour App: What Is It?

The Cox Contour TV app allows you to stream channels simultaneously on 5 devices (at home) and 3 when you’re away from home.

Only if you use a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

So long as others in your household have these devices, you could save $8.50 a month per box you would have had to rent.

If you want to watch channels while you’re traveling or taking a break at work, you can only watch a limited number of channels. I covered the channel lineup in another guide.

And if you have premium channel packages on your TV plan, you can download series and movies and watch them offline. Otherwise, that feature’s pointless.

Since you can’t record other channels.

Hidden Fees for Cox TV

Here are fees that aren’t in plain sight when signing up for Cox TV:

Fee TypePrice
Professional InstallationVaries by package and region
Canceled Appointment Fee$100
Broadcast Surcharge$19/mo.
Regional Sports SurchargeUp to $5.00–$12.50/mo.
Late Payment Fee$8.35
Credit Card Denied FeeUp to $25.00
Reconnection Fee$20.00 per service

Hidden fees for Cox cable TV plans.

The broadband and regional sports surcharges will vary by region.

Otherwise, there aren’t many extra fees you’ll need to think of. I’ll cover these under the equipment section.

Cox Mobile Plans, Pricing, & Features

You can either subscribe to Pay By the Gig, which costs $15 a month per GB for each line. Or $45 a month for each line to access unlimited data.

You can only get Cox Mobile if you have an existing Cox home internet plan.

But this plan works great for accessing services in rural areas.

Since it uses Verizon’s cell towers.

The Unlimited plan comes with a 50 GB soft data cap. Meanwhile, Pay By The Gig has a 20 GB soft cap. Once reaching these thresholds, you’ll only have 1.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload speeds.

With 1.5 Mbps download speeds, you could stream 1 720p video on Netflix. I can’t think of a scenario where 750 Kbps upload speeds would serve any purpose.

Wait. You could send a WhatsApp message.

You may as well find Wi-Fi for uploading files.

“Soft data cap” refers to slower data speeds after using a certain amount of data.

You can only use 8 Samsung phones with this plan. And you can’t bring your own device.

If you want international calling, you’ll need to pay $45 monthly to call 240 countries that Cox doesn’t specify. And if you want to call Mexico or Canada from the U.S., you must give them $10 monthly.

For a feature that’s free with many other providers.

Other than affordability and coverage, Cox Mobile doesn’t have much attractiveness.

Cox Voice Plans, Pricing, & Features

Cox’s landline service (Voice Preferred) costs $20 a month. You can pay $3.99 monthly for their Simply Unlimited add-on.

You’ll have to pay a minimum of $1.66 per minute without the add-on when making international calls. You’ll pay over 50% less per minute when getting the add-on.

Other features you’ll find with Cox landline include:

  • No contract
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited free calling to the following countries (until 1/09/2023):
    • Ukraine
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Moldova
    • Hungary
    • Bulgaria

You’ll also have to pay $0.18 per minute for long-distance calls. These include calls to outlying U.S. territories like:

  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
  • Virgin Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • District of Columbia

Hidden Fees for Cox Landline

Here are the hidden fees you may incur with Cox’s landline service:

* Long Distance Calling Rates (State-To-State)$0.18 per minute
Calls to Mexico$0.10 per minute
Returned payment$25
Late payment fee$25
Unreturned Equipment Fee$65–$200
Voice Manager (2+ lines)$2.00 per account
IP Centrex (Multi-line rate)$1.00 per account
IP Centrex (Bulk rate)$5.00 per account
PRI$5.00 per account
Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee2.8% of your international charge
Network Interface Fee (Single Line)$7.50–$9.25
Network Interface Fee (Multi-Line)$9.25–$9.60
Network Interface Fee (Bulk)$46.25
Bursting Feature$0.10 per minute or $0.35 per message
Access Recovery Fee (Voice Manager)Single line: $1.00 per line or trunkMulti-line: $2.00 per line or trunk
Access Recovery Fee (Centrex Legacy Trunks)First 1–24 talk paths: $2.00 (capped at $10)Subsequent talk paths: $10
Access Recovery Fee (IP Centrex)First 1–24 talk paths: $1.00 (capped at $10)Subsequent talk paths: $5.00
Access Recovery Fee (ISDN)$5.00

Cox Voice Preferred hidden fees.

Cox Home Security Plans, Pricing, & Features

Homelife comes in 2 forms. The smart home-only plan costs $15 a month. Smart home plus home security costs $40 monthly.

Smart home-only comes with a single security camera.

The $40 plan comes with professional home monitoring. It also comes with a smart home equipment starter kit that includes:

  • 2 window decals
  • 2 window and door sensors
  • 1 indoor motion sensor
  • 1 HD camera

You’ll need to pay for additional equipment.

And another $14.99 a month if you want 24-hour continuous monitoring. For only up to 2 cameras.

Having continuous monitoring on up to 4 cameras will also cost $14.99. But it’ll lock you into a 2-year contract.

Consider data usage and required upload speeds when using security cameras. Since Cox has sluggish upload speeds and a data cap, you’ll run into bottlenecks.

Check the “home security bundles” section for more information.

Cox Equipment

Here’s what fees you’ll pay for Cox equipment for their different services:

Panoramic Gateway$13/mo.
CableCARD$6.00/mo. each
Gateway Activation Fee$25
Cox Contour Stream Player$5.00/mo.
Contour HD Box$8.50/mo. each (1st box included)
Unreturned Equipment Fee$65–$200

Cox equipment fee list.

Cox allows you to use third-party routers, modems, and gateways. The gateway and modem you get must have Cox approval. And it must be new.

They listed approved modems and gateways on their website. But if you want thorough information regarding the best modem for specific use cases, warranty information, and more, explore our guide.

You can use whatever router you want.

If you decide to go with Cox’s Wi-Fi router modem, you’ll need to pay an extra $25 for them to activate your device.

If you’re using Contour TV and want to use your own cable box or DVR, you’ll need to pay for the CableCARD. The card enables your device to receive Cox’s TV services.

Failure to return Cox’s leased equipment within 10 days of canceling your service will result in an unreturned equipment fee. Your surcharge will vary by device.

When canceling Cox services and returning their equipment, ensure you get a return receipt. And store it somewhere. In case Cox tries to accuse you of not returning their stuff.

Cox Bundles: Are They Worth It?

Cox will not give you discounts when bundling their services. You’ll only want to bundle to simplify your billing.

Here’s an example of a bundle you’d see when bundling their internet and TV services:

Services BundledPrice (Yr. 1)Price (Yr. 2)Best For
Essential Internet & Streaming Only$54.99/mo.No contractUtilizing streaming services without obligation
Preferred Internet + Streaming only$64.99/mo.$88.99/mo.Households (5+) who want to watch stream videos on the family TV
Ultimate Internet + Streaming only$74.99/mo.$104.99/mo.Households (10+) who want to watch stream videos on the family TV
Gigablast + Streaming Only$84.99/mo.$124.99/mo.Households who want to stream on the family TV and download massive files frequently
Essential Internet & Preferred TV$147.99/mo.No contractHouseholds (<5) who want basic internet along with cable and local channels
Preferred Internet & Preferred TV$157.99/mo.$181.99/mo.Households (5+) who want to stream on Contour TV app in 3 rooms simultaneously
Ultimate internet & Preferred TV$167.99/mo.$197.99/mo.Households (10+) who can afford multiple TV boxes
Gigablast & Preferred TV$177.99/mo.$217.99/mo.Homes who frequently download many files, yet want TV channels

Cox cable internet and TV bundles.

All bundles except those with Essential Internet will require a 1-year contract. And once that contract ends, your bundle’s price will increase up to 47%.

Cox Service Availability

You can get Cox TV, home internet, home security, and landline services in 624 areas spread throughout 19 states.

Cox Availability Map

Use Cox’s location tool to see whether Cox offers fiber or cable internet services in your area. Or if they provide other services (like TV).

Cox’s mobile services are available in all 50 states. But not in other U.S. territories like Guam or Puerto Rico.

Cox Mobile Availability

Since Cox uses Verizon’s towers to provide cellular services, those in rural areas will have better access to cellular services.

5G and 4G LTE availability will vary by area. Check out this Cox mobile map and enter your ZIP code to see whether your area has support.

Since it’s a new page, the map page may not load. I could only get it to load on the Brave browser. But not Chrome or Firefox.

Cox TV, Internet, & Voice Discounts

Cox offers a $40 monthly discount on their Gigablast service until September 30th, 2022

Or $28 off your monthly bill when adding the following channels to your Contour TV plans:


It’ll only cost $20 monthly to get all these channels.

Cox also offers special discounts for different groups from time to time, learn more below:

To stay updated with more recent Cox discounts, check out our Cox discounts page.

Cox Customer Service: How To Reach Them

You can reach Cox’s billing, account, and retention customer service departments by calling 800-234-3993.

You could also send a direct message to their @CoxHelp Twitter account. And you can use their live chat service.

You can also call these numbers for other services:

Service/PurposePhone Number
Sales Department800-261-4021
Accessibility Support888-266-1304
Text Support54512 
Billing Questions405-600-7676
Automated Technical Support703-378-8422
Business Customer Support866-272-5777
Business Text Support36009

Cox customer support numbers.

You can also contact them through a number of physical mailing addresses or emails.

Check out my guide on reaching Cox’s customer service.

FAQs: Cox Overview

Here are frequently asked questions about Cox’s home internet, security, TV, landline, and mobile services.

How Do I Get Started With Cox?

Visit a Cox store to get started. Or order an Easy Connect (self-installation) kit online. Receive your equipment within a day, connect it, and activate it.

How Do I Cancel Cox?

Cancel all Cox services by calling 888-952-3278 or visit a Cox physical location. You’ll also need to return your leased equipment to a nearby UPS or Cox store.

Wrapping Up

Cox has affordable services yet ridiculous policies in some areas. Like their hard data cap. Otherwise, many of their services don’t require a contract. So it allows you to test them.

Better than other service providers.

If you don’t like what you learned about Cox’s services, explore the alternative service providers we reviewed.

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Cox Offer

$59.99 first year, then $83.99
$ 59
  • 250 Mbps download speeed
  • 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Enough for a family