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This is our article on Xfinity Bundles.

Xfinity Bundles can be confusing, and that's why I have done hours of research to try to simplify the choices for you.

In this article, we will go over what you can get in the bundles, what you SHOULD get in the bundles, and what to avoid.

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Comcast Xfinity modem and router

Choice Double Play

TV & Internet starting at $49.99/mo.
$ 49
  • +10 channels
  • 200 Mbps
  • No Voice Service

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Popular Double Play

TV & Internet starting at $79.99/mo.
$ 79
  • 125+ channels
  • 400 Mbps
  • No Voice Service

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Premier Triple Play

Internet, TV, & Voice starting at $144.99/mo.
$ 141
  • 185+ channels
  • 1,200 Mbps
  • Unlimited local calling

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Popular Quad Play

Internet, TV, Voice, Home Security
$ 174
  • 185+ channels + 1200 Mbps
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Home Security Service

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Are Xfinity Bundles Good?

Altogether, Xfinity bundles are a good option for most people who really need more than one of Xfinity’s services. Because this bundle gives you access to some of the best offers on the market. 

That is price-wise, at least. Because the thing is that Xfinity only reduces the price. At the same time, many other providers remove the equipment fees and data caps in their bundles. 

That said, Xfinity still offers some of the best bundles available. 

Xfinity Bundles Pros & Cons


  • Save between $10-60/month with bundles
  • Access to Xfinity Hotspots
  • High availability


  • Data caps (1.2 Terabit)
  • Long contracts
  • Step price increases after 12/24 months
  • Extra fees (mostly equipment)

Xfinity Package Deals & Pricing

Looking through all Xfinity packages can feel overwhelming. But below, you can find the three bundle options and some of the different versions. 

Xfinity Double Play – Internet & TV

PackageChannelsSpeedPromo price
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 800 Mbps125600 Mbps$69.99/mo.
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 Mbps125300 Mbps$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 400 Mbps185300 Mbps$100/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 800 Mbps185600 Mbps$109.99/mo.
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 1200 Mbps1251200 Mbps$124.99/mo.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity Triple Play – Internet, TV, & Voice

PackageChannelsSpeedVoicePromo price
Xfinity Extra TV + Internet 400 + Voice125300 MbpsUnlimited$89.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 400 + Voice185300 MbpsUnlimited$109.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 800 + Voice185600 MbpsUnlimited$119.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 1200 + Voice1851200 MbpsUnlimited$144.99/mo.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity Quad Play – Internet, TV, Voice, & Home Security

PackageChannelsSpeedVoiceSecurityPromo price
X1 Saver Pro+ Quad Play125+600 MbpsUnlimited$129.99/mo
X1 Starter Pro+ Quad Play125+1,200 MbpsUnlimited$139.99/mo.
Xfinity Preferred TV + Internet 600 + Voice185+1,200 MbpsUnlimited$159.99/mo.

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

Xfinity Package Deals & Promotions

You get $10–$20 off per two things you add to the bundle when you get an Xfinity Bundle. This means that you get $20 off for TV and Internet, while for TV, Internet, and Voice, you get $40 off. And if you also add Home Security, you get up to $60 off per month. 

This is why bundling with Xfinity is such a good idea. 

All the bundles will also give you a Peacock premium subscription. This usually costs $4.99/month. You get access to more than 60,000 hours of content on Peacock premium. These include series such as The Office, Parks, and Recreation. [1]

You can also get special deals if you are either a Teacher, Military personnel, or Student. These are available until at least 30 June 2022.

  • Teachers get a $100 prepaid gift card and special offers on internet service.
  • Students also get a $100 prepaid gift card and six months to Amazon Music Unlimited. You can also bundle this with Xfinity Mobile to get a $200 gift card as a student.
  • Military Personnel and veterans will receive a $100 prepaid gift card and $25 for renting/buying on-demand content or applying to your bill. 

Xfinity Mobile Plans & Bundles

Xfinity Bundles doesn’t end at Internet, TV, and Voice – but you can also get their Mobile Service. 

You can’t add Xfinity Mobile to a bundle, but you will get $10-$35 off your internet bill every month if you get it. This makes it a seriously good deal that can save many people money. 

There are two ways to get Xfinity Mobile, either “By the Gig” or “Unlimited”. This refers to the amount of data you get. [2]

  • By the Gig starts at $15/month.
  • Unlimited starts at $45/month per line.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this, so if you want to learn more, read our article on Xfinity Mobile.

How To Choose The Best Comcast Xfinity Bundle For You

Choosing the best bundles for you is not always easy. And Xfinity does not try to make it easier – often trying to oversell your things you really don’t need. Below you can learn how to pick the best bundle for you. 

#1 Get Enough Internet Speed

Getting enough internet speed is easy to say, but what is “enough speed.” Well, it’s less than most believe it is. 

We did a lot of testing with this, and we concluded that around 50 Mbps per person is enough. This means that a family of 5 only needs the 400 Mbps plan

You might even get away with less. 

The biggest problem with Xfinity internet plans is not their download speed but their upload speed. 

The 400 Mbps internet plan will, for example, only give you 15 Mbps upload speed. This is enough for a couple of teams’ calls simultaneously, but that’s it. Any uploads will make the calls lag. 

To learn more about Xfinity Internet speeds and upload speed, click here. 

#2 Choose The Channels You Need

There is no reason to pay for channels you never watch. Therefore, check Xfinity’s channel lineup and choose the package that lineup with what you need. 

I would recommend picking the smallest package possible and then upgrading if you need to. 

It’s easier to realize that you need a channel and add it than it is to discover that you don’t need a channel and remove it. This is my experience anyway. 

#3 Decide If You Need Voice Service

Voice service might be a good idea if you live in a rural area with a spotty mobile connection or call abroad a lot. 

If neither is you, don’t just get it because you want to bundle as many services as possible. 

#4 Consider the Contract

The longer you make your Xfinity bundles contract, the better price you will get. 

Thus, I recommend you take the longest contract you are confident that you can hold. Because remember, if you need to end it early, you will have to pay an early termination fee.

Also, always call and renegotiate the contract when it ends. This will make sure you pay the lowest price possible. 

Best Xfinity Bundles

Which bundle is best for you depends. Both on your needs and wants and on where you live. Because different offers are available for different parts of the country. 

That said, these three are, in my opinion, the best offers right now:

PackageSpeedsChannelsVoicePromo PriceRegion
Popular Double Play400 Mbps125+$100/moWestern 
Super Fast Internet + Ultimate TV800 Mbps185+$126.00/mo.Central
Standard+ More400 Mbps185+$89.99/mo.Northeast

*Data last updated as of post date. These offers can vary based on location and time. 

You can add a Voice to any of these plans by adding $10 extra to the monthly bill. 

Cheapest Xfinity Bundles

The cheapest Xfinity Bundles will be those with 50 Mbps download speed, 10+ channels, and no Voice service. 

These cost different amounts all over the country, but generally, they will cost between $30-$45 per month. 

Compared to other providers, these are often some of the cheapest deals available. Not always, though; make sure no other provider has a better deal available for you.

Comcast’s Xfinity Bundles Extra/Hidden Fees

Unfortunately, Comcast Xfinity has a tendency to add a lot of extra fees to their plans and bundles. Here are some of them you can expect. [3]

  • Internet Equipment – $14-$25/month. The xFi Gateway is not a must. You can also get your own modem and router for Xfinity (see our recommendations here). This will allow you to remove this fee. 
  • TV equipment – $7.50/month per X1 Box. The X1 Box is the TV device that allows you to stream on your TV. It will set you back $7.50/month per X1 Box, and you need one box per TV. 
  • Early Termination Fee –  If you end a bundle early, must pay an Early Termination Fee. This fee is usually $10/month. 
  • Professional/Self Installation – $89.99/$0.00. If you get a professional installation you will have to pay, while a self-installation is free. That said sometimes you need a professional installation, you can learn more here.
  • Taxes & Government Fees ~$2-$5/month – This fee depends heavily on where you live. This is because some states have higher taxes and fees than others.

For more info on Xfinity’s hidden expenses, click here.

Xfinity Services

Xfinity offers four services in its bundles. Here they are in more detail. 

Xfinity Internet Service

Xfinity Internet comes in two ways, Cable or Fiber internet. 

The difference is that fiber allows you to choose plans up to 6000 Mbps while cable maxes you out at 1200 Mbps. 

Fiber is mostly accessible close to cities while cable internet is accessible in most of the country. 

For cable internet, you need a cable modem and a router. In contrast, for fiber optic internet, you only need a router.

Learn more about Xfinity Internet Service

Xfinity TV Service

Xfinity TV is accessible at all the places Xfinity Internet is available. This is because they use the same infrastructure. 

The TV service allows you to choose packages from +10 channels to more than 260 channels. With Xfinity TV, you will also get access to Peacock and Flex. Two streaming services allow you to watch tons of content on your TV.  

Learn more about Xfinity TV Service

Xfinity Voice Service

Xfinity Voice is a VoIP service that provides a phone line to your home. 

This allows for high-quality calling where your mobile service is bad. It’s also great for you that often call other countries, as more than 85 countries are completely free to call with Xfinity Voice Unlimited. 

Learn more about Xfinity Voice Service.  

Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity Home Security is like you guessed – a home security service. It comes with professional monitoring,  motion sensors, door and window sensors, touchscreen control, and a keypad.

This is to make sure your home is secure from any burglary attempts. 

You can also add additional features to your package if you want it customized more.

Learn more about Xfinity Home Security here.   

Bottom line – Should You Get Xfinity a Bundle?

Overall, I think Xfinity Bundles are a good idea for most people who really need more than one of Xfinity’s services. 

Because when you bundle, you will get some of the best prices available in the market. Making it the best deal available for many. Just don’t get services you don’t really need just because of the bundle deal.

Also, even though the price is good, I would love to see some other extra bonuses. Such as removing the data caps or including the equipment. 

This would, in my opinion, take the Xfinity Bundles to the next level. 

Xfinity Bundles FAQ

Here are some common questions regarding Xfinity and its bundles

Are there any current Xfinity deals?

The deals always change and are different in varying parts of the country. Thus, for the most up-to-date info, check out our articles on the current Xfinity deals.

What is the best way I can lower my Xfinity bill?

The best way to lower your bill is to make sure you don’t pay for what you don’t need. Make sure you only pay for the channels and internet speed you need. My recommendation is around 50 Mbps per user. 

Also, if your contract has ended, you might want to call Xfinity to renegotiate your package. And if they don’t want to lower your bill, consider another provider. 

Let them fight for you!

What is the Xfinity streaming app?

The Xfinity streaming app is an app you can access when you get Xfinity Internet and TV. It allows you to stream content from any device at any place. 

You can also download shows and watch them offline with the app. 

Which Xfinity bundle should I get?

Well, it depends. I know, I know, not the answer you wanted to hear.

I recommend you read the guide on picking the best bundle for you above. This will help you make an educated choice!

What do Xfinity bundles include?

Xfinity bundles include what you choose it has. This could be Internet and TV, or maybe Internet, TV, and Voice. 

That’s what’s so good about it; you can customize it for your needs! 

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Popular Double

TV & Internet starting at $79.99/mo.
$ 79
  • 125+ channels
  • 400 Mbps
  • No Voice Service

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    • If you are unhappy, Xfinity has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can cancel your service without paying anything if you want.

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