Internet Connection Types: Fiber, Cable, DSL, Satellite, & Fixed Wireless Access

Fiber Optic Internet is, generally speaking, the best type of internet. Cable is the second best, while DSL and Fixed Wireless Broadband are about equal. You should only get Satellite internet if no other kind of internet is available.
Internet Types

Internet Type



Best For


Speed & reliability

Limited availability, expensive, & requires ONT

Remote workers, home servers, & constant file downloads/uploads


Most affordable

Accessibility & low upload speeds

Homes who browse the internet & want to budget


Balances affordability, speed, and reliability

Not as accessible in rural areas & may slow during peak times

Gaming & online video streaming

LTE Home

Competitive pricing & high speeds

Reliability & low upload speeds

Those in suburban areas who want fast internet


Most accessible

Slow & expensive

Anyone living in rural areas

Fixed Wireless

Reliable & quick installation

More users lead to throttled speeds

Businesses in remote locations


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