More Fios TV Review 2024: Does It Balance Price and Channels?

More Fios TV by Verizon gives you over 300 channels for $90 a month and doesn't require a contract. That's around $0.30 per channel. And this plan works best for anyone who wants a decent number of channels without paying too much.

While researching the best TV providers, I stumbled across Fios TV. So I grouped information from around the internet related to Verizon’s plan.

To help you determine whether this plan’s worth getting, I’ll cover:

Let’s begin.

More Fios TV Pros and Cons

More Fios TV pros and cons include:


  • Fiber TV connection, which means more reliability
  • No contracts
  • Many SD and HD channels
  • More value versus competitors


  • Availability
  • No more free single-room DVR

What Is More Fios TV?

Verizon More Fios TV is a fiber optic TV package that comes with over 300 channels.

It used to include free basic DVR service, but Verizon removed this perk in the middle writing this review.

But you can still get a 2 month’s free trial of Verizon’s unlimited streaming on the Verizon TV app. You’ll also get a $50 Verizon gift card and a free set-top box rental.

What happens after the 2 months of unlimited streaming? You can only watch a combined maximum of 5 simultaneous DVR and TV streams [1].

According to a vague customer service person, there’s no way to have permanent unlimited Fios TV streaming unless you have The Most Fios plan.

Who Is More Fios TV Best For?

More Fios is a good plan for anyone who wants more channels you could imagine without having to bound yourself to a contract. It also works great for travelers and homes with 4–5 people.

Because of the My Fios streaming. But again, after 2 months, you’re limited.

I say 4 people in case you have someone over who wants to watch Verizon channels on their device. That would bring the total up to 5 devices at the same time.

But if your home uses an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, you can only do 2 streams at once.

I don’t recommend this plan to homes that primarily use either product. Unless you don’t mind paying for the extra set-top boxes.

More Fios TV Pricing

More Fios television from Verizon costs $90 per month. This cost doesn’t include sales tax and other fees.

It does include the Auto Pay and paperless billing discount. Without enabling these features, you’ll need to pay $100 monthly.

Here are additional fine print prices you’ll want to consider:

Fee TypeAmount
Digital Adapter$10/mo.
Fios TV Setup (Activating Existing Outlets)$99
Fios TV Setup (Activating New Outlets)$160
Video Franchise FeeVaries
Additional More Fios TV pricing.

More Fios TV Channels

The More Fios Channel lineup includes:

AccuWeather NY NJ119
Alerta TV Network463
American Heroes Channel125
Animal Planet1565 or 130
aspire TV272
BBC America189
Big Ten Network85
CNBC World106
Cartoon Network257 or 1726
CNN100 or 1541
CMT221 or 1665
Comedy Central190 or 1644
C-SPAN1546 or 109
Discovery Channel1562 or 120
Disney Channel250 or 1729
E! Entertainment196 or 1640
Food Network1621 or 164
Fox News1543 or 118
Fox Business117 or 1547
Fox Deportes1521 or 311
Freeform1700 or 199
FX1504 or 53
FX Movie Channel232
Hallmark Channel240
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries239
HD Net Movies746
HGTV165 or 1622
HITn279 or 1648
HLN1542 or 101
HSN1601 or 151
Impact Network287
Investigation Discovery123
Jewelry Television1602 or 152
Justice Central.TV186
Leased Access499
Lifetime140 or 1580
Liquidation Channel159
LMN1581 or 141
Longhorn Network320
Magnolia Network167
Mega TV466
MSG1528 or 78
MSG 279
MSG Plus80
MSG Plus 281
MSNBC1545 or 103
MTV Classic218
MTV 2211 or 1661
Nat Geo Mundo1564
National Geographic121
National Geographic Wild132
New Tang Dynasty TV478
Newsmax TV115
NFL Network88
NHK World TV482
NHL Network87
Nick Jr.256
Nick Toons254
Nickelodeon1728 or 754
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network145 or 1625
Paramount Network1505 or 54
QVC150 or 1600
SEC Network National75
SEC Network National Overflow575
Sino TV Network281
SYFY180 or 1645
TBS1502 or 52
The Catholic Faith Network296
The SonLife Broadcasting Network297
The Word292
Three Angels Broadcasting291
TLC1566 or 139
TNT51 or 1501
Travel Channel1623 or 170
TV Land1707 or 241
TV One271
USA Network1500 or 50
WABC This TV468
WASA Estrella TV8
WCBS Dabl484
WCBS StartTV483
WE tv149
WFUT getTV495
WJLP Court TV Mystery486
WJLP Grit TV485
WLIW Create471
WLIW World473
WMBC New Tang Dynasty TV478
WNBC Cozi TV460
WNET PBS Kids472
WNJU Telemundo12
WNJU TeleXitos464
WNYW Movies!493
WPIX Alive Antenna TV465
WPIX Court TV490
WPXN ION Plus492
WPXN qubo491
WWOR Buzzr487
WWOR Heroes & Icons488
WWOR My Network TV9
WXTV Bounce TV476
WXTV Univision41
More Fios TV channel lineup.

I didn’t include HD, music, and local government channels in this list. These may vary based on the address you type on Verizon’s website.

More Fios TV Add-ons

Here are add-ons you can get for More Fios TV:

Set-top Box Rental Fee$12/mo. (first box is free)
Set-top Box$6/mo. per box (3–5 boxes)
Premium Channels$15–$40/mo.
DVR Service$12/mo.
Multi-room DVR Service (Enhanced)$20/mo.
Multi-room DVR Service (Premium)$30/mo.
Sports Packages$28.99–$139.99
International Packages$11.99–$35/mo.

Verizon TV add-ons.

These sections will provide brief details on each add-on.

Sports Packages

Here are sports package channels you can get:

Pass Name* PriceSeason
NHL Center Ice$49.99Half season
NBA League Pass$28.99Half season
MBA Extra Innings$139.99Regular season
MLB Premium$139.99Regular season
MLS Direct KickNANA
Fox Soccer Plus$14.99/mo.NA

Verizon Fios television sports packages.

These are all one-time fees. Except for Fox Soccer Plus. And these prices and plans can change at any time.

Check out Verizon’s sports offerings frequently to see what sports plans they offer.

Premium Channel Packages

Verizon charges $15 monthly for any 1 out of 5 of their premium channels. These channels include EPIX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, CINEMAX, and HBO.

For each additional channel you get, you’ll technically save $5. For instance, get 2 channels for $25. Or 5 channels for $40.

However, most providers still offer individual premium channels cheaper. Thus, Fios isn’t the best provider in this field.

Verizon DVR and Fios One

Here’s a breakdown of Verizon’s DVR services and their differences:

DVR ServicePriceHD DVR StorageSD DVR Storage
Standard DVR$12/mo.50 hrs250 hrs
Enhanced DVR$20/mo.100 hrs500 hrs
Premium DVR$30/mo.200 hrs1,000 hrs
Verizon DVR service plans.

And you’ll get either a regular DVR or the TV One.

When getting the TV One, you’ll get the server and the One Mini. The One Mini makes it so you can watch recordings in multiple rooms.

It also gives you a means to watch 4K content on Netflix, YouTube, or On Demand. So these are like TV streaming boxes.

International Networks

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll pay for channel bundles in different languages:

Language/RegionPriceNumber of Channels
Verizon TV international channel packages.

That’s a handful of plans you can get. You can also get a lot more [2].

You can get significantly better pricing (and value) if you want channels from different Spanish-speaking regions. You’ll pay $10 monthly for the first package. Then $5 a month per additional package you add.

For instance, you have a Mexico, Spain, and Ecuador package and pay $20 a month.

Where Is More Fios TV Available?

You can get More Fios TV and other Fios services in these cities and states:

  • New York
    • New York City
    • Buffalo
    • Albany
    • Staten Island
    • Syracuse
    • Plattsburgh
  • Massachusetts
    • Boston
  • Pennsylvania
    • Pittsburgh
    • Philadelphia
    • Harrisburg
  • Washington DC
  • Virginia
    • Richmond
    • Norfolk
  • Rhode Island
    • Providence
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
    • Baltimore
  • New Jersey

Verizon’s Fios TV services are in the same areas as Fios internet. That means primarily folks in cities can use this service. Sorry to all of you living in the sticks.

I’m not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, but Verizon may eventually offer these services in your area.

Since fiber’s a growing technology.

And that means they can change their availability at a moment’s notice. Go on their website and click ‘Check availability.’ From there, enter your address.

To find the most accurate information.

Verizon TV availability

How Does More Fios TV Compare To Other Plans?

Here’s how Verizon More Fios TV does when compared against other Verizon television plans:

Tier* PriceNumber of ChannelsPrice Per Channel
More Fios TV$90/mo.300+$0.30
Fios TV Test Drive$70/mo.425+NA
Your Fios TV$70/mo.125+$0.56
The Most Fios TV$110/mo.425+$0.25
YouTube TV$64.99/mo.85+$0.74
Mundo Total TV$110/mo.225+$0.48
Mundo TV$90/mo.210+$0.42
Verizon Fios TV plans compared.

* These prices already include Verizon’s automatic payments discount. They don’t include sales tax.

If you want unlimited DVR storage and the means to record multiple series simultaneously, You’ll want to go with YouTube TV. But you won’t have access to nearly the number of channels included in other plans.

Mundo and its Total counterpart cost a pretty penny, but give you a good number of Spanish channels. Without having to get the Spanish region packages.

Your Fios TV is okay. It’s the most affordable plan and gives more channels than other TV providers.

The Most Fios TV and Fios Test Drive plans give you the most channels and the best price per channel. You don’t get the included multi-room DVR (a huge bummer), but they still work great for offering the most channels possible.

Possibly more than you’d ever watch.

In that case, More Fios TV offers a happy medium. It doesn’t cost too much and gives you many channels.

More Fios TV vs. Competing Plans

Compare More Fios TV to similar plans competitors offer:

Tier* PriceNumber of ChannelsPrice Per Channel
More Fios TV$90/mo.300+$0.30
Xfinity Digital Preferred/Ultimate TV$59.99–$78.50/mo.185+$0.32–$0.42
Dish 290+ Channels$104.99/mo.290+$0.36
TV plans compared

* Plan pricing doesn’t include taxes. But they may have automatic and paperless payment discounts.

Even in The Most Fios review I wrote, I had difficulty finding competitors that offered a similar number of channels. In this post, Dish was the closest I could find.

If you had to choose between Xfinity and Fios, choose the latter. While Xfinity’s pricing appears lower, wait until your contract passes. In some areas, after a year, you’ll see the $50 price increase to nearly $80.

Plus, there are contracts. Verizon doesn’t have those.

But Xfinity has more availability.

If you’re in an area without Verizon, that’s one of your few choices.

Or you could pick Dish. That offers the second-highest number of channels and charges more per channel than Verizon. But you’ll want to live in an area not surrounded by trees.

And somewhere without a lot of rain. Because rain and satellite TV dishes don’t mix well.

I speak from experience.

If you’re in an area with Verizon Fios, go with them. Otherwise, consider Xfinity Comcast cable TV.

Can’t stand Comcast? You’ll need to cut the number of channels you can access and switch to an online-based service like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV.

But those plans require a minimum 8 Mbps download speed for streaming (per device) [3].

You’ll need an internet provider that’s not Xfinity or Verizon Fios. Fortunately, Verizon also offers 5G and 4G LTE Home Internet services.

FAQ: More Fios TV

Keep reading to find commonly asked questions regarding the More Fios TV plan.

Does Verizon Fios TV Have Contracts?

All Verizon Fios internet, TV, and home phone plans don’t have contracts.


The Verizon More Fios TV plan offers more value than its competitors. No contracts, lower pricing, and less downtime because of weather interference.

It costs a bit much per month, but so long as you watch all the channels they offer, and live in Fios-supported areas, this plan will work great for your home.

Don’t like More Fios TV? Explore other options by checking out Verizon’s other TV plans.

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