Brightspeed TV Services Review – Plans, Packages & Offers 2024

Brightspeed doesn’t offer its own television service. But Brightspeed retailers do support a couple of authorized products: DirecTV and DISH.

So if you’re a Brightspeed customer or planning on becoming one, stay tuned. I’ve been finding out all about how Brightspeed supports TV fans, and I’ll be providing the following information in this article:

Let us begin.

Key Takeaways

  • Brightspeed retailers recommend DirecTV and DISH
  • It’s possible to add these two products to your bill which makes things simpler
  • You can’t save any money on bundling TV with other Brightspeed services
  • It’s not possible to order TV on the actual Brightspeed website; you need to call them
  • Some other providers offer deals and bundles with TV

DirecTV & DISH With Brightspeed

The two main TV services that Brightspeed recommends and supports are DirecTV and DISH. 

It’s not possible to buy these through Brightspeed themselves but you can get them through authorized retailers. As such, you can add them to your bill and that makes life a little easier. 

Let’s take a look at both of them.


DirecTV is a TV service from AT&T. It was previously known as U-verse, and it’s a super popular product.

You can get DirecTV either as a streaming or a satellite service. The former has more channels but it does cost more.

Here are the four plans you can get as a DirecTV customer:

PlanMax price per month(Stream/Satellite)Number of Channels (Stream/Satellite)What You Get
Entertainment$69.99/$10275+/165+All the best basic channels
Choice$89.99/$124105+/200+Entertainment plus loads of sports and more
Ultimate$104.99/$154140+/270+Choice plus movie channels
Premier$149.99/$209150+/340+Everything you could want, including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ etc.

To find out more about DirecTV, check out this article.


DISH is a satellite only TV service. Again, there are four tiers. 

Except this time, you’ll be locked into a 36 month contract instead of just 24. So, make sure you’re really going to commit before you sign up here! You’ll need to pay an early termination fee if you want to get out of this contract early.

The four plans available are:

PlanPrice per monthNumber of ChannelsWhat You Get
America’s Top 120$79.99/mo190All the basic and local channels you need, including news
America’s Top 120 Plus$94.99/mo190+The basic package with some additional sports channels
America’s Top 200$99.99/mo240+Top 120 with extra entertainment channels
America’s Top 250$109.99/mo290+All the sports, entertainment and movies you could want!

Brightspeed TV Bundles & Other Deals

It’s not possible to save money by bundling either of these TV packages with any Brightspeed services. 

However, if you order DirecTV or DISH through a Brightspeed retailer, you’ll be able to simplify your billing. Having the money come out of your account on the same day of the month and only having one company to answer to will make life a little easier.

It’s also not possible to save money with any deals for Brightspeed TV. In fact, Brightspeed doesn’t have many deals, period! There are a few ways you can save money as a Brightspeed customer though, and you can check them out here.

It is actually possible to save some money through deals from DISH and DirecTV themselves though. Let’s take a look at them.

DISH deals

The deals for DISH often change, but at the time of writing, you’ll be able to get these offer:

  • Three year price guarantee: Three years is a long commitment for a contract. But the benefit of it is that you’ll be locked into the same prince for those three years. DirecTV, on the other hand, has a guaranteed price increase after the first year. 
  • Free premium channels for three months: Those on the lower tiers can enjoy the premium channels for three months for free to see if they like them. However, if you don’t cancel this subscription, you’ll be billed $20 per month thereafter. 
  • Free installation: DISH will set up your TV service for you in up to six rooms, free of charge.
  • Free equipment: You won’t have to pay any money for your satellite or your DVR equipment with DISH. The only time you would have to pay is if you fail to return any requested equipment at the end of your contract.

DirecTV deals

The deals you can get with DirecTV often depend on whether you want to go for the satellite or streaming option. Either way, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the following offers:

  • Reduced price on your first year of DirecTV Satellite: DirecTV offers a lower price for the first year that means pretty good value for money. However, things do start to get a little expensive in the second year.
  • Discount on your first three months of any plan: Every plan has a discount (of either $10 or $15) for the first three months.
  • 7 day free trial of DirecTV Stream: Not sure if DirecTV is right for you? A great way to find out is by signing up for their 7 day free trial. Be sure to cancel in time if you don’t want it though. Otherwise, you’ll be billed for your first month. 

Again, these offers could change at any time. So make sure you check out the DirecTV website to find out if they’re still available before you sign up. 

Signing Up For TV Through Brightspeed

Want to get started with DirecTV or DISH through Brightspeed? You’ll need to speak to a Brightspeed retailer to do that. It’s not possible to order through Brightspeed themselves.

You could head over to an authorized agent like Brightspeed Savings to see what they have to offer and simply give them a call to sign up. 

Brightspeed TV FAQ

The most common questions about Brightspeed TV (and the answers to them!) can be found below.

Which option is best for seniors?

I think the best option for seniors is the DISH America’s Top 120. A satellite plan is easier to troubleshoot than streaming, and DISH’s satellite plans offer better value for money than DirecTV even though you are locked into a three year plan.

If you want the extra entertainment, you could pay an extra $20 per month to get the America’s Top 200 plan. This comes with a bunch of extra entertainment channels.

You could even choose to bundle it with a Brightspeed internet or home phone plan if you like. You can find out more about the Brightspeed bundles here.

Will Brightspeed introduce a TV plan in the future?

At this stage in time, there are no plans for Brightspeed to introduce a TV service. They may well do in the future, but there’s certainly no guarantee of that. 

Why does Brightspeed recommend DirecTV and DISH in particular?

These are the two companies that Brightspeed has partnered with to recommend TV. It’s not necessarily an indicator that these are the best services. However, having researched them for myself, I can tell you that they are both pretty good. 

Why don’t Brightspeed offer more bundles and deals?

There are a couple of reasons that this could be the case. First, Brightspeed is a very new company having only been formed in 2021. So, there’s plenty of time for them to add some deals to their repertoire.

Second, Brightspeed’s prices are already pretty low! You can get Fiber from as little as $30 per month, which beats most of the competition. In that sense, you don’t really need a bundle or another deal. 

Concluding on Brightspeed TV

There’s not a lot going on in the way of TV for Brightspeed. But I do like the fact that they try to point customers in the right direction for TV. Plus, it’s great to be able to simplify your billing by having your Brightspeed internet and/or home phone under the same bill as your TV.

But perhaps you’d prefer to sign up and bundle with the company who actually invented DirecTV? AT&T has some pretty good internet and home phone plans. You can find out more about them as a provider here

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