Comcast Xfinity xFi Complete Review 2024

Welcome along to our guide to Comcast Xfinity’s neat home Wi-Fi add on, xFi Complete.

This is a great addon for those looking for unlimited data, those in large homes and/or anyone who doesn’t own their own router.

I researched xFi extensively to find out exactly what it offers, who it’s best for and how to get it. 

So that’s why we’re here today! I’m going to be sharing the following information about xFi Complete with you throughout this article:

So, are you ready? Let us begin.

Key Takeaways 

Xfinity xFi is great for you if you: 

  • Want unlimited data with Xfinity
  • Don’t want to buy your own modem and router
  • Have a larger home (because you will get a Wi-Fi extender)
  • Want advanced security for your network and devices on the go 

Xfinity xFi is bad for you if you: 

  • Want to save as much money as possible. As getting your own devices will be cheaper in the long run
  • Don’t exceed the 1.2 TB data cap each month (1,2 TB = 205 hours of 4K video)
  • Don’t want your gateway to be used as a hotspot for other people
  • Don’t want to send it all back if you cancel Xfinity

What is xFi Complete, & How Much Does it Cost?

xFi Complete is the top tier internet add-on, above regular xFi, for Comcast Xfinity plans. It combines unlimited data, free Gateway router and xFi Pod (Wi-Fi extender) rental and upgrades and more as a monthly fee.

xFi Complete is a subscription model that costs $25 per month [1]. There is no minimum contract length for this plan, so you can add it and remove it as you please.

If you prefer, you can opt for regular xFi at a cost of $14 per month, $11 per month less. However, you won’t get as many features with this (no unlimited data or wall-to-wall coverage, for example). We’ll go into more detail on this later.

Another option is to get your own router, and not opt for either of the xFi options. This could save you money in the long term, especially if you go for a budget one. It’s worth calculating the math on this if you believe the modem and router would be the only real benefit to you. 

You can get either of these options on any of the Xfinity internet plans. And, you can add them on whenever you want. You don’t have to take them up at the point you sign up for the internet contract in the first place.

We’ll cover how you do that later on. But first, let’s find out what you get with it.

xFi Complete Features

Here’s a look at each of the features you’ll get if you choose to opt for xFi Complete. 

xFi Gateway

Firstly, there’s the hardware. Any xFi Complete customer will get a free router when they sign up for a plan. It’s called Gateway, and it will be enough to handle the speed you’re on. It’s a reasonable piece of stock kit. 

As an xFi Complete customer, you’ll also be entitled to a free upgrade on this every three years. So, whatever the latest and greatest update to the Xfinity Gateway router is at the time will be delivered to you free of charge. 

If you prefer, you can opt for grabbing your own modem and router. That might work out more cost-efficient for you for the time you have an Xfinity Internet plan if you’re not going to take advantage of any more of the perks of this package.

To find out some of the best modems we have tested for xfinity go here. And for some router (if you don’t get a modem/router combo) click here

If you are uncertain about wherever you want rent or buy, read our guide on renting vs buying your internet equipment

Unlimited data

Without xFi, your internet plan will be capped at 1.2 TB of data. Will it affect you? Well, 1.2 TB is a lot of data, but it’s certainly possible to reach in a month. And with xFi Complete, you’ll never have to worry about that again as you’ll get pure unlimited data.

For example, a 4K movie would be roughly 40-50 GB. There are 1200 GB in 1.2 TB, so that’s around 25 movies. If you and your family are avid movie watchers who like the highest quality, you could easily blitz the 1.2 TB mark! Unlimited data would be useful for you then. 

If you want unlimited data but don’t see the benefits of xFi Complete, you’re still better off going for it. Without xFi Complete, unlimited data costs an additional $30 per month. You’re actually going to be saving $5 per month by opting for the xFi Complete plan instead.

xFi Advanced Security

Your home network will be protected to the next level if you upgrade to xFi. 

This strong piece of software will prevent you from accessing malicious sites and will help you to manage other security risks. It’s regularly being updated to keep out all the latest threats.

Advanced Security is available with regular xFi so isn’t unique to Complete. However, the security goes further with Complete. Here’s how.

You’ll also get to keep your devices protected on the go thanks to mobile security. This is one of the most exciting features of xFi Complete that makes it worth upgrading from regular xFi in my opinion.

To add this to your device, you’ll need to download the Xfinity app we mentioned above. There, you’ll simply be able to toggle your own device to install the security. You’ll be good to go after this. It’s really that easy! [2]

It can take up to 10 minutes for Advanced Security to fully set itself up on your device.

xFi Pod included if recommended

If you have a large home, Xfinity may offer you a free ‘xFi Pod’. What’s the benefit of that? ‘Wall-to-wall coverage’.

This means that you’ll get a Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your house. Those with a large home and a regular router will know the pains of signal dropouts when you reach a certain distance. 

An xFi Pod is actually a type of Wi-Fi extender that will sync up with the regular router to extend the distance of the signal. 

Xfinity will be able to tell you if you qualify for a free xFi Pod when you reach out to them. We’ll cover how to do that a bit later on in this article.

Just be aware that you will be subject to a charge should you fail to return this at the end of your Xfinity contract. 

If you’re not entitled to one or if you want to get a better one, there are plenty of other options out there. You can check out our Wi-Fi extenders directory here.

Access to Wi-Fi hotspots 

Xfinity lets you stay connected when you leave the home thanks to allowing all its customers access to their public hotspot system

All you need to do when you find one in your available networks list is connect to it then log in with your Xfinity details. It’ll certainly help you to save some data if your cell phone network doesn’t offer this unlimitedly. 

Interestingly, the way this works is that each Xfinity Gateway router will actually act as a hotspot for other Xfinity users to connect to. This means that the hotspot network has much greater coverage than it would if it were just in public spaces. 

Xfinity claims that this will definitely not have an affect on any users’ home internet speeds, but we can see why this might be a cause for concern!

User profiles

To really personalize the user experience, Xfinity offers its xFi subscribers something called user profiles.

But what does that mean? Well, user profiles allow you to optimize your connection, control connected devices and more. Here’s a look at some of the key things you can do with these profiles:

  • Set a ‘downtime schedule’ to restrict user access during certain times
  • View users’ most used apps across all their devices
  • Control and set up parental controls
  • Pause access to the internet for all devices

This feature is exclusive to xFi and xFi complete. It doesn’t come as standard with an Xfinity internet plan. 

Who is xFi Complete Best For?

Considering the unique features of xFi Complete, I believe it’s best for those who:

  • Live in large homes (thanks to xFi Pod)
  • Want to stay with their provider for quite a while (you get the free hardware upgrade every three years here)
  • Are looking to protect their devices on the go 
  • Those who will use more than 1.2 TB of data (equivalent of roughly 100 4K movies)
  • Don’t want to get their own modem and router

So, if you find yourself in one of those categories, you may wish to consider paying $25 per month for xFi Complete.

However, if you’re not, you could save some money by opting for regular xFi. Or, you don’t have to go for either if you really want to save!

But then you have to get your own devices (which is very easy).

xFi vs xFi Complete

To review, here are the key features that you’ll get with xFi Complete that do not come with xFi. And remember, you’ll need to pay an extra $11 per month for these things ($25 compared to $14):

  • Pure unlimited data: xFi Complete is the only way to remove the 1.2 GB monthly data cap. xFi maintains this cap.
  • Security for your devices on the go: Simply use the Xfinity app to install mobile security for all your devices that continues to work when you leave the house.
  • Free upgrades on your Gateway router: Every three years, Xfinity will send you out the latest and greatest iteration of the Gateway router completely free of charge. 
  • Free xFi Pod if required: Those who have a large enough home will be able to claim a free Wi-Fi extender from Xfinity called the xFi Pod.

For these reasons, we believe xFi Complete is a better option than regular xFi for those who have large homes, don’t have mobile security already and/or use more than 1.2 TB data per month (around 25 4K movies).

With xFi, you basically only get the Xfinity gateway.

How Do I Add xFi Complete to My Xfinity Plan?

If you like the sound of xFi or xFi Complete, here’s some good news: they’re really easy to add on. Here’s how to do that in a couple of ways depending on your current situation. 

If you have an Xfinity plan already

The easiest way to do this is to download the app. In there, you’ll see the option to upgrade to xFi. Just follow this then carry out the instructions on screen. You should be good to go in no time.

If you prefer, you can sign into your Xfinity account on a desktop computer and add the subscription from there. Remember, you can always reach out to Xfinity customer support for help if you have any difficulties in doing this. We’ll show you how in a second.

If you don’t have an Xfinity plan already

Head to the Xfinity website and find the internet plan you’re interested in. Then, go to checkout and you’ll be presented with the chance to add xFi on. This will be added to your account instantly and paid for alongside your regular monthly bill.

For help with finding the right internet plan from Xfinity, you can check out this guide that compares them all.

How to contact Xfinity if you need help applying

Got stuck during the setup process? No worries. Xfinity’s customer support team will happily help you out.

To get hold of them, you have a couple of different options:

  • Call them over the phone at the number (800) 934 6489. Their opening hours for phone service are 9am-9pm Monday to Saturday, although it’s unclear what time zone this is referring to.
  • Contact them at the live chat. You can find it at this page.
  • Visit them in the store. There are a lot of Comcast Xfinity stores throughout the country, so just search online to find out where your local one is and what the opening times for it are.
  • Visit them on social media. Comcast has a number of social media accounts that you can message them on, although it might take a little longer for them to respond if you go down this route. 

You can get more information about doing this in our guide to Comcast Xfinity customer service.

xFi Complete FAQ

Here are the main things people want to know about xFi Complete.

What do I get with xFi Complete that doesn’t come with regular xFi?

The first exclusive feature of this package is wall-to-wall coverage. If you have a large home, Comcast will send you an xFi Pod which is effectively a Wi-Fi extender.

Secondly, you’ll get an upgraded Gateway system for free every three years. And finally, you will get unlimited data, and your devices will be protected from cyberthreats on the go. 

Which Xfinity plans are xFi available on?

Got an Xfinity plan? You can sign up for xFi Complete right now as it’s available on every internet plan. To find out how, refer back to the section in this article that covers getting online.

Where can I get Xfinity internet?

If you’re not an Xfinity customer already, you’ll need to check if Xfinity is available in your area before you start shopping. To do that, head to our guide on Xfinity availability.

Generally, Xfinity is available in a number of states across most of the US. It actually covers an impressive 40 states! But, the coverage varies within these states. For example, city areas are likely to get faster speeds than more rural areas. 

Can I take xFi Complete with me when I move home?

If you’re able to transfer your Xfinity plan, you’ll be able to transfer your xFi Complete add-on as well. The only reason why you may not be able to do this is if you are moving to an area that Xfinity is not available in. 

Last Thoughts on xFi Complete

I’m a big fan of xFi Complete as a whole. It offers a lot of great features that can really benefit your home network and, therefore your online experience as a whole.

That being said, adding $25 onto your monthly bill is going to be ideal for everyone. Especially if they’re not going to get the most out of the xFi Complete features. 

So is it worth it for you? That depends on whether or not you suit the criteria. If you have a small home, mobile security with your devices already and/or will be planning on changing providers within the next three years, xFi Complete isn’t going to be best for you. 

If you want to find out more about Xfinity’s internet plans in general, you can do that here.

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