CenturyLink Internet Deals & Promotions For 2024: Our Review

Today, we’re checking out the deals that CenturyLink offers its customers.

I did a whole lot of research to save you as much money as possible. And while there aren’t many deals so to speak, I’ve got a few great ways you can save money. 

I’ll be explaining the following subjects throughout this article:

It’s time to get into it.

CenturyLink Internet Deals: The Key Takeaways

Here are the main things to know about CenturyLink Internet’s deals

  • CenturyLink Fiber offers great value for money
  • The best deal is a free $100 Mastercard card for new internet plan customers
  • Specific groups of people cannot get CenturyLink deals (other than federal grants)
  • CenturyLink pays $50 or $100 for customer referrals

CenturyLink Internet Deals Available Today

There aren’t tons of deals for CenturyLink Internet customers but there are a few things to look out for. Here are the main things to look out for [1].

#1 $100 Mastercard card

When signing up for a CenturyLink Fiber or Simply Unlimited plan, you can grab a $100 Mastercard reward card. 

You’ll get an email in 3-4 weeks after signing up for your plan with instructions on how to claim it. After doing that, it will be posted out to you. 

#2 Rewards for referrals

If you’re a CenturyLink customer who loves your internet so much that you just can’t wait to tell your friends about it, then you’re in luck. Because you can get paid for it.

CenturyLink will pay each customer $50 or $100 every time they have a friend sign up for one of their internet plans. 

The price is $50 for internet speeds up to 99 Mbps and $100 for plans over this. 

Referrals can be carried out multiple times per year, but the largest amount CenturyLink will pay out any individual in a year is $500. 

#3 Free Amazon Fire Stick

Another cool offer for new CenturyLink Internet customers is the free Amazon Fire Stick. This is a great tool for streaming your favorite shows through Netflix, DirecTV or another TV provider.

Again, CenturyLink will email instructions for claiming this and it should be with you within a few weeks. 

#4 20% off Bark parental controls

Parental controls are a fantastic way to keep your kids safe online. In fact, I’d say they’re pretty essential to have if you have young ones on the network!

One of the best parental controls providers is Bark. And as a CenturyLink Internet customer, you can get 20% off their plans.

#5 CenturyLink Bundles Deals

Another interesting way to save a bit of cash on your monthly bill is by bundling multiple products together. 

Sure, CenturyLink only offers two services: internet and home phone. And you can save money by bundling these two together (prices start at $90 per month for the two) [2]. 

But CenturyLink also supports signup with AT&T’s DirecTV, and you can bundle this in as well. However, it doesn’t appear that this actually saves any more money. It’s just a bit easier for your billing.

You can find out more about these bundles here.

#6 CenturyLink Fiber

This one isn’t a ‘deal’ as such but I do feel like it offers great value for money. CenturyLink Fiber is one of the most affordable ways to get Fiber internet in the US.

Here are a few of the key things to know about the value of CenturyLink fiber [3]:

  • You can get 200 Mbps of internet for just $30 per month plus taxes and fees
  • There is no minimum contact, meaning you can sign up for just one month
  • You’ll get a free modem on a lease, and the only time you’ll pay is if you don’t return it
  • Your upload and download speed will be ‘bilateral’, meaning your upload speed will also be up to 200 Mbps 
  • Installation is free of charge in most circumstances unless specific work is required to be carried out
  • There is no data cap on any of the Fiber plans

Unfortunately, CenturyLink Fiber is only available in a small percentage of CenturyLink’s overall coverage map. The rest of their customers will only be able to get CenturyLink Simply Unlimited, which doesn’t offer all of the perks listed above.

To find out which of the two you’d get, if any, enter your home address at this link.

CenturyLink Internet Deals for Groups of People

Unfortunately, there aren’t any ways to save money as a CenturyLink customer if you are a senior, student, veteran or other. The only time you can save money on your bill is if you live in a low-income household, as we will shortly find out about. 

Some internet providers do offer deals for particular groups of people. For example, AT&T has specific deals for seniors. But there’s nothing like that for CenturyLink customers at the moment.

Seniors Discounts

Right now, there are no specific deals for senior citizens. That’s not the case with every internet provider though. AT&T has one or two deals for seniors, for example.

Military Discounts

If you or your family are current military personnel or veterans, CenturyLink doesn’t have a further discount for you. However, they do offer support for low income families, as we will find out in a moment.

Teachers Discounts

Those in the education profession can’t get discounts with CenturyLink, but often can with other providers, such as Xfinity.

Students Discounts

If you’re receiving an education, you also cannot save money with your internet or TV plans. This often tends to be the case with internet plans. However, you can usually save money on wireless plans with other providers, like Verizon.

New customers Discounts

If you’re new to CenturyLink, you can take advantage of all the offers listed above. Make sure you reach out to any friends who may be on CenturyLink so that they can get a referral too!

Existing customers Discounts

Already a CenturyLink Internet customer? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the new customer offers like the $100 gift card. Your friends can though, and you can pocket $50 or $100 if they do. 

Affordable Connectivity Program

If your household income is below 200% of federal poverty guides or if you take part in a specific government scheme, you can save money on your internet bill. 

With this, you’ll save $30 per month on your internet bill. That would then make the Fiber 200 plan totally free of charge. 

The schemes that will help you qualify for this program include 

  • Medicaid
  • SNP
  • WIC

To find out once and for all whether this scheme applies to you, head to this website.

How to Save Money More On Your CenturyLink Bill

Can’t find a CenturyLink deal that works for you? Don’t worry. There are a few extra ways you can save money as a customer. Here are some of our top tips for doing just that:

  • Ensure you use Paperless Billing: An additional $10 per month will be added to your monthly bill if you choose to receive the statement for it in the post instead of online. 
  • Buy your own router if you’re on Simply Unlimited: There is no free hardware with Simply Unlimited, and the fee to rent or buy a CenturyLink router is quite high. It’s $200 plus tax to purchase, and you can get a great router for less than that. If you want to rent, it will cost $15 per month.
  • Don’t miss any bill payments: If you don’t pay your bill on or before the day that it’s due, CenturyLink will charge you a fee of $15. This can be added to your account every month if you do it repeatedly.
  • Avoid the professional installation cost: CenturyLink offers a service where you pay $149 for an engineer and set up your internet for you. But this is not necessary, nor do I recommend it. You can save that fee by setting it up yourself, which is easy to do.

CenturyLink Home Phone Deals

The only way to save money on your CenturyLink Home Phone plan is by bundling it with CenturyLink Internet, as previously mentioned.

However, it’s not possible to know how much the bundles will save you as CenturyLink doesn’t list their landline prices on their website. Part of the reason for this is that the price varies a lot from area to area.

According to the website, prices for the home phone and internet bundles start at $90 per month plus taxes and fees.

You’ll need to reach out to CenturyLink’s customer support if you want to know the price in your area.

CenturyLink Deals FAQ

Here’s a few more things people have been wondering about with regards to CenturyLink’s deals.

How often does CenturyLink update its deals?

I found that the CenturyLink deals don’t tend to change too much. However, make sure you take a look at the website to see if anything else is available if you’re reading this article later down the line. You never know what might show up there!

Do the deals vary from state to state?

Each of the deals we’ve looked at today are available in each of the states that CenturyLink serves. Just remember that some are specific to Fiber, and that’s not available to everyone yet. 

Where can I get CenturyLink Internet?

Right now, CenturyLink’s internet services are available in 15 states, mainly across the west of the country. That number used to be higher, but CenturyLink sold off a lot of its coverage land to Brightspeed.

However, it’s not quite as simple as that with CenturyLink Fiber. Fiber is only available in a small percentage of these states, as CenturyLink tries to roll it out as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up on Deals for CenturyLink

Even though CenturyLink doesn’t have that many deals compared to the competition, it offers good value for money overall. There are some neat perks, like the free Fire Stick. Plus, the prices of the plans are pretty good already for the most part.

It might seem a little frustrating that you can’t get a further discount as a student, a military person or a senior citizen, for example. And I get that. Perhaps they will start rolling out these kinds of deals in the future. 

If you’re looking for an internet provider who offers good deals, I recommend AT&T. They have quite a few offers on, and you can find out about them here.

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