How to Watch Peacock With Comcast Xfinity (2024)

Activate a Peacock Premium subscription by creating an account and clicking ‘‘Link Provider’ in your account’s settings. Connect your Xfinity account with your Peacock account. From there, download the Peacock app from the Xfinity App store. Or say “Peacock” to your Voice Remote. That said, Xfinity no longer offers a free subscription to Peacock.

As a previous Xfinity Comcast subscriber, I’ll show you how to watch Peacock with Xfinity.

To get you started with Peacock, I’ll cover these points:

Let’s get you into this streaming app.

What Is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal (a Comcast company). It hosts thousands of a combination of movies, series, Originals, live events, sports, and more.

The service offers free, paid, and commercial-free plans. Prices for each plan will vary. And when subscribing to their paid plan, NBC will give you access to more content.

Examples of what you’ll get include Peacock Originals (NBC-exclusive content) and sports.

Speaking of:

You can download Peacock on a myriad of devices. Noteworthy examples include the PlayStation 4 and Samsung Smart TV.

Watching content on Peacock WILL contribute to your Comcast Xfinity data cap. With the 1.2 terabytes (TB) of data you have available, you can watch [1]:

  • Over 600 hours of standard definition content (720p)
  • Over 400 hours of high definition content (1080p)
  • 204 hours of ultra high definition content (4K)

You can bypass the data cap by using Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots, paying $30 a month for the Unlimited Data add-on or $25 per month for the xFi Gateway Complete (modem/router combo).

DVR subscribers also can’t record content on Peacock.

How to Watch Peacock Streaming

Before watching Peacock on any device, you’ll need to create a Peacock account.

Follow this link to Peacock’s website and pick a plan.

Before, you would have gotten a free Peacock Premium subscription from Xfinity, but they discontinued this recently.

How to Watch Peacock on the X1 and Xfinity Flex

To watch Peacock on your Xfinity Flex and X1 TV boxes, follow these steps:

  • Press the ‘Xfinity’ button on your Xfinity Voice Remote
  • Navigate to the ‘Apps’ menu and open it
  • Select the Peacock app
  • Create your Peacock account and follow the prompts
  • On the ‘Who’s watching?’ page, press ‘New Profile’ and create a Peacock profile
  • Throw some popcorn in the microwave while you find something to watch

Alternatively, you can press the microphone button on your Voice Remote and say “Peacock.”

You CAN’T watch Peacock content in 4K when watching on the Flex or X1 TV boxes. Xfinity Comcast only specifies that these devices don’t support 4K (with Peacock).

How to Watch Peacock With Any Other Device

Create a Peacock account and select your subscription.

Navigate to your device’s app store, search for ‘Peacock TV,’ and download the app. Open the app, log into your Peacock account, and select something to watch.

Peacock Streaming Plans

Peacock gives you a few packages to choose from that include:

ServiceAd-freePeacock OriginalsPrice
Peacock FreeNoNo$0
Peacock PremiumNoYes$4.99 per month
$49.99 per year
Peacock Premium PlusYesYes$9.99 per month
$99.99 per year
This table compares the different NBC Peacock streaming service plans.

The following section will cover each plan in-depth. I’ll cover pricing, features, and other exciting tidbits.

Peacock (Free)

Peacock Free is NBC’s free ad-supported streaming service available to anyone. You’ll find enough content to keep you entertained for thousands of hours.

But you won’t find Peacock Originals, sports, and other series.

Peacock Premium

Peacock Premium acts as Peacock’s paid version of their streaming service. It costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 annually (18% savings).

You’ll find significantly more content on Premium compared to its Free counterpart.

I’ll cover these differences in a bit.

With Peacock Premium (and Premium Plus), you’ll have access to over 20,000 hours of content. Some perks you’ll have over the Free plan include:

  • More kids content
  • Live events
  • Live sports
  • Next-day access to existing NBC series
  • Peacock Originals

Netflix has around 36,000 hours of content yet costs double the price [2]. You’ll TECHNICALLY get more value with Peacock. If you prefer NBC’s streaming platform’s content.

Keep in mind that I don’t trust the source too much on the site that I sourced for Netflix’s content hours. It’s an estimate.

Either way, NBC Peacock Premium gives you a decent value.

Peacock Premium Plus

Peacock Premium Plus only differs from Peacock Premium because it offers an ad-free experience. It costs you $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Again, you’ll save 18% if you pay for the annual subscription.

I found a trend when researching the number of commercial breaks in Peacock Free and Premium. Many people have said they’ve experienced five ads per hour-long show. Each 30–90 seconds each.

This research suggests 8.7 ads per hour or 4.6 commercial breaks per 22-minute series [3].

The former bit of research suggests 7.5 minutes worth of ads per hour. In contrast, the latter says 13 and a half minutes.

I don’t mind ads. Because it gives me time to use the bathroom or stretch my legs.

Everyone’s different, though. Determine whether you can endure ads. Or if you’d want to pay an extra $5 per month to eliminate them.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch Peacock Streaming

Devices that you can use to watch the Peacock TV app include:

Xfinity X1Xfinity FlexAndroid devices (Android 6.0+)Apple Devices (iOS 11+)
PlayStation 4PlayStation 5Roku devicesSamsung Smart TVs (2017 and later models)
LG Smart TV (WebOS 3.5+)Chromecast (1st Generation+)Apple TV HD (4th Gen. or above)NVIDIA Shield
Sony BRAVIA*Amazon Fire devices (Fire OS 5+)Vizio TV (SmartCast 2.0 or 3.0)Browsers:
Safari 12+Chrome 75+Microsoft Edge: 80+Firefox 68+
Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One
This table presents what devices you can use with the NBC Peacock Streaming app.

* You can’t use first-generation Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks to watch content on Peacock TV.

Let’s dive into the details on compatible Roku devices:

Roku DeviceModel Version
Roku 24210X only
Roku 3 & 44200X or later
Roku Express and Express+3900X or later
Roku Premiere and Premiere+3920X or later
Roku Streaming Stick3600X or later
Roku Smart Soundbar and TV5000X or later
Roku Ultra and Ultra LT4640 or later

This table presents what Roku devices you can download the Peacock app with.

What Shows and Movies Are on Peacock?

Here are a bunch of movies you can watch on Peacock.

American PsychoE.T.Despicable MeThe Godfather trilogy
RayLost in TranslationRayReservoir Dogs
ShrekSchindler’s ListChildren of menEvan Almighty
Good ShepherdMeet the ParentsBridesmaidsCasino
Shark TaleBrokeback MountainJurassic World 3Fast & Furious 9
The Bad GuysDownton Abbey: A New EraThe NorthmanAntz (1998(
Marley & MeRobotsThe Big LebowskiThe Big Wedding
Bring It On: AgainBring It On: All or NothingBulletproofThe Change-Up
Date NightDazed and ConfusedDodgeball: A True Underdog StoreGet Him to the Greek
Liar LiarMajor PayneMystery MenThe Other Guys
Role ModelsShallow HalA Simple FavorSisters (2015)
Stick itTrainwreckYou Don’t Mess with the ZohanHoney
This table shows some movies you can watch with the Peacock Free or Premium plans.

Availability will vary.

NBC may remove these movies from its platform at any time. Whether they cause controversy or NBC loses the rights, You may also not find some of these movies on the Free plan.

Here are some shows you can watch with the Peacock TV app:

Difficult PeopleParks & Recreation (Seasons 1–7)Two and a Half menCheers
Monk (Seasons 1–8)Saturday Night Live (Seasons 40–44)Betty en NYCurious George
*The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonBates MotelYellowstoneThe Office
Downton AbbeyEverybody Loves Raymond30 Rock (Seasons 1–7)Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Battlestar GalacticaChicago FireModern Fire*The King of Queens
*Late Night With Seth Meyers*HouseBite ClubBelow Deck
SuperstoreBotchedReal HousewivesAll existing NBC series
They/ThemAmerican GreedShrinkSnapped
Top ChefGrowing Up ChrisleyWho Do You ThinkEl Señor de los Cielos
They Are?Married to Medicine: AtlantaSouthern CharmWatch What Happens Live
This table presents some series you can watch on the Peacock Free or Premium plans.

* Confirmed as Premium-subscriber-only plans.

Availability can change at any time. NBC may add or remove episodes or series when they feel like it. So keep an eye out for announcements. You may also not see some of these series or movies on the Peacock Free plan.

Comcast Xfinity specified episode/season availability for SOME series. So when going on the app, you may not see every season available for a series you want to watch.

You can also watch rare footage from The Office. Peacock calls it ‘The Office: Superfan Episodes. It’s great for anyone who can’t get enough of Dwight (or other characters).

Peacock Originals You Can Watch

Peacock Originals are series that NBCUniversal created and exclusively hosts on their platform. Here’s a list of series you’ll find:

We Are Lady PartsWolf Life MeDownton Abbey: A New EraJoe vs. Carole
Dan Brown’s The Lost SymbolCleopatra in SpaceGirls5EvaThe Amber Ruffin Show
Brave New WorldIntelligenceSaved by the BellPunky Brewster
Trigger PointDays of Our Lives: Beyond SalemHart to HeartLove Island
The ResortDateline: The Last DayThe Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip
This table shows the Peacock Originals series you can watch on Peacock Premium and Premium Plus.

NBC can more Original series at any time. So keep an eye on their platform to see whether they add content worth watching.

What Sports You’ll Find on Peacock

Here’s a list of sports you’ll find on Peacock Premium and Premium Plus:

WWE pay-per-view (all events)WWE Smackdown (all episode)WWE Raw (all episode)WWE NXT (all episodes)
Premier Lacrosse League PassPro Motocross PassSupercross PassCycling Pass
Track & Field PassPremier League (2020–2021 season)Major League Baseball (through Sept 4th, 2022)Money in the Bank
U.S. OpenNTT IndyCar SeriesThe Open ChampionshipNASCAR Indianapolis
This table shows some sports programming you can watch on the Peacock Premium and Premium Plus plans.

NBCUniversal bought the exclusive streaming rights to WWE matches (non-pay-per-view). So, WWE fans can only watch a majority of WWE matches on Peacock.

How Often Peacock Adds New Content

Peacock adds and removes new content monthly. You can visit this page to see what series, sports, Originals, and movies they’ll add in the current month.

With series that NBCUniversal owns the rights to (like The Office), you’ll unlikely see them leave the platform. But with others, they’ll come-and-go.

FAQ: How to Watch Peacock With Xfinity?

Before you leave, explore some frequently asked questions about NBC’s streaming service.

Do I Get Peacock for Free With Xfinity?

You do not get Peacock for free anymore with Xfinity. They recently ended this campaign.

Who Owns Peacock Streaming?

NBCUniversal, a Comcast Corporation asset, owns the Peacock streaming service.

Wrapping Up

To watch Peacock on X1 and Flex devices, utter “Peacock” into your Voice Remote. Or search for the app in the app store.

Using it on other devices requires similar steps. Open your device’s app store and search for the Peacock TV app.

Peacock’s Free offers anyone (including non-Xfinity users) a means to watch a lot of content. You can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus to access much more media.

Get started with Peacock streaming today.

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