Cox Internet & TV Discounts for Seniors in 2024

Cox has no specific internet plans, deals, or discounts for seniors. But they offer low-income internet plans and other perks. Keep reading and find them throughout this guide.

I’m a deal hunter who wants to help you save money on your internet and television plans. I grouped information from every source imaginable to help you get the most value on Cox services.

To help seniors save money on Cox internet and TV, I’ll cover:

Let’s begin.

Does Cox Offer Discounts for Seniors?

Cox doesn’t offer any senior discounts.

But Cox does offer additional ways to save money. Whether it’s through low-cost internet plans or other providers.

You can also check the current Cox deals to make sure nothing has changed since I wrote this article.

Other Cox Promotions and Deals for New and Existing Customers

Cox offers $40 off their Gigablast internet plan until September 26th, 2022. Otherwise, here are some deals and discounted services you can take advantage of:

  • Low-income internet
  • Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Free Peacock Premium subscription

The following sections will cover details surrounding these ways to save money. Regarding the Gigabit internet plan deal, get it now, and you’ll save $40 a month for the first year.

Quick disclaimer:

Any price I mention throughout this article may not appear as the final price when you pay your bill. You’ll also need to consider sales tax and other fees.

Internet speeds may also not reflect what you’ll actually get. Various factors can lower your speeds. You’ll see lower speeds if you use Wi-Fi over Ethernet connections.

Cox Internet for Low Income

Cox offers 2 low-income internet plans that have mirrored speeds. 100 Mbps download speeds and 3.0 Mbps upload.

This plan works best for homes with at least 5 devices using the internet simultaneously. That’s according to Cox. The number of devices your internet can support will vary.

For instance, if people in your home only browse the internet, read and send emails, and watch 1080p (high definition) videos on streaming platforms, you’ll need around 8.0 Mbps download speeds.

Thus, these speeds can accommodate most homes. Here are more details about each plan:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
ConnectAssist100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$30/mo.
Connect2Compete100 Mbps3.0 Mbps$9.95/mo.

Cox internet plans for low-income homes.

Both plans require at least 1 person in your home to participate in a single government assistance program.

Some programs Cox will consider as qualifiers include:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans Pension
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

To get the Connect2Compete plan, you’ll need to have at least 1 K–12 student living in your home. But if you qualify for their low-income plans, it doesn’t matter what package you choose.

You can get both plans free. I’ll cover how in the following section.

Both plans offer free 2-in-1 router and modem equipment rental, access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, and free antivirus software.

But these plans have a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap. ConnectAssist removes this data cap for 1 year.

The data cap means you can only use a certain amount of internet per month without incurring extra charges. For instance, you could watch over 600 hours of high-definition (HD) video online [1].

In most scenarios, you won’t surpass this data cap. But it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Affordable Connectivity Program Credit

The Affordable Connectivity Credit (ACP) gives those living in qualifying Tribal Lands $75 off internet plans [2]. And $30 off for anyone else.

Ways to get this credit include having an income of 200% under the Federal Poverty Line. Or by participating in a government assistance program.

Here’s the price with the Affordable Connectivity Program:

TierYear 1 Price (Before ACP)Year 1 Price (After ACP)Year 2 Price (Before ACP)Year 2 Price (After ACP)
Essential 100$49.99/mo.$19.99/mo.NANA
Preferred 250$59.99/mo.$29.99/mo.$83.99/mo.$53.99/mo.
Ultimate 500$79.99/mo.$49.99/mo.$99.99/mo.$69.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid$50/mo.$20/mo.NANA

Cox internet plans with the ACP credit applied.

You’ll need to verify your eligibility for this program by applying through

Once the federal government approves of your billing credit, Cox will apply it to your account within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

So it will take you at least a couple of months to see your discount.

Free Peacock Premium for Cox Customers

New and current Cox customers using any of their services can get a Peacock Premium account free until January 15, 2023.

This saves you $4.99 monthly and gives you a good reason to cancel your cable TV subscription (at least temporarily).

You can watch various TV series and movies like:

  • The End is Nye: a Bill Nye the Science Guy documentary
  • Dateline
  • All WWE content
  • Live sports like Sunday Night Football

You’ll have access to over 60,000 hours of content. And Peacock continually adds and removes content monthly.

Even after your free account expires, you could save money on your entertainment bill by paying the cheap monthly fee instead of cable television.

You can claim your free Peacock Premium account by creating a Peacock account at

Log into your account, navigate your account’s settings, and click ‘Link Provider.’

Select ‘Cox’ and log into your account using your online credentials.

From there, download the Peacock TV streaming app.

The link I presented shows how to watch it with Xfinity, but the guide will show you the other ways you can watch content through Peacock Premium.

How Do I Lower My Cox Bill as a Senior?

You’ll need to take matters into your own hands by using the following tips to save money on your Cox bill:

  • Only get speeds you’ll use
  • Ditch cable TV for streaming service providers
  • Buy network hardware instead of renting

The following sections will tell you all the steps you’ll need to take to follow each of these tips.

1: Get Only Internet Speeds You Need

Don’t pay for a 250 Mbps plan if your home only needs 100 Mbps download speeds. Going with this tip can save you at least $10 a month.

Figure out what download and upload speeds your online activities require. For instance, you could type into Google “internet speed requirements for Netflix.”

Then results will come back like “Netflix requires “X” Mbps download speeds.”

Add up the speeds you’ll need per task when using them, and get an internet plan that supports those speeds.

Here’s an example.

I live in a home with 3 people who usually do these online tasks daily:

  • 2 people watch Netflix in HD: requires 10 Mbps download speeds
  • 1 person browses the internet continually: 2.0 Mbps

That only adds up to 12 Mbps required. So you’d do fine with an internet plan that has 100 Mbps.

2: Try Streaming Services Instead of Cable TV

Switching from Cox cable television plans to streaming service providers can save you over $40 a month.

Your savings depend on the streaming service provider you choose.

If you get Hulu, you pay $6.99 monthly and have over 40,000 hours of content. Some of what you could watch include ABC World News, General Hospital, and King of the Hill.

Compare that to Cox Contour TV’s lowest plan, and you’ll save $46 a month. That doesn’t include the savings you’ll get from not having to pay the broadcast TV, regional sports, or other fees.

If you want channels and to save money, you could opt for a streaming service like YouTube TV. It includes 85 channels, unlimited DVR, and doesn’t have a bunch of ridiculous fees.

It costs $64.99 monthly and has channels like PBS, NFL, MLB, and more.

But streaming requires internet bandwidth. I’ll cover more details in a bit.

3: Buy a Router and Modem Instead of Renting

Buying your own router and modem will save you $144 yearly on Cox’s equipment rental fee.

Depending on your router or modem, it would take around a year and a half to pay off these devices.

You’ll lose out on the biggest perk of Cox Communication’s hardware rentals. The free upgrades every 3 years. This only matters if you want your home’s network to have the most recent networking technology.

You can buy any router and use it with Cox.

However, the service provider is pickier when it comes to modems. First off, you must get a NEW modem that their company approves.

The type of modem you buy will depend on your internet plan. Their Gigablast plan demands modems that can handle higher internet speeds.

You can find a list of approved modems on their website.

We’ve also written a guide on modems approved for Cox. We covered their pros and cons, warranties, the plan it works best for, and other important stuff. It’ll help you find a device, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy senior.

New customers must enter into their browser’s address bar. Then enter your device’s Media Access Control (MAC) number. It’s a 12-digit number found on the bottom of your modem.

If you see ‘CMAC’ above the numbers, enter that instead.

Current Cox customers will need to contact customer support and provide the modem’s MAC number. Tell them you want to activate a third-party modem with your Cox internet service.

Best Cox Internet Plans for Seniors

The best residential internet plans for seniors include:

  • 100 Mbps download speeds
  • Low-income internet plan
  • Prepaid home internet plan

I’ll cover the speeds each plan offers, other basic information, and who it’s best for.

1: Essential Internet: Best Overall Internet Plan

Essential Internet gives you 100 Mbps downstream and 3.0 Mbps upstream speeds for $49.99 monthly. These prices won’t increase after your 1-year contract.

What can 100 Mbps download speeds do?

Here’s a breakdown of bandwidth requirements for popular online activities:

TaskDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)
Web Surfing2.01.0
Zoom Video ConferencesGroup calling 1080p: 3.81:1 calling 1080p: 3.8Group calling 1080p: 3.81:1 calling 1080p: 3.8
Netflix3.0: 720p5.0: 1080p25: 4K UHDNA

Required speeds for different online tasks.

These download speeds will exceed most people’s needs. If you’re watching 4K resolution media, you could have a maximum of 5 devices streaming simultaneously.

Before deciding on this plan, I have a way you could potentially get 100 Mbps with Cox for cheaper.

2: ConnectAssist: Most Affordable Plan

The ConnectAssist plan gives you 100/3.0 Mbps internet speeds for $30 a month. You must participate in a government benefits program like Medicaid or Veterans Pension.

Getting this plan may make you eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program credit. It has the same requirements as this plan. And it gives you $30 off of your internet plan.

So you’ll get this plan for free.

This plan’s speeds work best for homes with a few users simultaneously doing stuff online. This plan will handle reading and receiving emails, browsing online, and streaming HD videos.

3: StraightUp Prepaid: Best for Those With Bad Credit History

StraightUp Prepaid home internet gives you 100 Mbps downstream and 5.0 Mbps upstream for $50 a month. It has a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap and is best for homes with 3 to 7 people.

The amount of people these speeds can support will vary based on your online activities.

For instance, your internet could only support 4 devices if people watch streaming platforms like Netflix in 4K. Watching in this resolution demands 25 Mbps download speeds per device.

And take a chunk out of your data cap. The data allowance only allows you to watch around 360 total hours of 4K content.

But you don’t need a credit history check with this plan. If you don’t have the best credit score, you can avoid paying a security deposit.

It also includes a modem. Thus, you won’t need to pay an equipment fee.

If you qualify for the Affordability Connectivity Program, you can shave $30 off of your plan and only pay $20 monthly.

Cox TV, Internet, & Home Security Bundles for Seniors

Cox doesn’t offer any discounts for bundling their services. But you can simplify your billing by condensing your expenses.

Here are the best bundles you can get as a senior for Cox:

  • 100 Mbps Internet + Wi-Fi + Tech. Support
  • Essential Internet + Stream
  • Ultimate + WiFi + Homelife

The following sections will cover the details about each bundle. And scenarios they work best in.

1: 100 Mbps Internet + Wi-Fi + Tech. Support: Best Overall

This bundle gives you 100 Mbps download speeds and 5.0 Mbps upload speeds. You’ll also get Panoramic WiFi and access to technical support. This bundle costs $59.99 a month and requires a 2-year contract.

The price won’t increase after 2 years.

You can stream 4K television series on 4 devices if nothing affects your internet speeds. Or 20 devices when watching in HD (1080p).

You’ll have more than enough internet speeds for basic online tasks. Examples include browsing Google, sending and receiving emails, and video calling family members.

But the 5.0 Mbps speeds don’t give you much flexibility. You could have 1 device running Zoom at max.

The Panoramic WiFi isn’t anything special. It’s a gateway (modem/router combination). You CAN upgrade your network gateway every 3 years for free, though. So you won’t have to worry about buying new devices if you upgrade your Cox internet.

And the technical support.

You shouldn’t have to pay for technical support. But in this scenario, you can save a bit of time. With this bundle, you’ll get access to technical support anytime via Cox’s customer service channels.

This tech. support subscription will save you up to $75 when a technician visits your home. And they can remove viruses. That’s a nice perk if your anti-virus software isn’t doing its job.

2: Essential Internet + Stream: Best for Replacing Cable Television

This bundle gives you 100 Mbps (download) and 5.0 Mbps (upload speeds). It costs $54.99 monthly and gives you the Wireless 4k Contour Stream Player.

The Stream Player is a TV streaming box. It allows you to watch streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+ through your TV. These require separate subscriptions, though.

Still cheaper than cable television plans.

Plus, you can watch thousands of free movies and TV series through free apps the box offers, like Xumo, Pluto TV, and Tubi.

And you’ll have Peacock Premium for free until January 2023. So that’s an extra 60,000 hours of content you can watch.

Upload speed doesn’t matter when online streaming. Since you’re not uploading anything.

Most streaming platforms demand 5.0 Mbps to watch content in HD or 25 Mbps to watch in 4K. You’ll have no issues streaming online content. 

So long as you don’t have many others doing high-bandwidth activities on your network.

3: Ultimate + WiFi + Homelife: Best for Home Security

This bundle gives you 500/10 Mbps internet speeds, Panoramic WiFi and home security. It’ll cost you $107.99 a month.

After a year, your price will rise to $127.99 a month.

Homelife is Cox’s home security solution, providing your home with an HD security video camera. You can record continuous footage on up to 4 cameras. But Cox only gives you 1 camera.

I like Homelife since you can control everything through the Panoramic WiFi app. You can also watch recorded footage.

The horrendous upload speed limits your home’s capabilities. Usually, HD cameras require 5.0 Mbps upload speeds. I would have recommended the 100 Mbps internet bundle with home security.

But you would burn through all of your bandwidth with a single camera. Then it would take significantly longer for you to upload any files. For instance, if you needed to upload a file to an email.

The 500 Mbps download speeds can support over 9 users simultaneously using the internet. More or less depending on the tasks you’re performing.

You could watch 4K resolution content on 20 devices at these speeds. But that’s if your internet connection has optimal conditions.

Examples of “optimal” include using Ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi and a modern router.

Cox Internet Plans & Pricing for Seniors

You will see this pricing with Cox’s internet plans for seniors:

TierDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice (Year 1)Price (Year 2)
Essential 100100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$49.99/mo.No contract
Preferred 250250 Mbps10 Mbps$59.99/mo.$83.99/mo.
Ultimate 500500 Mbps10 Mbps$79.99/mo.$99.99/mo.
Gigablast1.0 Gbps35 Mbps$79.99/mo.$119.99/mo.
StraightUp Prepaid100 Mbps5.0 Mbps$50/mo.NA

Cox home internet plans.

Cox Communication’s wording specifies these plans “go up to ‘X’” download and upload speeds. That means you’ll likely not see these speeds unless you’re in optimal conditions.

By “optimal” I refer to using the best router possible and an Ethernet cable to connect your devices.

Every Cox internet plan will come with the following

  • More than 4 million wireless hotspots
  • Has a 1.25 terabyte (TB) data allowance
  • Residents in 19 states can get it
  • Cox Security Suite: computer virus protection, tells you whether website links are safe, and other features

These plans don’t offer the most features.

But it’s a great option if you don’t want to use Xfinity. Nor have the budget for Verizon Fios.

Cox TV Plans & Pricing for Seniors

Cable television plans Cox for offers for seniors include:

PlanChannelsPricePrice Per Channel
Contour TV Starter75+$53/mo.$0.71
Contour TV Preferred140+$98/mo.$0.70
Contour TV Preferred Plus170+$118/mo.$0.69
Contour TV Ultimate250+$138/mo.$0.55
Contour StreamingNA$5/mo.NA

Cox home television plans.

Here’s an overview of every Contour TV plan:

  • You can get it in 19 states
  • 1 free Contour TV box
  • 1 Starter DVR service free for 1 year
  • Cable television
  • Contour Voice Remote: control your TV with your voice
  • Contour TV app: watch all of your channels on laptops and other devices
  • Purchasable add-ons: premium channels, DVR service, and additional TV boxes

The Contour TV app only stands out among Cox’s competitors. You can watch most of your channels on 5 total devices at once. Or 3 at once if you’re watching TV away from home [3].

If you use smart televisions or devices like Roku, this app’s useless. Because it doesn’t support smart TV devices.

So you could watch this on your smartphone or laptop.


Cox doesn’t give seniors discounts. Nor will they give you any discount when bundling their services.

The best way you can save money on their services is to use their low-cost internet (if you qualify). Or to reduce the number of their services you use.

You will want to research other internet and TV service providers before getting a plan. Check out our reviews.

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Cox Offer

250 Mbps plans for $59 99/mo
$ 59
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  • High availability
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