How to Program an Optimum Remote (2024)

The method of programming your Optimum remote depends on the hardware model. I’ll cover how to pair the 2 most popular models in this guide. Keep reading to start using your Optimum remote.
How to Program an Optimum Remote

I hate vague instructions on programming remotes. So I wrote my own guide to help you connect an Optimum remote to your TV and set-top box.

You’ll find the following sections throughout this piece:

Here we go.

How to Program an Optimum Remote

There are a couple remotes that require different steps. I’ll cover these throughout the following sections.

How to Pair Optimum One Remote

To pair the Optimum remote to your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Figure out your TV’s remote code
  2. Power on your TV
  3. Press & hold the “TV” button in the upper left corner of your remote
    1. Do the same with your TV’s remote number (e.g., hold “2” on an LG TV)
    2. Hold these buttons until the top of your remote emits a blue light
  4. Press & hold the “TV” button again until your TV powers off
  5. Release the button
  6. Press the “TV” button once more
    1. Your TV should power on again
  7. Press “SELECT” to store the TV’s code
    1. If the blue light fades, that means the remote successfully stored your code

This is the “TV” button I’m referring to [1]:

image 3

To program the remote to control your set-top box, follow these steps:

  1. Power on your TV
  2. Press the “Home” button
    1. The icon shaped like a house
  3. Press the “down” arrow to highlight “Remote”
  4. Select “Pair Remote to Altice One”
  5. Press & hold “7” and “9” at the same time for 5 seconds
  6. Highlight the option “Pair Remote Control,” and press the select button
  7. Wait for an on-screen confirmation to show the pairing was successful

Here’s the “Home” button. Pardon my bad image editing:

image 4

The remote you paired to your TV box will ONLY work with that box. You could not pair it with a TV box in a different room. Unless you wanted to remove the pairing with the original box.

How to Program Optimum Remote with Uncommon TV Brands

Here’s how to program an Optimum remote to a less-common TV brand:

  1. Turn on your television
  2. Press & hold the “POWER” and “SELECT” buttons simultaneously
    1. Do this until the “HOME” or “A” button blinks twice
  3. Enter your TV’s 4-digit remote code (I’ll cover these in a couple sections)
  4. Press the “POWER” button
    1. If your TV powers off, proceed to step 5
    2. If not, try the next code for your TV; there are multiple codes to attempt
  5. Test your remote by using the “MUTE” & “VOLUME” buttons

How to Program Optimum Remote to TV without TV codes

Follow these steps if programming the remote to your TV with the above methods wasn’t successful:

  1. Power on your TV
  2. Press & hold the TV’s power button and the volume increase button
    • When your remote emits a light, release the buttons
    • This should take 3 seconds
  3. Press & release the “1” button
  4. Press & hold the Power button until your TV powers off
  5. Upon powering off, press the “SELECT” button to store your TV’s code
  6. Power on your TV once more and test to see whether it works by using the “VOLUME” and/or “MUTE” buttons

How to Pair Silver Optimum Remote with “iO” Button

Follow these steps to program the silver remote with the massive “iO” button in the middle of it:

  1. Power on your TV
  2. Press & hold the “TV” and “SEL” buttons simultaneously
    1. Do this until the “iO” button glows
  3. Enter your TV’s 3-digit code
    1. Your TV will power off
  4. Press the “MUTE” button
    1. If your TV powers on, you successfully paired your remote

There are A LOT of 3-digit codes when using this method. Optimum made a convenient dropdown selector on their site. Use this to find your TV, then try the first 3-digit number. If that isn’t successful, try the next number.

To connect it to your cable box, follow these steps:

  1. Press & hold “CBL” and “SEL” until the “iO” button glows
  2. Press “VOL+”
  3. Press “CBL”
    1. The “iO” button should blink twice

Say you couldn’t get the remote to connect to your TV—

How to Pair Silver Optimum Remote with “iO” Button (Auto Search Method)

Follow these steps to try to program your silver remote to a TV without a code:

  1. Power on your TV
  2. Press & hold “TV” and “SEC” button until the “iO” button illuminates
  3. Press and release the “CH+” or “CH-” button until your TV turns off
  4. Press “MUTE”
    1. Your TV should power on if the pairing went well
  5. Press the “TV” button to store your TV in the remote’s memory
    1. The “iO” button should blink twice

Optimum Remote Program Codes

Here are all the single-digit Optimum remote codes for popular TV brands:

TV BrandNumber
Single-digit TV brand codes to program Optimum remotes.

Uncommon TV Brand Optimum Remote Codes

Here are the codes you’ll need when using the four-digit code programming method [2]:

TV BrandNumber
Acer3851, 3651, 1681
Admiral0991, 2981, 3121, 0261
Advent0001, 2601, 2431, 0271, 0241
Affinity1531, 1441
Akai0151, 1361, 0611, 3901, 3911, 3221, 0331
AOC0431, 1201, 2851, 2631, 2411, 1951, 1861, 1081
Apex0331, 1321, 2881, 2771, 2721, 2341, 2331, 2281, 2161, 2011, 1841, 1491, 0861, 0391
Astar1531, 1738
Audiovox3871, 0461, 0241
Auria1861, 1081
Broksonic3061, 2661, 2571, 1961, 0991
Celera0341, 0331
Changhong0331, 1181, 1121, 0101, 2881
Citizen3981, 3261, 3121, 2851, 2681, 1411, 0991, 0461, 0151, 0101, 0091, 0051
Coby0051, 4061, 3691, 3531, 3521, 3511, 3501, 0071
Commercial Solutions0821
Craig3261, 0461, 0371
Curtis1531, 1501, 1491, 1161, 0731, 0541, 0151
Curtis Mathews0101, 0941, 2831, 3861, 3121, 2851, 2171, 1471, 1281, 0821, 0151, 0051
Digital2771, 0391, 2011, 2431, 1491
Daewoo3121, 3981, 0461, 0101
Digistar3801, 2291, 0861, 3301
Dell2701, 0001
Durabrand2231, 0091, 0991, 0341
Dynex0471, 1761, 1481, 1721, 1771
Element0541, 4151, 1631, 0051
Emerson1981, 0091, 0991, 2081, 1971
GE2601, 2171, 0051, 2851, 3241
Goldstar2511, 2221, 2851, 0241
Haier3781, 0151, 2231, 0861
Hisense0461, 1481
Insignia1481, 0471, 0991, 1771, 2311
Magnavox2491, 1871, 0181, 0051, 4031
Panasonic0131, 2671, 1831, 2751, 2071, 2021, 2931, 1811, 0101, 0051
Philips0181, 1311, 0001, 3811, 2421, 3631, 3611, 3211, 3091, 2471, 2351, 2311, 1871, 1431, 1201, 0091
Pioneer1291, 0111, 2301, 3031
Samsung3071, 2831, 0051
Sansui1961, 2661, 0991
Sanyo0621, 2741, 3231, 1281
Sceptre0391, 0141
Sears1281, 0151, 3151, 2351, 2171
Seiki0671, 0561
Sharp0051, 0261
Vizio0171, 1891, 0051, 4121, 3751, 1851, 1211, 1011
Wards3271, 3151, 3121, 2921, 2851, 2681, 2521, 2241, 1971, 1431, 1381, 0821, 0241, 0051, 0001
Westinghouse0141, 1491, 1211, 0151
White Westinghouse3041, 3021, 2651, 2221, 1471, 0991, 0391, 0141
Zenith1431, 3161, 3981, 3401, 3351, 3121, 2891, 2851, 2831, 2731, 2661, 2651, 2421, 2261, 2221, 2031, 1471, 1411, 1201, 0991, 0881, 0261, 0161, 0051
Optimum remote codes for uncommon TVs.

The link I placed at the beginning of this table has all the codes. I gathered all the most known providers I could.

How to Unpair Optimum Remote Control from your TV

To unpair your remote, press and hold the “7” and “9” buttons until a light on your remote blinks. That means it successfully unpaired. However, this unpairing option only works for remotes with the “Netflix” button.

How to Set Up Parental Controls with Your Optimum Remote

Set up parental controls on your Optimum Remote by following these steps

  1. Press the “SETTINGS/OPTIONS” button 
  2. Highlight “Parental Controls”
  3. Choose “Go to Settings”
  4. Select “Set PIN”
  5. Enter your 4-digit PIN
    1. If you need to edit this, search for the “Modify PIN” option

You must perform these steps on each set-top box.

Optimum Remote Control App

Install the Optimum TV app from the Apple, Amazon, or Google app stores. Open the app and sign into your account using your online Optimum account’s details.

Then follow these steps to set up the remote on your phone [3]:

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select “Remote”
  3. Select your Optimum TV box from the options
  4. The remote’s interface will appear on your device

You can’t use voice commands on Optimum TV’s app remote.

What to Do If You Need an Optimum Remote Replacement

Bring your damaged remote to the nearest Optimum Store and tell them you need a replacement. They’ll charge you $2.50 for the first replacement—$10 for the second.

This price can change at any time. So don’t quote me.

Troubleshooting the Optimum Remote

The following sections will cover a couple of common remote issues and how to possibly fix them. If these solutions don’t work, you’ll need to contact Optimum’s customer support.

I’ll jot down their contact information in a bit.

How to Get Your Optimum Remote to Stop Blinking

To stop your Altice Optimum remote from blinking, try these steps:

  • Replace your remote’s batteries
    • Try non-rechargeable & rechargeable; the former offers more voltage and may help
  • Reset your TV box by unplugging it & reconnecting it
  • Reprogram your remote

Optimum Remote Volume Not Working

The best steps you could take to address malfunctioning volume on an Optimum remote include:

  1. Unpairing & re-pairing your remote
  2. Replace your remote’s batteries
  3. Reset your TV box to factory settings
  4. Contact Optimum’s customer support

Reach their customer support by calling 877-694-9474 or jump into a live chat room at

How Do I Reset My Optimum Remote to Its Factory Settings?

Press and hold the “Reset” button on your TV box for 15 seconds to reset it to factory settings.


Check out these FAQs to see whether I missed anything in my mess of words.

How Do I Program My Optimum Remote to My LG TV

To program an Optimum remote with an LG TV, press and hold the “TV” button in the upper left corner of your remote until your remote lets out a blue light. Press and hold these buttons again. Your TV will power off. Upon powering it on again, press the “1” button.

How Do I Program My Optimum Remote to Control My Sound System?

You cannot program your Optimum remote to control your sound system.

How Do I Program My Optimum Remote to My Samsung TV

To set up an Optimum remote with an LG TV, start by pressing and holding the “TV” button located in the upper left corner of the remote until a blue light flashes. Repeat this process. Your TV will then turn off. Once it powers back on, press the “5” button.

Can I Use My Optimum Remote to Control Multiple Devices?

You cannot use a single Optimum remote to control multiple devices.

Wrapping Up

Follow the above steps, and you should have programmed your Optimum remote to a TV and set-top box. If the first TV connection method didn’t work, shoot for the next method.

And if all the aforementioned methods don’t work, you’ll need to give Optimum’s customer service a stern talking to.

You may not have fully utilized everything Optimum offers. Explore an in-depth guide I wrote covering their products. You may find a feature you’re not using yet.

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