Metronet Internet Review - Plans & Pricing in 2024

This is a review of Metronet's internet and phone services. Keep reading to learn whether Metronet is a good ISP for your home.
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100 MB

$50/mo. after 12 mo.
$ 29
  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 100 Mbps upload speed
  • Contract-free & no data caps

500 MB

$60/mo. after 12 mo.
$ 39
  • 500 Mbps download speed
  • 500 Mbps upload speed
  • Contract-free & no data caps

1 Gig

$70/mo. after 12 mo
$ 60 Monthly
  • 1 Gig download speed
  • 1 Gig upload speed
  • Contract-free & no data caps

2 Gig

No price increases after 12 mo.
$ 119
  • 2 Gig download speed
  • 2 Gig upload speed
  • Contract-free & no data caps

I want to find an internet provider who offers the most value. I compiled a bunch of information about Metronet. To help us determine whether it’s a worthy internet provider.

Throughout this guide, you’ll find the following:

Let’s go go go.

Metronet Internet Pros & Cons

Here’s why you may like and dislike Metronet:


  • Symmetrical speeds
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 100% fiber internet (fiber to the home)
  • Contract-free
  • No data caps


  • Limited availability
  • Mandatory technology fee on every plan

Metronet Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here’s the pricing for all Metronet’s residential internet plans:

TierStarting Price *Standard PriceMax. Speed (DL & UL) †Best For
100 MB$29.95–$40/mo.$50/mo.: after 12 mo.100 MbpsConnect <5 devices
500 MB$39.95–$70/mo.$60/mo.: after 12 mo.
$70/mo.: after 24 mo.
500 MbpsConnect <15 devices
1 Gig$60–$69.95/mo.$70/mo.: after 12 mo.
$90/mo.: after 24 mo.
1,000 MbpsHome server management
2 Gig$119.95/mo.NA2,000 MbpsHome server management
Metronet home internet plans compared.

* Does not include taxes and other fees. These will vary by ZIP code. The pricing scheme itself will also vary by region.

† Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

Metronet delivers internet through fiber to the home (FTTH). You’ll get a dedicated fiber connection with equal download and upload speeds. This internet connection gives you the highest network speeds and the lowest latency.

Making it ideal for remote workers, online gaming, and optimal performance in every other online task.

Read these tidbits before proceeding [1]:

  • You get the first month free
  • Free installation
  • Includes an eero wireless router
    • 2 Gig plans include an eero Pro 6E
  • Contract buyout program (up to $150)
  • Includes 1–2-year price lock

Metronet will buy you out of your current ISP’s contract for up to $150. That’s not the best contract buyout program I’ve seen. Most providers charge more than $200 for their early termination fees.

Metronet will deliver more value in this area if you have a lower cancellation fee for your current provider.

There isn’t much information regarding their 2 Gig plans. It’s available in a few areas. You’ll need these speeds if you manage home servers and frequently back up files.

1.0 Gbps speeds work best for homes with more than 5 heavy bandwidth users who frequently download large files.

The 100 Mbps plan works best for homes with 4 or fewer people who frequently use the internet. It could support 4 devices simultaneously streaming 4K UHD video.

500 Mbps will work for any home with more than 4 people.

I highly recommend this package for remote workers or online gamers who frequently try new games. Work-from-home folks could send files to clients or employers quicker. And online gamers could download new games faster.

I’ll use the game, Rust, as an example. It requires 25 GB to download. 500 Mbps internet speeds will result in 6 minutes of download time. This doesn’t account for whether you have bandwidth congestion.

Speaking of downloads. Let’s see whether you’ll need to conserve your data.

Metronet Data Cap

Metronet doesn’t enforce hard or soft data caps on its internet packages. Download as many files as your devices can handle and watch 4K UHD video to your heart’s content. All without worrying about passing a data cap and incurring data overage surcharges.

Metronet Hidden Fees

Additional fees for Metronet include [2]:

Service, Add-on, or FeePrice
Paper invoices$4.95/mo.
Technology Service Fee$9.95–$12/mo.
Installation Fee$25
Rejected Payment Fee$25
Whole-Home Wi-Fi$10/mo.
Additional fees for Metronet internet.

The technology service fee is an umbrella fee for their customer service help, TV set-top boxes (that don’t exist anymore), and other Metronet equipment. But Metronet won’t charge you fees when a technician needs to visit your home to fix Metronet equipment or wiring.

There isn’t a way to remove the technology fee. And it’s a double-edged blade. You won’t have to pay for a technician visit. But you must pay over $100 a year.

Metronet, like many providers, wants to charge you money to receive a paper internet bill. However, this fee’s easy to avoid. Enable electronic invoices on your Metronet online account to eliminate this fee.

Let’s continue the fees in the equipment section.

Metronet Internet Equipment

All Metronet internet plans will require your home to have an optical network terminal (ONT). It’s a fiber optic modem that allows your home to receive lightspeed signals. Without it, you’ll have no internet.

A technician must install these devices. Meaning, you’ll need to schedule a professional installation appointment. And being fiber internet, you can’t use your own modem.

All Metronet plans include a free Amazon eero 6 router. The 1.0 Gbps plan includes an eero 6+. And 2.0 Gbps comes with an eero pro 6E. All routers will support whatever download speeds your plan includes.

Feel free to use your own router if you want. Whatever you have may perform better for your online tasks. Know this, though. Returning the eero won’t remove the Technology Service Fee.

If you decide to use your own router, ensure its supported maximum wireless download speeds match your plan’s. Say you get the 2.0 Gbps plan. Ensure you get a router that supports 2.0 Gbps maximum download speeds.

The Whole-Home Wi-Fi add-on is a wireless extender rental. You’ll only need this if you have a home with multiple floors or wireless dead zones. However, $10 monthly would cost $100 a year. You’re better off buying your own wireless extender or mesh Wi-Fi system.

We’ve compiled, tested, and reviewed many extenders and mesh Wi-Fi systems. Use our recommendations as a starting point for your research:

Their website fee says “free” installation. Then another part says you’ll need to pay $25 for the installation. Once you get your plan, enable automatic payments, and they’ll reimburse the installation fee as an account credit.

Metronet Business Internet Plans, Pricing, & Features

Here are Metronet’s small business internet products [3]:

TierStarting Price *Max. Speed (DL & UL) †Best For
30 MB$69.95/mo.30 MbpsChecking emails on <5 devices
50 MB$89.95/mo.50 MbpsChecking emails on <10 devices
100 MB$99.95/mo.100 MbpsSmall offices, clinics, or mom-and-pop shops
150 MB$129.95/mo.150 MbpsOffices with <4 people
225 MB$199.95/mo.225 MbpsOffices with <5 people
300 MB$249.95/mo.300 MbpsRestaurants with free Wi-Fi 
500 MB$349.95/mo.500 MbpsOffices with <10 employees
1 GB$449.95/mo.1,000 MbpsRunning servers

* Does not include taxes and other fees. These will vary by ZIP code. The pricing scheme itself will also vary by region. Moreover, Metronet doesn’t provide pricing on their website. I found this information through third-parties.

† Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

Business customers must call in to find pricing for these business add-ons:

  • Standard & Premium managed Wi-Fi: best for creating separate guest Wi-Fi networks
  • Business Voice Basic & Plus: VoIP calling with many voice features & 5,000 long-distance minutes
  • Voice trunking: gives everyone (or department) in your office their own phone numbers
  • WAN Ethernet: private internet connections for file transfers, data storage, & more
  • Voice mobile: use Metronet Business Voice on a smartphone, PC, or tablet applications

Their website says speeds go up to 10 Gbps. But don’t provide details. You’ll need to contact a business internet sales representative to learn more.

They offer 1 static IP address for $10 a month, 5 for $20, and 13 for $40.

These are useful for businesses that run VPN servers, networking devices, or cloud security cameras. These devices and uses need to find your network easier, which requires having the same IP address at all times.

Some sources suggest each plan includes 1 free static IP [4].

Business customers can pay $99.99 monthly for the 100 Mbps plan, free Managed Wi-Fi, and Business Voice. But you’ll have to bind yourself to a 36-month contract. And this bundle only works well with small offices or clinics that offer guest Wi-Fi.

Metronet TV Packages

Metronet offers IPTV in SOME areas. A chat with one of their customer service representatives suggests they’re transitioning out of offering this service altogether:

Metronet TV

They don’t have any TV landing pages on their website, which suggests the transition may happen soon. Meaning, I don’t feel comfortable presenting TV package pricing and channel lineups. 

Since there aren’t any reliable sources for information other than their pricing sheet.

If you’re curious, follow this link to their pricing sheet. Enter your ZIP code, see whether they offer IPTV, and contact customer service.

If your curiosity leads you to get IPTV, you’ll have access to add-ons like:

  • Sports channel packages
  • Premium channels
  • WholeHome DVR


Now they’re pushing toward promoting YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, and Hulu + LIVE TV through their landing page. All these services are live TV streaming services.

Think of it like a cable television live-streaming platform. You’ll get local and cable channels without paying the broadcast TV, regional sports, and TV box rental fees.

I recommend getting any of these services over cable or satellite TV. You’ll save a lot of money on the fees above while having access to more than 100 channels. However, you won’t get discounts when getting them through Metronet.

And Metronet’s sales page leads you to these pages, anyway.

Metronet Home Phone Pricing & Features

Metronet Fiber Phone Unlimited is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that makes calls over fiber optic internet. Add this plan to any internet package for $20 a month.

This add-on works great for homes who want a backup means of contacting people in areas with spotty cellular coverage.

Features Metronet voice includes are as follows:

Anonymous call rejectionCall forward busyCall forward no answerCall forward remote access
Call forward variableCall holdCaller IDCaller ID delivery blocking
Caller ID DeluxeCall Return (*69)Call transferCall waiting
Call waiting with caller IDRepeat dialingSelective call rejectionSpeed calling 30
Three-way callingVoicemail

Metronet home phone features.

It also includes unlimited local and domestic long distance calling. There aren’t any details on international calling and the associated rates. The only information I could find says, “international calling isn’t enabled.”

That’s on their business VoIP page [5]. But I’d imagine they share similar policies due to the lack of information.

Metronet Internet Coverage Map

Metronet internet is available in the following states [6]:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • * North Carolina

* Most sources I’ve found don’t say Metronet offers service in North Carolina. Checking various North Carolina addresses also doesn’t support evidence of support. But the Federal Communication Commission’s map displays so. It’s worth at least checking.

Metronet only offers service in pockets throughout each state:

Metronet Internet Coverage Map

Metronet Internet & Phone Bundles

Metronet doesn’t offer any “bundles.” You could add Metronet home phone to your internet plans for an additional $20 a month. But that’s an add-on and doesn’t lower your bill.

Metronet Internet & Voice Deals & Freebies

Students get $10 off the 100 Mbps plans monthly and $20 off the 500 Mbps packages. Their website doesn’t mention this anywhere, but take a look at this image:

Metronet Deals and Discounts

Student discounts may vary by region. As with the pricing for their plans in general.

Then there’s the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It’s a government benefits program that gives low-income households a $30 recurring credit for internet bills.

To qualify, you must participate in at least one of these programs:

  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
  • School Breakfast Program (SBP)
  • Head Start
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • VA Survivors or Veteran’s Pension
  • Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Tribal TANF
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

Also, qualify if someone in your home has an income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Visit to see whether you qualify. If so, call 855-806-7324 to have Metronet apply your credit.

Or there’s the Lifeline program. It’s a $9.25 credit and has similar requirements to the ACP. You’ll need an average income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Check whether you qualify at

You can’t use Lifeline and the ACP for your internet bill. I recommend using Lifeline for a phone bill. And ACP for your internet plan.

How to Contact Metronet Customer Support

Reach Metronet customer support staff through one of these mediums:

  • Sales: 833-970-2472
  • Customer & accessibility support: 877-407-3223
  • Technical support: 844-692-6184
    • Available 24/7
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Twitter: @Metronetfiber
  • Accessibility email support: [email protected]
  • Business customer support: 855-769-0936
  • Business technical support: 833-393-6857
  • Live chat & contact form:

Customer service experiences will vary by customer. My experience was good, though. The agent was helpful and direct.

I usually take to each ISP’s Subreddit to get unhinged opinions on customers’ experience. I recommend browsing through r/Metronet on Reddit to see common issues.

Maybe Redditors will prove more helpful than Metronet’s customer support in some areas.

Metronet Internet vs. The Competition

Compare Metronet against their competitors:

Provider* Starting PriceMax. Speed (DL) †Internet TypeBest For
Metronet$29.95–$119.95/mo.100–2,000 MbpsFiberStudent discounts
Spectrum$49–$89/mo.300–1,000 MbpsCable4K video streaming
Mediacom$19.99–$59.99/mo.100–1,000 MbpsCable1080p video streaming
Xfinity$19–$299/mo.10–6,000 MbpsCable & fiberHighest speeds offered
AT&T Fiber$55–$180/mo.300–5,000 MbpsFiberHome server management

* Does not include taxes and other fees. These will vary by region. Pricing may already account for discounts when enabling automatic payments.

† Actual internet speed will vary by connectivity method (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet) among other factors.

The following sections will show where each ISP competes with Metronet and which provides the most value.

Metronet vs. Spectrum

Choose Metronet if:

  • Much faster upload speeds
  • Costs less (the first year)
  • No throttling

Choose Spectrum if:

  • To bundle with Spectrum cable TV

Metronet offers much higher download speeds, costs less, and won’t throttle your internet speeds (and latency) during peak hours. You’ll get more value and reliable internet when using Metronet’s fiber optic connection.

Versus the cable internet Spectrum offers.

If you don’t want to transition to live TV services, Spectrum’s cable TV and TV-viewing mobile app make it more appealing. And Spectrum’s vast availability.

Metronet and Spectrum offer internet coverage throughout all the same states. Whether you should pick each one depends on your ZIP code.

Metronet vs. Mediacom

Metronet is a better option because:

  • No throttling
  • No data caps
  • No contracts

Choose Mediacom because:

  • To bundle with MediacomCable
  • More availability

Metronet is better than Mediacom in almost every category. Other than that, Mediacom offers availability outside the Midwest and cable TV. Metronet is faster, has unlimited data, and costs less per megabit.

As for cable TV. You’ll save money and still have access to cable TV channels by using a live TV service like YouTube TV.

Metronet and Mediacom compete in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Florida.

Metronet vs. Xfinity

You’ll love Metronet more because:

  • Unlimited data (no data cap)
  • No throttling
  • Lower price per megabit
  • Equal download & upload speeds

Choose Xfinity Comcast for these reasons:

  • To bundle with cable TV
  • More availability
  • Lower-tier plans could lead to free internet with ACP

Metronet provides higher speeds, lower latency, and costs less on average than any of Xfinity’s plans.

But Xfinity offers a great deal for low-income homes. Get free internet if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and go for one of the plans under $30 a month.

So long as your home could make do with speeds under 100 Mbps. And if you don’t mind potential throttling during peak hours that comes with broadband cable internet.

Xfinity provides internet in all the same states as Metronet. If your ZIP code also serves Metronet, you’ll need to decide between the 2 ISPs.

Metronet vs. AT&T Fiber

Pick Metronet because:

  • More affordable
  • Waived installation fee

Choose AT&T Fiber because:

  • More availability
  • Higher speeds available

Metronet works better for folks in the Midwest who don’t want to pay around $100 for an installation fee. And want to pay less for their internet bill. However, customers can get gift cards up to $150 when using AT&T Fiber.

Though, AT&T Fiber won’t buy you out of your current internet plan. An additional $150 Metronet could save you.

AT&T Fiber is more viable for homes that manage media servers, though. Since, it offers speeds up to 5.0 Gbps. This means file backups load more than 2 times quicker than Metronet.

AT&T Fiber and Metronet compete for your money in these states:

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Florida

FAQs: Metronet Internet

Skim through these Metronet FAQs to learn more.

Does Metronet Support IPV6?

Metronet doesn’t work with IPV6 internet.

How Do You Cancel Metronet?

Call 877-407-3224 and let their customer service know you want to cancel your Metronet service.

Does Metronet Have Contracts?

Metronet does not have contracts on any of their internet plans.

Who Owns Metronet?

CMN-RUS Inc. owns Metronet internet.

Bottom Line

Metronet offers decently-priced fiber to the premises’ internet to customers throughout the Midwest. While not many customers can access these plans, the fact they include decent routers and don’t come with contracts make Metronet appealing.


The Technology Service Fee is ridiculous. Considering you likely won’t utilize the savings, the fee would give you if you never need a technician visit.

Metronet may not come off as the most appealing ISP. Hence, why we’ve reviewed most other popular providers in the U.S. Compare them before bounding yourself to a plan.

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500 MB

$ 39
  • Enough for a family
  • No contracts
  • No data caps

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