10 Cheapest Internet Providers & Plans in Las Vegas (2024)

This guide will cover the cheapest internet service providers in Las Vegas for different internet connection types. I’ll also cover the cheapest providers for some use cases.

Since internet is almost essential nowadays, I want to ensure we get the best deals. I’ve compared various options to help folks in Las Vegas find the most affordable provider.

While making your way through this piece, you’ll find the following:

  1. Best (and cheapest) plan in Las Vegas
  2. Most affordable fiber internet provider
  3. Most inexpensive 5G home internet
  4. Cheapest plan with no data cap
  5. Cheapest Satellite internet
  6. Cheapest plan for families of 3
  7. For high internet speeds
  8. Remote work
  9. Business internet
  10. Prepaid internet

Dive in and find a deal.

Cheapest Internet Service Providers in Las Vegas Compared

The cheapest internet service providers in Las Vegas are as follows:

Provider* Lowest PriceDownload speed rangeInternet typeData Cap?Upload Speed range
Cox Communications$49.99/mo.100–1,000 MbpsCableYes5.0–35 Mbps
T-Mobile 5G Home$50/mo.40–196 Mbps5GNo10–27 Mbps
Quantum Fiber$49/mo.200 & 940 MbpsFiberNoUp to 940 Mbps
Verizon 5G Home$50/mo.300–1,000 Mbps5GNoUp to 50 Mbps
Viasat$69.99/mo.12–50 MbpsSatelliteNo3.0 Mbps

Cheapest internet service providers in Las Vegas, Nevada compared

* These prices may already include discounts for enabling automatic payments. And promotions. They don’t account for sales tax, equipment rentals, and installation fees.

I’ll compare some of these providers throughout this list. Because there’s more than meets the eye with their pricing.

None of the plans on this list will include each provider’s specific low-income plans. I’ll cover those in a different section later in the guide.

Many of these providers may change their pricing or availability at a moment’s notice. Ensure you check the ISP’s websites before ordering a product.

#1 Cox: Best Cheapest Plan in Las Vegas

Cheapest PlanInternet Essentials
Speed100/5.0 Mbps
PerksFree Peacock Premium subscription (until Jan. 2023.
Connection TypeCable
Equipment Installation Fee$25 (activation fee)
Why It’s The BestContract-free & free Wi-Fi hotspots

Cox internet Essentials costs $49.99 a month and doesn’t increase in price after a year. It gives you 100/5.0 Mbps internet speeds.

The plan works best for households with fewer than 4 people who simultaneously watch 4K UHD TV1 online videos. For instance, 20 devices could stream 1080p FHD content at once. Because each instance of video playback would require 5.0 Mbps internet speeds.

You wouldn’t want to stream 4K on this plan, anyway. Cox has a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap. Once your household watches over 213 hours of 4K video, you’re stuck with data overage charges [1].

To avoid the data cap, you’ll need to pay an additional $50 monthly for their unlimited data add-on.

What about the router rental?

It’s $13 monthly. Buy a third-party router and modem (or network gateway). The investment will save you money in the long run. I cover how to use non-Cox network devices with their network in a separate guide.

Otherwise, Cox doesn’t have hidden fees to consider. Pricing is fairly straightforward.

#2 Quantum Fiber: Cheapest Fiber Internet Plan in Last Vegas

Cheapest Plan200 Mbps
Speed200/200 Mbps
Equipment Installation fee$99
Why It’s The BestIt offers the most affordable fiber optic internet in Las Vegas

Quantum Fiber’s 200 Mbps plan costs $30 a month. It works best for remote workers or households who manage many home security cameras.

It’s best for the former because the 200 Mbps upload speeds enable you to upload files faster. Whether it’s to a cloud storage server or your client.

And if your home runs security cameras, you won’t need to budget your upstream bandwidth as much. For instance, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor cameras demand 2.0 Mbps upload speed each [2].

These speeds allow you to run 100 of these cameras.

What about the Wi-Fi router rental fee

 It’s $15 a month. Not too bad. Quantum also allows you to use third-party devices.

I recommend doing so. It’ll cost more upfront. But you should pay off your device within a year or 2.

#3 Verizon: Cheapest 5G Home Internet Plan in Las Vegas

Cheapest PlanVerizon 5G Home
Speed300–1,000 Mbps (DL) up to 50 Mbps (UL)
Perks10-yr. price guarantee + free router
Equipment Installation Fee$99; can waive if you order online
Why It’s The Best5G home internet plan that’s cheaper when bundling it with Verizon Wireless plans

Verizon 5G Home costs $50 a month (with AutoPay) and doesn’t require a contract. Nor does it have a data cap.

The plan’s perfect for anyone who wants backup internet or a means to replace cable broadband internet. Verizon also offers decent upload speeds.

Which allows homes to have 25 cloud security cameras running at once.

If you’re using Verizon’s 5G Do More, Play More, Get More, or Unlimited for iPhone plans, you’ll get 5G Home for $25 a month. And the best way to save money with Verizon’s cellular plans is to have 5 or more lines.

This plan has no hard or soft data caps.

No worrying about paying data overage charges. And it includes a free 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router rental. Don’t need to pay extra fees to rent the provider’s hardware.

Switching from another provider that has an early termination fee? Verizon will buy you out of your contract for up to $500.

#4 CenturyLink: Best for Unlimited Data

Cheapest Plan100 Mbps
Speed100/10 Mbps
Connection TypeDSL
Equipment Installation Fee$15 (self-installation fee)
Why It’s The BestProvides affordable fiber optic internet

CenturyLink’s 100 Mbps plan costs $50 a month. It’s best for anyone who frequently downloads files or streams 4K videos online.

It’s contract-free and doesn’t have a data cap. Test the plan to see if you like it without dealing with early termination fees. And watch online videos to your heart’s content.

The upload speeds won’t do your home much good. You could run 2–5 home security cameras simultaneously. The 100 Mbps download speed allows up to 4 people to watch 4K videos on separate devices.

Purchase their modem for $200. Or pay $15 a month to rent it. And the modem includes Wi-Fi. So it’s a network gateway.

Yet, they advertise it as a modem.

Check whether CenturyLink supports your ZIP code by visiting centurylink.com/local. Once there, enter your address and wait in suspense.

#5 Viasat: Cheapest Satellite Internet Plan in Las Vegas

Cheapest Plan25 Mbps
DL Speed25 Mbps
Perks$20 off for 3 months
Equipment Installation Fee$99
Why It’s The BestNo data cap & allows FHD streaming

HughesNet charges $49.99/mo. the first 6 months for their “cheapest” plan. Viasat makes you pay $64.99 monthly ($84.99/mo. after 3 months).

HughesNet will technically offer the cheapest satellite internet. But consider the equipment installation and lease fees.

HughesNet’s installation fee is $499. And their equipment lease fee is $14.99 monthly. Viasat has a $9.99 lease fee and a $99 installation fee.


Viasat has no HARD data cap. HughesNet has 15, 30, 50, and 100 GB plans. For reference, 100 GB would allow your household to stream 38 hours of 720p HD videos monthly.

I capitalized “hard” for a reason. They have a soft data cap. Once you use “X” GB of data, you’ll have less priority than other Viasat customers.

Passing this cap results in slower speeds.

I’m going to use Viasat’s 25 Mbps plan as an example. It has a 40 GB soft data cap. It would take around 56 hours of watching 480p or 360p SD content to exceed it.

Sources suggest you’ll have 1.0–3.0 Mbps download speeds upon using your allowance[3]. But at least it’s usable. These speeds allow 1–3 devices to simultaneously stream 360p SD videos online [4].

#6 T-Mobile: Best for Families With More Than 3 People

Cheapest Plan5G Home Internet
DL Speed33–182 Mbps
PerksParamount+ free for 1 year & $500 contract buyout
Connection Type5G
Equipment Installation Fee$99
Why It’s The BestAccess to military discounts, free streaming services, & more

T-Mobile 5G Home costs $50 monthly and has a $99 one-time payment to set up your equipment. There’s also no equipment rental fee.

This plan works best for families because it offers Paramount+ free for a year. That alone will save you $4.99 a month and give you access to shows like SpongeBob and PAW Patrol.

The 33–182 Mbps download speeds make it so 6–36 devices can watch 1080p FHD content simultaneously.

Use their Magenta Max cellular plan and save $20 a month. It’s perfect if you have family members on your account and want a cheaper mobile plan.

Getting this plan also saves time. Since there’s no cable installation or troubleshooting, you won’t need to wait for a technician to install your equipment. Nor will you have to deal with much troubleshooting.

Find a window to place it by, plug it in, then download the T-Mobile Home Internet app to set up and manage your devices.

#7 CenturyLink Fiber: Best for Remote Work

Cheapest Fiber Plan$70/mo.
DL Speed940/940 Mbps
Equipment Installation FeeFree
Why It’s The BestSymmetric & reliable

CenturyLink’s Fiber plan costs $70 a month and comes with a free modem/router combination.

Freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses can upload and download files faster without bottlenecks. By bottlenecks, I mean other people hogging up bandwidth with their online activities.

The symmetric internet speeds are a perfect (and affordable) way to beat time crunches otherwise spent on sending or receiving files.

The plan comes with a free modem. In this case, it’s a modem/router combination device.

Free modem CenturyLink

And their installation is free at the moment as well. Since there are no contracts, I recommend trying this plan while that deal’s available.

#8 Cox: Fastest Internet Provider in Las Vegas

Fastest PlanGigablast
DL Speed1,000 Mbps
PerksGet $20 off Gigablast the first year & Free Peacock Premium subscription (until Jan. 2023.
Connection TypeCable
Equipment Installation FeeFree (self-installation)

Why is a cable plan the fastest on this list?


Though Cox is the “fastest” provider, it’s not one I recommend for downloading files. Their Gigablast has a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap.

Once you download 1,280 gigabytes (GB) worth of files, you’ll need to pay an additional $10 for each 50 GB you use.

To get fast internet without restrictions on the number of files you download, choose Quantum Fiber’s 940 Mbps plan. They’ll give you 940/35 Mbps (DL/UL) for $70 monthly. And you’ll get fiber internet.

Fiber optic internet connections offer a more stable connection. Thus, you should have less online downtime and outages.

#9 Cox: Best Business Plan in Las Vegas

Cheapest PlanBusiness Internet 50
Speed50/10 Mbps
Provider PerksUp to a $500 visa prepaid card
Connection TypeCable
Why It’s The BestCheapest business internet plan

Cox Business Internet costs $69 a month and requires a 1-year contract. The plan works best for businesses with 1–3 people who primarily make voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls.

Or for food establishments that run up to 8 point of sales (POS) devices and up to 5 cloud security cameras.

You must pay an additional $60 monthly for their LTE backup internet device, cloud backup and recovery, and cybersecurity add-ons.

I’d recommend the latter add-on for the LTE backup. Because it’s useful in case the power goes out. And you don’t want to lose out on sales or to disconnect from important calls.

But it has a 99.5% uptime rate. Which makes me wonder whether it’s worth paying for the backup LTE system.

Decide from there whether it’s worth spending an extra $60.

#10 Cox: Best Prepaid Internet Plan in Las Vegas

Internet Speed100/5.0 Mbps
PerksFree network gateway
Connection TypeCable
Data Cap1.25 terabytes
Why It’s The BestMore reliable internet connection & no setup fee

I was about to choose T-Mobile 5G Home, but Cox’s prepaid plan clearly states their internet speeds. You also don’t have to pay $99 upfront to use their equipment.

But there’s the question of Cox’s data cap.

So long as you don’t download many files or stream 4K video, you should never pass this cap.

It would take more than 200 accumulated hours of streaming 4K videos to meet this cap. Or someone downloading Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 10 times [5].

If you or someone in your home has a Steam library with many AAA games, go with T-Mobile 5G Home. It’s less reliable because of possible wireless interference. But you don’t need to deal with the data cap.

Stay with Cox if your home mainly streams resolutions under 2K DCI and 4K UHD TV1. And if people mainly browse the internet.

Available Internet Providers in Las Vegas Compared

Here are all the available internet providers in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Provider* Lowest PriceDL SpeedInternet typeData Cap?UL Speeds
EarthLink$49.95/mo.40–1,000 MbpsFiber or DSLNo0.75–1,000
Cox$49.99/mo.100–1,000 MbpsCableYes5.0–35 Mbps
CenturyLink$50/mo.100–940 MbpsFiberNoUp to 940 Mbps
LV.net$65–$125/mo.1.0 Mbps – 10 GbpsFixed WirelessNo1.0 Mbps–10 Gbps
Rise Broadband$55–$65/mo.25–250 MbpsFixed Wireless250–450 GB10+ Mbps
Valley Communications$55–$150/mo.40–1,000 MbpsFiberNoUp to 1,000 Mbps
Viasat$69.99/mo.12–50 MbpsSatelliteNo3.0 Mbps
HughesNet$64.99/mo.25–1,000 MbpsSatellite15–100 GB3.0 Mbps
Starlink$110/mo.50–200 MbpsSatellite1.0 TB (during peak hours)10–20 Mbps
T-Mobile 5G Home$50/mo.33–182 Mbps5GNo10–27 Mbps
Quantum Fiber$49/mo.200 & 940 MbpsFiberNoUp to 35 Mbps
Verizon 5G Home$50/mo.300–1,000 Mbps5GNoUp to 50 Mbps

Internet service providers in Las Vegas compared.

* Listed prices may include new customer prices and discounts for enabling automatic payments.

How To Get Free Internet in Las Vegas: Low Income Internet Options Compared

Cox is the only ISP in Las Vegas who offers low-income internet plans. And these plans are as follows:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
ConnectAssist100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$30/mo.
Connect2Compete100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$9.95/mo.

Cox low income internet plans compared.

The latter plan requires you to have a K–12 student living in your home to qualify. You must also meet at least one of their other requirements. These requirements usually include participating in government benefits programs.

I cover them in a separate guide.

The first plan makes you immune to spectrum’s data overage charges for 12 months. The latter gives students access to discounted PCs and tablets.

Both plans come with free network gateways.

If you qualify for either plan, also apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This is a continuous $30 internet bill credit. You’d get the above plans free.

I talk about how to apply for the ACP in the above link. Don’t worry. They don’t have strict requirements.

100 Mbps download speeds are more than enough to meet households with 4 or fewer people’s needs. All 4 people could simultaneously stream 4K videos online without buffering.

What Types of Internet Connections Are Available in Las Vegas?

The following types of internet connections are available in Las Vegas, Nevada [6]:

  • Digital Service Line (DSL): 17%
  • Fiber: up to 45%
  • Cable: 97%
  • Satellite: 100%
  • Fixed wireless (or microwave): 100%

Availability of internet types will vary by internet speeds. Fiber internet providers that offer up to 1,000/100 Mbps only provide coverage to 1.0% of Las Vegas residents.

These numbers come from the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) broadband internet map. And these numbers account for Clark County as a whole. I couldn’t narrow the map’s filter to Vegas.

Try the map yourself and find internet coverage throughout Las Vegas.

FAQs: Cheapest Internet Providers in Las Vegas

I’ve covered commonly asked questions about the most affordable internet providers in Las Vegas. Check them out.

Which Internet Provider in Las Vegas Is the Fastest?

Cox’s Gigablast plan and Valley Communications Platinum plans are Las Vegas’ fastest internet plans.

Is Verizon 5G Home Internet Available in Las Vegas?

Verizon 5G home is available to some Las Vegas residents. Visit verizon.com/5g/home/#checkAvailability and enter your address to see if it’s available.

Does Las Vegas, Nevada Have Fiber Internet?

Las Vegas has 2 fiber internet providers: Quantum Fiber and Valley Communications.


Most internet providers in Las Vegas provide 5G, satellite, or microwave internet connections. Many of the available providers also don’t offer the best value when looking at their pricing.

Navigating around each company’s fees will save a lot on your internet bill, though.

Do you find yourself with more questions than answers? We’ve reviewed and compared many of these providers. Check out whether they’re worth getting.

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